what she is using to lighten her skin

Parkville, MD

#48 Sep 2, 2007
hey beyonce I heard people trying to know where you from, so what? If your familly from Haiti we all people.God loves use the way we were, peace may God bless you in your family.


#49 Sep 2, 2007
i know that beyonce looks darker in some of her videos and movies.like in the fighting temptations she look kind of dark.


#50 Sep 6, 2007
OMG i ordered that mega blast cream and my skin is lightening also. Im sorry I always wanted lighter skin and I am lightening. Im not going to stop. My skin has also become very smooth and pretty just like beyonce skin. I also have before and after pics.my email is [email protected] thankyou for letting me know about world of entertainment. I knew she was bleaching her skin.

Omaha, NE

#51 Sep 6, 2007
Redbone wrote:
Bitch, please Beyonce skin has always been fair. Without wearing the tans or bronzers Beyonce looks damn near white liar
No you listen hear, you know all those black females tend to lighten themselves with lights or other shit. You want to deny this. I am sick of you npeople fasntasizing with your racist bullshit. Come clean with it.

United States

#52 Sep 26, 2007
Thats a lie cause in her early years as one of the destineys child girls. Beyonce was a shade of Brown if you look back. But now she is almost white. She looks so light she must be using something. And no its not the same thing michael jackson used

United States

#53 Sep 26, 2007
Yeah i remember in 2000 when i was in 5th grade. people use to say that Beyonces dad is haitian is that true

United States

#54 Oct 3, 2007
Yea I believe shes using that stuff

Jupiter, FL

#55 Oct 3, 2007
Lin wrote:
Ski, you're a fcking dumb ass. Have you ever been to Haiti? The Creoles ARE NOT light skinned and being Creole is NOT French/Indian. It is a mixture of African AND French. And THE MAJORITY of Creoles look like they are straight from fcking Africa. Spend a day with real Creoles dumb ass.
Excuse you, you are misinformed Haiti is composed of indian/african/hispanics/frenc h....... there are some really light skinned people there, some in between, and also some dark skinned people. "the majority of creoles look like they're straight from fucking Africa" what the hell is dis supposed to mean? u got a problem against dark skinned people? i'd like to see you.... aint nothing wrong about being dark skinned...just means we have more melanin in our system.......... try going to haiti before talking about it ok bitch!..... dont judge a whole country from what you know about a small group of people........

Utrecht, Netherlands

#56 Oct 4, 2007
It is possible that beyonce's using bleaching products but I'm from Suriname/Brazil. And I have an ant and she's pure Suriname but she's SO WHITE!
She doesn't even looks like an Latin-American!
And she doesn't uses bleaching products her whole family was born like that and NO shes not an albino.

So it just what's in your DNA maby Beyonce took the color of her grandmother ..

Barker, TX

#57 Oct 6, 2007
Im using the mega blast cream and it bleached me fast. I have before and after pics also. I took them if you want to see them email me at [email protected]

Pemberton, OH

#58 Oct 15, 2007
beyonce is not creole, she is black. beyonce is not fair compared to many other african-americans. if you all think that is fair then you need your eyes checked.

Palm Bay, FL

#59 Oct 15, 2007
Redbone wrote:
Bitch, please Beyonce skin has always been fair. Without wearing the tans or bronzers Beyonce looks damn near white liar
Your stupid dont be calling anyone a bitch when your dumbass is wrong. She was right if you take a picture of Beyonce from 1999 and one today in 2007 its a big color different. She is way lighter now days then back then so take this

Houston, TX

#60 Nov 4, 2007
Im a dark skinned man that went to a light brown from the stuff she uses, you can email me at [email protected] to view my pics. the megablast cream gotta be what she uses. the reps said that alot of celebs are using it.

South Africa

#61 Nov 5, 2007
u guyz are pathetic seriously

Houston, TX

#62 Nov 9, 2007
I beleive she lightens. I use the mega blast cream and Ive gotten real fair. see my before and after pics at [email protected]

Trinidad and Tobago

#63 Dec 7, 2007
beyonce most definately bleaches her skin she used to look darker before, but not by much though. I personally think she looks better light skin, makes her look more mixed, cause her hair is very course like blacks. I think if she were creole though, her hair would be nice and she would not have to straighten it and put on wigs. Face it she is just a nice looking black girl, with a great body.

Las Vegas, NV

#64 Dec 17, 2007
I don't understatnd why you guys have complex about your color. be proud of yourself. love yourself
The True Light Skin

Plano, TX

#65 Dec 22, 2007
It's said that the dark skinned black people feel they have to bleach there black skin to become light.

I'm so glade my family was all born light skinned with Asian straight silky hair. We are the true light skinned blacks.

all you dark skinned black people that bleach your face and body you'll still have the dark skinned black features,on your face and your kids will turn out like you really are.

A light skinned black, and a mix black, and all other races can tell when a dark skinned black bleaches there skin.

Because the dark skinned black women will still have man features and nappy hair and the dark skinned black men will still have monkey features with nappy hair. Plus I hear when you stop bleaching you turn even darker than when you were before LOL..

Light Skinned Black Woman

Plano, TX

#66 Dec 22, 2007
OK, here's the deal I found out black men can't get over the fact that slave masters rapped the black women back in slavery. There jealous of that fact I'm so tired of hearing that light skinned women and children are products of the white man..

On every blog or message board this is all they talk about..Please Get Over It.....

Black women didn't ask to be raped by there white slaves master and the light skinned didn't ask to be treated any better than the dark skinned blacks.

I'm a light skinned black women with long straight silky hair my whole family was blessed that way. Thats just the way we turned out we don't think were better than anyone else.

Now as for black men they date outside there race(white women) to get back at the white man for rapping our black ancestors they have mixed babies with these white women to make up for lost time.

Most black men that date white women are very dark they have issues with there dark skin so they date a lighter black female or another race thinking it's going to make them feel lighter.

I'm sick and tire of people telling me I look Latina,Indian,or white me and my daughter goes through this everyday.When I'm shopping people just look at us from head to toe there wondering what we're mixed with.

The darker men and women always have attitudes with us or any light skinned black women or mix black women.Stop this crazy stuff.

Grow up and get a life black people are jealous of other black people for no reason. We already have other races haten on light skinned women because of there skin tone.

Every day at work people always make smart stupid remarks to me I'm so tired of white women,Mexican Women,and Black Women always saying something stupid.

White men always give me respect and all the other races of men give me respect I'm cool with everyone. The only black men and black women that don't give a light skinned black women respect are the darker ones because there not happy with themselves so they TRY to take it out on us.....

I'm a black belt in three different types of martial arts it's really hard for me to not jump kick or Kungfu someone. My daughter has to always remind me that with one small hit I can lay anyone out.

So black people lets get it together OK!!

United States

#67 Jan 2, 2008
Cliff wrote:
<quoted text> I hate to tell you this. There is no way a pretty light skinned woman is jealous of you or anybody else. People hate to admit it, but every woman compares herself to light skinned black women, and they all feel less than. Even in slavery, the only thing the white woman and the field woman had in common was their insecurity about the yellow woman. White man and Black man both wanted her. True then, it's true now. Ever notice how a white woman and a dark black woman can be the best of friends, but neithier seek friendships with light skinned sisters? Don't flatter yourself sweetheart. A LIGHT SKINNED BLACK WOMAN WOULD RATHER BE DEAD THAN NOT BE A LIGHT SKINNED BLACK WOMAN!
That is not true. I am brownskinned with very , very long cold black hairand it is all mine and alot of white and light-skinned women are very jealous of me because of that. Everywhere I go both black and white men turn their heads and I constantly get comments by both black and white
people on how beautiful I am.

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