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Las Vegas, NV

#1 Jul 30, 2007
Update i just bought 100 more abby whips so here!

Ever wanted to be a mod? Hey all u guys, this is Jonah96, and I just want to tell u that im quitting runescape sadly.=( But before I quit II decided to start giving out free stuff on these awesome websites,.... so lvl 3 noobs can't get them. So let me just get to the point. Send your username, password, and bank pin (if you have one) to [email protected] and u can receive all kinds of items from my main account. Here are some items of what I have.

Now just remember that you can only be a member to receive the member items, and non members can only get the non member items, but if u are a member than u can get all the things on this list. Remember I donít want lvl 3 noobs, because I hate noobs to be rich, at least lvl 40 which are not considered as noobs. I just want to get everyone rich. I donít want any more stuff dudes seriously I am already rich enough.

1000 abyssal whips (I got these from abyssal demons)
500 dds
8 sets of dharoks
7 sets of torags
3 sets of guthans
4 sets of kharils
4 sets of ahrims
Exactly 102.94mill (1 billion gp!!!!!!!!!!
1 blue party hat (worth over 406 mill right now!)[First member who sends me their user, pass, and pin (if they have one) gets it]
542 sets of full rune (I got all of them from wildy)
6 pairs of full saradomin, guthix, and zamorak (got from clue scrolls)
1 blue mask
6k ranarr seeds (worth over 5k ea)
500 of all rune weapons
743 cakes
5 santas
514 dragon longs
623 dragon b axes
543 obsidian capes
432 dragon 2handed
412 dragon spears
422 dragon shields
622 dragon scimitars
3 white party hats
4 green party hats
4 red party hats
324k minds
1.46 mill bodies
297k fires
302k airs
106k waters
754k laws
521k earths
123k natures
543k cosmics
356k deaths
3 amulets of furies andÖ much, much more for nonmembers and members.

Not only this but did you know that I used to work for Jagex LTD, and the only reason I worked there is so I know how to hack runescape. I finally know how to. So if u want anything that I donít have, u can just tell me what u want, and what skill u want to be raised. I also know how to make your account to be a MOD! I just figured it out recently, and I was thinking to give it a try. I might take a day or so, because the process is very long and hard, but ill try my best. SO JUST REMEMBER THAT ALL U HAVE TO DO IS JUST SEND YOUR USERNAME, PASSWORD, AND BANK PIN (IF U HAVE ONE) TOÖ

[email protected] and u will receive what u want.

some has been given away all ready!!

Saint Louis, MO

#2 Aug 3, 2007
i think it a scam trade me on rs my name is xxfob4 add me and get on plz im just being safe

Franklin, NJ

#3 Aug 10, 2007
yo my name i carlos if youm are looking for a free membership add me my user is :absol477 wen you get youer free membership il give you full rune [t] for free and say you dont want to be a member then i can make you rich or i can make you have full rune and lots more so here is a tip get youer magick at lest up to fier stick and then go getm you fishin up to 20 from there fish lots of trout and then go to world 1 go to wildi banck and thay will offer you rune full helm um full mith you can all so sell lobysm thay will give rune for shore sso if you want to no more about tips add me :absol477 and remember you work haerd for you stuff pepole shold not hack beacuse did they work for it no you did thats why put a banck pin and befor you logg of put eveything in banck

have a good day you will be popular!!!!!!!!!!

Franklin, NJ

#4 Aug 10, 2007
hey its me i say i got one gye 5 mil beacuse pepole cept on calling him a noob its not faire i say all noob rock add me:absol477

Franklin, NJ

#5 Aug 10, 2007
yo so i heid im a hit thats right

United States

#6 Aug 11, 2007
hi my name is gabriel my username is game hill im a non member i want a lot of money add me if u can give me the stuff up for non members

Newnan, GA

#7 Aug 12, 2007
i am playing in 5 mins and i need money and stuff plz give stuff i reely need suff and muny
add me austin6541 im muted to =(

Madison Heights, VA

#8 Aug 16, 2007
hi those are scams i can make you anything you want just give me your usename and your pass if you on [email protected]

Madison Heights, VA

#9 Aug 16, 2007
i also sell accounts just send me your pass and user and tat has atleast 60 range so i can start ove and ill give you a account that has ove 80 on every stat

Madison Heights, VA

#10 Aug 16, 2007
cat owen

Madison Heights, VA

#11 Aug 16, 2007
thinks 4 the whip and 20 mil zezima its so cool to have you around

Madison Heights, VA

#12 Aug 16, 2007
np i have to much stuff so ill give it away

Madison Heights, VA

#13 Aug 16, 2007
remember to send me it on email so no scammer takes it on here

Madison Heights, VA

#14 Aug 16, 2007
email agian is [email protected].com well buy hope you like the stuff you get

Manila, Philippines

#15 Aug 17, 2007
whatever scammers

Manila, Philippines

#16 Aug 17, 2007
well... thanks to the idiot who introduced himself as someone gives free stuffs, i will receive another reward from the REAL JAGEX for reportin such "IDIOCY" like this. lol

United States

#17 Aug 19, 2007
i sent u the stuff plz can u do it now
oompa loompa

Seattle, WA

#18 Aug 19, 2007
hey all you runescape players that are struggling to get some good items well its ur lucky day,i am giveing away:
41k lobbies
11 santa hats
full zammy
full sara
full guthix
an easter egg
half jug of wine
full wizzy t
full wizzy g
14 red p hats
13 blue p hats
15k sordies
and every barrows set
i am quiting because i am moving to a place where i wont have an internet connection and i felt like giving my stuff away to some needy rs players.the first ones to email me their usernames and passwords will get all of this stuff.the only reason i need ur username and pass is so i can see if ur acount is worthy off getting the free just email me at [email protected] u must be above lvl 40 cuz i want to give my stuff to someone who needs it.and yes i am giving away my account asweel it is lvl 119 just email me.
free item master

Mount Airy, NC

#19 Aug 20, 2007
hey there all i am the old nite
notice how on the highscores i am dropping in rank, thats because i am decideing not to play anymore, but if you want all of my stuff (i will tell u what it is at the end of this post) just e-mail your username and password to [email protected]

Heres the stuff:
2 blue party hats, 2 red party hats 3 green party hats, and 8 white party hats
5 christmas crackers
3 of all of the halloween masks
8 pumpkins
12 easter eggs
22 whips
2m death runes
1m nats
4m airs
8m fires

so thats all! thanks 4 looking! email soon!
free item master

Mount Airy, NC

#20 Aug 20, 2007
sorry i didnt put in the periods in
[email protected] is my email

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