Ohio Slipping Out Of Romney's Reach

Full story: ABC News

OHIO NOW LEANS OBAMA: ABC News Political Director Amy Walter notes that today's New York Times-CBS News-Quinnipiac poll is the fourth non-partisan media poll in a row to show President Obama not only ahead by a significant margin, but at or above 50 percent of the vote.
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Edmonton, Canada

#3155 Dec 9, 2012
xxxrayted wrote:
<quoted text>
That's my point. Why should Wal-Mart do anything differently than they do today? We are the market driver. Wal-Mart only panders to that market. They are doing nothing wrong--we are.
ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT! Check my previous comment...even with the American government giving American corporations like Wal-Mart the opportunity to ably compete in America by investing, marketing and selling American made products (through trade agreements, tariffs and other such things), American corporations like Wal-Mart STILL defer investing in America to bring about foreign products into America!

Picture the scenario...these American companies could invest in American farmers that are producing pineapples, and the cost to Americans could turn out to be $1.00, while foreign pineapples (with added tariffs) end up costing Americans $0.95. EVEN if you advertise the fact that there is a pile of pineapples that are American made in the stores (if it even gets that far), you can see how many PATRIOTIC Americans would avoid buying American!

You know what the problem is? It is the businesses like Wal-Mart that are not supporting Americans...they would rather have the 5 cents, then to give Americans a future...THAT is the problem, xxxrayted...and with those 5 cents, these big corporations will end up purchasing time shares, and then trying to convince you that you should invest in it, making millions more off of you fools that believe that these corporations aren't to blame for the lack of American products being marketed in their stores, xxxrayted!

Edmonton, Canada

#3156 Dec 9, 2012
xxxrayted wrote:
<quoted text>
Not much, but people are not going to Wal-Mart for a loaf of bread. That's what Stop and Shops are for.
When we are talking a half or full cart of goods, that's when you go to Wal-Mart. If I'm going to purchase new Christmas lights for the outside of my house, and have only $50.00 to spend, I would rather go to Wal-Mart and get four strings of lights instead of two from other places.
I just went to Wal-Mart today. I'm diabetic and have no prescription coverage, so I have to pay cash for my insulin. I use three vials per month at a cost of $54.00 per vial. Wal-Mart?$24.99 per vial, and it's the same exact stuff made by the same exact drug manufacturer. I can get four vials for less money than it costs me to get two vials at any other drug store. What's my choice?
Well, according to you, it may vary...

Was the insulin that you are purchasing from Wal-Mart made in a socialist or communist nation? Better spend MORE money then, in order to support Republican insulin, made at Republican sponsoring pharmaceutical companies there, xxxrayted...So, what is your choice again, xxxrayted?

Seems like you are taking advantage of Obamacare prices, yet with your every living breath, you are cursing Obama as a socialist, while using socialist/communist insulin! You pig traitor, xxxrayted! LOL!

Edmonton, Canada

#3157 Dec 9, 2012
nope wrote:
For real

Alice, TX

#3158 Dec 21, 2012
Blacktigershark wrote:
<quoted text>
I am a windbag? How long have you been posting comments on this thread, xxxrayted? The only reason I find it amusing to post comments on here, is because you have NO ANSWER for most of my comments, now that Obama beat the double-talking liar that has more offshore accounts than you have dollars in your wallet right now, and the posts that you DO respond to are responses that are so stupid, I just have to entertain myself with throwing you back another response, as I see that there is NO WAY that you even have a truck driving job (unless it is for UPS or something along those lines...can anybody picture a xxxDougHeffernanrayted here? LOL! I sure can!)!
Let's get away from God's will (as it was His will to educate the masses about their rights, and what evil Republicans would do to their rights if they got into power, so He urged them to educate themselves enough to go to the polls and vote for someone that will UPHOLD their rights, not strip them of their rights!)...America functions on democracy. The key word in the last sentence is FUNCTION! Ask yourself, how does America manage to function, xxxDougieHeffrayted? The way America FUNCTIONS is when PATRIOTIC AMERICANS come to terms with dealing with the government that has been assigned to them, and trying to work WITH that government...something that you obviously are NOT willing to do, and that is why you are not a TRUE American. You will bitch, whine and complain for four more years, including doing so on this thread, and likely longer WHEN the Republicans get voted out of Congress and The White House for the next 10 years!
When talking about criminals, you should be looking at this Romney character, that you believe is the edible strawberry that surfaced from sewage. Romney has dealt with shady corporate thieves, the SAME ones that nearly bankrupted the country in 2008, and of whom are now shaking in their boots, because the American government will be going through with FATCA in 2013, and we will be able to bring those thieves to task...and how much do you want to bet that Romney will be netted in the dragnet, DougHef? LOL!
Obama didn't beat crap! Obama got the election handed to him by the entitlement dependent folks which outweigh the working classes. I personally overhead a lot of govt dependents of friends and family say so. These folks new absolutely nothing about politics, economy, or fiscal responsibility, in other words, they wanted the guy who would give them more.

Gardner, MA

#3159 Dec 22, 2012
Obama did beat CRAP, that crap was the best the Republican party could bring forth as a candidate, pure crap, Mitt Romney!!!

Go suck yourself with you double down CRAP!

In today's world you'd have to dismiss all reality, critical thinking, common sense and sanity to follow the Republican party.

Edmonton, Canada

#3160 Dec 22, 2012
For real wrote:
<quoted text>Obama didn't beat crap! Obama got the election handed to him by the entitlement dependent folks which outweigh the working classes. I personally overhead a lot of govt dependents of friends and family say so. These folks new absolutely nothing about politics, economy, or fiscal responsibility, in other words, they wanted the guy who would give them more.
You are a fucking idiot, ESPECIALLY if you believe the drivel you are spewing right now...I could go into detail on how wrong you are, however, you perfectly contradicted yourself in your comment, by saying that 'entitlement dependent folks', of whome DON'T outweigh the working classes, knew 'absolutely nothing about politics, economy or fiscal responsibility', though voted for 'the guy who would give them more'.

Let's explore how DUMB that contradiction in your above comment was, Sally Shithead! You believe that these people have no political, business or economical sense, HOWEVER, these people had enough awareness to vote for the political candidate that would, in your eyes,'give them more'. In order for this group, that you mention, to vote for a candidate that would give them more, they would have to have SOME political knowledge about the Presidential candidates that were running, and know that it would be good business economics to vote for the person that would do more for them, rather than for party and self (Romney and his Wall Street corporate thieves, his union-busting big business buddies, so that they can outsource American jobs to foreigners, his banking buddies that want to foreclose on Americans, so that they can resell America to foreigners, and change the demographic of America to Chinese, Japanese, Middle East and some African people, while Americans have no place to lay their head or earn a living...as long as these RepubliSCUM have their choice mansions in America and abroad, it would be business as usual where it comes to selling out the country)!

So, in REALITY, these people that voted for the person that would give them more, REALLY voted for the person that would do more for America, Americans and PROTECTING America and the common man, that is the FOUNDATION of America, not big business, that would sell of 95% of America to foreigners for a profit, at the consequence of PATRIOTIC Americans. Patriotic Americans see the Republican's agenda, and they will not stand idly by and watch the land, that their forefathers fought for and brought to fruition, end up being sold from underneath them to foreigners by a few greedy American elitists, at the expense of the majority of Americans. Explain why the working class and union workers and unionists voted for President Obama...the LARGEST group of people in America to date, Sally Shithead? You will then realize why it is that Obama WON the election, and why Romney, of whom was GIVEN a platform to represent the Republican party on, and with tweaks to his own policy stance, basically was GIVEN the clear opportunity to win the Presidency of the United States, fucked up SO BAD AND LOST THE ELECTION!

Give it a little bit more thought and sleep it off, Sally Shithead...sure that you don't have a job anyways, but you can find time to bitch about a Republican candidate that would have as soon as he could, sent you to Puerto Rico to live in such abject squalor and poverty, while selling continental America to China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Russia, Libya, Sudan and other nations, for their own good. WAIT! You already live in squalor, don't you?

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#3161 Aug 24, 2013
Ohio 2x-can the FDR/Truman liberals make it 3?

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