Youngstown, OH

#1 Feb 26, 2018
I am a DEPLORABLE trump enthusiast & proud of it!
Lady Liberty

United States

#4 Mar 17, 2018
Dexter wrote:
I am a DEPLORABLE trump enthusiast & proud of it!

Somerset, KY

#6 Mar 19, 2018
Tramp is working for Russia to divide America, weaken the UN, and lift sanctions on Russia.

They own his butt.

Since: May 10

Pueblo, CO

#7 Mar 20, 2018
Correct wrote:
Tramp is working for Russia to divide America, weaken the UN, and lift sanctions on Russia.

They own his butt.
This Russia trump stuff is complete fiction. You want to believe it so your choose to believe it. Obama my lemming was owned by organized Jewry like most modern presidents, but explaining this to you is wasting time. You swallow all of his crap about helping the poor or being the first black president blah blah blah. You are no different then post 911 lemmings barking about going to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. These lemmings bought the crap about Osama bin laden hating America because of our freedom and democracy. In truth Muslim fundamentalists hate America because of our never ending support for Israel which continuously terrorizes it's neighbors in the middle east and because we construct and support puppet governments in the middle east like Saudi Arabia others. I am a veteran of the war on terror. I believed the lies at one time. Then I woke up.

America is not a bad or stupid country. Americans are kept in the dark about the truth because our news really is fake news. If you disagree with every other word that comes out of Trumps mouth, you should believe it as if it were the word of God when he calls the media fake news. The mainstream media is controlled almost completely by Jews. That is why in any conflict between Israel and Palestinians for example the Israels will always be painted as innocent victims just trying to defend themselves and the Palestinians will be painted as terrorists. The Israelis could bomb a classroom of Palestinian children and Fox news will call the children terrorists. At the same time if a white kid gets jumped and beaten up at school by 10 black kids CNN would call it a fight between "white supremacists and black students" It's all anti white and pro Jew and Israel no matter how fake it has to be.

You leftists are so frustrating. You are simply on the other side of the brainwashing. The right says kills all the Muslims and arm all the teachers. You lefties scream let all the Muslims in to rape our daughters and turn our countries into Saudi Arabia where women can be arrested for spitting and gays are executed. You say ban guns having no clue about the horrors which have been committed against the citizens of countries where guns were banned. Think about the Jews in Germany my lemming. I don't even believe much of the so called true stories about the Holocaust, but assume all of it is true. These Jews did not have the right to own guns. When the Nazis came raiding apartment buildings looking for Jews they had no defense. There were no authorities to call. The Nazis were the authorities. You lefties think that these things could never happen in America because we have a constitution. That constitution gets stepped on everyday to fit a politician's agenda. Complaining and whining is a big part of being a leftist. The left has come a long way by complaining and whining. They can't imagine a day when no one gives a crap if they whine or complain. They can't imagine a day when there is no none to take their complaints to.

Say Donald sent ya

Quincy, MA

#9 Mar 21, 2018
Crazy Marlene wrote:
Deplorables will burn in Hell!!
Well, his business is real estate. So, maybe you should write to him and ask him to reserve a space in hell for you. Maybe he can get you a deal.

Somerset, KY

#11 Apr 20, 2018
Tramp will still be selling apartments to Russians in Hell ?
There will be lots of Rich ublicans and New Yorkers there for him to rent to.
Probably lots of hookers and porn stars like Donny Dollhands likes !

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