I really want to sell my wow account

I really want to sell my wow account

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Joshua Summerville

Corona, CA

#1 May 28, 2011
The account is upgraded full to cataclysm. It has to level 80's the main being a balance/feral night elf Druid. With 460 in alchemy and herbalism. Geared with icc gear and some cats dungeon blue gear. The other 80 is a beasmastery/marksman dwarf hunter. The account has been inscribe for quite some time so I can't post an armory link. I'm looking to sell the account for 30-40$. I really just want to get rid of it
Joshua Summerville

Corona, CA

#2 May 28, 2011
Email me at [email protected] for more info

Chichester, UK

#3 Jun 1, 2011
US servers i'm assuming?
Joshua Summerville

Lancaster, CA

#4 Jun 11, 2011
Yes sir
want to sell my acc

Thessaloníki, Greece

#5 Sep 11, 2011
priest 85 lvl,mage 85 lvl dk 70 lvl ,70-80k gold on acc and money making proffesions.both chars able to transfer :)make me an offer if u want at [email protected] thx !

Winchester, KY

#6 Sep 12, 2011
im wanting to sell my wow account, fully upgraded to cata,still has 10 days of game time left.
US account

lvl 85 paladin item lvl 360ish tank ready for raiding
lvl 85 hunter item lvl 350ish
lvl 85 deathknight item lvl 350ish
lvl 68 shammy, resto/ele
lvl 45 mage- arcane/frost
lvl 61 warrior prot/arms
lvl 41 druid resto, plus 2-3 bank mules

herb 525
alchx2 525
tailoring 200's
enchanting 275
skinning 225
jewelcrafting 521 ish
inscription 300
mining 525

around 4-5k gold on server, BoA's spread around on accnt, decent amount of crafting mats in all banks

make offer if interested
email @ [email protected]

London, KY

#8 Sep 20, 2011
85 mage hunter pally druid(main and shaman then a 84 warlock 81 rogue

druid is almost full ruthless every character is heroic ready

[email protected]
pst me offers or something
Neil S Francis

Gibraltar, Gibraltar

#9 Sep 26, 2011
hi i would like to sell my wow account, it has as follows :

85 feral/tank druid with 374 ilvl and resto gear 363ilvl
85 holy paladin with 350 ilvl
85 arcane mage with 362 ilvl
80 marksmen hunter
80 protection warrior
46 feral druid

and plenty of alts

all my 85's except my paladin are in hardcore fl raiding guilds so you will defo be raiding if you want to

i will be selling my whole blizzard.net account so you will also be perchusing a silver league starcraft 2 account which doesnt up the price at all

im willing to sell all this for the price of £400

if you wish to get more info or bid a higher price to me contact me at [email protected] thank you very much
Neil S Francis

Gibraltar, Gibraltar

#10 Sep 26, 2011
ScaryD wrote:
US servers i'm assuming?
are you looking for a europe account?

Piscataway, NJ

#12 Oct 2, 2011
contact info is [email protected]`

Wilston, Australia

#13 Oct 27, 2011
WTS WOW account : 3 85's; 85 druid (feral kitty, boomkin. feral set is 366 boomkin is 360ish)6/7 firelands ilvl 366, 85 shaman (enhancement)6/7 firelands ilvl 367 both have high level proffesions 490+ and can do heroic Firelands but I'm too busy.have a 85 paladin too 355 ivl tank spec, awesome mounts and much more. also have 84 warrior jc and engineering both 490+... 80 shaman. all boa's beside pl8... 70 mage 49 warlock 43 rogue and more...making a 80 rogue, hunter and dk next week. email me at [email protected] offer a price..this account is a fucking ripper don't miss out. i have the diablo3, beta for the new wow expasion and a exclusive mount pre order awell. worth $180 alone. be quick and no silly offer or i won't reply. p.s i have a banker toon with a two slot guild. awesome guild name for the new expasion. money wise. i don't have any but i have 450+ of herblism, minning, engineering, jewelcrafting, alchmey or w.e..enchanting, skinning os money isn't a problem.

Collaroy, Australia

#14 Feb 3, 2012
WTS wow account / battlenet account; oceanic servers. Can pay via paypal and pass info over skype or person to person if in Sydney, Australia.

Account toons:
2x Feral Druids lvl85 (ilvl 390+)
1x Mage lvl 85 (380 ilvl)
1x Shaman lvl 85 (380 ilvl)
1x Rogue lvl 85 (380 ilvl)
1x DK lvl 85 (380 ilvl)
1x Shaman lvl 85 (380 ilvl)
1x Warrior lvl 85 (365 ilvl)
1x Warlock lvl 85 (360 ilvl)
low lvl pala, priest and hunter.

Stack of BOA gear. 50k gold left on account. professions include 525 JC, LWorking, Skining, Mining, Enchanting. And Engeneering 490 or close to.

All toons spread on 2 servers:(Mostly on Frostmourne and some on Khazgoroth).

Been playing for 4years, due to life changes, I have to finally and entriely quit the game. Safe account buying opportunity here. Contact me:(anashbear2 AT gmail DOT com)


Plymouth, UK

#15 Feb 7, 2012
Looking to sell WoW-EU account. Paypal is acceptable.

Mage 85 ilvl 382
Druid 85 ilvl 388
Paladin 85 ilvl 381
Priest 85 ilvl 385
Hunter 85 ilvl 383
Death knight 85 ilvl 384

Gbank with 4 tabs.
Roughly 180k gold on account, all on one server.

Inclues Ashes of Al'ar, Tiger mount from old ZG. One char with Hand of Ad'al title.


Tailor 525
Herbalism 525
Skinning 525
Mining 525
Enchanting (x2) 525
Jewelcrafting 525
Inscription 525
Alchemy 525

Due to the professions maxed, rare mounts and titles no longer in game, I will not accept any offers under £500.


[email protected]

Nantucket, MA

#16 Feb 24, 2012
Want to sell personal US WoW account. I will provide all CDs and CD keys A few things Id like to mention: I have 6 - lvl 85 :

Paladin 85lvl - ret (ilvl 399)/ holy (ilvl390), profesions BS/JC both at 525, full Cataclysmic holy set,
14695 ACHIEVMENT POINTS , 135 MOUNTS including Ashes of Al'ar, Corrupted Fire Hawk, Heart of the Aspect (25$ from Blizz store – account bound), Winged Gardian (25$ from Blizz store – account bound), Vicious War Steed, and many many others...I pretty much have all the mounts except the one from Kazazhan and Sethekk Halls
138 PETS and 730k GOLD !!!
- have legendary weapon Shadowmourne and working on Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

Rogue 85lvl – mut/combat (394 ilvl)(soon to have legendary cata weapons) Engineer / Inscription - 525 both

Shaman 85lvl - resto (386 ilvl)/ Ele (383 ilvl), Tailor/Enchanter - 525 both

DK 85lvl - blood tank (382 ilvl), tailor/Alhemy - both 525

Hunter 85lvl - surv/MM (393 ilvl), miner / JC - both 525

Druid 85lvl - resto (380 ilvl)/Feral tank (374 ilvl), LW 331 / skinning 525

Mage twink at lvl 64 !

Between all my toons the account has over 800k gold. All my 85s have epic flying and I have every BoA gear properly enchanted ready to be used if you wanna enjoy level another toon. The account can be sold with all 800k+ gold in which case Ill give you a discount or without it.
If you are interested please e-mail me @ [email protected]

Tel Aviv, Israel

#17 Mar 5, 2012
Looking to sell WoW-EU account. Paypal is acceptable.

- Shaman 85 resto/enhancement lvl 404/398
pvp resto shaman 5.2k resi full cata 2k RBG
curent rating
- Death knight 85 frost/blood ilvl 398/402
- Paladin 80

Roughly 850k gold on account !!!


Mining 525
Enchanting 525
Jewelcrafting 525
Blacksmithing 525
Archeology 525

Due to the professions maxed, rare mounts and titles no longer in game

i can sell only the 850,000 wow gold or all account
I will not accept any offers under £600.


[email protected]

Myrtle Beach, SC

#18 Mar 24, 2012
Wanting to sell my account as well.
US Server Drenden:
85 goblin shaman ilvl 384 resto
85 orc warrior ilvl 383 fury/prot
85 undead mage pvp/pve spec(frost/arcane)
other little toons on the account as well with heirlooms and over 20k gold on the account.
email [email protected] if your interested!
looking to get around 150$ for it and paypal is accepted.^-^

Piatra Neamt, Romania

#19 Apr 10, 2012
I want to sell my account.
EU Server Sylvanas/Aggra
85 human priest ilvl 377,
85 blood elf paladin ilvl 382.
email: [email protected]
looking to get around 60 euro. Got full heirlooms on sylvanas.
wow account

Colchester, UK

#21 Apr 13, 2012
im looking to sell my wow account i have

holy priest ilvl 397 with max profs of enchanting 525 and inscription 525 fulled epic gemmed i have maxed dlying with vial of sands and chopper

unholy dk ilvl 401 with tanking os ilvl 397 have maxed flying prof of jewel crafting 525 and bs 400

also a mage with ilvl 390 profs herblism525 and alchemy 525.
also other chars 1 twinked warrior at 70 and a bank char. on the account i have 50k gold and 3 months game time this account is european.

im looking for reasonable offers if your intrested please send me a message @ [email protected] thanks very much

Sydney, Australia

#22 Apr 17, 2012
Looking to sell my wow account.

Lvl 85 Prot pally ilvl 385 us nagrand
lvl 84 resto shamman ilvl 320 us nagrand

Lvl 55 warrior

a couple of lvl 40s all alliance except 2
and some level 20s

8-12 boa items
also have tyrells charger and a free copy of diablo 3 linked to the battlenet account, if that makes a difference :)

email me at [email protected] and we can arrange a price

need to sell asap


#23 Jun 20, 2012
Looking to sell my EU Wow account.

Realm - Sylvanas

I have 2 chars:

85 level (390 item level) Ench Shaman (Draenei).
85 level (389 item level) Sub Rogue (Worgen)

Price: 80 Euro

E-mail - [email protected]

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