Not so fast.
There is a world of difference between the truly great patriotic Mr. Nelson mandela and opportunist and usurper Mrs. Michael Aris.

Nelson Mandela has all the qualities of a true leader including moral courage.

What is Suu Kyi Aris is sitting on the fence, even preaching tolerance to illegal Bengali muslim immigrants. Why? she is waiting for president U thein Sein to slip on banana skin. Misfortune of USDP will be fortune of NLD.

Fortune of NLD will be the greatest MISFORTUNE and dishonour of Burma.

Not all Burma is for SuuKyi Aris, who is out for herself. The real needs of Burmese people, real democracy, justice, civil liberty, fairer distribtuion of wealth and propserity for all are not in her thought for she can never deliver them. Fact! A mere third class degree, which actually is a consolation degree, no experience in anything except in being a housewife, not even the ability to run a corner shop, how can she deliver anything?

Look at the faces of ignorance by the banner.

Colonialism had left behind some Burmese people trapped in slave mentality.

When SuuKyi Aris was released colonialist media was ready to declare it Mandela moment. Well, it flopped!

Norway and other European countries have woken to the reality of SuuKyi's treachery.

There will be no Mandela moment. Simply there is no comparison whatsoever between an mere housewife who had disgrace Burma and a true south African patriot who never abandoned his principles and dedicated himslef to the good of his people.

Nelson Mandela is his people's leader.

SuuKyi Aris is a puppet, ventriloquist's dummy, of major Western powers.