Trayvon Martin Shooting Death Sparks ...

Trayvon Martin Shooting Death Sparks Outrage on Social Media

There are 66309 comments on the Wall Street Journal story from Mar 22, 2012, titled Trayvon Martin Shooting Death Sparks Outrage on Social Media. In it, Wall Street Journal reports that:

Social media has put the spotlight on the story Trayvon Martin , an unarmed African-American teenager who was shot to death last month by a neighborhood watch captain in Florida.

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United States

#64899 Jul 5, 2013
Trayvon was no smarter then h is girl friend, and we all know how smart she is. She can't read cursive. Can she read anything? She is 19, and a senior in H S. I was 16 when I graduated. I skipped a grade.


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#64900 Jul 5, 2013
Voice of Reality wrote:
<quoted text>
It is not funny, but tragic that Trayvon Martin is, yet another, example of what the results of a unwed mother with little control over a son can lead to. Trayvon lived a law of the jungle type life and ran into a man who was ready for him.
Did anybody notice that Trayvon did not have the same last name as the mother, yet another bastard (dictionary definition) meets an untimely end.
She was not an unwed mother. You lie.

Trayvon's mother was named Martin before she divorced his father.

Once again, check out the definition of reality and change your name.

United States

#64901 Jul 5, 2013
I know I don't know anything about the girl, so let me guess. Like Trayvon she has no Daddy at home, maybe not anywhere, her mom is on the same drugs she is on

Bangkok, Thailand

#64902 Jul 5, 2013
JBH wrote:
The wild west volatility AND radicalism are clearly shuffled out, as so, in displaying the irrationality chaos in US.
When this is not just about Snowden matters, the volatility radicalism is specifically lacking the regard for proper human acts, demonstrating that such people live without getting acts together, to actualize the confirmation of conformance by obeying ruling, rules, regulations, instructions.
In other words, the example is that you think you can chase your ex-spouse to any corner of the world to the end of time, when he/she took your computer away containing some files of your business, to be with other land and people.
The reason your spouse left you is because he/she said you were a gangster doing wrong to a lot of people and the society to make money. Your ex-spouse has no more belief in you and wants to be with people with genuine value. That you say taking your property of computer away is theft. You say you have a big force and lot of gang members and will send them to chase your ex-spouse back from wherever he/she has gone to.
Between the appraisal of taking the computer away like theft, to the standpoint of doing bad as a gangster, there is no such case of stealing computer over-weighs the ugliness of being the very bad gangster. As you think that some people might want the files of your gangster business model that your ex-spouse would give them, but that could not be the case as people think gangster business is very wrong and don't want your model.
In such a way, US spying on world is worse than Snowden 's telling snooping with possession of computers. Do you think that is the intellectual property as snooping (as what Snowden took) that people of the world want?
But the paradox is the disregard to ruling, rules and regulations. These examples are still going on as the wild west way of old times with no viable process to reason out matters and issues, like Bush's radicalism with no boundary of anything by forcing out UN inspection by breaking the procedure standpoint of acting on forced invasion of Iraq.
As US thinks it is a big force, it would do whatever to incite on others to get Snowden, like using the CIA to tell Spain to do about airplane flying to Bolivia.
What is wrong is so wrong. Countries like Spain have no rights to detour airplane to Bolivia because of Snowden, but they should act like Russia. Besides, they don't know the real truth and true facts without witnessing. They cannot always listen to propagandas as they should look at the good, the corrupted, the bad and the ugly (gangsters are bad and ugly) to base on, to operate for good.
No more wild west disorderly acts to the world can go on, as that will make lots of bad troubles, for all these are fouls and wrong. People have to realize what are wrongs.
It is what is right versus what is so wrong (as wrong-doings), in retrospect, that recognition of these aspects needs operative enactment in the affirmation of the confirmation of conformance by obeying ruling, rules, regulations, instructions throughout the world.
US Democrats are same and alike right now to FORMER BUSH's way of doing, on the Snowden case, whereas Obama operates on such, which can violate International regulations, arena and rules, as being unlawful, in the appearance of exercising extremism continual radicalism, while the world that looks upon is a bigger new world.
Your as full of pompous shit as a Christmas goose. Snowden is a traitor! Screw what the world think. Where ever you are stay there, we don't another liberal socialist, we have enough already.
serfs up

Ormond Beach, FL

#64903 Jul 5, 2013
xxxrayted wrote:
<quoted text>
The problem is it won't be a white liberals house.
I live in a very diverse suburb of Cleveland. Years ago when it was mostly White, the liberals on the street used to preach diversity and how we needed more blacks in the city. When their wish started to come true, they were the first to sell their homes and get the hell out of here. They all ended up in the whitest suburbs in the next county.
So if they burn down a whities house, it will likely be a non-liberal unfortunately because they will stay close to where they live at and not go into all white areas where the liberals actually live.
A lot of truth in that post. Very little broadcasting from the biased media on that issue. But what the hell, you got Hollywood people who live in mansions, drive expensive cars, eat the finest of foods, dress to the nines and live the most opulent lives breaking a minimum of a few of the 7 deadly sins in everyday life, pushing communist agendas.
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Tulsa, OK

#64906 Jul 5, 2013
American Lady wrote:
They are going to RIOT & LOOT either way. Free stuff!!! Yeah!!!! Free stuff!!!
Just heel up and meet them at the fnckuig door.
Angered American

Rochester, MN

#64907 Jul 5, 2013
Reagan Revived wrote:
<quoted text>We all know about your perversions azzwipe.
Yes it would appear that Greg is quite gay it seems.
I guess from what I have read here, That he also is quite the welfare collector.
He hasnt worked in his entire life.
Ascendo Tuum

Hamilton, Canada

#64908 Jul 5, 2013
Inspector Beaver 2 wrote:
Thousands of blacks have tweeted their intentions to riot.
The only question that remains is whether or not the jury will be intimidated into returning guilty verdict.
There is more than enough reasonable doubt and the defense hasn't even got started yet.
And so have fright wing snot nosed inbred racist morons..... so what's your point?
Ascendo Tuum

Hamilton, Canada

#64909 Jul 5, 2013
Go Blue Forever wrote:
<quoted text>...I've gotten sick of hearing bullsh*t like.....He must be guilty cause he....Did'nt identify himself?.......He coulda stayed in his truck?......My favorite...He profiled Trayvon?.....Geez, when did common sense die?.....
probably after the 5th generation of fright wing snot nosed racist inbreeding.
Ascendo Tuum

Hamilton, Canada

#64910 Jul 5, 2013
inbred Genius wrote:
get well soon trayvon, we're all pulling for you.
uh inbred.... yer syster-wyfe is calling you for more servicin'
Ascendo Tuum

Hamilton, Canada

#64911 Jul 5, 2013
chris532008 wrote:
<quoted text>
also referred to as anti caucasianism the only real minority
Ascendo Tuum

Hamilton, Canada

#64912 Jul 5, 2013
Heydrich wrote:
If Zimmerman goes free the Negro will seek out ruin and destruction against innocent White America. The Negro never respects law and order in a civilized society of good citizens. The Negro is a stain of shame on the great American Nation and has never made a contribution to humanity since his existance.
like the Jews... right Adolf??
Asfail tum

Montréal, Canada

#64913 Jul 5, 2013
Don't worry Astum, you'll be next to tray, your apes are the lowest form of life, the least intelligent of any race on the planet, a vile disease that will removed from the tree of life. It will be a great excuse to remove the disease that you are as a useless species.

Is that bag on your head working, keeping your hair from breaking ?
Ascendo Tuum

Hamilton, Canada

#64914 Jul 5, 2013
chris532008 wrote:
<quoted text> that s what racists do, they have no accountability for their actions
You'd know... wouldn't you, Christine.... And GI Janie is trying to slip from HIS accountability for HIS actions.
Ascendo Tuum

Hamilton, Canada

#64915 Jul 5, 2013
Truth wrote:
<quoted text>
Scratches on front and back of the head. Don't forget the broken nose. Most importantly don't forget the eye witness that identified Martin on top and Zimmerman on the bottom screaming help. Just because you can't shoot a little 9 mm without it hitting your ugly face doesn't mean others can't. You're welcome.
ya... don't forget the concussion... the skull fracture or bone bruise... don't forget the black eyes from the broken nose....

What's that??? There weren't any?? After GI Janie said his head was repeatedly slammed against a concrete sidewalk causing him to almost pass out?? Wow.... fcuking head of rock, that man has...
Ascendo Tuum

Hamilton, Canada

#64916 Jul 5, 2013
Truth wrote:
<quoted text>
The calls for help were by Zimmerman before the fatal shot. Just ask the eye witness. Glad I could help.
No they weren't. Just ask the two forensic audio experts who did separate and independent studies on the 911 tape.... each using different techniques.... each coming to the same conclusion: IT WAS NOT GI JANE SCREAMING.
Ascendo Tuum

Hamilton, Canada

#64917 Jul 5, 2013
estimate wrote:
<quoted text>And i guess you have no problem with krackersmacker... Zazz you are so foolish for thinking that George will get 25 to life. There is not enough evidence to prove 2nd degree murder. You can continue to give your personal opinion.// but as far as a legal opinion you must admit that the state is not doing a good job at all to get justice for trayvon..
oh come on.... krackersmacker is just another snot nosed fright wing redneck racist hiding behind a keyboard pretending to be black in order to discredit blacks. Are you really that stupid that you haven't figured that out??
Ascendo Tuum

Hamilton, Canada

#64918 Jul 5, 2013
estimate wrote:
<quoted text>zazz its common sense that a man who is being beaten would be screaming for help. As much as you want to see George fry there is just not enough evidence to prove your case.
Actually.... it would make MORE sense that it was the kid who had gun pointed in his face by a raving lunatic that would be screaming. And btw... two independent forensic audio experts agree with me.
Ascendo Tuum

Hamilton, Canada

#64919 Jul 5, 2013
Inspector Beaver 2 wrote:
zazz is the poster child for our failed public education system.
and you are the poster child for failed enforcement of incest laws.
Ascendo Tuum

Hamilton, Canada

#64920 Jul 5, 2013
Heydrich wrote:
Trayvon Martin was a criminal and recieved just punishment for his actions. The Negro community is being goaded on by such hatemongers as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. The Negro continues to accuse White America as the cause of their troubles. Many thought that since America voted a man of color for President the Negro would join the community of America´s good. The opposite has happened and the Negro continues to spread disease and destruction to the American Nation. The Negro is a culture of filth and disgust void of any benifit to humanity.
Like the Jews in Germany, right Adolf?? You must be SOOOOO proud of your heritage....

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