what she is using to lighten her skin

Nassau, Bahamas

#131 Jul 5, 2009
-u-r-skuntbag- wrote:
beyonce is dark as hell, esp. w/o special lights n makeup. Shes like a dark dark man without the hair weave make up and all of the other shit.
wow, someone's jealous. seems like you're describing yourself? beyonce is beautiful. everyone knows that. so plz all of u stop. ull never meet her and be half as beautiful as her. so sad.

United States

#132 Jul 10, 2009
get a clue wrote:
let me be honest, the shades black and white are not real colours...no one is black or white...so now that thats out of the way... the reason "white" people tan there skin is so that they can look more attractive not because they want to be black but because it compliments there features when theyhave lil bit of darker tan on there boday..like hence it makes there eye colour pop more and makes there skin look much nicer...same thing goes for "black" people, when they lighten there skin its not because they are ashamed of being there true colour nor do they want to be "white" its simply because it compliments there features it makes there skin look caramel or capecino when its mixed rightly....but what i dont understand is why do black people get sooo offended or embarassed when they hear "black" people lightening there skin..and how come its is sooo excepted that "white" people tanning there skin..its not a tabo...this is one more thing "white " people have over US!!!

Rancho Cordova, CA

#133 Jul 10, 2009
Redbone wrote:
Bitch, please Beyonce skin has always been fair. Without wearing the tans or bronzers Beyonce looks damn near white liar
she has not always been fair look back to destinys child days she was a little more brown then. Most if not all celebs bleach thier skin, it is a way to get back to the original healthy skin they had before sun damage. plus shes not as light as she seems in magazines they always lighten the skin

Rancho Cordova, CA

#134 Jul 10, 2009
moneygrip wrote:
see what I mean now you're all up in redbone's mix you need to get your mind right. Why the hell do you call yourself that anyway? You think you are the only one with a damn opinion. Redbone has the right to voice hers at least she is being positive. You talk about getting educated once again let me educate you just because you've read about this skin lightner time and time again dosen't mean it's true unless you have witness Bee using this prouduct you can't 100 percent say for sure. How would you like for someone to start a nasty rumor about you that isn't true and it spreads like peanut butter and jelly. I haven't once read anything good that you have to say about Bee hater. Now hate on this she is the number 1 selected star that 8.5 million men would like to have for their women. How many men want your ass? No I'm not mad little girl just trying to get your mind right hahaha!<quoted text>
how is it a nasty rumor what is so bad about using skin lightner that is exactly what happens when people get facials, maybe their intention is not to look white but to get a even skin tone with a nice glow. Maybe she is not using that specific product on that site but im sure she does lighten her skin as a way of getting healtier glowing skin and it dosent make her fake she is and has always been pretty.

Adrian, MI

#135 Jul 12, 2009
Beyonce has been light skinned since she started her carrer and to me she's not all that light I'm lighter than her and I've seen people way lighter then her and me that are black.

Rancho Cordova, CA

#136 Jul 13, 2009
Lin wrote:
Ski, you're a fcking dumb ass. Have you ever been to Haiti? The Creoles ARE NOT light skinned and being Creole is NOT French/Indian. It is a mixture of African AND French. And THE MAJORITY of Creoles look like they are straight from fcking Africa. Spend a day with real Creoles dumb ass.
idk how many creoles there are in haiti but in louisiana creoles are mostly lightskined and cajuns can be straight up white shia labeefs dad is creole and french creoles from france are also fair...so i can see where a grl from the uk might say that...but im creole and my skin was the color of Bs when she first got started and im sure she lightened but so what almost every celeb does now its like getting a weave.lol

Rancho Cordova, CA

#137 Jul 13, 2009
Lasss wrote:
there are different forms of creole, i mean people shouldnt even comment on this page, its so dumb. Beyonce is French/Indian with African inside. she even saysn so in her song "Creole".its on youtube.
I dnt noe if uv ever been to america but every black person and there mom tends to claim being creole here its a common thing to say...im creole and im telling u that creole means black with also french descent but mostly black and native indian has nothing to do with creole i should know im also apache native. If you meet a handful of blacks in the states they will tell u they are creole and indian which often is not the case they have white blood but not the french blood. she bleaches her fricken skin is the point creole means nothing in this country its just a culture and in this culture most creoles do bleach their skin so they can be lighter like cajuns which are just creoles who were born with lighter skin because they have more french.and if its so dumb to comment on this page why did u just do it.lol

Rancho Cordova, CA

#138 Jul 13, 2009
chocolate cream wrote:
<quoted text>
Your not even black or white you are nothing. Just a person that has been fucked by every single race and not just that whoever got you the way you are now has been a strong black man or woman. The asian or any other race that you have in your blood, wouldn't even except you as asian or white the only ones who claim you is black people. So you need to look up to us as much as possible and stop it because you are nothing at all without a identity. That is why i stand up boldly and love myself for me. Because i can proudly said i am a African America woman without any problems black and proud.
All colors are beautiful and your not a real light skinned black the only one whose ashamed to be black seems to be you and you not even really black or asian because you cant appreciate who you are you try to put down black people with dark skin im creole and fair skinned and i have to say that the light are dark the real black people are the ones that realize there strenght im sorry that you cant apreciate yourself for who at least half of you are its terrible that the white man makes u proud but black and asian dosent make you white hun it makes you black white people dont care you are a minority and therefore in there mines your just a black person who eats rice so look in the mirror and take a good look becaus even with straight hair the black is there Amerie is asian and black and proud and beautiful u should be the same ur prejudice just makes you ugly and ignorant.

Rancho Cordova, CA

#139 Jul 13, 2009
Brown Bone wrote:
Uhhmmm no Ski you are Absolutely WRONG!!! All creoles are not only lightskin. Im a creole and im a brown-skin girl but im still creole and a true creole is really indian,black,and french. That's a REAL creole and thats what i am. So dont come on here talkin bout Creoles are only Light skin because they are not they come in all different colors. Red bones, brown bones, and yellow bones.
maybe your not a real creole one not everyone form louisiana is a real creole and plus a real creole as i am one that speaks cajun french would know that native indian has nothing to do with being creole as I am also apache native and that side of my family does not consider themselves creole. while you are correct however that all creoles are not lightskinned very few real creoles are actually darkskined you may have creoles in your family but you are not creole

Rancho Cordova, CA

#140 Jul 13, 2009
Porschia wrote:
dat was to ski^
if your creole u should know that the french word creole just means mixed just like the word mexican in spanish means mix. creole has nothing to do with natives the word was originally used for those with one parent of French descent and the other of African descent. Native is a 21st century idea about creoles because alot of creoles mixed with the natives but that doesent mean that being creole means also being mixed with native if you are a creole mix with native you are just mixed period ur mixed with creole and native but one is not in the same

Rancho Cordova, CA

#141 Jul 13, 2009
Cliff wrote:
<quoted text> I hate to tell you this. There is no way a pretty light skinned woman is jealous of you or anybody else. People hate to admit it, but every woman compares herself to light skinned black women, and they all feel less than. Even in slavery, the only thing the white woman and the field woman had in common was their insecurity about the yellow woman. White man and Black man both wanted her. True then, it's true now. Ever notice how a white woman and a dark black woman can be the best of friends, but neithier seek friendships with light skinned sisters? Don't flatter yourself sweetheart. A LIGHT SKINNED BLACK WOMAN WOULD RATHER BE DEAD THAN NOT BE A LIGHT SKINNED BLACK WOMAN!
how do you think the light skinned black women got that way?.....nothing ok ill educate you as I am a light skinned creole and you I assume are light skinned you should know by know that they were brutally raped yes raped not made sweet love to as you subtly indicate. The light skinned woman had it the worse she was used and unloved and a smart light skinned woman would love all of her sisters light and dark some back then would rather bleed in the fields then have a white man touch her the way they did. There is nothing wrong with a dark skin woman knowing shes beautiful and you should know that black men white men dosent matter love black women no matter what color ive seen it over and over again. Be proud to be black not lightskinned.

Rancho Cordova, CA

#142 Jul 13, 2009
cam wrote:
i am crole and lin for you info creole is spanish, native american ,indian eropean and african american so get it right and if u want o handle this over da phone call nothin and no im not scared of you i see [email protected]:oo!!!!!!!!!!
creole sweetheart the french word means...mixed thats it mixed with french and anouther race the same as mexican the spanish meaning of the word is mixed thats it...and if you are Bs cousin im sure she wouldnt want you sittin here threating to beat someone down that is ghetto. i have never met a creole who was hispanic or indian and french you named like every race in the world and mixed it with French and called it creole and thats just not rigth. it seems that alot of creoles on this site have some confusion about what creole is? im creole my grandma is full french from Louisiana and she can tell u creole means French and african descent that is mexican means native indian and spanish descent its one in the same

Lawrenceville, GA

#143 Jul 19, 2009
Hi [email protected], your email is not valid

Lawrenceville, GA

#144 Jul 19, 2009
WOW! it's so sad that there still seems to be some dislike about being dark skin. Why, are blacks so cinfused of thye are?? The majority of blacks are american blacks. Those from africa don't even consider or except the fact that american blacks are of african decent. DNA diclosed that blacks may not even have indian as they all claim. GOD made you black and be proud of that. Love yourselves please. That is why everyone speaks negative about black. Relax, you all are beautiful people too.

Just my opinion...


Panama City, FL

#145 Aug 4, 2009
Please no one get mad at me, this is just my opinion. I think that Beyonce is bleaching herself. Because she and I used to be the same complexion, now she lighter! If you have noticed, that on her old videos she was darker, fair I quess, but on her new videos she is completly light! Also, some of the fans are trying to sue L'oreal beacuse of her light skin condition. Here's what the reporters said on the topic: Theads for Feria haircolor are, as you might expect, creating a lot of controversy. L'Oreal denies any lightening of the singer's skin, saying, "We highly value our relationship with Ms. Knowles. It is categorically untrue that L'Oreal Paris altered Ms. Knowles' features or skin tone ..."

An investigation by Elle's publisher is underway. We think lightening Beyonce's skin would be a really strange move to make -- she's worked with L'Oreal since 2001 without incident, so why now? See the ad for yourself, and look through our gallery to see how Beyonce's skin tone fluctuates. Then, let us know in the comments -- do you think someone lightened her skin?

For me yes. If you look in all her pictures of the past and present, beyonce has always been over going changes. Go to Google.com and type in BEYONCE LIGHTEN SKIN and click on images and see the truth.
Now don't get it twisted, I'm a huge beyonce fan and I just trying 2 b helpful. Please e-mail me at [email protected] and please leave comments(nice one please).

Franklin, MA

#147 Aug 12, 2009
lil kim wrote:
I'm french/indidan/afro hispanic creole, their are also english-hatian creole,australia creole,french creole, louisiana creole just to name a few. so you both are right. Beyonce could pass for creole. <quoted text>
what is indidian? don't you mean indian. and i highly doubt you are those mixes you just stated. lots of african americans want to have creole/indian/hispanic ancestry because they are major posers. 40% of hip-hop made by blacks has to do with hispanic stuff including speaking spanish. 34% has indian beats and styles of music in it.

Pine Bluff, AR

#148 Sep 2, 2009
SKi wrote:
rubbish, everyone knows Beyonce' is Creole, Creole people are very fair because of their french/indian ancestry. and even if B did bleach, it would have nothing to do with you. and to the person who claims Bs cousin told you that, do you really think Beyonce's cousin would tell you that. i mean, i never head of that cousin before and how would she know if B bleached, i have cousins but i dont know

every frickin cream they use
Not all creole people are light skinned. We vary as much as everyone else. I'm not very light at all.
So Real

Houston, TX

#150 Oct 1, 2009
Man Y'all people Don't kno Nuthin..U Kno Beoncye used some shit for her Skin .So as Lill kim, Trina , Ice Cube And many Rich MoFos ,come on man u kno They Don't look like no Regular Black person Back in Tha Day like they did.....STop Being Dumb. Like You Don't kno BettEr.

Bangkok, Thailand

#152 Oct 25, 2009
you sound a little cocky lol but you go girl. :-) im confident and secure too but everyone is different. Im 100 % pure african from east africa but many people consider me beautiful like you:-) Some people can be highly educated and go to college and make it with success others like me learn from real life experence without a degree. thanks to internet marketing and been my own boss and i control my own life. I guess in everything in life you got to work hard and have a good self esteem or many people will put you down

Detroit, MI

#153 Nov 7, 2009
to anyone on this forum that thinks that bleaching creme is ok to use, talk to any doctor and they'll its not. Plenty of women have died using these products...Do your research...and as far as Beyonce i can say I'm not a fan at all because she doesn't embody what a role model should, But that's my opinion.

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