Chad Kroeger Fires Housekeeper For Al...

Chad Kroeger Fires Housekeeper For Allegedly Wearing Girlfriend's Clothes

There are 110 comments on the ChartAttack story from Jun 11, 2010, titled Chad Kroeger Fires Housekeeper For Allegedly Wearing Girlfriend's Clothes. In it, ChartAttack reports that:

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger has made headlines yet again, this time for firing his housekeeper of two years, Arlene Morris.

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Bragg Creek, Canada

#45 Oct 10, 2010
Tekim...keep your lies back in your home town where they belong. You know norhing about what you speak of. Marianne is alone and this Dr you speak of is a liar. Be careful what rumors you spread.

Bragg Creek, Canada

#46 Oct 11, 2010
Tekim---Marianne never worked at The Green Room, she owned Nica's! I should know, I used to work for her. And I happen to know she isn't living on Vancouver, or with this Brooks who's a pathelogical liar. Get your story straight or shut your mouth.

Charlottesville, VA

#47 Oct 18, 2010
What's true i want to know.

Amman, Jordan

#48 Oct 28, 2010

Chilliwack, Canada

#49 Oct 28, 2010
richfordite you don't even know anything about Mary-ann, and your sources are crap. I've only ever seen her be classy and loyal to chad. Get over trying to protect him from his own worst enemy..himself! He's been dating Kristin Dewitt for over two years while they were together. He's the slut, not her!!

Amman, Jordan

#50 Oct 30, 2010
I said that "Sure" to Katie XDD

Amman, Jordan

#51 Oct 30, 2010
Trish wrote:
I know Marianne very well from the community where she used to live. Chad threw her out in August 2009 after bringing that 24 year old bimbo to their beautiful house that Marianne designed. Marianne loved Chad and was loyal to him, his career and their relationship. Marianne has never been much for media and she has too much pride to stick around after being treated the shameful way Chad treated her. She brought class to his life and her only outlet were her horses. She worked hard for him and for them and was traded in for a slurry child. Says a lot about Mr.Kroeger. I have met him as well and she was always genuine and I'm sorry to say but he was not.
I've heard she's living with family and was ill for a time after the break up. I can't imagine coming to terms with the lies he fed her. Rumor has it she left with nothing but her horses and her pride. I've prayed for her often because she's a beautiful person who never deserved the treatment that he gave her.
She deserves a medal for putting up what he put her through.
How do you know all of this?

Appleton, WI

#52 Nov 3, 2010
So Trish this is very interesting. First I am not a groupy fan typically and had very little following prior to this past year. I did buy one of the first cd's and when the song How you remind me used to come on the radio I would stop in my tracks and become mezmorized by it. This was kind of weird cause like I said I am not really into the following a band/group closely. So now to come to date I kept hearing Feeling too damn good this past year starting in about February. Anyway in July I had a very weird dream about him. The funny thing is that I had been smelling like smells from a horse barn for several days/weeks prior to this dream. In the dream he is in some older small trailer or something ..very nasty.. He is wearing like dockers and a matching hooded sweatshirt but puts on this rainbow belt. So it is like I am watching put this on and thinking how awful it is. It was really weird cause it just did not seem like what he would be wearing. Anyway the stuff about the horses could finally answer that part.. Like I said not a big groupy so this is very weird.

Appleton, WI

#53 Nov 4, 2010
Found a profile on FB with the name Tracy Barber Donaldson funny thing there are a bunch of pics of him with a woman named Tracy Donaldson .. take a look .. It looks like MarriAnn.. gosh yet another name.. needs some new spells now and some more names..

Appleton, WI

#54 Nov 4, 2010
By the way for all the fans that do not know how some of this occult stuff works ..when someone changes who they are and others destinies with sacrifices etc.. they end up getting much negative come there way. So when they try to change someone else soul match and the spell wears off the person who had the spell cast on them tend to beat the daylights out of the person who cast the spell.. HMMM didn't some one say that he ended up being abusive to her and even beat her up.. I know that she is doing switch spells.. Matter of fact the night that he said he was going to meet his future wife there was a very evil entity caught on camera. He saw it also watch the videos..

Appleton, WI

#55 Nov 4, 2010
Here is another link with an up to date person..

Appleton, WI

#56 Nov 5, 2010
So it appears that Marriann may also be using the name Stephanie Brook(s) and Stephanie Brook(s)Evans
Seems someone is doing a lot of changing.. #!/profile.php?id=600471830 #!/profile.php?id=100001206095 421

Chilliwack, Canada

#57 Nov 7, 2010
AngelA you are wrong in the head!! Spells, witchcraft?? I mean seriously!!! None of those girls you show in the pictures are Maryanne. You are one weird cookie!!!

Appleton, WI

#58 Nov 7, 2010
@gallygal I think you should look at some of the pics again and can you rule out for sure that there are no spell/occult or evil being used. Lets review he uses the evil sign all the time.. Listen to some of the songs.. Also remember the profile for Stephanie Brook..her new boyfriend the doctor was named Mr Brooks and then Tracy Barber Donaldson did she or grandmother cut hair.. FYI hair is another thing they use in spells and some other occult stuff. I think her grandmother cut his hair prior to her dating him.. Seems funny then people are talking about him being so abusive to her. Many of the spells and thing went down between 2005-2008.

Midway Park, NC

#59 Dec 5, 2010
You all needa life all your doin is talkin down on someone you dont even know Kristen is one of the most down to earth girls & would do anything for anyone,She isnt no hooker,stripper,ect ect shes worked a normal job her whole life. Yall are just haters bc you dont know her or anything about her, also you cant blame Kristen bc Chad and his ex who he wasnt married to didnt stay together everyone breaks up if its not meant to be. Im not stickin up for Kristen bc im related to her,im related to her by marriage so i got to know her as a friend. you need to let them be and live their lives and hello have you not noticed how happy chad is when hes with her?

Townsend, MA

#60 Dec 5, 2010
i think your all nutts about this marrianne ok and first of all she never had any horses at chads house he had to talk her in to making a recording studio in the barn , they have a cat and a dog and if she is realy out of his life well thats good he can do better

Since: Feb 08


#61 Dec 6, 2010
OMG!!! WHAT THE??? Thanks for the entertainment... I have no words

Colorado Springs, CO

#62 Dec 13, 2010
Munchkin wrote:
Chad Kroeger is evil personified. Only a truly evil man would lead on a woman whom he knew was already suicidal. Chad deserves NOTHING good that life blessed him with, because one of his band members talked to me at a bar, & Chad led me to FALSELY believe that he would help me to FINALLY have a better life when the truth was he just fkd with me to get his rocks off, I guess? You will never know who I am, because thanks to this man whom life blessed with everything while giving me nothing, I want to die more than I ever have before. I don't want to even continue breathing on the same planet where a rich, SOB, PRK is "ALLOWED" to fk with the hopes & dreams of a nobody like me... I know that you just think I'm crazy. That's fine, because Chad knows the truth, & so do I. Chad wrote "Dark Horse" about me. I can't prove this to anybody, & it doesn't matter, anyway. This is 100% anonymous out here. Chad is (sadly) the EVIL PRK that so many people label him to be, because his beautiful love ballads are nothing but LIES meant to get more & more money into his greedy little hands...
I hope that Kristin Adams (Chad's apparent new love) either breaks his heart beyond repair or gives him a terrible disease. I doubt that she's a hooker like some folks are calling her, but if she is some kind of low life sleaze-Chad Kroeger DESERVES only "The Best" as far as this nobody LOSER (who hopes to die very soon) is concerned...
Don't pretend to be all concerned about me, either?(Don't be another LOW LIFE SCUM, Chad Kroeger, please?) I'm not gonna kill myself. I just no longer give one flying fk what happens to me (that's all).
omg... alicia-creature... just stop. move on. this is going to destroy you
alicia arol

Sherman Oaks, CA

#63 Dec 15, 2010
Many people "Claim" that Chad Kroeger was CHEATING on Maryanne Gurick WITH KRISTIN ADAMS for quite awhile, but the bottom line is that Chad Kroeger told poor Maryaane that she would make him the happiest man alive if she would be his wife, strung Maryanne for nearly 6 years without ever making good on his promise, & then DUMPED the poor woman. Chad Kroeger IS NOT a very nice person (to say the least) & it SHOCKS me-this ability he has to write such beautiful, uplifting songs like "Savin Me & "If everyone cared" (never mind all the BEAUTIFUL love songs he writes)

Abbotsford, Canada

#66 Dec 20, 2010
Wow, you people must truly be miserable in your own lives to have to sit around spreading negativity about someone in which you don't even know. Why doesn't she get a fair chance? When did it become illegal to end a relationship because you're unhappy, and date a different person who DOES make you happy? Chad doesn't owe ANYone an explanation or reason for his PERSONAL choices in his PRIVATE life. Bottom line is Chad is dating someone new because his previous relationship didn't work ( imagine that! The man is human) and there is nothing that any one of you can do about it, but sit around and speculate about something that is none of you're business. Shame on you people for saying such awful things about a girl you don't even know. SHE is obviously the one who makes him happy. This entire topic and post comments are truly so infantile it actually holds some comedic value in retrospect. Don't you miserable women have housework to do or something! Go be productive, stop spreading hate, it's a filthy infectious disease....pathetic.

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