Miley Cyrus Talks About Kentucky Visi...

Miley Cyrus Talks About Kentucky Visit for Idol | Miley Cyrus

There are 15 comments on the People story from Apr 9, 2008, titled Miley Cyrus Talks About Kentucky Visit for Idol | Miley Cyrus. In it, People reports that:

“There is so many kids out there I met”

Miley Cyrus may not watch American Idol but she was "so excited" to be on hand to perform a pair of songs Sunday for the Idol Gives Back broadcast, airing Wednesday on FOX. via People

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Sara Jo Hensley

Paintsville, KY

#1 Apr 10, 2008
"Over 50% of Kentucky is at poverty level," exclaimed Billy Ray Cyrus sadly. This is, in fact, NOT TRUE! Only around 16% of Kentuckians are in poverty in Kentucky. Not everyone living in Kentucky have no teeth, wear overalls, and talk funny. In my opinion, people that live in the North have a funny accent also. So,in closing, never listen to Billy again. Remember when he said that he lived in a trailer on a dirt road. he lived in a nice community in a nice house on a "paved" road.
To look at this info I have presented you, go to
Ava Teresia Quigley

Aurora, CO

#2 Apr 10, 2008
I agree with Sara Jo. I grew up in Eastern Ky and not everyone lives like what I saw on IDOL. They always go to the worst of places when anything is written about KY. I don't know why this is. I have visited many of the other states and can tell you that they all have areas like this or worse. KY is a beautiful state and I am proud to have been born there. Like Sara said, not everyone in KY lives in proverty.

Virgie, KY

#3 Apr 10, 2008
I believe they go to the worst of the worst to try to make it look bad- in order to get more money.

North Richland Hills, TX

#4 Apr 10, 2008
I think your being too sensitive, the point is
poverty is EVERYWHERE, and just because you don't
personally experience it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I for one am glad they shined the spotlight on poverty in our own back yard, and I
don't think anyone would assume everyone in KY lives that way. But isn't it ashame that in every state there are people who do and many look the other way!!WWJD

East Bernstadt, KY

#5 Apr 10, 2008
K, look. I realize that all of you good 'ole Clay Countians are upset at the recent Idol ordeal about Miley Cyrus, but some of the things displayed are true. For starters, it isn't ABOUT Kentucky. I realize that not everyone in Kentucky is poor, and as a matter of fact, the majority is well above poverty line. BUT... The video clip wasn't about Kentucky, it was about Clay County. The statement about 50% of Clay Countians being under the poverty line is very true. I'm not sure if you realize this or not, but we just so happen to be top 10 in the 'Poorest Counties in America', and you don't get that grand title by not being for a lack of better terms, poor. I agree that that wasn't neccessary to shoot the worst place in Clay County, she could've came to town, but she WAS making a point. And ya' know, if you "I'm proud of my county" people want this tirade of sympathy for our little slice of heaven to stop, then try telling over half of this county to get a job. We all know the current plague of wellfare leachers we have here. So don't act like that was a total lie.

So in all...

Get a job, and stop complaining.

Olive Branch, MS

#6 Apr 10, 2008
Well this is coming from someone who was born and raised fairly close to the area portrayed on MIley's video clip of Clay County on American Idol last night, actually only a couple of houses on the main road from those places portrayed as the worst conditions Miley and BIlly have seen. I actually attended that very elementary school featured on there also. SO coming from someone who graduated high school, graduated from Eastern Kentucky University, has lived in 4 states, and actually done pretty well themselves, I'm proud of where I was born and raised and sick of people from Clay County like the one's featured on American Idol last night pretending like they're so poor they can't do anything except live off welfare and food stamps and have no choice about it! These families have lived like this for generations especially the one featured in Miley's video of Clay County. Those 75% of people living at or below the poverty level need to get off their butts, graduate high school, go to college and get a decent job and stop sucking the welfare, food stamps, and medicaid system dry! It can be done, all they have to do is go to school! I agree with the person from London Ky, these people can get off welfare, SSI, food stamps, and medicaid if they want to!

Dallas, TX

#7 Apr 11, 2008
My family from Salem IN I've lived in GA, NC, and now Texas. Have travelled alot and though I don't
personally know Clay Co. I have seen many similar places. By the way how many job choices are in the area? Education is always key. Reading and
literacy which is what I thought Miley was advocating, by delivering books, is a great start.
Maybe the little girl featured can become a teacher or attend Eastern KY State. I find it
ironic someone would consider themselves to be doing well yet have no compassion. Maybe you're using the wrong measuring stick. Maybe there really is more ignorance in KY than I thought.

Greensboro, NC

#8 Apr 11, 2008
I've always felt like the south has been portrayed as backwoods rednecks. Look at any movie or show, & if there's a dumb person on there, he or she will have a southern accent. I guess they forget that we've had a few presidents with southern accents? Good enough to lead their country....
Is the media ever believable anyway? Do YOU believe stereotypical hollywood garbage?
The show gave me mixed feelings. There is plenty of poverty in our own backyard, although my heart broke for those in Africa. I feel that the help for those people, however..REAL HELP...should begin with finding a way to oust the crooked animals who run those countries who would steal food literally from their own people's mouths & rape & murder their own. I wonder how much trying to get food & medicine to those poor people really works - how much really reaches them? If we're over there doing all that anyway, why not redirect our goal to rid Africa of those monsters who rule the countries there? Isn't that where it begins? Isn't that the real problem?
And no, I don't mean that it's the United States' responsibility. I mean it's EVERY OTHER COUNTRY's responsibility to end such mass suffering due to the hands of a few. Humanity should not have to suffer...period. And to turn our backs is wrong. How can we live our daily lives as though people aren't suffering?
So, in the midst of all that wondering & not understanding, I'm wondering about our own poverty, & why they weren't showing Appalachia & places like that. Voila! They did.
In fact, that's how I ended up here. I was googling that particular family. Why? I wanted their name & address so that I could help them by sending those poor kids something. I never saw such hopelessness on one face as that little teenage girl. Her eyes were just full of hopelessness.
I guess Idol served a good purpose in that respect, didn't they? They opened people's eyes to the plight of people who NEED OUR HELP. So what if you are comfortable? As my husband & I grumbled our way through fish sticks last night for dinner because I waited too late to cook, I realized that I am lucky to have food to eat, because as I complained, someone else had no food. So I had to eat fishsticks....whoop de doo.
So you feel that Kentucky has been put in a bad light. Whoop de doo. I see where you are coming from, because I know it's embarrassing, but poverty happens everywhere. And if your state was used to prove to people that IT IS HERE, in our OWN COUNTRY....there ARE people who have nothing.. try not to take it so personally. It touched people like me who might want to & can possibly help someone who needs it. Put aside your embarrassment,& put your anger to use - find that family & help that child. Is it her fault if her mother is on welfare? Should she suffer that stereotype, or should we try to help? Do we not feel any guilt that a child should feel that hopeless? A CHILD? Who we could so easily just HELP? Digging out of that rut is harder than you think. It's not as cut & dry, "getting off your buns & getting an education or getting to work". There's a mentality that's been planted & has grown inside...and that's hard to overcome. And not everyone is savvy to what help there is out there...what financial aid there is for indigent people to attend school, & other "ways out". If someone is uneducated, how can you expect them to be knowledgable about things like that?
Oh, well. Just hold your chin are doing fine in life, & Kentucky did not look any worse than they've been making the south look for years & years. Poverty is poverty, & it should bother us if ANYONE is suffering. And if we can find a way to help, we should.
And on a final note, consider this. How would you like it if the multimillionaires who live in the super-rich neighborhoods in your area (I know you have them - every state does) decided that because you are not as wealthy, & as "lucky" as they are an embarrassment?
Sara Jo Hensley

Paintsville, KY

#9 Apr 16, 2008
We are not all backwoods rednecks


#10 Apr 18, 2008
well i live in clay county and i think that was wrong of miley but all people that live in clay couny is not poor and have no teeth and we have really good schools and i love it in CLAY COUNTY!!!

Petal, MS

#11 May 28, 2008
Growing up in Eastern Kentucky myself and in the same county as Billy Ray doesn't mean that everyone is lazy,uneducated,poor or don't have any teeth. Alot of it has to do with jobs as well as getting a education. He got out and so have I. I'm not saying being poor is bad but when there are no jobs it makes it very hard. I don't believe in just not helping others I feel like we do need to help each other,if a family or person is given that chance and then they don't try,then its their fault. You can only help someone who is going to try and better themselves.

Louisville, KY

#12 May 29, 2008
i grew up in clay co and can not wait to go back for my visits.i bet we learned values up there in that town that no teacher teaches.we know how to respeck people.we know how to make a dollar stretch,because thats what our parents had to teach us.we know how to say i love you from our heart's and not because there is a dollar in it.yes we were poor but in a way we were in common knowledge and let billy ray and miley go around making accuzation's after all they were born with a silver spoon in thier mouth.well i am proud to be a coal miner's daughter.and loved all our little houses.i love all my wonderful friends and family and am so proud of them. love you brumley girls

Shepherdsville, KY

#13 Jun 4, 2008
Okay, I grew up in Eastern Kentucky, Knott County to be precise, and I just want to say to all of you that we just need to calm down and think about this rationally. The media does tend to portray the worst parts of the state when it comes to Kentucky we have a very beautiful state that we should be proud of. At the same time there is a lot of poverty and illiteracy in the mountains. The situations are different, some people cannot help their situation and many can. Many people are lazy and want to live off the state, I know a few of those personally. This is not a black and white situation. I think everyone just needs to calm down and stop getting so offended. I love where I come from and we E. Kentuckians share such a unique and special heritage that I personally wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Embrace it, be proud of it, and pass it on. Know that there is a difference between reaching out to people and handing out to them. The government hands out but I think there are people out there willing to reach out to those that need it and those in poverty who really wish to change their lives will recognize that and embrace the help they are offered.

Pompano Beach, FL

#14 Jun 4, 2008
do u think miley will take over the teen music?
peace maker

Corbin, KY

#15 Oct 13, 2008
you guys are fucked up clay co. is the best place that you could ever live i mean sure some ppl can't find to good of jobs but so what they have a life an there livin it to the fullest so leave them alone there not on here talkin shit about you or your home town an another thing they shouldn't of done that there isn't one thang wrong with that place or what ever its a beautiful place an not everyone there has no life theres alot of good ppl that lives there as far as i can see so leave em' alone let them live their life the way they want remember its them stay out of it a grow the fuck up an you need to get a life an stay out of theirsssss........
an this is comin from a proud clay co. citizen
so grow the fuck up..........

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