What's your best Dragon Quest 9 team?


#187 Jul 29, 2013
Any good team in any game is a fast attacker (for example thief or martial artist)a heavy hitter(gladiator or paladin) a healer (priest or sage) a magic attacker(mage or sage) and I just convert that into all my games.
In this game thief is good because it can back up a healer.

oh, and please help what is the best weapon type?

London, UK

#188 Aug 20, 2013
my team is poo gladiator lvl 76265875
wee preist lvl 888888845
ass ranger lvl 564786846823648325481235823457 35482364
dick luminary lvl 647623846386385643856456535386 586


#189 Aug 29, 2013
lolololololol wrote:
my team is poo gladiator lvl 76265875
wee preist lvl 888888845
ass ranger lvl 564786846823648325481235823457 35482364
dick luminary lvl 647623846386385643856456535386 586
Sure and I beat the game with a level 1dfjfgjdahj uyfifiggfi. Hope this helps.

Stoke-on-trent, UK

#190 Sep 2, 2013
Freadytyeady wrote:
If you havent allready its a good idea to either use save editor, DQVC or Action Replay to unlock the extra game quests, admitedly it does involve a bit of grotto hunting but provides new bosses and hints as to where the quest can be found along with wether it advances into a story. DQVC is the most reliable way to get it and in some cases is even needed to complete some quests.
The storylines that advance because of this are:
;Stornway and Brigadoom
;Searna's death
;Coffinwell and the Gittish Empire
;The Quarters Rest
;Aquila's betrayal
;The Starflight Express
Tell me if I missed anything but this is well worth investing your time in for a more entertaining and satisfactory post-game.(Able to recruit Patty, Sellma, Erinn, Aquila and some others into your team!)

Stoke-on-trent, UK

#191 Sep 2, 2013
In my team I have:
PJ1897(Hero)-Lv. 52 Minstril (Fourse/Sword/Liethness/Aqusis tiveness)- Planning on chaning to Paladin or armamentalist and possibly Lumimary if theyre any good.
Silver-Lv. 50 Priest (Staves/Faith/Spellcraft/Aqusi tiveness/Guts)- Planning on making a sage, also holds Ministrels manual.
Scarlet-Lv. 52 Theif (Claws/Aqusitiveness/Guts)- Usually attacks first and with Harclaw can get about 200 damage if Priest has used gritty ditty.
Forest-Lv.Warrior (Spear/Paldin tree/ Warrior Tree) Completely forgot the name but Forest is my tank.
Almighty paladin

Spring Hill, TN

#192 Oct 27, 2013
Paladin deal good damage and helps heal party and also forbearance
Mage deals heavy magical attacks and can use cadecus (idk spelling) to also help heal
Priest multi-omniheal and can multi thrust and thunder thrust for great damage
So they are all independent can heal and can do lots of damage if you bring out their skills and give good weapons and equipment

Pontefract, UK

#193 Nov 7, 2013
My perfect team would be

I don't know what the sage and luminary can do...

Barron, WI

#194 Dec 7, 2013
HAHA you all should have 2 gladiators a paladin for protection and a priest for healing.
Paladin- 100 shield virtue and all health boosts
and the shield book
gladiator- 100 sword + uber falcon blade and gladiator scroll and 100 in shield and 100 in guts
gladiator2- ranger scroll 100 sword and shield 100 in guts and an uber falcon blade or just the falcon blade if you cant get the second meteorite bracelet and then the priest
Priest- 100 shield 100in the bottom spec for priests 100 for the bottom of the sage and 100 in the wand this team will kick the ass out of anything if you use it right.(For legacy bosses changge thepaladin to a gladiator with all of the above for gladiator stuff
Female Human

Roswell, NM

#195 Dec 21, 2013
Boo: Maxed out on Boomerang, Sword, Wand, Claw, Axe, Bow, Sheild, Curage, Faith, Focus, Acquisitiveness, Lithness, Guts, Virtue, Fource, Ruggedness, Enlightenment, and Je Ne Sais Quoi, Revocated as Minstrel, Warrior, and Luminary

Kandy: Maxed out on Knife, Wand, Whip, Claw, Boomerang, Shield, Fisticuffs, Lithness, Guts, Spellcraft, Fource, Ruggedness, Enlightenment, Je Ne Sais Quoi Curage, Faith, Focus, and Acquisitiveness Revocated as Martial Artist, Mage, and Armamentalist

Bee: Maxed out on Sword, Knife, Staff, Fan, Hammer, Shild, Lithness, Guts, Spellcraft, Fource, Ruggedness, Enlightenment, Virtue, Je Ne Sais Quoi, Curage, Faith, Focus, and Acquisitiveness, Revocated as Thief, Priest, and Sage

Henriet: Maxed out on Spear, Whip, Hammer, Bow, Shield, Lithness, Guts, Spellcraft, Fource, Ruggedness, Enlightenment, Virtue, Je Ne Sais Quoi, Curage, Faith, Focus, and Acquisitiveness Revocated as Gladiator, Paladin, and Ranger

All of these girls kick ass!

I have a few more skill points scattered in other areas and everyone is at least at level 40 in all vocations, except for one because I just revocated everyone (level 23 on those) Oh, and I'm so happy I have 94% of my monster list completed.

Madison, WI

#196 Jan 1, 2014
Mine are...
MC: Paladin lv 42
2: Priest lv 49
3: Martial Artist lv 51
4: Warrior lv 50.
I'm training to take down Baramos. He is being stubborn always using crits and kaboom...grrrrr! Anyways, I have a well rounded team for my..well...creativity. Lol. I want Armamentalist so bad but I am not going through that. xD

Madison, WI

#197 Jan 1, 2014
btw, I dont even live in Milwaukee. xD randomness

Kedron, Australia

#199 Jan 5, 2014
i got a sage (main),lvl45,warrior lvl50,priest lvl 48, mage lvl 46 i fin game and am doing quite good

Since: Jan 14

Ludhiana, India

#200 Jan 6, 2014
This is only the second game in my life that I have crossed the 100 hour mark on; and now I have surpassed 140 hours (with 72 hours of multiplayer). I must say the game is truly fantastic, one of the best overall DS experiences I have ever had. This is one of four games on the DS that I just have to recommend - the others being Dragon Quest 5, Chrono Trigger, and Phoenix Wright 3: Trials and Tribulations (although, play the other two for background story). Other great games that I would recommend are The World Ends With You, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Dragon Quest 4, Rune Factory 2, Mario Kart, Pokemon Platnum (my first Pokemon game, and I must say I was impressed, it wasn't at all what I thought it would be), and the Professor Layton games. Dragon Quest 9 just stands up there with the best of this generation. If a cross between Dragon Quest 5 and Dragon Quest 9 existed, it would be the best RPG ever made. The game has so much packed into it, just a warning though, it can be very addictive (as I have found).
Just a few things I would like to mention about the game:

1. Compared to others in the series: Given a 20-30 hour cross section of this game, vs. Dragon Quest 5, Dragon Quest 5 remains the best game in the series hands down (I would call it better than Chrono Trigger, or at least on the same level). Although overall, Dragon Quest 9 has the best value in the series hands down.
2. Compared to the last game in the series (Dragon Quest 8); all of the annoyances have been fixed: the game moves at a much faster pace; the alchemy pot can now take up to 27 items and can pop out multiple items at once through alchemy; the alchemy pot is instant rather than 3 minutes to an hour; etc... While having a lower cosmetic appeal, the game also comes in the form of a faster moving package, which is a blessing for anyone who likes to see results faster. The game feels more like a Dragon Quest 3 and Dragon Quest 8 cross - rather than a game similar to Dragon Quest 4 or 5 (DQ5 is similar to 4, just a whole lot better).
3. While only generic custom characters are played in the main story, in the post game via online activated quests, the player gains access to actual characters (though, so far, there doesn't appear to be any special advantage these ones have).
4. Legacy bosses are fun, I only have the first one so far; Baramos (the Archfiend from Dragon Quest 3). Fighting Legacy bosses works better using multi-player, the other players can gain items and experience from the Legacy boss, while at the same time leveling up the Legacy boss.
5. I have only just got into the level 50 map range for Grottos. I am not entirely sure the mechanics, but generally I just keep playing the highest level map until I get a higher level map. My best one gives me ~12-15 mini-medals if I open all the treasure chests.
6. After completing the mini-medal side quest (80), a mini-medal store opens up where the player can get some reasonably good items.
7. Best place to level up is on the hill to the North East of Angel Falls - at least until Metal Slime Kings are found =) There are some skills that give 100% critical hit rates which make killing liquid metal slimes an easy affair, and eliminates the need for any other form of leveling up (it is faster to just level up there, and then avoid monsters in other locations).
8. Skill points should be acquired to max out at least 1 weapon, the shield, and as many vocation exclusive skill trees as possible (I have done Focus, Guts, Courage, Faith, Enlightenment, and perhaps 1 or 2 others).

Has anyone gotten the Luminary yet? I haven't found the Moai Minstrel yet.

Elmhurst, IL

#201 Jan 6, 2014
bestteam is:
aquila:(as a paladin

Kedron, Australia

#202 Jan 20, 2014
i got a sage main a priest a warrior and a mage. thinking of changing warrior to pally cause there boss but is lvl 52 and i have no grottos with king metal slime so i don't want to do the training so what should i do??????????

Sturminster Newton, UK

#203 Mar 3, 2014
Now to get this team and the moves u need to work hard. You need to have all the fources on the armamentalist and you need to have twocous poucous on the sage.
Firstly, you do twoucus pooucous on the paladin. He will kabuff. The glad will double up. The armamentalist will do whatever fources needed.
The pal will magic mirror and forbearance.( u don't need Kabuff part when fighting fowl eye) the glad will falcon slash ( uber falcon blade) the armamentalist will attack in some way ( mine is a bow master ) or it can use sap on the boss and the sage will either heal or attack( don't magic blast)
Repeat this until the boss dies. If a disruptive wave Is unleashed you will need to start from scratch

Silver Spring, MD

#204 Mar 3, 2014
My team (although I mostly fight by myself with hero)are paladin +1 level 35,sage level 49,mage level 48,and martial artist level 66.I revocated with paladin and minstrel,my martial artist was with me the whole game.My original team was minstrel,2 martial artists,and a thief.I beat the game with my original team(although it took forever because my hero was the only healer)I recommend having a character that heals,a priest,a heavy hitter, a gladiator,a tank,someone who can take alot of damage,paladin,and anything else.I recommend a mage or armamentalist because they could use acceleratle which raises everyones speed.If you can go to a sage then I recommend switching your priest because a sage can cast Kazing which revives anybody with no chance of fail.The paladin is better than a minstrel because it can also heal and has higher defence and attack.The gladiator needsto have phsyche up,from martial artist tree,but the hero can't be the heavy hitter because it knows egg on.I recommend mastering the bow because it can restore MP with hallowed arrow.You should do the swinedimples quests because you can get books which contains a extra skill.These skills are very powerful,but use alot of MP.This is my team,thanks for reading,even though it took me forever.Bye :-)

Silver Spring, MD

#205 Mar 3, 2014
Btw I defeated alot of metal king slimes.By the way,I'm 12

Silver Spring, MD

#206 Mar 4, 2014
Alchemy is the best way to get great armor and weapons.You should go to the internet to get recipes.You should also master fource from armamentalist and go to other sites to find out bossed weaknesses.This will help alot with boss battles.
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Markham, Canada

#207 Mar 4, 2014
The team I think I'd like is:

Maddox: Minstrel, Martial Artist, Ranger (Possibly)
Ghostess: Thief, Gladiator
Arthur: Warrior, Paladin
Gwen: Mage, Armamentalist

I haven't made this yet, so any suggestions are great.

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