Are you familiar with the FairTax bill?

Are you familiar with the FairTax bill?

Created by FairTax_question on May 23, 2008

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Michael Kersh

United States

#21 May 24, 2008
Nope. It didn't work. Well, I guess some days are just like that.[Is there a webpage expert in the house?]
James Gough

Franklin, OH

#22 May 24, 2008
For over 90 years the citizens of the United States have been legally robbed by our government through an amendment (16th) which allowed the government to take our freedom to earn as much as possible and support our 'free' enterprise system. Heck, in the first 10+ years of it's existence that lovely amendment arguably caused the Great depression. Since then it has created a partisian government in which the party in control, controls the purse strings of OUR purse. Each party continues to give themselves raises and are not victims of Social Security and Medicare. Because their plans, furnished by US,the taxpayers, are better. We need a list of those Congressman who approve of the status quo and vote them out. Funny, but I thought we should start a new party called the constitutionanl party. I had no idea there actually is one. I want a politician to stand up with both Fairtax books and say this is the answer to our economy. Nothing is more wrong then taxpayer money going to the IRS so they can audit the very people who pay their salaries.

Los Angeles, CA

#23 May 24, 2008
Pat wrote:
Very interesting how 85% of the people polled are aware of and support the FairTax bill yet there is little if any mention of it by the mainstream media and it rarely comes up in discussion or debate among the 3 front running candidates that same media has chosen for us
The main stream media promotes things to a large group of the public who will never make a decision on anything and they will not vote.

Let's promote the FairTax to people who are intelligent enough to have read the documents, books and papers and who know how much this country will benefit from FairTAx becoming law.

I believe there is a hugh number of Americans who have no business voting or expressing an opinion, especially about the FairTax.
Kim Kilgallen

Paradise, TX

#24 May 24, 2008
Unless you are a politician, or for some reason love our current tax system, why would you not be for the FairTax ? Who wouldn't rather be taxed on what they "spend" rather than be taxed on what they "earn". There has been so much hype about the one time "economic stymulus package" that has cost us taxpayers billions of dollars, but nobody is talking about the MONTHLY economic stymulus checks that the head of households would receive under the FairTax in the form of a monthy rebate check ?
Good posts

Walnut Creek, CA

#25 May 25, 2008
Excellent posts here by well researched and read individuals. I concur with Michael Kirsh's analysis of the foreign policy benefits of the FairTax. When America once again becomes the de facto best place in the world to do business, our multinational corporations will find themselves with more self interest in making investments in American capital, labor, expertise, and technology; eventually this will lead to reputation and prestige once again, as well. The biggest hurdle it seems to me, was mentioned earlier by Pat from Jacksonville -- our illustrious media. I think that if the American people were made aware of the choices available in policy they would choose to elect the statesmen that voters like Nevin and myself are looking for. I for one would not vote for a person who is not versed enough on H.R. 25 to be a supporter.
Libertarian 2008

United States

#26 May 25, 2008
There is a candidate that is for the Fair Tax running for president in '08.His name is Bob Barr,a
Libertarian that is for smaller goverment.Go to"Bob

Knoxville, TN

#27 May 25, 2008
Michael Kersh wrote:
I'm halfway through Ron Paul's book, "A Foreign Policy of Freedom". What Ron needs to understand is that the FairTax will go a long way toward accomplishing his desire of non-interventionist politics. Why? Because the FairTax makes it desireable for US corporations [the military-industrial complex, for example] to get along with other nations rather than jumping in to police them, thereby earning us their hatred. By removing the income/payroll tax component from our economy and letting the free market dictate pricing, many of the economic reasons we have for intervening in the affairs of other nations will disappear -- because our corporations and industries will be too busy on our own soil reaping the economic benefits of the FairTax [read Neal Boortz books, "The FairTax Book" and "FairTax: The Truth" to see what I mean] to meddle in the politics of other nations. The FairTax is truly a "win-win" situation. So let's go for it -- do not give in and do not give up. I understand and appreciate Dr Paul's position on not wanting to commit to co-sponsorship of the FairTax based on his philosophy of government and taxation, but he needs to re-think the practical application -- the FairTax is a freedom-based tax of peace and prosperity -- although, once implemented, I am for lowering the FairTax rate to no higher than 10%-- why should government be allowed to ask for more than God?
Your so right. It's one of the same reasons the Liberation Party does not get the traction it should. Wanting to do away with all taxes is a noble quest, but hardly practical. I believe we need a strong third party, but not one whose platform makes the media deem them as a fringe group along with the general public.
Chris G

Long Beach, CA

#28 May 25, 2008
We need to push Barack into making a stand on the FairTax issue. I know, I know, we can all assume his answer will be but, it needs to become public. Make him make a stand and the rest will follow suit.


Forget Ron Paul's book. He is merely trying to explain what capitalism is all about. Ayn Rand has better answers why capitalism is morally superior to altruism.
Paul Burgener

Norfolk, VA

#29 May 25, 2008
If we'd pass the Fair Tax bill, the poor would pay no taxes, the rich would pay the maximum rate, the federal government would get the same amount of money, we'd complete no tax forms, we'd have at least $900 more money each year (because the wasted compliance cost would drop), businesses would return to the United States, the tax burden would be spread to illegals, tourists and criminals, cheating would greatly decline, prices will not go up, purchasing power will not go down, and April 15 would be just another spring day.
Chris G

Long Beach, CA

#30 May 25, 2008
Paul Burgener wrote:
If we'd pass the Fair Tax bill, the poor would pay no taxes, the rich would pay the maximum rate,....
Well you almost got it right. Everyone is taxed equally. There is no "maximum" rate. But yes, the prebate would prevent poverty level citizens from having to pay taxes on basic necessities.
Robin Williams

New Orleans, LA

#31 May 25, 2008
I am very much for the fair tax system and believe it would do so much for our present tax problems in this country. I hope to see it come to fruition very soon. Continue the good work and thank you.
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#34 May 25, 2008
It was up to 88% when I voted. While I would love to think that is a true representative sample of America, I doubt it. I'm not sure where the mailing list came from that got us to this website to vote, but I think it may be because we already support the fair tax, so it's a skewed sample. I suspect the actual number of Americans who have heard of and support the Fair Tax is much less. (Hate to be negative, but that sounds too good to be true.)

Omaha, NE

#35 May 25, 2008
bev wrote:
This is a Question for Pat. What is the Constutional Party ? Please explain.
The Constitution Party is the third largest political party when counted by voter registration. For more information on that party's platform go here . They already have their nominee and VP chosen. Their nominee, Chuck Baldwin, does support repealing the sixteenth amendment.
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New York, NY

#37 May 25, 2008
Pat wrote:
Very interesting how 85% of the people polled are aware of and support the FairTax bill yet there is little if any mention of it by the mainstream media and it rarely comes up in discussion or debate among the 3 front running candidates that same media has chosen for us
I think there is a large group "I am for the FairTax, but I'm not doing anything to help" that was not suggested on the poll. Would probably have surpassed the 85%.
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Bob Iles

Cincinnati, OH

#40 May 25, 2008
Tkrop wrote:
Most everyone who talks pro or con about the FairTax ignore the fact that broadening the tax base across the nation is the sanest, and only fair cure for Social Security. Anytime the media and the politicians talk about taxes and or Social Security they treat them as separate issues. They really aren't. Not when it comes to the FairTax. Approximately 48% of U.S. citizens actually pay income taxes. A bit more pays into Social Security. With the FairTax everyone who sets foot on U.S. soil pays into the system regardless of how they derive their income. Only people with some kind of an agenda or so awfully afraid of change cannot or refuse to see the logic here.
The hidden benefit of Fairtax is it will eliminate the special interest's including but not not limited to career politics
Duane Neighbors

Ellenwood, GA

#41 May 25, 2008
We all talk the talk, but now we have a chance to walk the walk. If we want to leave a better place for our children and grandchildren we must make the changes necessary for this nation to compete in the global market. A very good way to do this is to untax exports at the same time we expect imports to face the same tax requirements as native manufacturers. Nearly every other industrialized country has already made this change and are competitive in those same global markets while the United States has an enormous trade deficit. The FairTax meets those goals. American exports would be untaxed while imports would face the same taxation as goods made here.

You can walk the walk by helping pass the FairTax and provide our children and grandchildren with a better world than we have known.
Jim Nowlin

Sparks, NV

#42 May 25, 2008
The best way to get our "Fair Tax" to become reality is for all of us to contact (in every way possible) those running for federal offices, and let them know that getting on board with the "Fair Tax" will give them a huge advantage over their opponent!
Randy Stone

High Point, NC

#43 May 26, 2008
Remember that more jobs bring more income which increases consumption. So the amount of money going in to our Gov,mt will be far greater than today. I understand that the actual price we pay for goods may not change much from what we pay today. So my point is that we will be much better off especially (my grand kids) with the Fair Tax
Rick Haven

Orange Park, FL

#44 May 26, 2008
Nevin Harrison wrote:
I feel any elected in WDC that will not co-sponsor the fair tax is a politician, not a statesman and should be voted out of office ASAP. I will no longer vote for the lessor of 2 evils. I support the Constitutional party.
Nevin, you obviously did not read Chuck Baldwin's comments. He has said two weeks abo that he would definately not support a consumption tax of any kind. We all need to contact Chuck and show him the error of his ways.........Rick in Crescent City, FL
Rick Haven

Orange Park, FL

#45 May 26, 2008
Nevin, you obviously did not read Chuck Baldwin's comments. He has said two weeks abo that he would definately not support a consumption tax of any kind. We all need to contact Chuck and show him the error of his ways.........Rick in Crescent City, FL

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