Who was the hottest - Agnetha or Frida?


#21 Apr 21, 2009
Both of them are good looking...but i go for the blonde...AGNETHA, she has a nicer curves and irresistible appeal...Frida is always gorgeous, but Agnetha is always lovely.
Jim J

Humble, TX

#22 Jul 19, 2009
Frida had hot good looks. Agnetha had a young soft beauty although she was voted to have the "rear of the year" in her home country. Men would chase Frida while they would be afraid of rejection from Agnetha. Their husbands were both lucky to have them even for a while. But who cares, together they were the greatest singers ever.

Tijuana, Mexico

#23 Jul 20, 2009
Agnetha and Frida brought out the best of each others beauty and talent on the stage. One without the other would have made each just simply fabulous to look at or listen to.


#24 Jul 22, 2009
Both were good looking. But the curvy blonde Agnetha get my vote.

Glasgow, UK

#25 Jul 29, 2009
I'd have to say Agnetha. I dont want to sound perverted here, but i dont think i've ever seen a more beautiful woman! I thought she was and still is one of the most beautiful people in the world. Although, sometimes i think people found her beautiful because she was a typical swede. She was what everyone wanted to her to be. Of course she was herself but sometimes i dont think she showed it often enough. Compared to Frida, Agnetha was quite reserved. But then again i can not find a flaw in Agnetha.

Pikesville, MD

#26 Aug 27, 2009
I prefer Frida now; when I was younger I liked Anna. Frida had more zest and passion. She looked like she enjoyed every minute on stage. I believe Anna got the most attention because in the seventies and eighties people went crazy over blondes. Brunettes didn't get their due until the nineties. Studies also show that looks like Anna's (round face, full lips, large eyes and curvy body) say "I'm fertile!" Frida was just as beautiful but in a completely different way. She was long, lean like a fashion model, dramatic and striking. Her rear end was tight, firm and high, while Anna's was heartshaped and low. It's just a matter of what you prefer. Do you prefer a gorgeous, wild jungle cat or a sweet white kitten? Do you prefer the sultry, multicolored sunset or the shining sun at high noon? Anyone who says Frida was ugly is blind. Also, Frida has aged better than Anna. It's that incredible bone structure.

Baltimore, MD

#27 Nov 13, 2009
Both ladies were beautiful, but Aggie, for the most part, stayed with the same look that suited her best. Frida was more classically beautiful, and from about '76 to '79 was at her best. She had the mysterious, classy sexuality of a Bond girl, and perfect legs. Unfortunately, she too often went with the trends in fashion that didn't suit her, like curly perms, and in the eighties, New Wave hair cuts with unflattering colors like burgundy and purple. Around the time of the divorce, she looked horrible with short hair and matronly clothes.
Frida had a stunning profile, good teeth and she resembled Greta Garbo. Because she wasn't blond, and because the media has to pit women against each other, she was either overlooked in favor of Aggie or put down with ridiculous comments like "the ugly one". I often felt that
Aggs reveled in the attention by the way she would habitually bite her lip to be sexy and turn her back to the audience and slowly strut around, knowing full well the focus would be on her rear.
Then she'd claim not to know that she had a nice butt.
The media still seems to have a grudge against Frida- maybe because her father was a Nazi or because they're jealous of her great wealth- whatever. It should be obvious that she was a sexy,exciting, beautiful woman.

United States

#28 Apr 18, 2010
Comparing Frida-Anna of ABBA is like comparing John Lennon-Paul McCartney of The Beatles. Don't get me wrong--no musical artists in 20th century compared remotely to The Beatles. The Beatles were ceratinly 10+ and in that scale ABBA was about a 4. That's a compliment to ABBA because in my opinion musical Gods such as Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and Elvis deserved only a 4.5 with the exception of Led Zepplin might be a 5 in this scale. So ABBA was great in its own right.

That said, Frida was John Lennon and Anna was Paul McCartney in this context. Moreover, Frida's mate Benny was more John and Anna's husband Bjorn (during ABBA days)was more Paul from song writing standpoint. Who were better? Intellectuals would choose Frida/Benny whereas populists would side with Anna/Bjorn.

Same principles applied to looks also. Populists would prefer Anna and Paul but guys or girls with brains would flock to Frida and John.

John Lennon was better than Paul just like Frida was better than Anna that both Paul and Anna knew that from bottom of their hearts. But it took 2 to dance so no credits were taken away from either Paul or Anna. After all, both of you even enjoyed slightly more popularities than the better ones of your groups.

Frida Forever!


Hamburg, Germany

#29 May 4, 2010
Frida !!!
She was and she is hotter. Shes full of energy; a classy beauty with a perfect face, beautiful eyes and great legs.

Agnetha ist also beautiful, but ... my english is not good enough...
In German I can say:
Agnetha ist wunderschön und sexy, aber nicht lebendig genug, um wirklich "heiß" zu sein. Ein Freund von mir hats mal so ausgdrückt: "Sie ist zu mütterlich".

Riverview, FL

#30 May 5, 2010
Definitely Agnetha!
Especially when she moves and smiles, and looks at YOU thru the camera. You see a glimpse of her soul (or so you think!) And I am a straight woman. LOL.
Musically, Agnetha is much better, too! She can flex her voice to sing in different styles. Superb phrasing and with such emotions! What use is a great voice if the singing is one dimensional? That said, Frida did sing the harmony parts well.


#31 Oct 29, 2010
surely yummy Agneta

Vero Beach, FL

#32 Dec 27, 2010
I love both of them as singers, but I'm choosing one person here. And this is my humble, honest opinion.
I think Frida was better. These are the comparisons of their beauty:
Agnetha- she was a beautiful, girl. Long blonde hair, and green/blue eyes.She had big eyes, and a large bottom, round lips, cute nose, was curvy and thin, and tall. She is probably more of a choice towards men, because she looks like a fertile woman (the other commenter is very right!).
But. Agnetha looked better WITH make-up. Have you guys seen her without it? She isn't ugly, but she looks much better with the make up (this is with all my respect, by the way). She got lots of attention because of her body, beauty, and voice...
Frida- this woman was gorgeous.
But some people don't think she's pretty, which I think is pathetic.She just had some hairstyles that didn't fit her well...
But, she had straight, brown hair. It was blonde when she was a baby. Her eyes where a dark blue/green. She had nice, fair skin. Her nose was perfect. And she had amamzing bone structure, whitch she still has.:) She was tall, and thin. She looked like a fashion model! To me, she waslike a Bond girl.. mysterious, smart,& sexy.She was ahead of her time. During the 70s, it was about blondes.... but burnettes got a chance in the 90s, so she seemed like a woman who was aheadof her time.
Unlike Aggie, her bottom was firm and high. My favorite hairstyle, was in 1973...beautifullong brown, straight hair!
Both voices are great! Aggie as a soprano that can go high, high, high, while Frida's voice is rich, and can go low, but she can also reach very high notes. Both are beautiful, natural, kind, talented, and great. Just a bit different.

Osijek, Croatia

#33 Jan 14, 2011
well, I think Agnetha has a better voice. But Frida has a better face :)
Everyone has something. So don't be jelaous!

New Zealand

#34 Feb 21, 2011
Bot gorgeous women - however I always thought Frida was very beautiful.
Jon Hynds

Melbourne, Australia

#35 Sep 25, 2011
Frida, that Nordic look is very sexy, Agnetha always looked like a Dutch girl that ate too much cheese to me. Frida's voice was fuller & more melodic than Agnetha's, tho she too had a beautiful voice. Benny was the genius, its AbbAs musical melody that has set them so far apart from their contemporaries, that beautiful Swedish sensibility. The song 'The Piper' was one of their most soulful & interesting - & sung beautifully by Agnetha & Frida

Balwyn North, Australia

#36 Jan 8, 2012
Agnetha was more attractive, but I always found Frida sexier.

She was a far better performer and always seemed to be enjoying herself on stage.

In their mature years I think Frida has weathered much better and is still attractive.

Balwyn North, Australia

#37 Jan 8, 2012
P.S Frida a much better singer ... no contest

Toronto, Canada

#38 Feb 8, 2012
first time i saw them it was frida for me ...but i grew to prefer agnetha over time... and i usully go for brunnettes so she had to be something special.

frida has aged better.

voice would be slight edge to agnetha.

alex russian


#39 Sep 11, 2012
frida the best
alex russian


#40 Sep 11, 2012
no doubt,Agnetha is hottest for me!

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