There are currently FIVE Xbox Live Arcade games from Capcom currently available this week for half price, only $5!

You can read about this great deal on Xbox Live, along with another deal where you can download the soundtrack of Bulletstorm for free on this cool blog:

Gears of War 3 is also discussed on that blog, and you can the newest video! It looks AWESEOME!!!

You can also find out about how EA is being taken to court right now and ALL OF US have a legal right to appear in court against EA because of the way they have illegally done things with football, making it so there no longer is competition and forcing prices to rise. EA literally owes ALL of us money, so you need to decide right away if you are going to be a part of the group or if you are going to get your own attorney against them.

Free-to-Play Xbox 360 games are also discussed.

There's some great articles at so I highly recommend you visit that website blog.