Gas prices up, up

Gas prices up, up

There are 21 comments on the El Paso Times story from Feb 21, 2011, titled Gas prices up, up. In it, El Paso Times reports that:

Books belong on college campuses. Computers belong on campuses. Students belong on campuses.

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Take my chances

United States

#1 Feb 22, 2011
Some reality needs to redirect the emotion.

At the crime scene are the victem and the culprit.

Cops come hours latter when called, to do a report.

That being the case, I'll trust in my training which is far more than minimal...

The Texas CHL class is 10 hours long BUT it does not take account of the numerous hours of training enabling the student to be successful.

SO, perhaps the author needs to take the CHL class and then speak from experience.
Yo Se

El Paso, TX

#2 Feb 22, 2011
A CHL carries with it a great deal of responsibility and liability. The holder is held to a higher degree of knowledge concerning the use of deadly force and typically never uses his handgun outside of very serious situations. The use of deadly force is a serious situation and requires a holder to fully assess any criminal activity. As has been said infinitum, it isn't the law abiding gun toter you need to fear but the maniac. The maniacs know that the body count will be higher at a church, school, shopping mall or any other place where crowds occur. Normally those same places prohibit the LEGAL carry of firearms. Where is the logic in that thinking???
Mr Rosales

El Paso, TX

#3 Feb 22, 2011
Self defense is a personal responsibility...unless you have a policeman in every classroom. I will show up when you dial 911 but you would have already been a victim...police are POST incident responders. That means I'll get there after you've been raped or shot/robbed
Cheney Oil Inc

Brooksville, FL

#4 Feb 22, 2011
Too many folks out there bellyaching about gas prices.

Head for the pumps, put the nozzle in the gashole and fill 'er up.

Beef up the economy and keep the oil refineries hopping.
Gas Guzzler

El Paso, TX

#5 Feb 22, 2011
Yes, gas prices are going up. But you still see stupid people out there paying for the expensive stuff. The Chevron at Montana and Wedgewood is 20 cents a gallon higher than the 66 and 7-11 on the other side of the street. But you still see people filling up with Chevron. IDIOTS!!

Find the lowest price and buy that. Other stations will drop their price to match.

If people buy the over-priced gas, prices will remain up and keep going up.


#6 Feb 22, 2011
The majority in college is under 21 years old, so they cannot carry a concealed gun or have a permit to carry one.
That leaves the over 21 bunch that are mostly seniors in college that could even qualify to carry a gun.
And of course, the teachers and college employees
might qualify.
The news makes it sound like a bunch of 18 year olds running around with guns on their hips like 1864.
wandering in the darkness

El Paso, TX

#7 Feb 22, 2011
An old cliche states:

When seconds count the police are only minutes away.

The El Paso Times Editorial Board REALLY needs to "just say no" prior to hitting the SEND key on some of their editorials, and this is ine of those cases IMO.
UTEP employee

El Paso, TX

#8 Feb 22, 2011
The El Paso Times continues with it's gun hysteria campaign. The Times implies that a CCL requires just some "minimal" training. That minimal training is expensive and the license is expensive. On top of that you must be 21 and a legal resident. You can already see that students won't be carrying because they won't meet the requirements or be willing to divert their resources for it. The training emphasizes understanding of the law and the responsibilities associated with it. In addition any applicant must undergo a police background investigation. I would trust a law abiding citizen who has been properly prepared and trained for a CCL license, before I would trust any Times opinion writer. The proposed legislation for college campuses would make the campus no more dangerous than the community it sits in. And we already know that El Paso is the safest large city in the U.S. The El Paso Times would be happier if all citizens were disarmed and we see how much that has helped the citizens of Mexico.

El Paso, TX

#9 Feb 22, 2011
The more people that carry the politer society will become. In the case of some psychopath if there are more people around that have weapons said psycho can be stopped. It is also the duty of an adult to protect those who cannot or are unable to protect themselves. If you think the police or anybody else can protect you from all the dangers that surround us every day you are either a fool or ignorant beyond belief. When something bad happens the authorities are very very rarely there. Usually they show up after the fact which puts the burden of protection on the individual.

El Paso, TX

#10 Feb 22, 2011
Interesting editorial. Please define acroyms used. CCL?

El Paso, TX

#11 Feb 22, 2011
Why should law abiding folks on campus be forced to be less safe than the rest of us? They should have the right to protect themselves from the illegal gun carriers that are already on campus and everywhere else.
2nd Amend

El Paso, TX

#12 Feb 22, 2011
If more people carried guns and the word got around that there are people willing, able, and trained to defend themselves then there would be fewer people willing to commit crimes with a weapon. The people that use a weapon in areas that they know most people are unarmed are basically cowards. If they think they will get shot they think twice about carrying out a gun crime. It is a fact,you can look it up yourself, that in towns where the general populous carry weapons the percentages of gun crimes (murder, rape,home invasion) are low. Personally I fear getting shot more than taking the shot. Yes I have a CHL (Concealed Handgun License). The training was more than adequate for me to know when it is appropriate to draw my weapon and the consequences when in error.

El Paso, TX

#13 Feb 22, 2011
Its the scariest thing I've ever heard. Imagine if you will, close quarters with 5000 students, all carrying guns and someone gets ticked off about a grade - boom! What if that student gets mad at his professors, or just couldn't get that parking space! Boom!!! No one will be SAFE from students carrying guns. No, students at universities and colleges do NOT need guns. They aren't ready for such a responsibility. And most of all, if they have guns, I'm NOT GOING TO ANY UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE IN TEXAS. If the politicians pass this bill -no one will be safe. Most Young people under 25 don't have their common sense factor developed.

El Paso, TX

#14 Feb 22, 2011
"Guns on campus: That could just make situation worse"

And then again: It might make the situation better.

Such a wonderful and objectional staff at the EPT.

United States

#15 Feb 22, 2011
You all do realize that by the time the police show up it's time to draw chalk outlines of your body. You as an individual are responsible for your own safety not the police. You can choose to defend yourself or not. I choose to defend myself. And you?

El Paso, TX

#16 Feb 22, 2011

El Paso Times Editorial Board wrote this article? No wonder the newspaper sucks.
Integrity and Honesty

United States

#17 Feb 22, 2011
This is the most ridiculous. illogical, ludricrous, studpid,unthought of ideas, crazy, idiotic, and senseless ideas I have heard of in 5 decages of i
living. No one conquers a criminal by matching theor firepower! Ludicrous! Bone-dry!!!
Integrity and Honesty

United States

#18 Feb 22, 2011
Vuyuyguy wrote:
You all do realize that by the time the police show up it's time to draw chalk outlines of your body. You as an individual are responsible for your own safety not the police. You can choose to defend yourself or not. I choose to defend myself. And you?
Agreed! Hooah!!!

Georgetown, TX

#19 Feb 23, 2011
If you want to "feel" safe, wear a rabbit's foot. If you want to "be" safe, wear a 45.

It is my contention that on FRIDAY the 13th of April 2007, everyone FELT secure at Virginia Tech .... Monday the 16th was another story.

Obviously “gun free zones” never worked.(Luby’s, U.T.-twice­, hundreds of other school shootings.­)

One must wonder why Nidal Hassan chose the “gun-free” area of Fort Hood instead of the gun range on base to start his escapades.

The 2002 report by the Federal Government for prevention of school shootings :
Most shooting incidents were
not resolved by law enforcemen­t
interventi­on.More than half of the
attacks ended before law enforcemen­t
responded to the scene—
despite law enforcemen­t’s often
prompt response. In these cases,
faculty or fellow students stopped
the attacker, or the attacker either
stopped shooting on his own or
committed suicide...

First responders are "usually bystanders­" like in Tucson
So in school settings, "first responders­" are usually students, faculty and staff, whether armed, or "unarmed, impotent, outmatched­, and deceased," like several in Virginia in 2007 ... 5 years after the Government showed that faculty, staff and bystanders are first responders.

Mesa, AZ

#20 Feb 23, 2011
Given the El Paso Times clairovient (sp) insight on how students will behave they should be able to know when someone is going to commit a crime thus putting them in a position to prevent it. So why did they not prevent the 10 murders that have occurred so far this year.

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