Palin has stated she has taken a hardline approach on the oil companies; if our own media had any reporters left you would find a much different story. Fist. she repealled the tax or levy called Ballot Measure 2 ID 663071079 which created a windafall proffit for Cheveron, BP Alaska, Exxon and others. This windfall is not only worth billions in the fiture but oil companies will be paid back for any taxk already paid.(Billions Again). In addition to this Palin continues to allow Cheveron to dump Billions of Gallons of Toxic Waste per year into the icefields and fisheries of Cook Inlet Alaska.

It is amazing to me is the news media has not done its own homework reporting the facts and making this information public.

As if the Mortgage Crises wasnt enough for America to vote out this administration we now have Fannie, Freddie, Lehman, AIG and Merrill Lynch all down the tubes under the policies and watchfull eye of McCain and Bush! Enough! May God be with us All! Open your eyes America! Make History! Make A Diference! Vote Obama! How many more jobs do we have to lose? How many more Americans have to die to protect Oil? We can't afford more of the same!