Obama Claims America Terrorizes Illeg...

Obama Claims America Terrorizes Illegal Immigrants

There are 2100 comments on the strata-sphere.com story from Jul 15, 2008, titled Obama Claims America Terrorizes Illegal Immigrants. In it, strata-sphere.com reports that:

Boy, if you want to lose an election in the United States of America the best way I have seen is to take the ludicrous position that America terrorizes those who have illegally entered or stayed in this country

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Summer Rain

White House, TN

#42 Jul 15, 2008
chylloh wrote:
Obama is someone who is grasping at straws. He wants to win and badly. He will go from group to group of people and tell them what they want to hear. This is called pandering.......and cowardly.
When McCain changed his mind and decided the far right TV preachers were not "agents of intolerance"
he was pandering and cowardly.

When McCain went to Houston to raise money and announced he had changed his mind and would he would support offshore drilling, he was pandering and cowardly.

When McCain changed his mind and announced that he would support the privatization of Social Security, he was pandering and cowardly.

When McCain fought against the torture bill and then voted to pass it, he was pandering and cowardly.

When McCain said we should negotiate with Hamas and then changed his mind, he was pandering and cowardly.

When McCain announced that he had changed his mind and would support the overturn of Roe v. Wade without exception for incest, rape or life of the mother, he was pandering and cowardly.

When McCain voted against equal pay for women and then tried to convince women he cared about their issues, he was pandering and cowardly.

I could go on.

The difference between us is that when I say mcCain is pandering and cowardly, I can cite specific examples of actions which support my opinion. In some cases, I can show video. You can't. And therefore your words mean nothing. People are smart enough to tell the difference.
Summer Rain

White House, TN

#43 Jul 15, 2008
I'll be back when the collective IQ of this board reaches room temperature.

Powder Springs, GA

#44 Jul 15, 2008
Summer Rain wrote:
<quoted text>
I would think it far more reasonable to give state agencies prior notice so that they could prepare to care for the children, and promptly identify those who have children at home so the children can be safe and cared for.
I guess that kind of compassion is beyond the "Party of Life"(TM).
Is there something wrong with you? I mean truly wrong, like a mental illness? Our foster care system is overwhelmed already with our own children who are actually supposed to be here. My suggestion? Make them take the kids with them. That way no family will ever be torn apart. Parents don't want them anymore, seeing as that kid pretty much was the meal ticket? Send them to an orphanage in mom or dad's native country.
NOW, tell me what an evil person I am. I don't care. I have my own kids to worry about. They never asked me if it was okay with me to have these kids, if I was okay with supporting these kids, so what happens to these kids...I could care less. I'm not alone in that feeling. I'm just one of the few who will admit to it out loud. My compassion has been wrung out of me by 14 years of dealing with this. I have none left for them. Well, I take that back. I have as much compassion for them as they have for me. Does that clear it up a little?
Summer Rain

White House, TN

#45 Jul 16, 2008
Hate has no facts, no reasons, just rationalizations. I wouldn't treat a dog the way you advocste treating those children. I don't have to tell you how evil you are. You already know.

“Natural laws have no pity”

Since: May 07

Location hidden

#46 Jul 16, 2008
Summer Rain wrote:
Hate has no facts, no reasons, just rationalizations. I wouldn't treat a dog the way you advocste treating those children. I don't have to tell you how evil you are. You already know.
ROTFLMFAO...Evil is a broad term used to indicate a negative moral or ethical judgment, often used to describe intentional acts that are cruel, unjust, or selfish.

What's cruel, unjust or selfish about wanting the laws of this nation followed?
I find it more evil for illegal aliens to be in this country and then demand the same rights as it's legal citizens or to use their children as shields from the law.
S Barnes

Norwalk, CA

#47 Jul 16, 2008
Ms Taletha wrote:
You guys are sexist as well. You can't deal with a woman, a younger woman exercising freedom of thought and exercising of non-conformity on a heated issue. I aim to see things on both sides and I am the subject of ridicule. My Sociology instructor told me that would happen and she was right
Women think that you are idiotic too! What part of illegal did you not understand? They broke the law - they are criminals and they hurt other Americans! Iguess that you just like seeing Americans being hurt and killed to the tune of 13,000 a year by illegal aliens! I unlike you like my fellow Americans and I want to protect Americans from the globalists and uninformed people like you plus the others that truly mean it harm!
S Barnes

Norwalk, CA

#48 Jul 16, 2008
HoneyC wrote:
<quoted text>LOL..so they were right? Anyone that has to parrot their "instructor" knows exactly squat about the real world. I'm not sexist against women, mainly because I am one, but you are wrong, wrong, wrong. No one but me cleans my house, watches my children, does my laundry or cook my food except for me. In return for doing all that and going to work, I get the pleasure of paying for an illegals' delivery charges at the hospital, the costs to educate, medicate and feed their children and pay extra on my car insurance every month due to increased uninsured driver coverage. Tell that to your "instructor" and I hope he/she chokes on it.
**And if anyone believes this is an actual younger woman who looks like that, I have some swamp land available in Arizona. If any young woman wanted to be taken seriously on here, she would NOT put up a picture of herself in a bikini. That was just the bait and this must be the experiment.
I totally agree!
S Barnes

Norwalk, CA

#49 Jul 16, 2008
chylloh wrote:
<quoted text>
It is illegal if the illegal aliens are sending the billions back to their country UNTAXED.
Some illegal immigrants pay taxes but under a stolen ID number.
The cost of health care, food stamps, WIC, welfare, etc. out numbers the cost of any money illegal immigrants contribute.
This is why over 90 hospitals have closed in California, why gangs and their activities are taking over some towns, California is going bankrupt and why there is so many foreclosures in California. The banks stupidly loan mrtg loans to illegal immigrants with no ID, no credit, no down payments needed.
California is sinking and fast. Wonder Why?
SO true!
S Barnes

Norwalk, CA

#50 Jul 16, 2008
Summer Rain wrote:
<quoted text>
I was born and raised in California. I lived there until my early thirties.
California hit the skids when Phil Gramm passed his anti tax amendment. I saw it coming and got my family out of there 24 years ago. Now I have posted the fiscal facts on immigrants. They pay LOTS of money in taxes. You may ignore them if you want, but the facts remain.
The historical fact is that the GOP hates California because of the '60s, the environmental movement, and the tradition of questioning government. The worst in the GOP's power has been visited on CA since RR got the White House. Nationwide, hospitals closed because the GOP changed the rules to fund them. Nashville has gangs that control neighborhoods too. It's a national problem. The no doc liars loans were given out all over the country too. That was the GOP payoff for the financial sector which was their third largest source of funds and kickbacks. The GOP simply refused to allow the agencies to make laws and enforce regulations. That's a national problem too. The illegals were driven here by poverty in their country and invited in by the GOP's refusal to enforce border security and that was also a favor to their campaign contributors. Slave labor at slave wages, lots of profit and kickbacks to the GOP.
This anti immigrant hatred is based on lies cooked up by the GOP to distract you from the damage they have caused our country. I'm sorry you fell for it.
Boy, this is a bunch of liberal poppycock! How much more absolute nonsense are you going to post? The socialist in Sacramento are spending us out of house and home! You rather that all Californians remain in the poor house for your Utopian socialist world! Well, no thank you I like keeping MY MONEY!!!
S Barnes

Norwalk, CA

#51 Jul 16, 2008
HoneyC wrote:
<quoted text>A plane ticket doesn't cost that much. It's far cheaper than food stamps, AFDC and Medicaid for one year for each of these people.
How would you suggest we determine what back taxes they must pay? Do we throw a dart to choose which identity they worked under to decide which income to use for them? A fine was included in the Kennedy-McCain bill, along with ways to NOT pay the fine, such as financial hardship. How many illegals will scream financial hardship when it's time to pay the fine? Learn English is the biggest joke of all. Many of these illegals have been here for years and have not bothered to pick up the basics of the English language. They're too used to the American public bending over backwards to accommodate them rather than them doing what they need to. Tell the joke about learning English to someone else. See if they get it.
And finally, getting in the back of the line. Where the hell is this mythical line? Is it here? Is it in Honduras, Mexico? Where is it? If it's here in the states, then there is no line, is there? They're here already. And it still does nothing but reinforce and reward criminal behavior. Do you get rewarded when you've committed a crime? Do any of us legal citizens get rewards for being bad? Hell no! So why the hell should we reward them?
The problem is we offered an amnesty in 1986 that is haunting us to this day. The direct result of that amnesty is the approximately 30 million illegals we are saddled with today. We offer another amnesty and then we'd better stand back. The flood of uneducated, illiterate and unwanted peoples of the world will be like nothing you've ever seen before. All of them expecting another amnesty. Ten years from now we could be looking at 50 million illegals, all waiting for their chance at amnesty, too. And why wouldn't they? We would have been retarded enough to offer it not once, but twice, so a third round wouldn't be unheard of, would it?
Political correctness and our inherent sympathy and empathy for people's plight will be the death of this nation as we know it. Today, people like you may blow us off as just a bunch of racist xenophobes, but when the third round begins and every hope and dream you have for your children goes up in smoke because we have created a third world country, thanks to people like you, maybe you might understand why some of us are fighting so hard to save our country.
Totally agree! Does not she remind you of another poster?
S Barnes

Norwalk, CA

#52 Jul 16, 2008
Summer Rain wrote:
I'll be back when the collective IQ of this board reaches room temperature.
More hate and harassment by you! Can't you state anything without being mean? lol
S Barnes

Norwalk, CA

#53 Jul 16, 2008
Summer Rain wrote:
Hate has no facts, no reasons, just rationalizations. I wouldn't treat a dog the way you advocste treating those children. I don't have to tell you how evil you are. You already know.
Well, that certainly explains your posts - "Hate has no facts, no reasons, just rationalizations." Yes, you certainly do hate, but thanks for informing us directly!
asian guy


#54 Jul 16, 2008
if they are illegal, there is only one thing that needs to be considered - DEPORTATION.

if they are illegal, they don't belong in america. PURE and SIMPLE.

if they are illegal, america is NOT responsible for their well-being. THAT is the responsibility of their home country whereever that might be.

the needs of americans should be considered first before any thoughts should be spend on foreigners. NOT one single dime should be spent on a foreigner UNTIL the needs of every american is satisfied first.

that is what most countries in the world do. and that is what america should do.

United States

#55 Jul 16, 2008
my neighbor was killed by an illegal alien, driving w/o a license.....great.
asian guy


#56 Jul 16, 2008
obama says we are terrorizing illegal aliens?

gee, I wonder how he thinks we should be treating them?

..here we are, we have these people coming into our homes WITHOUT our permission, eating our food for FREE, getting FREE medical care, FREE educations, FREE access to our jobs. ALL illegally.

AND when we tell them to leave, they tell us to go to hell. raving about their ficticious rights.

if obama thinks this sort of behavior is ok in his book, someone please give me the address to obama's home address. PLEASE. I will enjoy living in his house for FREE, eating his food for FREE.


“A Nation of Legal Immigrants”

Since: Nov 07

Lake City Florida,/ Nebraska

#57 Jul 16, 2008
Ms Taletha wrote:
Should we be aiming such hate towards people who are so vital to the US economy? They live in the shadows. Yet they clean our homes, cut our lawns, lay foundations for our buildings, watch our children, prepare our food. We used to be a nation known for our compassion....
Sorry Ms Taletha,they're not vital to the US economy! Just Mexico's,while at the same time they suck our welfare system dry.

Source: Inter-American Development Bank, March 2006 report,“Remittance 2005”. Mexico remains the largest recipient of remittances, at over US$20 billion, followed by Brazil and Columbia which for the first time reached over US$6 and US$4 billion respectively. Central America and the Dominican Republic combined to reach over US$11 billion; and the Andean countries totaled almost US$9 billion.


As much as 50% of remittances are unreported. As published in the Development Prospect Group Briefing #3, "This amount only reflects transfers through official channels. Econometric analysis suggests that unrecorded flows through informal channels may add 50 percent or more to recorded flows. Including these unrecorded flows, the true size of remittances, is larger than foreign direct investment flows and more than twice as large as official aid received by developing countries."


“A Nation of Legal Immigrants”

Since: Nov 07

Lake City Florida,/ Nebraska

#58 Jul 16, 2008
Summer Rain wrote:
<quoted text>
Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security With Billions.
Social Security Agreement with Mexico Released After 3-1/2 Year Freedom of Information Act Battle

Illegal Mexican Workers Could Receive Billions of Dollars from U.S. Social Security System

January 4, 2007 (Washington, DC)– After numerous refusals over three and a half years, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has released the first known public copy of the U.S.-Mexico Social Security Totalization Agreement. The government made the disclosure in response to lawsuits filed under the Freedom of Information Act by TREA Senior Citizens League, a 1.2 million member nonpartisan seniors advocacy group.

The Totalization Agreement could allow millions of illegal Mexican workers to draw billions of dollars from the U.S. Social Security Trust Fund.

A loophole in current Social Security law could allow millions of today's Mexican workers to eventually collect billions of dollars worth of Social Security benefits for earnings under fraudulent or "non-work authorized" Social Security numbers, putting huge new pressures on the Social Security Trust Fund.

If an illegal worker working in the United States today gets a "work authorized" Social Security number through guest worker immigration legislation, the Totalization Agreement, or perhaps just over time, that worker could eventually apply for Social Security benefits once he or she has met eligibility requirements.

In addition, that worker could be able to claim credits for work performed while in the U.S. illegally. The SSA maintains an "earnings suspense file," which tracks wages that cannot be posted to individual workers' records because there is no match for a name and Social Security number. Once an immigrant gains access to a work authorized Social Security number – whether a legal citizen or not – wages earned while in the U.S. unlawfully could be reinstated to the worker's new Social Security account.

The Congressional Research Service reports the earnings suspense file currently stands at approximately $520 billion. According to the congressional testimony of SSA Inspector General Patrick P. O'Carroll in February 2006, "We believe the chief cause of wage items being posted to the earnings suspense file instead of an individual's earning record is unauthorized work by non citizens."
Rock and Roller

Monroe, NY

#59 Jul 16, 2008
I dont think this young lady will ever come back to this thread. Nice thrashing. LOL. Shes a kid, remember that these college kids are like we were once. We were bright eyed and idealistic. But my God when will people learn the difference between and immigrant who wants to bring his family here for a better life, and an illegal alien. What part of illegal dont you get. Amazing! Give them a fast track to becoming citizens and give SSNumbers and tax them like the rest of us. I bet that would curb them coming in. Wham ! Your a citizen, now pay taxes and get medical insurance. Mexico would be calling them back....

Allentown, PA

#60 Jul 16, 2008
Pass local legislation making it illegal to rent to/house or employ illegal aliens. Make the penalty a very stiff fine. The dollar amount of the fine should be enough to cover the cost of deportation of the illegal alien and all costs incurred while detaining the illegal alien until deportation takes place.

Then add to that fine a punitive dollar amount; a very high punitive dollar amount so as to discourage anyone even thinking about renting to/housing or employing an illegal alien.

Why on the local level? Because our federal government has failed us.

"Since Washington D.C. remains AWOL on fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities to secure our nation's borders against foreign invaders, it is not only incumbent but the obligation for state lawmakers to step up and do the job that our federal government refuses to do," Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler PA

“The fact that states must bear the cost of federal failure turns illegal immigration, in effect, into one of the largest unfunded federal mandates.”

ALL illegal aliens should be deported as they are discovered. NO exceptions.

Since: Oct 07

Euless, TX

#61 Jul 16, 2008
Ms Taletha wrote:
Should we be aiming such hate towards people who are so vital to the US economy? They live in the shadows. Yet they clean our homes, cut our lawns, lay foundations for our buildings, watch our children, prepare our food. We used to be a nation known for our compassion....
Hello Tally, Please do some research on your own about this issue. One avenue to explore.. The cost of illegals to this nation. those cost are past on to all of us.
Report: Aliens cost hospital $4M
During the first two quarters of last year, Danbury Hospital treated 321 illegal immigrants at a cost of almost $4 million, according to a report from WTNH-TV. However, hospital officials said they do not track


Please take the time to listen carefully to this testimony,
Testimony of illegal alien care from 1 Florida hospital
This is about just a couple of people, here, illegally in One hospital.. and the cost..
&fe ature=related

Please look at this, you have a little girl, she needs to be protected. I know you are doing everything in your power to provide a good life for her.. Tally, we have immigration Proceedures for a reason, one is to protect our nation's people .. by doing a background check.

Tally, when they come here illegally There is NO Background Check.. this average... 1 out of 2 sex offenders caught at the Tucson sector, each Week .. "are the ones caught".. Tucson Sector Nabs 1 o2 Sex Offenders a Week

Please do some research..Study on your own

The Tucson Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol continues to lead the nation in illegal immigrant arrests. Now, there’s a new high and it’s connected to sex crimes committed in the United States

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