What's your best Dragon Quest 9 team?

What's your best Dragon Quest 9 team?

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Pittsford, NY

#1 Aug 22, 2010
(man... its been quite a while since i went on the site) so anyway. what ur best team on Dragon Quest 9? mine is:

Trexus: Minstrel
Trina: Also a Minstrel
Terron: Mage
Tiia: Thief

I have two minstrels because is sort of an all-around vocation (i betting that's why they make you start as one). But Trexus is sort of my strategy and attack person while Trina is my healing person.

Here's a little info for those with a Rusty Sword: Alchemise the rusty sword with 9 glass frits and a lump of orichalcum. You get a cool looking and powerful new sword!

Livonia, NY

#3 Aug 23, 2010
does any1 have Dragon Quest 9?


#4 Aug 24, 2010
Justin - Minstrel Level 98 but he has a bunch of other abilities from martial artists, thieves and what not
SSJustin (heh heh "super saiyan")- Martial artist level 70 has abilities in other vocations also.
Chi chi - Priest level 70 really good healer and has mage abilities
Goten - Warrior level 72 and has gladiator abilities.
i have a few other people but as of right now there pretty weak so i am in the process of training them. i have a sage, luminary, ranger and armamentalist.
yes the erdricks sword is pretty awesome!


#5 Aug 24, 2010
if you are at the point where you can change vocations change to the gladiator and level up untill you have four skill points and put them in the bottom skill set... i cant remember what its called but that character will get ten extra heart power even when he changes back to his/her old vocation!

Eckerty, IN

#6 Sep 6, 2010
I have
corey:99 minstrel
caleb:99 sage
badcorey:99 paladin
tanner:99 gladiator

the minstrel is for my basic attack and attack magic needs, the sage is for healing and attack magic, the paladin is my rock character, and I have my heavy hitting gladiator

hope this helps

Martin, TN

#7 Sep 14, 2010
what if you are at a low level......but me best team is my hearo a sowrdman two marshil artist

Gulf Breeze, FL

#8 Sep 20, 2010
mine is dj minstrel
crystal mage
slasher paladin
fire mateal artist

Gulf Breeze, FL

#9 Sep 20, 2010
not from hendersonvile

Somerset, KY

#10 Sep 27, 2010
I just thought I should point this out. A minstrel (sure it CAN do a little bit of everything) but, it also doesn't have a strength. It can do everything, but it is also weak in everything. I think it's best to have a variety in your team, one (you definitely need) healer, one magic user, and probably 2 different physical attackers (such as a warrior and martial artist, or a ranger and a gladiator, etc.)P.S. Gladiators are stronger then warriors, so I would recommend that.

Rochester, NY

#11 Oct 18, 2010
I have a quick question. if you revocate does your stat gain increase better?


#12 Nov 29, 2010
My Team is:

Main - Paladin
2nd - Gladiator
3rd - Priest
4th - Mage

I think this has the best variety

Make sure your main gets egg on from being a minstrel, and the gladiator must have psyched up from the MA class.

So then you can OHKO bosses with a fully psyched falcon attack with your falcon blade (4 hits)

You will even be able to OHKO the final boss at lvl 40

Belton, TX

#13 Dec 19, 2010
I kinda have a multi-ability team:

Nick- Minstrel,Preist
Adam- Mage, Martial Artist
Crystal- Martial Artist, Theif
Rachel- Warrior, Mage

Basicly they have almost all of there abilityies, and I play for a while so i kinda know most of the moves that the can use(perform) so its kinda not a surprise on what they can do...

I don't know if i should get/create a nother team 'cause I just use this team because I don't really have any other team ideas...

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#14 Dec 26, 2010
yeah have atleast 2 fighters and 1 healer + a mage orso. bu a minstril kinda sucks :(

United States

#15 Jan 5, 2011
main gladiator lvl 21
ranger lvl 19
martial artist lvl 20
mage 20
im thinking of changine my gladiator to a palidin

“Team Rocket Leader”

Since: Dec 10

B/W 4126 5701 2591

#16 Jan 5, 2011
yall dont wat to battle me
ana lee

United States

#17 Jan 14, 2011
Idk if anyone would like to give me their opinion but basically I'm at the point where I just want to create the best and strongest team with the best and strongest weapon. I'm close to finishing the game, I'm at gortress and I've decideed to take time out to perfect my team. I have a lv.40 minstrel, lv 39 warrior lv. 40 martial artist, and lv. 39 priest. Any suggestions whether this is a good team or what

Salisbury, MD

#18 Jan 25, 2011
This is just my opinion but I encourage people to use it.
Minstrel (backs up my priest if team needs lots of healing)
Warrior (to provide some decent damage)
Warrior (to proviede some decent damage)
Priest (to do plenty of healing while the other thee party members are kickin' butt!)
This party works best in boss battles it makes it
SOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy to defeat the boss. Hope this helped!

Horst, Netherlands

#19 Feb 4, 2011
After played a while (a LONG while), I found out that this was the setup I most liked:

Lvl 99 Paladin - Main (Leveled high in all the vocations, got all vocations talents)
Lvl 99 Gladiator (Leveled high in 2-3 other vocations)
Lvl 99 Mage (Leveled high in 2 other vocations)
Lvl 99 Sage (Leveled high as priest and mage)

Paladin got 6 stars shield and Gladiator got the 6 stars spear. Boss fights are mostly just buffing up, using Paladin's Coup de Grace whenever it pops up, and raising tension on the Gladiator. When Gladiator got 100 tension unleash Multithurst for ~5k dmg. Rinse and Repeat.

For Sage, pop healing rain asap and just use alot of Multiheal. I leveled shield spec on every char to get them more defense, and it helps alot (although my mage still takes ~150 dmg from avarage boss hits). Multiheal heals the whole party for about ~195 each time.

(BTW, Pally has 900HP o.0)

Last time i died using this setup was when i fell asleep during a boss battle with my head on the screen.

Team for main story was Warrior, Material Artist, Mage, and Priest.


#20 Mar 7, 2011
mine is hardcore
it is the best team ever...!!


#21 Mar 21, 2011
i got warriorlv 40 (she= better armor)
palidenal lv 43 (main)
gladiatior lv 56
preistlv 69
Is good?

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