No Mercy 2008 Predictions


#1 Sep 7, 2008
World Heavyweight Championship, Triple Threat Match,
Chris Jericho Vs Shawn Michaels Vs Batista

WWE Championship Match
Triple H Vs Jeff Hardy

Big Show Vs The Undertaker

CM Punk Vs Randy Orton

ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Matt Hardy Vs Mark Henry

World Tag Team Championship Match
Cody & Ted DiBiase VS JTG & Shad


#2 Sep 7, 2008
Rey Mysterio Vs Kane

Sydney, Australia

#3 Sep 7, 2008
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Batista Vs Chris Jericho

WWE Championship Match
Triple H Vs Jeff Hardy

ECW World Championship Match
Matt Hardy Vs Mark Henry


#4 Sep 8, 2008
World: HBK vs Jericho

WWE: Triple H vs Jeff Hardy

Undertaker vs big show

Kane vs Rey

Ecw: matt vs mark henry

Randy orton n Cm Punk...something else will happen with them...seeing as there planned 2 go agaisnt each other at survivor series

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#5 Sep 8, 2008
HHH vs Jeff Hardy

Kane vs Rey Mysterio

Chris Jericho vs Batista


**********CM PUNK INJURED**********

Matt Hardy vs John Morisson

MVP vs Shelton Benjamin

NO.1 Condenter for WWE Title
Big Show vs Undertaker

Orton says he will return at Cyber Sunday


#6 Sep 8, 2008
WHC title jerico vs punk vs micheals vs batista
Kane vs rey (what type of match i do not no)
hhh vs hardy
taker vs big show with viki

thats about it#1


#7 Sep 9, 2008
World heavyweight Championship
CM Punk Vs Chris Jericho Vs Batista

WWE Championship, Ladder Match
Triple H vs jeff hardy

ECW World Championship, Extreme Rulz Match
Matt Hardy Vs Mark Henry

WWE Woman's Championship Match
Beth PHeonix Vs Candice Michelle

World Tag Team Championship, Street-Figth match
JTG & Shad Vs Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
clothline from heaven


#8 Sep 9, 2008
hbk vs y2j........whc match
jeff hardy vs hhh.....wwe title match
benjamin vs r truth ...u.s championship match
matt hardy vs mark henry...ecw champ... match
beth phoenix vs candice michelle..w.c cham..match
undertaker vs big show....grudge match
kane vs the 619 master

“UnleashThe Animal atUnforgiven”

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#9 Sep 16, 2008
HBK vs Y2J

winner:Y2J should win this

HHH vs Jeff Hardy

winner:Jeff Hardy

US Title
Shelton Benjamin vs MVP

#NO.1 Condenter's Macth
Batista vs JBL..........Orton and CM Punk get involed in the macth)

winner:Double Count Out (no contest)

WWE Tag Titles
Ryder & Hawkins vs Primo & Carilto

winner:Primo & Carilto

Undertaker vs Big Show

winner:Big Show

Womens Title: Beth vs Candice


World Tag Titles
Priceless vs Rey Mysterio & Evan Bourne vs Cryme Tryme ......(kane interfres to make rey lose)



Santino vs Jamie noble

winner:Jamie Noble by DQ

Kingston Upon Thames, UK

#10 Sep 17, 2008
hbk vs y2j

jbl vs batista

jeff vs hhh

beth vs candice

matt vs mark


#11 Sep 19, 2008
f**k yOu!! shawn michaels will win the WHC!!!!!!
and candice will win her title!! cOz shes great and beautiful!!!

London, UK

#12 Sep 20, 2008
hbk will win
4 8 15 16 23 42 - Execute

Portsmouth, UK

#13 Sep 22, 2008
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No Mercy predictions -
1.WWE Tag Titles: Ryder & Hawkins(c) v Primo Colon & Carlito - I can't really remember the last time these belts were defended. Giving Carlito and his brother the belts would breath fresh into a lackluster division.The 2 brothers would probably help being as WWE see all their titles bar WHC and WWE a joke anyway.
WINNER: Carlito & Primo
2.ECW Title: Matt Hardy(c) v Mark Henry - Obvious.
WINNER: Matt Hardy
3.No.1 Contender Match: JBL v Batista: Probably Batista due to the fact that I can't see the WWE title changing hands, so a heel v heel Jericho v JBL match isn't likley.
WINNER: Batista
4.Casket Match: Undertaker v Big Show: Most likley a Show win as it would help drag out a long storyline before taker's probable retirement at WM 25, get the Big Show charater started again rather than the grinning and waving pleb we've recently seen and allow the usual we've got rid of the undertaker routine when the lights go out and he set's a casket on fire and more of the same old crap.
WINNER: Big Show (with vickie's help)
5.Rey removes mask if he loses: Rey v Kane: Feud seemed promising at the start with the hope that kane might put on his mask - but that isn't happening. The fact that Kane doesn't like People pointing and laughing is the same reason as his heel turn when he first taking his mask, he'll probably set Michael Cole on fire next(with any luck). When Mysterio lost his mask in WCW his character didn't have the same flare as it used to, so I can't see WWE making the same mistake. With any look they'll give kane a good feud.Probably an ending that will still allow kane to look strong and carry on Rey's never say die crap he comes out.
WINNER: Rey Mysterio (with help from Evan Bourne)
6.WWE Title Match: HHH(c) v Jeff: WWE seem to want HHH to look as strong as possible(ie.getting angry at someone making Kane look bigger than him in a video game)so a loss wouldn't help that. Jeff doesn't have the fan appeall and momenteum that he did at the start of the year not to mention the fact that WWE won't put a belt on a guy who get's pissed before getting on the plane.
7.Womens Title:Pheonix v Candice - Originally thought that Candice would take it upon her return, but hearing that half of her match was cut from TV because she botched so many moves seems to have screwed up her chances of taking the title.Not to mention I like Glamarella segments Sabtino and Pheonix are having.
WINNER: Pheonix
8.WHC Title/Ladder Match: Chris jericho v HBK - Probably will be their last match in the feud. If WWE we're going to give HBK a title run they would have given it him against Orton last year. But WWE can't recognize that they are using there best peformer to push guy's who aren't up to hus level (everyone but jericho)but that's probably why they had The Miz in the scramble rather than Morrison last month.100% HBK won't win because WWE are high on Y2J and if he were to win his first title defense would be against JBL(who couldn't work a match to save his life) or Batista(the guy with the closest fan appeal as HBK on the RAW roster - and he's still nowhere near) rather than a Y2J rematch.
WINNER: Jericho

Rochester, IN

#14 Sep 26, 2008
i bet if kane goes up against rey its over kane would win no doubt

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#15 Oct 2, 2008
WWE Championship Match:
Triple H (c) vs. Jeff Hardy
winner: Jeff Hardy

World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match:
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Shawn Michaels
winner: Chris Jericho

Womens Championship Match:
Beth Pheonix (c) vs. Candice Michelle
winner: Beth Pheonix

ECW Championship Match:
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Mark Henry
winner: Matt Hardy

#1 Contenders Match
Batista vs. JBL
winner: Batista

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio
winner: Rey Mysterio

Undertaker vs. Big Show
winner: Big Show

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#16 Oct 4, 2008
I think the No mercy Card should of looked like this

#1 Condenters Macth Fatal 4 way for WHC
Rey Mysterio vs Kane vs Batista vs JBL ....with Batista winning

Shelton Benjamin vs R-Truth.....with R-Truth winning by DQ

HHH vs Jeff Hardy

World Tag Titles
CM Punk & Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes & TedDibease W/Manu....with Priceless winning and Orton interfering

Undertaker vs Big Show

WHC TITLE (end of fued)
Y2J vs HBK

Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy

Beth vs Candice

Jamie Noble vs William Regal

Manchester, UK

#17 Oct 10, 2008
World HeavyWeight Champion Match Chris Jericho(c) Vs Batista Special Referee Match Randy Orton HBK Or Stone Cold Steve Austin.
WWE Universe Picks Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Winner : Chris Jericho(c).

Intercontinential Championship Match Santino Marella(c) Vs Rowdy Roddy Piper Honky Tonk Man Or Goldust.
WWE Universe Picks Honky Tonk Man.
Winner : Santino Marella(c).

WWE Championship Match Triple H(c) Vs Jeff Hardy In A Ladder Match Cage Match Or A Street Fight.
WWE Universe Chooses A Ladder Match.
Winner : Jeff Hardy New Champion.

United States Championship Match Shelton Benjamin(c) Vs R - Truth The Returning Gregory Helms Or The Brian Kendrick.
WWE Universe Chooses R - Truth.
Winner : R - Truth New Champion.

Ecw Championship Match Matt Hardy(c) Vs Mark Henry In A Extreme Rules Match A Tables Match Or A Stretcher Match.
WWE Universe Chooses A Extreme Rules Match.
Winner :Matt Hardy(c).

Rey Mysterio Vs Kane In A Inferno Match,If Rey Loses He Unmasks Or If Kane Loses He Remasks.
WWE Universe Chooses A Inferno Match.
Winner Rey Mysterio.

Undertaker Vs Big Show In A Last Ride Match Loser Leaves Smackdown Or Winner Gets WWE Title Shot At Survivor Series(Single Match).

These Are Just Some Wild Guesses On How Rivalaries Are Going In The WWE.

Manchester, UK

#18 Oct 10, 2008

New York, NY

#19 Apr 9, 2010
ECW Championship: Matt Hardy(C) vs. Mark Henry

Rey Mysterio vs. Kane

No.1 Contenders Match: Batista vs. JBL

Undertaker vs. Big Show

WWE Championship: Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy

World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho(C) vs. Shawn Michaels (Ladder Match)

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