Michelle Obama Voted Ugliest First Lady

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#155 Mar 29, 2010
well, I have a personal right to say this - Michelle Obama is really UGLY. She makes me puke. It so happens that she's black. But that doesn't make me a racist. I'm just saying that she's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo UGLY!
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Since: Oct 07

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#158 Apr 8, 2010
Tyrone wrote:
<quoted text> Her big butt is amazing! I can understand why Obama went nuts over her.
Proving once and for all that he is a black man, what?

Trail, Canada

#159 Apr 12, 2010
Hi Folks i am back from Ghana, i stayed in my home town of Accra and i have to say that i screwed 40+ guys out there, it was great because i am light skinned all the native guys with their huge cocks took me for a tourist and just wanted to screw me all day, it was heaven but i can barely walk right now.
Have to say that i do not blame the guys out their you just have to look at the horrendously ugly black bitches out there, they are hideous almost as hideous as Michelle Obama, any time a white girl from europe goes by the black guys all drool and want to screw her!! I see my ex lover the guy from melville Indiana is still causing mischief, i suppose he did not get his ration of cock sucking for the day - poor guy - just ignore him, see you later - i have never seen my pussy so big - i hope it goes back to normal soon!!!
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Trail, Canada

#166 Apr 30, 2010
i agree with admin
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Morenci, AZ

#169 May 2, 2010
No wonder Obama was banging a slightly less ugly chick than Michelle...Michelle is butt ass ugly!!

Trail, Canada

#170 May 3, 2010
Hey fanti1977 (location hidden) this is your cock sucking friend, we met last week and you sucked me off and swallowed my load , well i have to tell you that i have genital warts and i may have passed them to your mouth, you were sucking so hard some of my wart blood may have gone down your throat and touched your open sores in your mouth, WOW you must suck quite a lot - your mouth sores look like the face of Michelle Obama YUKKK!!!- might be an idea to get a doctor check you out, they may need to lance the boil on your ass as well
see you next week as i have lined up some homeless guys for you to suck off, i know you like it dirty!!!!

Miami, FL

#171 May 10, 2010
fanti1977 wrote:
<quoted text> Well, it looks like Tiffany of the Canadian woods has got a following after giving nazi salutes in the deep forests of B.C. to the wildlife. Her special brand of racism is being copied now! Ain't this country great!
If you don't like b*tch get the F out. We don't need your kind here anyway. I pissed at my forefathers for bringing your people here as slaves. If they wound have you guys would still be all in Africa where you belong!

Chicago, IL

#172 May 10, 2010
Curtis Lowe wrote:
Michelle Obama has been voted the ugliest First Lady in American history. Mary Todd Lincoln trailed a distant second place. Dolly Madison and Jackie Kennedy bottomed the list as the most beautiful.
the most beautiful,elegant,down to earth first lady since Jackie Kennedt COME ON NOW!!

Chicago, IL

#173 May 10, 2010
The most Beautiful,Elegant First Lady sinc Jackie Kennedy Come on Now!!! Don't hate

Mount Hope, WV

#174 May 20, 2010
Eighthman wrote:
She made $317,000.00 a year. I think Grayson got his hoes mixed up.
I was wondering....by "big toe", do you mean "shriveled up, dry, fungus-infected, gnarly, corn-laden, toe"?
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Trail, Canada

#179 May 25, 2010
Hey fanti1977 location hidden but really in Melville indiana - why did you suck off one of the homeless guys so strongly - now his dick is very sore and he may sue you - i told the big guy that you would come back and give him a rim job which he has accepted - so see you behind the alley on 4th st - near the gay porno shop on May 28th at 4pm - by the way i hope you got that boil lanced on your ass as it was disgusting and all pukey-just like the face of Michelle obama - yukkk!!!
I will make sure the homeless guy has a good shit first for you to saveur when you rim him!!
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fanti1977 - the real one

Prague, Czech Republic

#182 May 26, 2010
Hi guys i am in the czech republic sucking off 100's of guys in 1 week as possible - just less than the impostor fanti1977=location hidden but really in melville indiana, he is a raving faggott who has sucked more guys than anyone in indiana , he holds the record, by the way my friend faggott1977 says that he has a disgusting boil on his ass which looks like the face of that ugly beast Michelle Obama, i hope he has had it lanced, also i wish he would stop attacking white guys after all most of the guys he has rimmed or sucked off are white. by the way Michelle Obama is hideous and even here in the czech republic they puke when they see her face - yukkkkkk!!!

United States

#183 May 26, 2010
Bark Bark, sit Michele sit!!
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“The enemy is in our camp.”

Since: Mar 08

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#186 May 26, 2010
Hallie Berry she is not, nor was she ever. She is also rather hateful. As far as ugly, well, she wouldn't crack mirrors.

Saint Paul, MN

#187 May 30, 2010
Michelle is as good looking as a flounder

Bradenton, FL

#188 May 30, 2010
Voted "Ugliest First Lady"........

this is just one of her many "Ugliest" titles.....

Since: Oct 07

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#189 Jun 4, 2010

Since: Oct 07

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#190 Jun 14, 2010
“The so-called feminine ideal is a tyranny to all women, but it is white women who stand as its embodiment. In the public consciousness, black women are almost never the most beautiful ones or the good wives or mothers.”

“One interesting aspect of the femininity discussion is the constant focus on the Obamas’ relationship. Amongst the general statements —“they seem so in love,”“they really adore each other,”“they have an obvious physical attraction”— is a sense of incredulity that the successful-beyond-measure, tall-and-handsome Obama could possibly have these feelings towards Michelle, a dark-skinned, self-confident black woman from Chicago.”

I think these two quotes from the blog Racialicious form the crux of why so many white and black alike are quick to say how ugly they think the first lady is. She doesn’t even come close to the ideal of white beauty. She is not light skinned, straight figured, and doesn’t have long flowing weaved hair. But most of all she is not white. And white is synonymous with “first lady” just as it is with “President.” Michelle Obama offends the idea of first lady because she is a dark skinned black woman, aka “the ugliest woman of all” in the minds of many white and unfortunately black people. By trying to step into the apex of American (white) femininity is disturbing to white folks who therefore attack Michelle as being an ugly “ape.” This is how they see most ordinary black women, particularly with dark skin.

This is reflected in media. Whenever there is a romantic AA female lead she is light skinned or most often biracial. The dark black women you see are often overweight or otherwise unattractive and loud or “ghetto.” Don’t take my word for it. Flip through some magazines, turn on the TV. So it’s not surprising to me that Michelle Obama would be denigrated as first lady with vicious slurs. She might not be Angela Bassett, but she’s not an ugly monkey or gorilla. She’s a black woman of average attractiveness. You color struck fools just can’t handle the fact that a brown skinned woman is the first lady.

Columbus, OH

#191 Jun 14, 2010
Curtis Lowe wrote:
Michelle Obama has been voted the ugliest First Lady in American history. Mary Todd Lincoln trailed a distant second place. Dolly Madison and Jackie Kennedy bottomed the list as the most beautiful.
Who are you "bottoming" for, Curtis? And where'd your supposed "list" come from, and who voted on it?
Disgusting post.
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Bradenton, FL

#193 Jun 14, 2010
Donalda wrote:
You color struck fools just can’t handle the fact that a brown skinned woman is the first lady.
put a lid on your racist BS and go find a black hooker to act out your fantasy with.....

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