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There are 52 comments on the Carrollton Free Press Standard story from Dec 5, 2012, titled Carrollton Free Press Standard Letters to the Editor | Mary Ann Marshall. In it, Carrollton Free Press Standard reports that:

To the Editor: To all who voted for Obama and worked to get him re-elected, it's often said there are two great disappointments in life: 1.) Not getting what you want, and 2.) Getting what you thought you wanted.

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Zach DeNardi

Sullivan, OH

#1 Dec 5, 2012
Oh please. Go copy and paste some chain letter somewhere else.

Ashley, OH

#2 Dec 5, 2012
I have nothing to add and couldn't have
said it better. We are doomed.

Right on the money Mary Ann!
Randy Miller

Uhrichsville, OH

#3 Dec 5, 2012
Not enough understand this, what a shame.

Dover, OH

#4 Dec 5, 2012
Well said Mary Ann. The rampant voter fraud with no investigations is a sign of the times.
Ms Taxpayer

Dover, OH

#5 Dec 5, 2012
All true, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The American worker is enslaved by "entitlements", and we are slaves to those who "serve us".

United States

#6 Dec 6, 2012
You're welcome, Mary Ann. I voted again for Obama but will not go on a diatribe about my reasons. You need to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh or Fox News and actually read. Mitt Romney does not care about you, the Republican Congress does not care about you, so really evaluate who does. What a joke about job opportunities; Romney et al have sent our jobs, our equipment, our patents to China. Mitt Romney wasn't going to worry about 47 percent of Americans because they were getting retirement, Medicare, Medicaid, military pensions (that would be you, Randy), and on and on. Does Congress get medical care? pensions? I am sick of you and Randy who should get together and write a doomsday book (of course it would be fiction).

United States

#7 Dec 6, 2012
I say give Obama what he wants, the trip over the cliff. When what he does fails then the Republicans will be well recieved. In the meantime, hoard food, because by January first price of food will sky rocket. The more you put by the better off you will be.

Canton, OH

#8 Dec 6, 2012
Garbage. Not factual.
Randy Miller

Dover, OH

#9 Dec 6, 2012
You still don't get it Alice, I work for my my wages, you know, for teaching in the school. The military pays a pention, that you won't get rich on, just like the private sector. Difference there is I was a 24 hour soldier for 20 years, 2 years in a combat zone facing death as an infamntryman, not to mention all the times away from my family on different tours of duty. You may be the only one who believes military service members should work for free. Receiving military retirement is for the sacrifice and duty of the serviceman. Then again you never served and may not understand.

The people I'm talking about are the ones not using their government assistance as a safety net but as a hammock. The 47% Romney was referring to were the ones in the hammock that would keep voting for the candidate to let them stay there. If you broke down what the government would provide it would be over $42,000 to those families on assistance. Where is incentive to look for work? They get free cell phones, food stamps, housing assistance, medicaid, and more with all their needs met. Their comfortable, why work. Some are too proud and would try to get away from this, but the're in the minority and I'm not talking about them.

Alice, fact, 66 million peopl are on government assistance, 22 million are government employees and there are only 108 million in the private sector to support them. Don't you see the problem here. We are going #1 trillion in the hole each year and new taxes will not cover it.

So, if we spend more than we take in at some point no one will lend us any more money, when we can't make the interset payments on the debt we owe we default. A real financial callaspe. Our money will be worthless. What do we do then Alice? There will be no one to bail us out? What will we do? Please tell me.

Massillon, OH

#10 Dec 7, 2012
Well thought out and well stated. It's nice to read someone's opinions that are as clearly stated as yours.
To Alice: yes Congress gets wonderful medical insurance and a great pension, courtesy of US, the United States taxpayer. What does that have to so with anything?
Only time will tell who is right and who is wrong. If history is any indication, Mary Ann will be found to be right.
What would be nice is if people who disagree with her would state their reasons why they disagree and leave off with the personal attacks.
To those of you voted for Obama- your guy is in office for another four years, why are you all still so angry?
Also from Carrollton

Atlanta, GA

#11 Dec 7, 2012
Gloom and doom. Is that all we're going to hear for the next 4 years? I voted for President Obama this time, not last. I am seeing the Republicans turn against the middle class, promoting their own (financial)upper class selfish ways. I am, in fact a registered Republican, but if I don't see any turnaround in John Boehner and the House, I will not hesitate to go Democrat. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a time machine to see what would have been if Romney had won? Our situation would not have changed all that much for the better. It is what it is and we have to learn to live with it.
Randy Miller

Uhrichsville, OH

#12 Dec 7, 2012
No, no, no. The Republicans are not running against the middle class, don't take the bait. There will be tax increases on the upper two percent if they go with the presidents wishes but no tax increases if they on anyone extend the tax cuts. Tax increases on the 2% will only run the government for 8 days, and won't do a thing to reduce the deficit. It's class warfare, and any tax increase approved by the Republicans will be seen as, you agree tax increases to reduce the deficit and is good for the nation, so you admit you were wrong about taxes. It is not. Taking money from any group will stifle economic growth. It is the President who wants this financial cliff to happen. Taxing, the so called rich, will only bring us more unemployment, they hire or lay-off due to that 70% of the job force is hired by small business, the 2%. If you take more from them they will have to cut expenses, jobs. The super rich won't be hurt and they are the upper .5%.

No nation has taxed itself into prosperity. Great Britain is losing two thirds of its millionairs because income tax rates, for the rich, is going to 50%. Remember, the top 2% here pay 47% of all taxes going to the government and if they continue to be taxed they may take their money and leave amd who will make up the shortfall?

Romney ran on the smaller government, self reiance and freeing up the economy with cutting chocking regulation and taxes to the small business. Obama is doing the opposite. They voted against Romney because he wanted people go back to work and Obama was going to pay them not to.
Randy Miller

Dover, OH

#13 Dec 7, 2012
I remember, during the Bush years, the Democrats decried the Bush tax cuts were for the rich, you mean the weren't? Now the Democrats know the Republican party's stand for no tax increases and they have a win win situation for the upcoming fiscal cliff to zing the Republicans. If the Republicans hold strong for extending the tax cuts for all and the President wants them to expire on the upper 2% and no one budges then in January we all get a tax hike. The Republicans will be blamed for increasing taxes on the middle class trying to protect the rich. If they cave and have the upper 2% taxed, they lose again, not keeping to the no tax party. Look what happened to Bush 1, he caved to new taxes, was praised by the Democrats then was used against him in the election. A lose lose situation for the Republicans and the Democrats love it. Remember, the Democrats are willing to go over the fiscal cliff too.

Two years ago both parties and the President agreed it would be bad for the economy if the rate wasn't extended for all and it was. What changed?

Columbus, OH

#14 Dec 7, 2012
First of all, if Randy Miller is an educator, then we are all going over the educational cliff. Does he proofread? Can he spell? Should he as an educator be revealing his political positions? As taxpayers should we pay him to expouse his views which are probably spread in the classroom? Next, I never said that military service is not honorable; I said that you, Randy, are part of the 47 percent Romney finds disgusting. But, when I think about it, where do people work for twenty years and then get a retirement and benefits as you do. You chose to serve just like a worker building a bridge across a river or an underwater welder--you chose to do something dangerous. You are missing the point that Republicans don't care about you. They want to make sure the rich stay rich and the workers just go along. When first discussing the fiscal cliff, Boehner in a news conference said that the problems will get solved, but he would rather be discussing the situation on the golf course. I found that offensive and again indicative of how Americans are really viewed. He's worried about golfing when most people are trying to live their daily lives. You need to take off the blindfold and really look at the Republican party. I am not affiliated with any party; I vote for people who care about people.
Randy Miller

Dillonvale, OH

#15 Dec 7, 2012
No I don't proof read that much, and this computer has no spell check but that's no excuse, yes that's me. But I do proof read anything that has anything to do with my job. My letters to the editor I also proof read, you saw them. A lot of stuff posted on these sites are full of errors, no one cares. It's the content that matters.

Now, Alice, you didn't answer my questions I possed but instead went on a meaningless rant about nothing. Again, we are spending more than we take in and at some point we will be at the point of no return. We borrow 46 cents on every dollar we spend and it will increase. How do you propose we stop this? How do we stop the spending before we go bankrupt? I'm waiting.
Randy Miller

Dover, OH

#16 Dec 7, 2012
Now let's talk about military retirement. It's true soldiers can get a retirement at 20 years and up to thirty if they can get up the ranks to make it. Soldiers don't make as much as you think, but much less than their civilian counterparts, always have. At one point I was eligible for food stamps as a staff sergeant with a wife and four kids. We were always told you're not going to get rich in the Army. Even the officers don't make what they could in the civilian work force. We had some computer programmers that made $30,000 a year as Captains and they were offered three times that much by the corporate world. The dangerous jobs you mention pay 5 times what a soldier gets. They could invest it and retire in 20 years and still have a retirement more than the soldier. Have you noticed, we all have to work when we retire because it's still not enough to live on. If a firm had a retirement at 20 years they wouldn't make anymore than that soldier would at his 20. So we are not getting over on anyone Alice. Government employees, who are not in the military, get a much bigger salary and pension than the military, they have a union, we don't. Alice, I don't want to come off being mean to you but this what it's like in the military, the lowest paid workers in the government. The taxpayers are getting a bargain.

Massillon, OH

#17 Dec 7, 2012
To Alice,
What do you have against Randy Miller? That he makes spelling errors? REALLY? That as an educator he is not allowed to reveal his political positions?(Those educators that agree with your point of view are exempt? Have you seen the positions that college professors hold? In recent polls it was 70% called themselves liberal, 90% in prestigious universities) Then you state that he probably spreads his views in the classroom. Do you know that for a fact? Doesn't "probably" mean that you are making an assumption?
"There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it -- that that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what.... These are people who pay no income tax.... My job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives." Is this quote you are referring to when you state the 47% figure? I read that and don't see where he is talking about Social Security, Medicare, retirements... people receiving those benefits work for them, they are not ‘given’ to them.
Just because Boehner is Speaker of the House, doesn't mean that all Republicans agree with him on everything. Republicans can and do disagree with the other Republicans. We aren't blinded and in lock-step with whatever they say.
As far as being offended because he wants to discuss things on a golf course, as of 6/17/2012 Obama played 100 rounds of golf. After hearing about the murders in Benghazi he left for a fund raising campaign stop in Las Vegas the next day. He's planning a 21 day Hawaiian vacation when most people can't afford ANY type of vacation. Listen to the people of NJ and how they feel about how he cares about what they are going through now that the election is over. This is a man who cares about people?

Rockbridge, OH

#18 Dec 8, 2012
Well, Cindy, according to the ideals of the Republicans, the people in NJ shouldn't wait for handouts from the government. If I have a major problem, I have to deal with it. If you are paying attention to Obama's schedule that closely, then you are also obsessed with finding fault in him. With constituents like you and Randy, Obama needs a vacation. You are wrong about the 47 percent; it includes everyone who gets retirements etc. Read again. You are right that not all Republicans agree with Boehner et al. In fact, many are sick of him especially Republican women in Congress.
Randy Miller

Dover, OH

#19 Dec 8, 2012
Alice is in the 47% so we shouldn't waste our time trying to explain to her why America is on the decline. It's right in front of her face what is happening. She still has no solution, hasn't answered my question how to fix it, have you noticed?

Massillon, OH

#20 Dec 8, 2012
Alice, where are you getting the ideal that Republican ideals say not to help people in need? Help for people who are victims of a hurricane is not a handout.
As far as my being obsessed with Obama: you brought up Boehner playing golf, I remembered that Obama plays a lot of golf and googled "rounds of golf Obama played to date", that's where I got my info to put in my post, they stopped counting at 100. If taking a couple minutes to fact check something I was responding to is obsession then I guess I'm guilty.
Obama needs a vacation because of Randy Miller and me? He doesn't know I exist and could care less about my feelings about him.
Re-read the quote in my previous post regarding the 47%, he specifically said people who 'believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it -- that that's an entitlement'. Retirement income doesn't come under that definition.
I also googled 'Republican Congresswomen against Boehner' and nothing came up pertaining to that. Where did you get the info that you put in your last line of your post? If that was your opinion you shouldn't write it as fact.
You stated in your 1st response to Mary Ann Marshall that you voted for Obama but wouldn't go on a 'diatribe' about your reasons for Obama, but you certainly went on one against Romney. I for one would like to know your reasons for voting for Obama.

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