As a guitarist and fan of great guitarists (many to name),
I had the great pleasure to see Bo Didley about 18 years ago or so @ Woody's on Miami Beach (no longer there).
He played a gig with Ron Wood (owner) that night with a
very good back-up band from NYC. It was in a club atmosphere where you have a drink in your hand, dance if you want, check out all the hot babes and are standing
NMT 10-25 feet away from these two icons. Bo was absolutely incredible! I feel lucky and enriched in my lifetime to having seen him live and up close. Blown away
is the only way to describe it. He played with a kick-ass
look on his face as in "I am rockin and you are rollin" and
let' get down with our bad selves. Man o man - thanks Bo.
I'll be sure to play one of your tunes at my next gig and make a toast to you, my man!!