Update on Annette Funicello

Jimboomba, Australia

#61 Jan 24, 2008
Why oh why can't they find a cure for Annette and all the MS sufferers?! I had hoped for years now that Annette would rally and, one miraculous day, walk and dance again. I miss her wholesome sunniness and her perky singing voice. She gave us all soooo much joy. I wish God, in His infinite wisdom, would grant her health back or finally end all her suffering. Knowing she's out there, sick and unable to see or talk, breaks my heart. My prayers are with her loved ones.

New York, NY

#62 Feb 1, 2008
Sabrina wrote:
How is Annette doing?
There's no hard info available (her family is very protective of her privacy).

However, given her diagnosis of progressive MS over twenty tears ago, she is likely at the stage where she is immobile, unable to speak cleary or swallow easily and (according to some unsubstantiated reports) may even be blind.

Yes, I know that's an extremely sad fate for someone who has given so much happiness to so many. But I'm sure she is comforted by the love surrounding her.
rhonda magno


#63 Feb 6, 2008
my first memories of t.v. were of you annette on the micke mouse club.i watched you every day.i felt that you were like family, if you could imagine that. i grew up watching you , a girl who i could relate to.in the fifties most all the stars were blond,blue eyed girls, but thier you were brown eyed and dark hair like me. you were a ggreat role model the worlds young girls need some one like you again to come along to show them that you can be famous and talented and a decent human being at the same time .thank you annette for being you. may god bless you.
sherry bennett

Lorain, OH

#64 Mar 20, 2008
dear sweet annette. there is no one like you.
Susan Ohmann

Garner, NC

#65 Apr 3, 2008
I grew up watching Annette on the Mickey Mouse Club as all Boomers did. I remember her beautiful dark eyes and face that always seemed to be smiling. I collected everything I could about her and watched everything she did from The little mini series on the Mickey Mouse Club called Annette to the Horsemasters, her guest appearances on Zoro and then the beach movies she did with Frankie. There are no more role models like her anymore and I am greatful for the pleasure she brought to my life. I believe it was back in the seventies or eighties she did some comercials for skippy peanut butter and I was overjoyed to see her on TV again even just in a TV ad. He face brought back so many memories and I know there are so many out there who are praying for her and wishing her well.
william edgecumbe


#66 Apr 20, 2008
love you forever your a great person

United States

#67 Apr 25, 2008
Annettee, I pray that you are comfortable and not in any pain. You do not derserve this!:-(....
Paul Lindner

Fairfield, OH

#68 Apr 25, 2008
There will never be another wonderful,sweet girl like you.I am 62 yrs old,and I remember hurrying home to watch the "MICKEY MOUSE CLUB".There isn't a red blooded boy anywhere in the WORLD who was not in love with you.God bless you,and your family.Thanks for all the great memories.
Tall Paul.
John Fernandez


#69 Apr 25, 2008
You are truly a wonderful lady and I mean that in every way. You have brought joy and sunshine to millions of people throughout the world. God gave you many talents and you shared them with us..........now it is time for all of us to say a prayer for you. You are loved by many!
Dorothy Dallessandro

Greenville, NY

#70 Apr 28, 2008
Dear Annette,I grew up watching you on t.v. and have gone to all of your movies. I have all of your music. I have always thought that you are a beautiful person. when I got married and had children I told my husband that if we had a girl I was going to name her Annette so my firt daughter was named for you. I have always been a fan of yours . may god always be with you and your family.. love Dorothy
Glenda Fitch

Savannah, GA

#71 Apr 28, 2008
Annette You are so beautiful.God be with you.
I have been told I have Hepatitis,I hope I can be as strong as you have been.I loved watching you. Your great.I will never forget you.I had a beach party bathing suite like you. LOL
God Be with you and your family
Glenda Fitch 4/28/2008
Annette Baker

Middleburg, FL

#72 May 5, 2008
We share a name. You brought a smile into our homes, for that I am enternally grateful. There will never be another generation of parents that saved this country and gave birth to the baby boomers. God Bless You and your caring family. Feel a hug. Love, Annette Baker-Howe
Judy Miller

Montgomery, MN

#73 May 6, 2008
Being only a couple of years younger than Annette, I watched the Mickey Mouse Club every day, and Annette was the one I looked up to and admired the most and I also wanted to look like her!
I heard that she was ill many years ago, but have not been following closely. A day or so ago, I have been thinking very strongly and repeatedly about Annette, and felt the need to pray for her.
Today, I found this message board.
I pray that our Father in Heaven shows mercy and grace upon her and eases the pain and suffering in her life. I know that those close to her envelop her with their love, and she knows this and feels it beyond a doubt. I pray that she be released from her suffering according to God's Will. There is a better day coming! There is no suffering, blindness, pain, or misery in Heaven. God's Blessings upon those who love and care for Annette that they find comfort and the strength to get through this, one day at a time.

Gwynn Oak, MD

#74 May 29, 2008
dear annette i remember the old mickey mouse club when it was shown in syndication back in the middle 70's you was the first mouseter i see.i was no older then 7or 8 years old it came on captain chesapeake i had a big crush on you. well that was then and now things and times change i'm praying for you,seriously i am. Your song "loves comes singing" is my favorite, i hope you stay in God's hands and hope your hubby keeps the faith !

Tyler, TX

#75 Jun 7, 2008
I can't begin to tell you how much pleasure you have brought to me. I watched you from the very first day you were on the Micky Mouse Club, due to divorced parents, I had a very lonely & unhappy childhood, you made my day, I lived for you to come on that show. Today when I look at the photos of you as a Mouseketeer I get such a nostalgic feeling. I am so sorry for what has happened to you, you do not deserve this. My prayers are with you and your family. I hope you take comfort in knowing how much pleasure you brought to so many. Take Care, KK
William Ratcliffe


#76 Jun 15, 2008
I was born in 1962. My late sister was 12 years older than myself. Through her, i came to appreciate so much culture from the 60's, a decade I cherish, as for being fascinating, and ever so changing in such a short span of time.
My sister loved the 60's era for it's innocence, as in 1968 when she became married, she was fond of certain personalities that helped shape the 60's. This is where Annette came into my life.
I adored the Beach Party films, and fell in love with an Italian girl who came across as 'bubbly', but not dumb.
In time, I found almost all of her recordings. Recordings that were not offensive to the ear, but almost timeless.
I became a fan first hand with her Skippy peanut butter commercials. I still prefer the brand to this day, because Annette said so.
Through the years I have heard she sold collector bears, a few my mother had purchased. I went to see 'Back To The Beach' in the early 80's, and Annette still was 'fun' and still not dumb.
It pains me to know that since that film was released that she has been very ill. I work at a hospital, and realize that we are not on this earth forever, but in memory and through accomplishments that helped shape others.
Annette will always in my mind be the girl next door though I have never met, but through momentos and recordings will always know as a friend who gave me good memories of when life was simpler.
God bless her, and her family.
Amy Madonna

Ossining, NY

#77 Jun 22, 2008
I'm 58 years old and grew up watching you on Mickey Mouse club and also saw all your movies. My boyfriend at the time, (now husband) always said that you were the prettiest girl on the screen. Have been thinking of you lately and hoping that you are free of pain. God Bless you.
Dianne Venturi-Soop

Chicago, IL

#78 Jun 27, 2008
Delores wrote:
Annette is in constant pain due to advanced neurological damage via her MS. She has little or no vision left.(I believe she has finally lost all vision.) Annette is under 24 hr. care, supervised by her 2nd husband, Glen Holt. Please pray for Annette.
I am also a huge fan of Annette. I am 61 years old and grew up in Chicago. Annette was and still is my idol...I guess because I too am an Italian American and so may people said I resembled her. I am heart broken after reading this quote. I will pray for her so her suffering is reduced and she can have some peace. She is a sweet, wonderful person and doesn"t deserve this at all. Dianne Venturi-Soop, Crystal Lake, Illinois June 27, 2008
Kathy Gnas

United States

#79 Jun 28, 2008
Annette, you I were both diagnosed with MS in 1987 and we are both nearly the same age. I began to have MS symptoms in 1968 but I have been blessed to still be able to walk, see and communicate so this disease effects people in amazingly different ways. I have been very lucky to have received a medication "4-aminopyradine" that has helped me overcome most of the horrible consequences of MS. The FDA banned the medication about ten years ago because of strokes in some patients, but those people that were already on the medicine and having no problems were allowed to continue on it. This past month a the Acorda company completed the third stage trials on a new MS drug that is a time released version of 4-AP and they hope to get approval to market it next year.( http://www.acorda.com/clinical.asp ) It may not help you, Annette, much at this late stage but it has been a miracle for me.
I pray that you are doing well and hope this information will be of help for you and others with MS.
terri simpson

Winter Haven, FL

#80 Jun 29, 2008
annette , my sis has had m.s. for at least 1o years and also fibermyalgia.we believe she died after losing 50 lbs. and still on same dosage of meds. dr.s didnt monitor or something but thank G od he brought her back.now she has an abnormal e.k.g. was hoping nutrition or at least God would help youand sis and heal you and sis at least not let no one suffer and i have to believe he will help or heal or not let any suffer!wish you guys could get together.you are wonderful and God BLESS YOU !TERRI SIMPSON

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