Looking for companies and projects th...

Sinop, Turkey

#43 Dec 10, 2006
1-Ýnternet gambling hause and bet system.
2-Payment system with phone in Turkey.(Forexample Türkish peaple dont like to use credit cart)

Bob Wendolff

Neenah, WI

#44 Dec 10, 2006
Jared Johnson wrote:
<quoted text>
That is what I thought. How did you go about finding this information out? What else did you find out?
Where does this John Green guy live or work out of. He says Finland. He says money is put aside in a bank and that the bank can vouch for it. Then comes all the fees. He always takes calls and so does the so called banker he work with. Has anyone actually given this guy a funds in the hopes of getting more funds.

Burbank, CA

#45 Dec 15, 2006
Mike Bloomfield wrote:
Frauds!! These guys use fake names. They go by Anglo American Capital, HQ Capital, Anthony Oppenheim. He has an Australian accent and says he's from South Africa. All he wants to is to have you wire money into his account, then he changes his name. He's located in the Pinnacle Building in Atlanta. He's a fraud.
Unfotunately there are plenty more Pinnacles out there. If your still looking to do something with your company give me a call at ICS or visit wwwicecoldstocks.net and you can see what we do. If you send me an email I will send over our national and international rankings

Burbank, CA

#46 Dec 15, 2006
Sorry the phone they wont alow to post. you can find on the net and you can ask for Neil Lipsky @ www.icecoldstocks.net

Brentwood, TN

#47 Dec 18, 2006
I have been to Atlanta with and had a meeting with eurocapital group. I did not find them credable. Please contact me for added details: vbarker@comcast.net
sal wrote:
<quoted text>I got the exact same offer from these scammers. I didn't know they were scammers until I found out here. Their website www.blackstonecapital.net is "parked" at godaddy. I wonder why it's parked? Because they're scammers!
They emailed me out of the blue with the exact same pitch you guys are talking about here. They want me to fly to Atlanta for a meeting. I asked them over the phone if there's any up-front fee involved and the crook just said no, there isn't. I'm glad I found this thread! Something ought to be done about these ppl. The woman's name is Susan Alman I think and I forget the other crook's name who is a man.
Anthony Kwame


#48 Jan 2, 2007
Importers, Exporters, Sales & representatives.
18 Knutford Avenue old CFAO building Accra.
Cell:+233 244616107
Fax:+233 27 554348

We wish to inform you our interest to establish a
successful business relationship with your company. We
are consulting and Research Company here in Ghana we undertake the
services of companies and individuals to satisfact
their needs for their capital investment abroad. We
are interested to invest in your project as well as we
will also like to know more about your company and the
project. We have many clients that are looking for a
reputable company for investment.
As a matter of fact we depend on our commission. So
if you are looking for an investor, don't hesitate to
contact us for more information.
Your advice and recommendations in this respect will
be welcomed enabling us to handle diligently all
expect of the investment operations in your country.
Thanks and best regards,
Anthony Kwame (C E O)
NOTICE: This transmission may contain privileged and
confidential information. It is intended only for the
use and view of the intended recipients specifically
listed as addressees above. If you are not the
intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any
review, dissemination, distribution or duplication of
this communication is strictly prohibited. If you are
not the intended recipient, please contact the sender
by reply email and destroy.

Milford, MA

#49 Jan 5, 2007
I have an invite to meet in Atlanta with Eurocapital. Any extra data on these people?
Clive Bridgeman

Logroño, Spain

#50 Jan 6, 2007
John Barth wrote:
Fraud also from www.blackstonecapital.net !! Be very cautious if you receive any invitation to travel and meet dubious capital venture company!!! Check and verify all details and informations first!!!
We've just received our SECOND invitation to meet with Euro Capital Group ( eurocapitalgrp.com ) whose e-mail account is info@blackstonecapital.net. If anyone knows anything against blackstone capital or euro capital group, please let us know. We don't want to travel halfway across the world to be scammed!
doingsomecheckin g

Salt Lake City, UT

#51 Jan 8, 2007
jvb wrote:
I have been to Atlanta with and had a meeting with eurocapital group. I did not find them credable. Please contact me for added details: vbarker@comcast.net
<quoted text>
If you have any info, please email me at highthrill at comcast dot net
doingsomecheckin g

Salt Lake City, UT

#52 Jan 8, 2007
Jim I wrote:
I was also approached by Blackstone Capital and VIP Consoritum and now they are EuroCapital and Suisse Investment Company as you continue with them. I went ahead and risked $ for the trip. I would like to compare notes with what others experienced. Please e-amil me at fundfraud22@hotmail.com
Jim, have you found out any information on VIP Consoritum? email me highthrill at comcast dot net

Trabuco Canyon, CA

#53 Jan 13, 2007
I have just been approached by this euro capital company. What is their angle?

Since: Jan 07

San Diego, CA

#54 Jan 13, 2007
I also received e-mail from Euro Capital to submit my project, and subsequently found this forum.
The search on the phone number in the e-mail directed me to a completely different company website.
Scam or real?

Since: Jan 07

San Diego, CA

#55 Jan 13, 2007
doingsomechecking wrote:
<quoted text>
Jim, have you found out any information on VIP Consoritum? email me highthrill at comcast dot net
Sorry to barge into this. I also got a solication today and am curious but:
The business names are not registered with the Georgia SOS. Blackstone Capital, LLC is on reservation only. Previously existing Blackstone Capital, Inc dissolved in 2005 (may be a different company)

Johannesburg, South Africa

#56 Jan 15, 2007

We are in the process of starting up a new WASP (Wireless Application Service Provider) company in South Africa. This company will be know as Clasifind and all Trademarks have been done already. Clasifind is also in the proses of becoming a PTY LTD firm under the South African Companies act.

Upon your further interest in our venture, we can mail you the Business plan, Executive summery and scanned copies of our Trademark documents.

Startup capital needed.

There are two options available for investor(s) to consider.(Please note that these options are not included in our Executive Summery)

Investment Option #1

$ 2 000 000,00 (Two Million USD)

Straight investment – No monthly “loan” payments back.

Investor will receive 30% shares of company.(As allowed by South African Law) Investor(s) will be included in the PTY LTD and will receive Shares certificate via our Law firm.

Investor(s) will receive their 'cut'(30% shares) of company's profits every financial quarter.

5 (Five) year exit plan.- After 5 years, the investor will have the option to remain a partner or sell their 30% shares at set price of $ 2 000 000,00. Clasifind and its remaining partners will reserve the right to 1st option in buying the shares back with a 3 month grace period. If Clasifind or it's partners fail to do so, the Investor(s) will have the right to sell their 30% shares to any other person or parties within the South African Law.

Investor(s) will also have the right to remain a partner after 5 year period.

Investment Option #2

$ 5 000 000,00 (Five Million USD)

Investment with Payment – Monthly payment back to Investor at set rate.

Points 3 to 6 as in Investment Option #1 to apply in this Option too.

You should know.

No money transfers for any prepayments of any sort will be done to any person or parties, banks or Investment Firms until the full Investment amount are paid into the Clasifind bank account and the funds cleared for use. This include comm. fees, currier travel fees, law fees or any other unforeseen fees. Any and all such payments will only be done after funds cleared in our bank account and will be considered as company expenses. The reason for this is the fact that we have been scammed 3 times to date by so-called Investment Firms in this area. Also please note that the South African Banking laws and Exchange control do not allow such payments beforehand.

All Trademarks have been done. Clasifind is a company in the process of being registered under the South African Companies act. Clasifind is represented by Roxo Law based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Please feel free to contact me via email for more information or documents.

Thank You For your efforts and I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely

Mr GJ Van Der Merwe
C Daniel

Shawnee Mission, KS

#58 Jan 22, 2007
Beware of Edwards Capital Group, Lance Edwards. This group is also based in Atlanta, GA and Washington DC. Same type of investment scam. Promise of capital if you'll just wire us $10,000 first. I have not done enough research to see if this group is related to Blackstone.


#59 Jan 22, 2007
jvb wrote:
I have been to Atlanta with and had a meeting with eurocapital group. I did not find them credable. Please contact me for added details: vbarker@comcast.net
<quoted text>
Thanks for the thread.....I knew something was fishy about this whole thing. I never got any stright answers from a Lady named Lisa. I got a call from someone named Allen.....He could not provide me any information either. I asked how does the process work and do they have any referances or success stories...They didn't, what a surprise LOL. Scam, Scam, Scam.

Colorado Springs, CO

#60 Jan 23, 2007
This guy Oppenheim, the Euro Capital Group, the Blackstone Capital are all related. They are a scammer out of Atlanta who inavriably has the same basic message: Come see us in person with the next 30 to 90 days. We want to go over your investment offer.

Business is not done this way. Think about it.

Financial analysts are going to be more than willing to trade information before inviting you rto come meet with them. They will also be registered in the BBB most likely and will definitely have a website if they are representing any kind of substanitial investments. These companies cited here don;t have business numbers you can find listed. they either have no site or none that have been developed. They aask you almost first thing to come visit them.

Don't be so anxiosu that you jump on these kind of false opportunities. Legitimate investors will take teh time to show you their credentials. YOu will show your bonifides too. Legitimate investors will also treat you as a valuable commodity, because you have the value in your startup -- that's why they will offer to give you money -- because you will make them money.

Bottom line, if it sounds too good to be true and is coming at you too quickly -- it IS too good to be true.

Edmond, OK

#61 Jan 25, 2007
Tim, how is the vc or angel market in Wichita? I may be in need in the next few months!
Tim wrote:
This guy is a fraud. I have spoken with the "REAL" John Green and he has contacted the FBI and the FTC.
<quoted text>


#63 Jan 30, 2007
There is a very high potential growth in the telecommunications sector in Uganda and Africa at large. How ever, it seems that international investors have neglected such opportunity. Yet while Africa, according to the U.S. government's Overseas Private Investment Corp., offers the highest return in the world on direct foreign investment, it attracts the least………………………
I have been in the mobile telecommunication systems and the profits/returns are extremely high making the business worthy for investors.
With an investment of $100,000, there is a net profit of to $1000-$1500 per day. My company has a capacity to sell over fifty mobile handsets per day, at a net- profit of not less than $15 per handset sold.
I need $100,000 to 500,000 to expand this business, as I have realized that with good funding, business in Uganda has no limits in profits; we can get the cash in USA-dollars, British pounds and or any other international recognised currency.
The money to be invested has no limit, the more you invest, the more profits daily, this is so because the telecommunication business in East-Africa growth was estimated at almost 40% last year.
Africa's cellular market is the fastest growing in the world, gaining more than 50% in 2002, almost 40% in 2003 and more than 40% in the first three-quarters of 2004 alone. This explosive growth in the mobile sector has meant that in early 2005 mobile users constitute around 80% of all African telephone subscribers. The number of mobile users is tripling every day. The total number of users at the end of 2003 stood at 52 million. This is almost 70% of all African telephone users. This figure is expected to reach more than 200 million by 2010
The company has a very high potential to provide lucrative returns to the investors due to the high growth in the telecommunication industry and more so in East-Africa and Africa in general.
Am sending the Executive summary, will send the business plan at your request. Please let’s work together for a profitable business in Africa.
Just a Hint:
There are a lots of lucrative projects that are so fast springing up in Uganda that are making extra-ordinary profits and yet the international business community simply looks on!! E.g. micro finance projects, are charging over %15- for each shilling /currency they lend to you and this is on a monthly rate!
Hotels are coming up so fast and making real good money!
REAL ESTATE business in Uganda is making extraordinary profits
The entertainment industry in Uganda is also making lots of profits, projects are endless)!

Pompano Beach, FL

#64 Jan 31, 2007
I tried to email to fundfraud22 and it was returned.
Please send any information you have which is suspicious about EuroCapital Group. They insist there are no fees to be paid. Jack/ brookjax@aol.com

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