Harvest moon DS money cheat

Harvest moon DS money cheat

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“Pwnting nubs”

Since: Aug 08

Vulcan wolf

#1 Sep 24, 2008
This glitch is easy to do!
Indigo Harvest sprite
At least 10 medals

In winter time hire an Indigo Sprite to fish at the sea. Talk to it while it is working. Ship at least 1 thing and the next day you will be rich.

(Note):This glitch only works on the first Harvest moon DS game, not Island of Happiness.

“waz up?”

Since: Aug 08


#2 Sep 24, 2008
well least your still here dude.

Franklin, TN

#3 Sep 26, 2008
well i need money for harvest moon dss island of happiness i need alot of money it least$ i need that much and i cant get that much raising it up myself it wood take 100 years on that game to get that much so r thare a cheat that i can put in to get like a 1,000$ every time i put it in??? D: and i stuck who i shude marry shea or valts i stuck batween money and geting marred so HELP ME.... so some one give me a cheat please.........and im a A GIRL NOT A BOY SO DONT CAL ME A BOY!!!! bye....

Franklin, TN

#4 Sep 26, 2008
NOTE:this is for harvest moon ds island of happiness] so here is a cheat for money it works for me]okay so in spring on the game save all the sea weed on the stone in soon the end of spring and u will get 23,352G and in fall collect all the blue magic flowers and the red magic flowers and at the end of fall sell them and u will get 38,896G so and the place u can most fide the flowers r in the forest place where the mine is and in the winter and summer save up stones from the mine and ull get 98,652G i thank if u save them up in all the sesons ok i hope i helped ;D

Rochedale, Australia

#5 Sep 26, 2008
im gona marry muffy

Franklin, TN

#6 Sep 26, 2008
cool mesprite so i guess ur a boy on the game right....well i dont know who to marry valts or shea :s i need to pick who but i cant thare both cute but who do i pick its not like i can marry both right so its hard to pick i have all hearts up on valts cuz he was the first i seen its year 7 winter 5th on the game i finesh building the breges in the 6th year cuz i have a relly relly relly relly relly ahrd time raising money that cheat that i poseted dont work out for me and guess wat i need yellow stones whitch cost 3,000g ech so im in a tight spot D': and i keep on asking valts to marry me and he keeps on saying no do i post to upgrade my fregerader and self and tool box and all my stuff in my house to get married SOME BODY HELP ME!!!! i need money alot of it like 199,000,000g HELP ME SOME ONE!!!!

Franklin, TN

#7 Sep 26, 2008
it wood be cool if thare was a cheat for 999,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0,000,000,000,00,0000,000,0000 ,000,000,000G heh heh heh THAT WOOD BE AWESOME I WOOD RELLY NEED THAT lol but relly i need that much sereusly i wood be in heven on that game if i hade that much money ahhhhhhh that wood me nice (:)):):):) it makes me sad that i dont have that much on the game all i have right now is 26,354G waaaaaaaaaah! i need money

Franklin, TN

#8 Sep 26, 2008
welL... some one give me some thang please plase
princess kintana

Franklin, TN

#9 Sep 28, 2008
man bluemist u put money cheats on y dont u use them... u shude cuz u need money and ur cheats i done them all i got for the flower cheat was 11.000G and for the mine one i colected them for a year and they all went down to almost a d so i got 30.000G sesh u need to put cheats in that umm WORK! i hate when ppl put false cheats in oh i need some help with marreige heh heh i dont know how to get married do i post to upgrade all the the stuff in my house? oh bluemist try geting a fishing rod from taro and fish for a piret treasure it cost 30.000G for one and a fish foisssil sell it to chen for 12.000G i done it ^_^ try it and stop puting cheats in that dont work k :) well bye i <3 valts

Franklin, TN

#10 Sep 28, 2008
yea well other ppl put cheats on i felt left out :'( srry whoa we both live in greenvill tn cool ^^ u know wat i going to try urs but first guys how do i get a fishing rod ppl said from taro is that tru besides wat dose he like??_? well bye my peps oh i like to candy thats called peeps i love marshmellows so i love that candy yummy $.$ bye guys im going to ask my mom if next time she gose out that she wood get me some peeeps haha bye

Saint Petersburg, FL

#11 Nov 3, 2008
any money glitches for island of happyness?

Beccles, UK

#12 May 4, 2009
look boy it said on top of were you write


#13 Sep 17, 2009
Hey if you collect all the heart shaped grasses an the 1st,10th,20th,and 30th of each season you can make alot of money. Also if you get a cow, and you brush it and feed it and talk to it everyday, then it will give you more A or S milk and that will bring in alot of money. And like bluemist said the blue and red flowers will get you alot of money too. And also if it's Spring plant like, 20 or 30 Turnips and you will get alot of money when you ship them. And bluemist, in order to marry Vaults you have to have experinced all of the Hearts Events. And all of the main characters have to be on the Island, you have to have the church and your house has to be all the way upgraded. It's very diffucult but it's woth it because I married him and he's the best husband. I have such a pretty baby boy.. I'm srry I'm rambeling. Hope I helped you guys.! Bye I <3 Vaults.


#14 Sep 23, 2009
i know so much on harvest moon i cant be bothered to write it down


#15 Sep 23, 2009
be best friends with nina on harvest moon ds give her a ball of yarn in winter and she will nit you a stocking

Tualatin, OR

#16 Nov 15, 2009
Yeah getting money is really hard in Island of happiness I wish the harvest sprites could work for you and the fishing glitch in the winter was in the game. If any people have tips for me I'm kinda just started out I'm in my 3rd year I need money I have the fishing rod and I fish all day at the ocean get decent money and I have the animal shed built but I gotta find a way to get big money so I can buy fodder get a cow and a sheep so I can feed them and get money from them. If somebody has tips I would be extremely grateful and thanks for reading my plea.

Dallas, GA

#17 Nov 24, 2009
Mkay heres the glitch for 1 mil:
On spring 3rd bring elliot a blue colored grass(heart) On the 6th bring one to taro and on the 9th go to the beach and get the seaweed.
Sell it and on the 12th you should have 1 mil.
It workeed for me

Porvoo, Finland

#18 Dec 28, 2009
where do I sell the seaweed, to the shop or to the shipping bin??

Kansas City, MO

#19 Jan 1, 2010
hmm..poopiedoop i wonder if that actually works. well im trying it!! CAUSE I NEEEED MONEY IN ISLAND OF HAPPINESS!! if i were to offer an tips, i would say that i would sell stuff only on days with a zero at the end. like the 10th, 20th, or 30th. you get extra money. but fishing is a real money maker. if you sell them on normal days you wont get much. but wait until the zero days and you'll get a reasonable amount. also if you grow crops, make sure you keep the area around the growing crops CLEAN because if you dont the plants will jack up and disappear. thats wat happened to me it was so stupid.

Tualatin, OR

#20 Jan 15, 2010
Oh yeah guys I was reading before I got Ioh (Island of happiness) that each character was a descendant from the regular harvest moon and in that one I was locked on marrying Celia but one day I saved my other account on the one were Celia was my best friend she was in love with me ( red heart) and I had 59 harvest sprites so does anyone know who the Celia is for Ioh? And a tip for people who have the one with Celia DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER CHARACTER AND DO NOT DO THE MISTAKE I DID!!!!!

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