High levels of carbon dioxide threate...

High levels of carbon dioxide threaten oyster survival

There are 7 comments on the R & D story from Aug 5, 2010, titled High levels of carbon dioxide threaten oyster survival. In it, R & D reports that:

Westminster, Colo. A- It has been widely reported that the build up of carbon dioxide in the air, which is caused by human behavior, will likely lead to climate change and have major implications for life on earth.

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Toronto, Canada

#1 Aug 5, 2010
Any carbonate shelled ocean dweller is likely to have serious problems in the acidified ocean of the future.

frank miller

United States

#2 Aug 6, 2010
Oh for God's sake you frigging misinformation Chemistry/Science PEDDLER flake 'MoreHypeThanFact'
Toronto Canada #1,how many times have you seen me post against this stupid repetitive Topix abstract
on oceans becoming more acidic, from volatile H2CO3, these past 2.5 years of your incessant trolling?!! Hey jail-bait? Oyster shells, which are CaCO3/MgCO3 insoluble complexes, from the 0.15% by weight dissolved CO2 as Ca++/Mg++ cations, and carbonic acid anion HCO3- bi-carbonates in 1 to 6 miles deep marine oceans, which has more inorganically tied-up CO2 than in our entire atmosphere {College Chemistry, Linus Pauling Co. 1950,1953,1970}, plus about 4ppm. nascent CO2, just as there are about 4ppm. nascent oxygen {O2} for fish to breathe!! Those di-valent alkali earth cations {they are called alkali earth metals, you frigging ignorant FLAKE, because they are continuously leached from huge calcite/dolomite deposits, and soil run-off} water soluble bi-carbonates BUFFERED oceans to pH 7.8 to 9.0!! Salts of weak acids, H2CO3, and strong bases {alkalies} like the Ca{OH}2/Mg{OH}2 intermediaries are called buffers idiot! Just like the carbon dioxide we breathe out every second, as carbohydrates burning energy bi-product, and H2O, with Na {sodium}, and potassium {K} carbonic acid bi-carbonaes are BLOOD buffers, to keep the pH of our blood above about 7.2 so that the lactic acid
biproduct glucose/sucrose, and higher carbs of metabolisms will be neutralized with extensive exercize as with 26.3 miles Marathon runners!!
Get off this Internet you frigging FLAKE, you make me puke with all your DISINFORMATION Topix
abstracts crapola/http sites titled 'Warming News" All my AGW/AGC remedies will reduce incidental CO2, and the much more important no-longer absorbed 674kg.cal
Solar HEAT thru Reforesting/Preserving this 50% Rainforest deserted Planet!! Get that imbecile?

frank miller

United States

#3 Aug 6, 2010
How many times [~25} have I posted since about 2008 thru 2009 on various Topix CO2AGW Threads that the unique *volatile property of carbonic acid H2CO3, as per one aspect of Nature's Le Chatelier's Law of equilibrium retention, and the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy work together in the multi faceted Carbon cycle's Chemical/Physical/Thermodynami c nuances, which overlap with Nature's Nitrogen cycle, in spite of Man's colonization/civilization ignorant abuses?
Any excess unneutralized oceanic free carbonic
acid past the CO2 equivalent 0.15% by weight is volatilized out, at the surface, to be recycled and photosynthesis reabsorbed by land trees, grasses, vegetation bio-masses, etc..?!!

* " A Higher School Inorganic Chemistry" by E.J.Holmyard M.A.;MSc; D.Litt,; F.R.I.C. Revised in collaboration with W.G. Palmer M.A.; ScD; Fellow of St. John's College , Cambridge. J.M.Dent
andSons LTD Bedford St, London W.C.2 Co. 1939, 1952, and this reprint of 1960: sic.
Pages 253/ 254 : Bleaching powder: "...on exposure to air, fabrics color stains bleaching powder,
Ca {OCl}2, on exposure to air gradually loses chlorine, owing to the action of carbonic acid {atmospheric moisture and carbon dioxide}:
Ca{OCl}2 + H2O + CO2 ...CaCO3 + 2HClO
2HClO ...2HCl + O2 and HClO + HCl ...H2O + Cl2

See disinformation Science illiterate flake LHMF you won't find that in your incessant wrong http sources, probably not even on "Chemistry For Dummies"!! But if you had more than a double digit emotional IQ, and not a rotten heart, you may just wonder how in the last ~ 100 million years,our oceans have survived with the atmospheric CO2 still about 0.03% by 0.04% by volume, and 0.15% by weight in oceans, not 25%, not 35 %, not 50%!!

Pinoso, Spain

#4 Aug 6, 2010
A few of the 350 species allegedly threatened by global warming:
Polar bear, Kaua'i Creeper, Elkhorn coral, Bull trout, Canadian lynx, Pacific salmon, Atlantic salmon, Leatherback turtle, Grizzly bear, Bog turtle, Western prairie fringed orchid, Flatlands salamanders, Quiver tree, Koala bear, Salmon, Emperor penguin, Beluga whale, Arctic fox, Clownfish, Ringed-seal, Spotted Owl, Caribou, Pacific Walrus, Sea otter.
No mention of humans.
frank miller

United States

#5 Aug 6, 2010
You frigging LYING totally chemistry/Scientific method IGNORANT for 2.5 years Topix gutter-trolling disinformation bastard, who ought to have been imprisoned long ago for obtusely illegally
STALKING me, after begging him to stop trying to discredit me, knows very well from all my posts, stalked by that genetic imbecile gutter slurping weasel, that 2 to 3 African Natives babies DIE every hour on the average, from thirst, and bacterial/parasites dysentary infections, when sharing sparse remaining water-holes with huge African wild-life displaced herds, and carrion
vultures, who feed on them, from NOW 50 percent
AGW Rainforest cut/burnt once absorbing 674kg.cal Solar heat, CO2/H2O photosynthesis timber bio-mass cellulose precursors!
Also man-kind cutting/burning of 42 % of South American Rainforest these past 1000 years, rising hot air, from no longer absorbing 99 % of Sunlight high tightly wowen canopies, flow North, absorbing more Atlantic oceans evaporating moisture, and in the Fall/Winter dumping at the dew point, and above the 2.8 % H2O saturation, more accumulative freezing rains/ 25 to 35 deep snows, floods in East Coast cities/Mid-West cities/townships, when colliding with DRY/COLD Artic Circle air masses, flowing South, killing 100's of people from auto/truck early iced roads accidents, HUGE property damage, lost wages from stuck in snows employees, and hundreds of elderly freezing deathsevery year, who can't afford more heating oil! All that called AGC, man-kind accelerated climate change cooling, if we don't stop Deforesting this already bio.mass deforested Planet!
Please FBI, arrest this friging idiot miscreant 'Earthling', and other liars {LHMF} like him disinformation PEDDLERS!!

Pinoso, Spain

#6 Aug 6, 2010
Calma, Frankie, no one would miss you or me if we both died agonizing deaths.
As for stalking you, you should be so lucky, I'm about as interested in you as I am in the life of a long dead Egyptian slave who helped to build the pyramids.
My reply was to anyone interested in the topic, nada mas.
Get another life before it's too late.

Denver, CO

#7 Aug 20, 2010

I was just wondering if someone could tell me which of us humans is turning the volcanos on and off. If we could find her, and get her to stop, it should surely help the situation.

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