I want to buy a wow account
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Seattle, WA

#1 Dec 6, 2008
hey everybody
i am interested in buying a wow account
lvl30-lvl70(mage and warrior ) prefered
pvp server US/EU
it must be cheap
my msn messenger :[email protected]

Redwood City, CA

#2 Dec 7, 2008
add ur msn already.

Nanaimo, Canada

#4 Dec 28, 2008
shannon wrote:
hey everybody
i am interested in buying a wow account
lvl30-lvl70(mage and warrior ) prefered
pvp server US/EU
it must be cheap
my msn messenger :[email protected]
i have a lvl 80 mage named Starlite that is very well geared that i am trying to sell and if u want or are interested let me know. My email address is [email protected]
Let me know soon.
wow account

Beijing, China

#5 Jan 16, 2009
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Alexandria, VA

#6 Jan 31, 2009
I currently have an EXCELLENT level 80 mage instock! It could be yours! It has epic flying! And 8k gold in backpack! Message me on AIM and we can talk about price, and i will link you an armory page.
AIM - TheJokerl337

Since: Feb 09


#8 Feb 5, 2009
Im looking to sell two accounts.

The first account has around 20 toons on it lvl's from 20 to 70. Its has a lvl 70 feral druid that can solo tank kara with epic flying mount and epic flying form skill are 375minning/375herbing make alot of gold from farming with alot of gold and mats in toon bank (10,000). Has a lvl 65+ warlock, 60 warrior with 15 or so more toons between 60-20lvl.

The 2nd account my main account has my beloved Rouge that has very nice gear all the way up to t6 gear. Skills 375skining/leatherworking375/c ooking375/Firstaid375 have every rare LW pattern outside Black Temple got the rep pattern from Black Temple + all drums. Have 45 + mounts with full epic flying mount and the flying mount that cost $5000 (cant think of the name right this min) Full rep with everyone in Outland.

Next toon is a lvl 70 hunter BM/MM with gear from just kara. Has epic flying mount. Skills um cant think of it right now >_< but both are 375/375 that i know Think its minning and herbing but not 100%.

This account has more toon on it from lvl60 to 20 cant think of how many but. With around 10,000gold on it + mats for this account.

Both of the accounts dont have game play time that why i cant tell you 100% what other toon/lvl they are.

I dont know how much i wana sell them for so feel free to email me or call me on #0432231003 AUS MELB if your interested in one of my accounts.
Women are SAD

London, UK

#9 Feb 9, 2009
Listen up Everyone! I want to tell you a true story I had experience the other day.
This happened about three weeks after the Beijing Olympic at around two o'clock in the afternoon.

On the bus there was this drunk Greek/ Mediterranean woman boasting about the black/Jamaican guy who won the 100 metre sprint. She would break into Jamaican accent now and again and basically would talk to random people getting on the bus about how much she loves black men, their physics, how great they are in bed...blah...blah and so on. Also, she was slagging off the Chinese people for some reason.

I cannot stress enough how sickening and embarrassing that experience was for me to watch because; as far as the rest of the people on the bus were concerned she looked so pathetic and miserable. She came across as a hopeless, sad and frustrated woman. She obviously had lot of issues. She was like a trapped, caged woman screaming out for attention or maybe she wanted help. The thing is, the way she was going on about it she looked very hyper, laughing out loud and all excited. So, I’m not sure what to think!
I just want to know why this woman did that, what was the reason or the issue whatever it is she had! Can any psychologist in here explain? the reason and motive behind this pathetic behaviour! Is it a form of manic-depression? What is it and is there any help for this sort of women! Because, I have apparently come across many women that behave in this fashion not just online but in real life as well.
sell_wow_pally_7 2_cheap

Leeds, UK

#10 Feb 13, 2009
Selling my 72 ret pally cheap add my MSN

[email protected]
marky mark

Englewood, CO

#11 Feb 25, 2009
I am currently selling a wow account
80 paladin geared like crazy all 3 specs
epic flyer everything you need
also 3 70's rogue(epic flight) warlock druid
all characters are highly geared the 70's wont take long to get to 80
will sell for cheap. instant money
all information can be trusted I will also give my number so i can indentify myself.
email me at
[email protected]

Since: Mar 09


#12 Mar 8, 2009

I am willing to sell a lvl 80 warlock on the realm Bronze Dragonflight EU. Unbuffed i have (18k hp/17k mana) 1814 spell power, 361 hit rating, 26.43%crit, 358 haste rating and hybrid spec, here is a link.I have 2900 spell power with raid buffs and always top5 dps on 25 mans

http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml ...

Also my char comes with a serious end game guild all WOTLK content cleared both normal and heroic, i got name title "Champion of the frozen wastes"

ALTS: Rogue 72 on a pvp realm and a lvl 60 DK,also have some heirloom items that bind to account

Professions tailoring 444/450 and enchanting 405/450(also have a bank full of enchanting materials)I have around 1k gold, epic flying mount (magnificent carpet:D)

Most of WOTLK factions reputation raised to exalted.
Contact me (about info and price) thru mail or msn: [email protected]

Orange, CA

#14 Jun 15, 2009
http://www.gamevive.com/ and http://www.gmbar.com/ are two professional and reliable game online shops who are striving to provide you with cheapest wow account with fast delivery. I used to buy one from each of them, their best service impressed me. So here I recommend them to u.
WoW Accounts

United States

#16 Jul 14, 2009

Bonney Lake, WA

#20 Aug 2, 2009
I bought an acc from a certain website, I dont want to look like an advertiser here, but if you want to purchase with the same site i did i can get you in contact with one of their sales ladies :P

shes very nice and will set you up with a cheap account.

add me to [email protected] if you want to.

Urbana, IL

#21 Sep 16, 2009
Hey guys, I'm looking to sell a level 80 hunter and resto shaman both with epic flying and about 70,000g. If you're interested I'll be happy to give more details just mail me at [email protected]

White Pine, TN

#22 Sep 24, 2009
Hey guys, i have a level 64 druid i'm willing to let go for 45$!!! Anyone interested email [email protected] Screenshots are available upon request. Thanks.
justin resendiz

Riverside, CA

#24 Nov 1, 2009
hia i would like to sell an account with 4 80s, not too expensive im in college and jus need some xtra cash, i have a pay pal. my main is a geared deathknight, all characters are horde us server blood furnace. i have every profession basically maxed across the characters, my email for more info is [email protected]
WOW acc 4 80s for sale

Trinity, NC

#25 Nov 13, 2009
I have account for sale it has four eightys. Mage being geared out has epic flying maxed outprofessions. mage gear score 5280, Druid gear score 4587.Priest she eighty but not she got all 21-226 gear and i have shammy that is 4486 gear score. They all have epic flyers, they all have duel spec and all professions are maxed out. Anything you ever need on the account is already done or there.
Priest is alcamy, and herby, mage is miner and JC, druid is herby and and alcamy, shammy is herby and inscriptions so you have all your professions covered. IF your intrusted email me at [email protected] for details price or any other question.
jim erlandson

Göteborg, Sweden

#26 Nov 18, 2009
i got a wow account for sale, x4 lvl 80s my main char is a warlock with full t9.5 means all 5/5 items in ilvl 245, and also 45,000g (undead warlock )

other chars is paladin (alliance human )
Dk ( human alliance)
Mage ( gnome alliance,)

i wud want like 195 euro, only the gold is even worth like 200 euro...
For more info, add [email protected]


#27 Dec 6, 2009
hey guys im selling my wow account i have a lvl 80 shaman he is worth $400aus i own with him alot lol im seling the account 4 $200aus if ya want it my email is ([email protected])


#29 Dec 14, 2009
i have a wow account with 3 lvl 80's and two 70 ¨+'s the 80 is good geared and have special mounts like brewfest ram and special pets aswell..

[email protected]

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