Obama heads to Clooney gala fundraise...

Obama heads to Clooney gala fundraiser with gay marriage stance figuring to invigorate backers

There are 1047 comments on the The Washington Post story from May 10, 2012, titled Obama heads to Clooney gala fundraiser with gay marriage stance figuring to invigorate backers. In it, The Washington Post reports that:

WASHINGTON - Fresh from declaring his support of same-sex marriage, President Barack Obama is diving into the embrace of Hollywood's wealthy elite at the gala event of the political season - a sold-out, record-setting fundraiser at the Los Angeles home of movie star George Clooney.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

#1 May 10, 2012
So I guess Obama is ok with two men adopting a little boy.

“Make America Great Again”

Since: Jun 07

Bring Obama Back!

#2 May 10, 2012
It is great for our side – the patriotic side – to have Heavy-Hitting Hollywood-Bigwigs like George Clooney out front rising what will be a record amount for the Obama campaign.





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Since: Nov 09

Location hidden

#3 May 10, 2012
Marine Corp Pat wrote:
It is great for our side – the patriotic side – to have Heavy-Hitting Hollywood-Bigwigs like George Clooney out front rising what will be a record amount for the Obama campaign.
Once again, your stupidity is, as always, predictable yet uniquely individual.





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Richmond, Canada

#4 May 10, 2012
The world you live in is this world that is right, from the Layman definition Framer concept of tradition, but not from revolution.

Mormons are great and fine, as well-suited under the Constitution, since Mormon faith fits in the Constitution while it puts on not any label to specify in the conduct and lifestyle of the privacy of the president.

Therefore, Mormons are preferred than Muslim faith of Obama and some other faith, in reference to the Constitution or not.

You have a crazy, sick and insane pair Obama and Biden doing the crazy thing by doing queer support of gay marriage, as these two might as well marry each other, for they simply say anything that overthrows anything to become queer, as was impossible, is made possible in their hands to enhance a troublesome society in chaos.

This Obama extremist is always thinking of every day as a revolution as his chairman Mao says, by defying human rights principle as he realizes those like blind man dissident being abused in China can be ignored, and at the same time takes gay marriage instead, by thinking the whole world is for revolution for illegals , Muslims and Islams to come to USA to become the zoo of queer aninmals to have the animal way and gay encounters , in order to see what this new way of animal-style will be like, in order to make the new revolution style of having no borders and talking about terorism to beat to then.

The world's founded foundation goes on doing fine by adopting Momrmon's definition of family structures and tradition for universal people, as like-minded world Internationals are feeling alike.

Within this universe, there will be the tradition that must go on , so that this universal decoration of tradition as lives of human structure and families shall be doing fine, as all people must finalize the fine tune that gay marriage is never and will never be the founded foundation of worldwide International people.
Clooney has been

United States

#5 May 10, 2012
This is not about Gay Marriage. Everyone is missing the point!

Gays can get married ANYWHERE if someone will marry them.

What this is about is the marriage being accepted by government and others.

Even more so, this is about gay rights being shoved down our throats from grade school to our churches.

I see no difference between gay behavior and a pedophile except gays are two consenting people. In that respect, no one cares what they do except they are demanding they get their behavior accepted as normal and even taught in grade schools, churches, and they expect special recognition and rights from our government.

I could marry a pig but I would not expect a different tax rate from the government because of it.

Just one more travesty for our country!

What would you expect from obama; a man of no morals! As he said, "Why should my daughter be punished by a baby?" meaning live in promiscuity and if you end up with the "inconvenient truth" of being pregnant....just kill the baby!

Another reason our nation no longer is the great nation it once was!
America Is Not The Same

Miami Beach, FL

#6 May 10, 2012
obama has just lost 7 swing states that have already voted AGAINST gay marriage.
With that he has lost the Hispanic vote the REAL Christian and the Muslim vote

There is hope after all that obama will be a 1 term president.

The democratic primary in WV obama lost to a write in vote.obama lot to a convicted felon who is serving time in TX.
This man won by 69% over obama. both the governor and the Jr. senator of WV who are democrats stated on national TV that they will NOT be voting for obama.

WTG WV!!!!

The first step to communism is socialism and the breakdown of the unit and values
A vote for obama is a vote for communism who is a card carrying member for decades

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#7 May 10, 2012
Marine Corp Pat wrote:
It is great for our side – the patriotic side – to have Heavy-Hitting Hollywood-Bigwigs like George Clooney out front rising what will be a record amount for the Obama campaign.
don't forget while your blowing obama to mumble that he personally killed Osama
Hollywood Star

United States

#8 May 10, 2012
If Clooney wanted to stop by and visit; he would not be allowed into our house!

Greensboro, NC

#9 May 10, 2012
Obama and team have made one gigantic mistake. He placed the importance of Hollywood cash above that of the beliefs of the American people. He is calculating that Hollywood money will override the disgust that the overwhelming majority of Americans feel about a decadent lifestyle that has killed millions of people around the world. AIDS is a homosexual disease and there simply is no denial of that fact.

“It's Time to Defeat Terrorism ”

Since: May 11


#10 May 10, 2012
The anti-Christ Obama is ready to sell the destiny of America and the future of our children in America for few millions of dirty dollars from the anti-American liberal Elites of Holywood as donations for his failed re-election campaign. History of civilized world denounced the doggie anal culture that Obama seek to push to our kindergartens and for the education of our children in the public schools of America. Obama is desperate after his defeat in West Virginia and he is trying any trick in the book to save his 'skin' from major defeat in November. Clearly, Obama proved time and again to be the anti-Christ who will do anything to destroy America’s spirit and morality by Divide and Rule. Obama is pushing America to its bitter end of the 'Roman Empire scenario' through drunken and druggies celebrations of Sodom and Gomorrah and pushing the disgusting doggie culture to destroy the spirit of our kids in the public schools. Obama proved that he would sell America to Mozlem Brotherhood, socialism and Homosexuality if it will bring him re-election. Obviously, the history of mankind of more than 5000 years did not allowed the doggie anal culture of homosexuals to become ‘normal’. However, this changed when the America-hater Obama who is seeking new world order of the Mozlem Brothers and the communists over the ruins of America found easy way to destroy the American military and American society from within by creating anarchy and chaos with homosexuals that undermine the American family and US military structure. Now the Obama’s Maoist czars are aiming to dissolve the American society and the US Military by pushing the immoral ‘doggie anal culture’ to our classrooms and Marines units. The “education” czar under Obama supports Obama who proved to be the immoral idiotic Messiah of the homosexuals and will educate our kids that girl is equal to a boy only to destroy the American society from within. More than 90% of Americans do not agree to convert America to the corrupt ‘doggie anal cultural’ Sodom and Gomorrah that the Lord destroyed in the biblical stories because he was disgusted. Marriage is defined as unification of man and woman for procreation and keeping the new generation as part of an American family, which is the pillar of the American society. Homosexual relations bring to the self-destruction and to the death of the American society because no new generation is created.
Morgan Stanley

Monongahela, PA

#11 May 10, 2012
Marine Corp Pat wrote:
It is great for our side – the patriotic side – to have Heavy-Hitting Hollywood-Bigwigs like George Clooney out front rising what will be a record amount for the Obama campaign.
Has BO invited you to the GAY GALA at LOONEYS house?

Zion, IL

#12 May 10, 2012
George Clooney and Obama sittin' in a tree K. I. S. S. I. N. G.

Homosexuals Reproduce Themselves by Pedophile Behavior

Homosexuality is a sex-addicts lifestyle that destroys the family, manhood, womanhood, and childhood in order to mock at God's divine order and destroy the future generations of humanity. Many times youth are bent toward to same sex because they were exposed to sexual images of the same sex during puberty while lacking a father figure at home. This emotional disorder is spread primarily by PORNOGRAPHY and child molestation from the same sex. Then feelings of rejection from the opposite-sex have perpetuated this unhealthy dysfunction into adulthood.

The shameful history of the homosexual has left nations less populated, sicker, and emotionally and financially drained. Even the vast majority of their leaders per capita have fought hard the preserve the STD curse on the earth, while taking pleasure in destroying the minds of children with despicable acts of lewdness and molestation.

The Liberal Democrats are party that is actively involved in destroying the healthy Family Unit in America. The homosexual thought police that need to silenced. Too many of these perverts are will go on Youtube and create videos catered toward youth and teens only to make them sexually suggestive then promote site s to pornography of every kind especially of same sex porn. It is disgusting and deserves criminal investigation.

When the vile death-style of Homosexuality wipes out generations of viable future families with marriages of once viable young men and young women, we will not only experience a national decline in morals and the destruction of the family unit in America, we will experience a cultural decline because these people are warping the young minds of the children just as prisoners have done to new inmates.

Homosexuality is just another form of social and cultural terrorism. Even the Homosexual jihadists and gay sharia law advocates will shut down both private and public free speech just to push the perversion platform down the throats of American society and future generations until every child's mind has been raped by their filth. The reason Hollywood, the music industry, and public governmental officials are trying to promote the homosexual "bowel" movement as because even they have been peer-pressured into it or have been influenced by being sexually abused by one of them. So they will abuse and warp the minds of future generations. These people are disgusting and HOMOSEXUALITY WILL NEVER BE NORMAL, regardless of all the reality shows, talk shows, and Hollywood sitcoms designed to brainwash the public into a mindless stupor.

Today it's the pedophiles within the Democrat Party that is Promoting Gay Marriage.

The Gay Gene Hoax: History & Lies of the Homosexual Movement


Since: Mar 09

The Left Coast

#13 May 10, 2012
Robert wrote:
<quoted text>
don't forget while your blowing obama to mumble that he personally killed Osama
Don't forget he 'won' the Nobel Peace Prize too.

Charlottesville, VA

#14 May 10, 2012
Will Larry Sinclair be waiting in the motel room with a bag of blow?

Zion, IL

#15 May 10, 2012
This news story sounds gayer than an Elton John Pink Pajama Party.

Obama's Communist Homosexual Abortion Agenda

But honestly, these men are both promoting a Communist agenda in America. Even Putin sees the damage Rampant Homosexuality is doing to the Russian Population. He is paying people to have children now. Because the Muslim population is growing so fast!


Look what's already happening in Europe! "Scientific evidence of the results of homosexual population decline."

The World is Changing

Demographic Winter

Stop the Islamization of Europe

Those who support Gay Marriage also support Social Suicide for the sake of their sex Addiction. Those who really care about America need rise up vote these politicians right out of office who approve of this. Their addiction will lead to the reduction of the US Population just as it did Europe and allow radical Islam to take over in America. In that day, you will not worry about your gay precious gay marriage, you will be worried about trying to keep your own head on your body as the US population reduces to dangerous levels while the radical Muslim population rises in to such high levels that Islamic Sharia Law takes over the US Constitution. In that that you will realize that a Judeo-Christian Influenced society provided you with more freedom and a more secure future than the secular or Islamic based one. But I perceive that you are so sex addicted and so programmed that you will not be able to logically nor intellectually respond to my posts. Take what I am saying to heart and stop allowing the liberal media to create a social-engineered peer pressure against what is good for America.

The Very Homosexuality that Communists have supported to take down the Christian Cultural Influence in Free Capitalist Democratic Republics is now Destroying Russia's Future and survival!

Sheik Yerbouti

Lambertville, NJ

#16 May 10, 2012
I see the fundietards are out in force this morning! Take your bronze age superstitions and shove them where the sun don't shine!

Lynwood, CA

#17 May 10, 2012
Is the democrat party paying for the flight?

And ain't George Clooney happy about Gay Marriage annoucement? Does he have a beard? Is he a 'confirmed' bachelor much like Leonardo?

If you're proud, come out, come out!

Or will their livlihoods be diminished?

Since: Oct 08

Alpharetta, GA

#18 May 10, 2012
For years we thought my little brother was g ay, turns out it's worse...he's a liberal Democrat...the family is so ashamed.
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Las Cruces, NM

#20 May 10, 2012
But I thought obama was against the 1 percenters ... oh that's right, only against 1 percenters that don't give him money. Flaming hypocrite
Otis B Driftwood

Medford, NY

#21 May 10, 2012
A perverse elitist cadre(Hollywood)supporting an equally perverse administration(Obama). Is anyone really surprised?

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