Who in the last 50 years can honestly say they have experienced an episode in which a gun in their hand would have changed the outcome of a bad situation?
How many people know of a little smart ass, with a few too many beers, that would pull out his pistol to equalize a senseless fist fight.
The argument that guns don't kill people, idiots with guns kill people is about as stupid an argument for anti-gun control as I have ever heard! If we arm everyone in the country with assault weapons or even small weapons and allow them in schools, churches, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, major events and cars, look out for the return of the wild Wild West ! Might just as we'll build a few gallows and settle all our misunderstanding in the street with our trusty colt! May the best shot win (not the best man)
Com on people! No one is trying to take away your rights to hunt deer, ducks, elk or bears, we just want you to use some common sense. Next we'll be wanting to haul a little plutonium around in a convenient little container to be used like pepper spray because the criminals now have bigger guns!