Super Smashbros Brawl cheats!

Super Smashbros Brawl cheats!

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Union, SC

#1 Apr 17, 2008
If you want more characters in the game then complete one of the following optional tasks to unlock the corrsponding character.

Unlock Captain Falcon:

- Complete Classic mode in under 20 minutes and then in the following match defeat Captain Falcon.

- Play 70 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Falco:

- Complete the 100-Man Brawl.

- Play 50 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Ganondorf:

- Using Link or Zelda complete Classic mode on the Hard difficulty setting.

- Play 200 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Jigglypuff:

- Using any character except Ike complete Classic mode.

- Complete Event Match #20.

- Play 350 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Lucario:

- Complete ALL the Target Tests with either one or two players.

- using Meta Knight defeat Lucario in the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 100 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Luigi:

- On the Easy difficulty setting complete Classic mode.

- Defeat Luigi in the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 22 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Marth:

- Complete Classic mode.

- Defeat Marth in the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 10 Brawls.

Unlock Mr. Game & Watch:

- Complete Classic mode with ALL the characters.

- Play 250 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Ness:

- Reflect 10 projectiles.

- Defeat Ness in the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 5 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock R.O.B. The Robot:

- Collect 250 different trophies.

- Get R.O.B. To join your party in the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 160 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Snake:

- Play 15 matches on Shadow Moses Island.

- Play 130 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Sonic:

- Complete the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 300 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Toon Link:

- Using Link complete Cassic mode.

- Play 400 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Wolf O'Donnell:

- Complete the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode) and then complete Boss Battle mode with Fox.

- Defeat Wolf at the ruins when you have comleted the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode).

- Play 450 VS. Mode matches and then defeat Wolf after he challenges you.

Bellevue, WA

#2 Apr 17, 2008
sonic you ever on ssbb anymore? and thx for the cheats.

“Brawl fc:0774 3923 0465 ”

Since: Jan 08

Pokemon fc:3867 5968 0656

#3 Apr 17, 2008
giga jiggly
only smash balls on
bridge of eldin\
get smash ball
let middle of bridge explode
when a portal comes from sky jump in middle and use smashball.

Bellevue, WA

#4 Apr 17, 2008
brendon1 wrote:
giga jiggly
only smash balls on
bridge of eldin\
get smash ball
let middle of bridge explode
when a portal comes from sky jump in middle and use smashball.

Lenoir, NC

#5 Apr 19, 2008
I always on SSBB excep that I cant play SSBB on the weekend sometimes.

Lenoir, NC

#6 Apr 19, 2008
I still play SSBB.

Since: Sep 07

Marlton, NJ

#7 Apr 19, 2008
the easiest way to unlock everyone is go to brawl. select special brawl. put on the hp and flower on ur head. select ur best charactor. set ur opponents hp at 1.start the brawl. hit random at stage select. you should barely have enuf time to jump befor ur opponent loses. repeat until everyone is unlocked.

Simpsonville, SC

#8 Apr 19, 2008
Collect the 6 hidden Assist trophies in the game by completing the indicated task for each one.

Unlock Gray Fox Assist Trophy:
Unlock Snake.

Unlock Shadow the Hedgehog Assist Trophy:
Unlock Sonic the Hedgehog.

Unlock Ray MK III Assist Trophy:
Play 100 brawls.

Unlock Isaac Assist Trophy:
Play 200 brawls.

Unlock Advance Wars Assist Trophy:
Play 300 brawls.

Unlock Barbara Assist Trophy:
Unlock at least 25 CDs.

Simpsonville, SC

#9 Apr 19, 2008
The following stickers cannot be collected randomly off the ground, to get them you have to complete a specific task. Below is a list of the stickers along with the game that the character originally appears in and the task which needs to be completed to unlock them.

Unlock Boo (Mario Tennis):
In the Home-Run Contest hit over 900 ft.

Unlock Ryuta Ippongi (Duendan 2):
In under 3 minutes, 30 seconds clear 100-Man Brawl.

Unlock Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes).
In Cruel Brawl defeat 10 Alloys.

Unlock Running Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo):
On the Easy difficulty setting using any character Clear Classic mode.

Unlock Phyllis (Animal Crossing: Wild World):
On the Normal difficulty setting using any character clear All-Star mode.

Simpsonville, SC

#10 Apr 19, 2008
When your Wii's internal clock is set to a Saturday between the hours of 8:00pm and midnight and you play any kind of Brawl on the 'Smashville' stage from Animal Crossing the K.K.'Totakeke' Slider will appear in the background and play a concert during the stage.

Simpsonville, SC

#11 Apr 19, 2008
Here's a good combo for meta knight in battle (note: this may ONLY WORK IN BRAWL)

Next to an enemy, press A for a good 2-3 seconds. Then press B> to use Drill Rush. After the enemy is flung into the air, wait until he/she almost lands on
You, press B to use Mach Tornado. If, during this combo, you obtain a smash ball, use it after the enemy lands from the Mach Tornado.

If you use this very accurately, you can repeat this combo.(Not if you use the final smash a.k.a. Galaxia Darkness)

Simpsonville, SC

#12 Apr 19, 2008
These are just some secrets I found out while playing the game...

1.when on a custom stage and you build stairs with meta-knight do his over B move and point it through the stairs !(but you have to be underneath it and point up diaganal)! You can do this with some other people but I only know him.

2. The assest trophy metroid and staryu can be killed

3.suicide!! Get kirby. Swollow someone......jump off! King dedede can do it too

4. Be king dedede throw a waddle dee and a waddle doo out but don't let them die get the smash ball and use it the two stay super powerful and still attack for a little bit.

5. Just like on melee if you are peach and you pluck the sick veggie (you'll know if it is or not) and throw it at someone they will receive massive damage.

6. Peach & king dedede will sometimes throw out items.

7. If your peach (I know another one)and you pluck a beamsword and turn big it will be bigger too

8.sheik,diddy kong,lucario,and some other people can stay attached to the wall

9. If your capt. Olimar and pluck pikmen and wait a while the pikmen will have flowers and get stronger.

10. If you have a gooie bomb stuck on you at the last minute do a dodge.

11. If you have only food and smash balls on,be kirby and use the smash ball and even if there isn't any food on the field when you cook the enemy alot of food will pop out.

12. Assist trophys and Pokemon will break smash balls for you.

13. On the ice place and your opponent is sonic you are safe from his final smash attack (well when it's sliding down the side of the big mountian)he will not be able to catch up with the sliding arena...but if it's jigglepuff your dead.

14. You can destroy the terran on greens hills

15. I call it "dream land stargun" just swollow someone and shoot the star at someone.

16. On the pikmin stage the bulborb that comes to the stage don't hop on it's nose...chomp chomp chomp

17. If your wondering what to do with the flower things that grow on the pikmin stage chop them and throw them at the colored onion (the longer you wait the more items you get.

18. If your sonic and use your trampoline on the ground it will stay there for a little while and other people can jump on it.

19. If wario eats all three of the parts that samus leaves once used the final smash it will automaticaly give him a super fart.

20. I'm going to list the rest on this one to make it even.
R.O.B. Cam aim his lazer down and up and it will keep bouncing around. His top if you let it spin all the way if an enemy touches it he will get hurt.

Lenoir, NC

#13 Apr 19, 2008
Here is a list of stages in the game and of course... How to unlock them!

Unlock Green Hill Zone Stage:
Unlock Sonic.

Unlock Great Sea stage:
Unlock Toon Link.

Unlock Luigi's Mansion Stage:
Play as Luigi 3 times.

Unlock Big Blue (Melee) Stage:
Play as Captain Falcon 10 times.

Unlock 75m Stage:
Play as Donkey Kong 20 times.

Unlock Mushroomy Kingdom Stage:
Complete Event Match #19.

Unlock Spear Pillar Stage:
Complete Event Match #25.

Unlock Electroplankton Stage:
Complete Event Match #28.

Unlock Flat Zone 2 Stage:
Unlock Mr. Game & Watch.

Unlock Green Greens Stage:
In VS mode play as Kirby 20 times.

Unlock Pokémon Stadium Stage:
In VS. Mode fight in the Pokémon Stadium 2 at a total of 10 times.

Unlock Jungle Japes Stage:
In VS. Mode fight in any Melee stage a total of 10 times.

Lenoir, NC

#14 Apr 19, 2008
Try completing these tasks in the game to unlock the corresponding tune.

Unlock King Dedede's Theme:
Complete Event #5.

Unlock Road to Tokiwa:
Complete Event #8.

Unlock Legendary Air Rider Machine:
Complete Event #13.

Unlock Mountain and Forest:
Complete Event #18 on the the 'Difficult' setting.

Unlock Fire Field:
Complete Event #24.

Unlock Great Temple:
Complete Event #33 on the 'Difficult' setting.

Unlock Song of Storms:
Complete Event #37.

Unlock Dream Chaser:
Play 10 vs. Matches on Port Town.

Unlock Goruda:
Play 10 vs. Matches on Halberd.

Unlock His World:
Play 10 vs. Matches on Green Hill Zone.

Unlock Metroid Prime 2 (Multi-Play).
Play 10 vs. Matches on Frigate Orpheon.

Unlock Powerhungry Fool:
Play 10 vs. Matches on Castle Siege.

Unlock Frozen Hillside:
Play on the Halberd stage 10 times in VS mode.

Unlock Snake Eater:
Play 15 Vs. Matches on Shadow Moses Island.

Unlock 3D Hot Rally Title:
Using any character clear Target Level 5.

Unlock Ike's Theme:
Find Ike in the Subspace Emissary.

Unlock Kuru Kuru Land:
Get a distance of 400m in Home-Run Contest with one character.

Unlock Love Song (Commercial Version):
In Home-Run Contest get a combined distance of 12500m.

Unlock Mach Rider (Melee Version):
Defeat 50 alloys in Endless Multi-Man Brawl.

Unlock Staff Credits Music:
Clear Classic mode on the 'Difficult' setting.

Unlock Taru Taru Highlands:
Clear All-Star Mode on the 'Easy' setting.

Unlock Menu 2:
Unlock ALL 35 Characters.

And here are the sound test unlockables...

When you complete the following tasks the option to hear the corresponding sounds from these new categories in the 'Sound Test' will be available.

Unlock ALL characters.

Kirby's Copy Abilities:
Unlock ALL characters.

Assist Trophies 3:
Unlock ALL assist trophies.

Unlock Boss Battles and All-Star.

Subspace Enemies and Bosses:
Clear the Subspace Emissary.

Lenoir, NC

#15 Apr 19, 2008
These are unlocked when you clear the different difficulty levels of Classic mode. It is possible to unlock a high difficulty level to automatically unlock the Target Tests in the levels before it. For example if you wanted to unlock ALL of the Target Tests for ALL the levels you would need to beat the 'Intense' difficulty setting once.

Unlock Level 2 - Medium:
Beat Classic mode 2 times on 'Easy' or once on the 'Medium' difficulty setting.

Unlock Level 3 - Hard:
Beat Classic mode 2 times on 'Medium' or once on the 'Hard' difficulty setting.

Unlock Level 4 - Very Hard:
Beat Classic mode 2 times on 'Hard' or once on the 'Very Hard' difficulty setting.

Unlock Level 5 - Intense:
Beat Classic mode 2 times on 'Very Hard' or once on the 'Intense' difficulty setting.

Lenoir, NC

#16 Apr 19, 2008
It is possible to unlock ALL of the following Virtual Console Trials by completing the corresponding task in the game.

Unlock Donkey Kong:
Play the game for more than 10 hours.

Unlock F-zero:
Using Captain Falcon beat SSE.

Unlock Super Mario World:
Play Yoshi's Island (Melee) more than 3 times.

Unlock Super Mario USA:
Using Peach win in Vs mode more than 5 times.

Unlock Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time:
Use the Toon Link more than 10 times.

Lenoir, NC

#17 Apr 19, 2008
If you do a Smash taunt as Snake at Shadow Moses Island vs. Falco, Slippy will come up and talk to Snake instead of the General talking about the Deflector and Blaster he gave to Fox and Falco. If you use Fox or Falco's Smash taunt right away, wait for the ship to warp and then you will see that Panther has a deeper voice and Krystal will have a British accent. If you do is as Wolf at the very beginning, there will be a chat between Leon and Slippy. Also, the Smash taunts in the stage Corneria as Fox or Falco are pretty much the same, only the display of the text is different. And I think(I'm not sure cause I haven't really tried it yet)Wolf can do a Smash Taunt on Corneria.

Union, SC

#18 Apr 20, 2008
Thats some of the cheats I found in the game.

Lenoir, NC

#19 Apr 26, 2008
I hope anyone enjoy this cheats.

Anderson, SC

#20 Apr 29, 2008
Any1 here

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