Lethal Injection Under Scrutiny

Lethal Injection Under Scrutiny

There are 152 comments on the The Associated Press story from Sep 28, 2007, titled Lethal Injection Under Scrutiny . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

“What causes it to go wrong is that the protocols aren't carried out properly”

Lethal injection was supposed to be the humane, enlightened way to execute inmates and avoid the pain and the gruesome spectacle of firing squads, the electric chair and the noose.

But now it, too, is under legal attack as cruel and unusual, with the U.S. Supreme Court agreeing this week to hear arguments that lethal injection can cause excruciating pain.

Some supporters of the procedure say the notion that inmates suffer is unproven. And they argue that there is nothing wrong with lethal injection itself; instead, they say, the problem is inadequately trained executioners. Read more

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wolf kaufmann from tirol

Bolzano, Italy

#64 Sep 24, 2008
im sorry for you karen

Oklahoma City, OK

#65 Sep 25, 2008
Karen wrote:
I was stupid enough to write to Shannon and trust him. He is a manipulate liar and cons anyone who comes into contact with him. And you are right, wolf, he does seek women because he knows he can mess with their heads and get their sympathy and get them to send him money and con them into being his "girlfriend". I know, I was duped by him and I know his M.O.
My name is Jozett and I also was writting to Shannon. I never sent him any money but he did ask for stuff. When he realized I was not going to be a pawn for him, he stopped writting. I wasn't going to send him money or anything like that, I was just trying to be a friend. Someone he could drop a line to at any time. I wish he had been on the level with me. Did he send you a bunch of poetry and short stories too? I still have all the stuff he wrote me. I Even try to keep up on his appeals, however I will never corresponde with him again. It makes me mad as hell that he wouldn't accept just a friendly ear.

Trento, Italy

#68 Oct 7, 2008
no comment

Saginaw, MI

#69 Oct 17, 2008
WHY is someone trying to pose as Jozett?
Brother of Dan Short

Ocilla, GA

#70 Feb 19, 2009
VinMo wrote:
"I would prefer to be able to say that this case, which put me on death row, is exactly like my initial charges of bank robbing and murder; that I was 100% innocent. But if I told you that, it would be a lie. I have become what I never believed I would, a killer. It is not something I chose, not something I wanted, and certainly not something I am proud of. But it did happen and I cannot change that. " - Shannon Agofsky
When are they going stick a neadle in your low life body.I see your brother is in a hospital prison. I hope the bastard is going to die.
Brother of Dan Short

Ocilla, GA

#71 Feb 19, 2009
I hope they stick a neadle in Sannon low life body soon. I also see where Joe is in a prison hospital. I hope the bastard dies.
Brother of Dan Short

Ocilla, GA

#72 Feb 19, 2009
Patriot wrote:
<quoted text>
You're so stupid that I am kicking myself for even continuing this conversation with you. Shannon was NEVER married. If you knew him as well as you claim you would know that. The chain hoist was not really part of the evidence in either trial that could be tied to Shannon. It had nothing to do with why he was convicted. He was convicted because of the testimony from Webb re the fingerprints on the tape and because of testimony from so called jailhouse "snitches". Puh. Shannon had inherited a LARGE amount of money from the settlement with the company his father worked for when he died. He had no reason to throw around "loose change". So no dice there, buddy. There was also NO ballistics evidence presented at trial. So all we have here is your own worthless speculation and theories. None of which is enough to convict a man.
I am willing to place money on his Beaumont case being overturned and quite possibly someday the Dan Short case as well. I also look forward to the REAL perps in that case being brought to justice someday.
I do not know who the hell you are,but you don't know shit about this case.They are getting ready to stick a neadle in Shannon low life body, and Joe is in a prison hosptial, and I hope that bastard dies.

Saginaw, MI

#73 Feb 21, 2009
Brother of Dan Short wrote:
<quoted text>I do not know who the hell you are,but you don't know shit about this case.They are getting ready to stick a neadle in Shannon low life body, and Joe is in a prison hosptial, and I hope that bastard dies.
Where did you see that Joseph Agofsky was in a hospital? Do you know if they set a date for Shannon yet?
just an old friend

Miami, OK

#74 Apr 4, 2009
I don't believe shannon and joe commited these crimes(bank robbery and murder) but they are convicted.So may god have mercy on thier souls.And as for you people that only want to provoke the family and friends.I'll say a prayer for you tonight.If put in a cage and attacted I would not hesitate to kill.I hold the prison system accountable for that murder.There is a difference between self defence and self preservation.I would be thinking self preservation if put in that position.I hope my ramblings didn't affond anyone. have a great day!

Rolla, MO

#75 Apr 5, 2009
The killing of a law enforcement officer or a chld should be mandatory death within 6 months of the sentence. One appeal and if that does not pass, lethal injection which would probably be more merciful than how the victim was killed. Start executing some of these so called men and they will think twice as they have in Texas.
on the fence

Miami, OK

#76 Apr 5, 2009
By the way having a martial arts background,when your attacker falls there's still one finishing blow left to make. Anyone who trains knows that fact. I was attacked one night by a man in New Mexico. I have the same training as Shannon Agofsky(death row inmate). He had a knife,I blocked and put him in the hospital.I had no weapon.Did I try to kill the man? I hit him in the throat and the base of the skull. When he hit the ground I stomped his head. Why? Thats what I was taught as a young man was self defence. If I would not have had lots of witnesses,the cop said I would have went to jail. Because of the severity of the beating I gave the man. With that being said,I don't know if I believe the death penalty is always the right answer. Shannon is on death row for the same three moves I hit this man with.(guessing from his training)I think the death penalty should be reserved for the most heinous crimes. I also believe the prison system should not pit rivals in the same cages or the system should be held accountable for their crimes.

Saginaw, MI

#77 Apr 18, 2009
Curious one why do you go from thread to thread about Shannon Agofsky, a known murderer, and defend him? WTF is wrong with you?

Princeton, WV

#78 Apr 18, 2009
Bring back the firing squads and hanging in the town square!!!! Have you watched the news lately??? People are getting sicker and sicker. Little children Raped and Murdered by the hundreds by people that are supposed to be their caretakers and friends.

I know it's horrible of me to say, but I honestly believe that if people KNEW there were serious consequences to their actions (say the whole town watching them swing by a rope) then alot of this wouldn't happen. Sure there will always be those that will do horrible things anyway, but a strong message goes a long way as a deterrant.

If that's a little too extreme for some, I understand. I'm becoming more and more depressed as a watch the world fall apart. But I can't understand people that worry that the injection site wasn't sterilized before the needle went in, or the possibility that a Man or Woman that basically tortured someone to death has to deal with a few moments of pain.

West Hartford, CT

#80 Jun 14, 2009
shannon shouldnt have gotten the death penalty for the murder at Beoumont- the govt created a wild environment

West Hartford, CT

#81 Jun 14, 2009
Sammy Gravano kills- what 30 people? and serves a couple of years? tell me the system is fair
Storm Cloud

Honolulu, HI

#82 Jun 15, 2011
Hello All,

I am also from Noel, and knew all parties involved. I am writing an article about the history of the Noel bank robbery as the 25th anniversary of the tragedy approaches. If you lived near Noel at the time and have any memories you are able to share, I would like to interview you. This posting topic is likely expired but if anyone gets this feel free to respond and I will be in touch.

Thank you,


Monguelfo, Italy

#83 Jul 15, 2011
please stop

Cedar Rapids, IA

#84 Sep 10, 2011
anyone that can defend shannon and joe, are just plain stupid, WTH are you people thinking, look what they did to dan short, what did dan do to deserve that, what a horrible way to die.. i would throw shannon and joe over a bridge tied to a chair also.. a lethal injection is to nice way to die compared to what they did to dan... sorry for dans brother..and what the h... is wrong with you women being a penpal to someone like shannon have you no self respect for yourself.. how PATHETIC ARE YOU
Bob Burns

Kunming, China

#85 Sep 10, 2011
Guillotine is best

Rockford, MI

#86 Feb 2, 2012
Jon just shut up. Nobody cares about your indignation 3 fricken years later!

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