In the Name of Greed

They exploited a tragedy
With the fear of imminent catastrophe
Their lies
Their propaganda
All in the name of greed

Is it a coincidence
That if you take the first letter, in each word, of Operation Iraqi Liberation
It spells oil
It's not about freedom
It's not about liberation
It's about money

So to all you corrupt politicians
And greedy corporations
Fuck you


Watch the politicians lie on TV
They lie to make you afraid
Once they have your fear, they have control
Democracy shouldn't be based on fear

Watch the corrupt politicians defend their views
If you disagree, you're not a patriot
If you disagree, you don't care about our country
What happened to our democracy

I see America as a beautiful country
But it's not perfect
There are flaws
If we don't stand up for change
How will things ever get better