O'Reilly's big mouth bringing down wh...

O'Reilly's big mouth bringing down white America

There are 15 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Oct 1, 2007, titled O'Reilly's big mouth bringing down white America. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

White America, I think it's time You stepped up and let everybody know that Bill O'Reilly, the Big B.O., does not speak for Your white America.

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Common sence guy

Miami, FL

#1 Oct 3, 2007
I am a white male and couldn't agree more Bill O Rielly is nothing but a troubel maker and enjoys doing it.But I must admit he is very good at fooling the average person and he's laffing all the way to the bank. Hopefully what goes around comes around and he gets what he deserves exposed for his ignorence.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#2 Oct 3, 2007

“Yes, it's Steve”

Since: Jun 07


#3 Oct 3, 2007
Great article paraphrasing and plagarizing one appearing the prior day on the editorial pages.

Salisbury, MA

#4 Oct 3, 2007
Common sence guy wrote:
I am a white male and couldn't agree more Bill O Rielly is nothing but a troubel maker and enjoys doing it.But I must admit he is very good at fooling the average person and he's laffing all the way to the bank. Hopefully what goes around comes around and he gets what he deserves exposed for his ignorence.
First, learn how to spell ignorance!(and trouble and laughing)

Jacksonville, FL

#5 Oct 3, 2007
Please, give it a break. Enough.
Freedom of Speech. If everyone would just go about their own business we may be able to forget the past and think of the future.

And as far as White America needing to wake up, the BO doesn't speak for all of us and if everyone would ignor him, he would go away.
Ken M

Spring, TX

#6 Oct 3, 2007
You poor misguided soul. This is typical of the myopic mentality on the left. It's people like you who believe this garbage you write that are bringing down America. Bill is soooo right-on that the truth hurts. He's obviously hit a nerve with the Rap Music analogy because if you listen to the lyrics and see the audience it affects he cannot be more closer to the truth. I guess the truth shall set you free Shrri! Wake up girl and smell the garbage you're dealing out.

New Orleans, LA

#7 Oct 3, 2007
beguiled wrote:
<quoted text>First, learn how to spell ignorance!(and trouble and laughing)
And sense
paul m

Germantown, TN

#8 Oct 3, 2007
BO bringing down white America?
Perhaps you'd best figure out why nothing has brought UP Black America.
A better focus is in the eyes of Bill Cosby who sees the REAL problems.
One of my favorite places to eat was also owned and run by blacks...but the problem is that these are few and far between and will remain so unless the blacks with voices promote healthy progress and not the formula expressed by the hip-hop or rappers.
Riley bringing down white America.
Are you serious??
You need to worry about your own spokespersons,the true racists, who make fools of themselves by publicly defending black criminals (Jena) and criminalizing innocent whites (DUKE).
You hope something will bring down white America don't you. I trust your next article will be: "Blacks bringing down Black America"..which is THE problem.
As a writer, when your response to a critic mentions misspelled words,(laffing) it immediately tells the readers that you lack an answer to their charge.

Salisbury, MA

#9 Oct 3, 2007
spellcheck wrote:
<quoted text>
And sense
your right. I missed that.
just me

Hialeah, FL

#10 Oct 3, 2007
Some of us already have spoken up to voice our disapproval.

Please see my remarks posted on the SunSentinal blog titled "Old School Blues". Here's the link (my two posts are under the name Cathy on the same page.) and I posted the text to my two postings below for convenience.


Please don't judge the rest of us white folks by Mr. O'Reilly please. He is a total idiot with a definite 'spin' on his world.

I followed your link to hear his 'defense' and I'm posting the quote here.

"Mr. O’Reilly told The Associated Press yesterday that his comments had been taken out of context.“If you listened to the full hour, it was a criticism of racism on the part of white Americans who are ignorant of the fact that there is no difference between white and black anymore,” he said. "

Back to my opinion... does anyone else feel deeply disturbed by the 'anymore' that ended that sentence? I interpret that as him stating that it's a FACT that there USED to be a difference between white and black people, but only some ignorant white Americans think there's STILL a difference. Even when O'Reilly is trying to take his foot out of his mouth, his true opinion sneaks out the corner of his mouth!

- from a white woman who can hear an insult when it's said.


I share a quote from Gary on this site:

"you show your ignorance,listen to his complete show which is on his internet site, if you dare here the truth.

Posted by: gary house | September 27, 2007 10:09 AM"

Gary, You show YOUR ignorance by mis-spelling the word HEAR as HERE.

I just have to laugh when people blast others for their 'ignorance' but they have a 3rd grade understanding of the English language.

Also, I HAVE watched Bill O'Reilly and even read one of his books and I think he's very biased, but think he means well. No one is saying he MEANT to insult anyone. It's just that he DID by virtue of the way he phrased his comments and even his response. His comments inadvertantly SHOWED his bias.

So you see, some white people do speak up and are (continually) offended by Bill O. But I don't feel I MUST speak up every time I hear an idiot speak - whatever his or her skin color, ehtnicity, or religion. Idiots come in every shape and size. Sometimes it's just best to ignore them.


#11 Oct 3, 2007
whats with all this white white white...maybe us whites as you call us should protest the sun-sentinel to get you fired...enought of this crap already.. this white white white man is getting tired of all this black black black stuff.. but then again freedom of speech for everyone including you and me. so give it a rest..give my regards to jessee and al and bill o'reilly

Bakersfield, CA

#12 Oct 6, 2007
O'Reilly brings up America and tells it like it is. He got Jessica's Law in numerous states that didn't have it. He's for keeping children safe, and is for punishment not rehabilitation for criminals.

Fox News and the O'Reilly Factor are #1 in cable and blows away CNN, MSNBC and every other liberal station combined.

When black people can start acknowledging the problems in the black community that they created maybe we can get somewhere. Even when other blacks point out 70% out of wedlock birth rate, crime, drugs and fatherless homes their called Uncle Toms and traitors.

Black people need to wake up!!!
Trouble Here

Pompano Beach, FL

#13 Oct 6, 2007
People we need to dig for the truth. Bill is part of the machine.It is out there, hidden from us in plain site...Hillary and her tradition of flip flopping...Do we need to take care of our poor, our children and make sure our nation is secure...yes 100%. Lets give each kid 5k…oh come on please. Did not Hillary a few years work in the Republican party to help get Nelson Rockefeller elected...Yes 100%.Didn't Bill have pardons for sale? What about white water scandals and her fits of rage, racist jokes, and her false testimony during white water with the Rose Law firm? Did not Bill and Hillary entertain Yasser Arafat (PLO) more than any one else? Did not she chair the New World Foundation in the 1970's? Is not she now a member of the CRF (google video it or youtube.com ) and believes in its an agenda most people will never hear about? It is more of the same on either side. There is only one who stands apart from the crowd. Google the CFR, NAU, SPP and the National ID card and the AMERO....both republican/ and Democrats are members of these organizations and why are these agendas being discussed? Why not, because you may actually wake up to the truth. What is this New World order and why should we fear it? Is dissolving our sovereign nation a good thing with Canada and Mexico?( No!!) Dig deep for the answers and you will see that RonPaul2008.com is our only real choice in this 2008 election.. Find out that there are alternative energy resources that exist today with zero point energy, over unity devices and how cars can be run off of tap water today ( Stanley Myers). Its time to stand up and make a choice to save our nation before its too late. Lets save our planet, feed the poor, tell the oil companies shame on them and break free of their control over us. Desalination of water and the SEG devices work today. Read up on the Universal string theory. Wake up people and get the word out for Ron Paul before its too late, he is Americas last hope. 7 steps of change with this new technology we can do as a nation, 1) go from Greed to giving. 2)Laziness to Action 3) lust to charity. 4)Pride to Humility 5) Anger to Love >>( Save our Planet, feed the hungry, take care of the less fortunate. 6) Gluttony to abstention 7) Envy to Happiness for others I don’t hear Hillary discussing any of this for good reason.


#14 Oct 10, 2007
You know, I am SO tired of the guilt trips that are laid on white Americans regularly. Blacks and Hispanics can claim their pride in their heritage and respective ethnicities, but whites are supposed to be forever making up for slavery and segregation and feeling like we have to apologize for being white. The hell with it---I'm not apologizing OR feeling guilty anymore. The main problem with Black America is BLACK AMERICA, just as the previous poster had stated, NOT White America. The fact that we have to separate the two factions is proof that we haven't gotten ANYWHERE in this country. Blacks want "equal treatment" but still want to be able to play the race card anytime they are fired or given bad grades, etc.(it never crosses their mind that perhaps they are incompetent at their jobs or didn't study enough.) Gee, White America can't get away with THAT one. We see blacks and Hispanics on the news every night being caught on surveillance tapes committing crimes, but when they're caught, their families (while they're flopping around on the ground wailing) INSIST they're innocent, church-going men (never mind that while theses men were in "church" they managed to acquire a rap sheet three miles long). Forget Bill O'Reilly! I wouldn't even listen to him! Black America needs to start insisting that their own people be responsible for their actions. It isn't White America's fault that we feel Black America's solution to any crime they perceive has been committed against them is to riot, loot and bring home a new TV. We've witnessed it (firsthand, too, right here in South Florida in 1980) time and time again. So, guess what, Sherri? I'll strike a deal with you. When Black America starts speaking out against all the black idiots that speak crap about the whites (especially the black radical who claimed all white people should be murdered while his black audience APPLAUDED---where was your article on THAT, Sherri? I must have missed that one.), White America will be happy to speak out when one of OUR idiots speaks crap about blacks. Until then, you're on your own.
Racists remarks

Hialeah, FL

#15 Oct 15, 2007
I love this crap. Why can a black person wear a t-shirt promoting their race, but if a white person did the same, they would be publicly rediculed and pointed at for being a racists. Grow up and take responsibility for your own problems and concentrate on fixing them from within. When you point a finger, you got four more pointing back at YOU.

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