Agent Orange hearing

Agent Orange hearing

There are 98 comments on the Newsday story from Jun 18, 2007, titled Agent Orange hearing. In it, Newsday reports that:

Today in Manhattan, a federal appeals court will hear oral arguments in lawsuits about the damage that plaintiffs say the herbicide Agent Orange did to American veterans and to Vietnamese citizens during the ...

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Radford, VA

#43 Dec 6, 2009
My husband just filed a claim with the VA for Diabetes II and he served in Panama. Can you tell me where to go for information online about Agent Orange and Panama? Thanks for your help.

Channing, MI

#44 Dec 10, 2009
Ranger_Rupe wrote:
<quoted text>
Before you go to register for being exposed to agent orange in PCZ, may I suggest that you contact CDC (preferrably in Washington, DC) and get examined for symptoms and/or exposure for agent orange first.
I say this after attempting to get examined or registered for agent orange exposure while in Panama Canal myself, after my Army buddy and I found a VA website that not only disclosed that agent orange had been burried in 15 locations in Panama, along with Sarrin Nerve Agent and something called NX agent.
This website not only exposed this information, but also had a map on it showing not one, but two locations at Ft. Sherman, PCZ, where 150 barrels were burried.
My Army buddy and I have found many of our men, NCO's and Officers, to get their assistance in winning our claims against the VA for our service connected disabilities. We found that three of our men have died from colon cancer, which along with pancreatic cancer, are symptoms of agent orange among many other symptoms. Another one of our men died from pancreatic cancer, and we have learned several weeks ago, that one of our Sergeant's is dying of one of the two types of cancer's at this moment.
My twin son's were born in 1985 and had nearly died when they were three months old, from spinal meninjitis, which turns out that meninjitis is yet another symptom of agent orange. Now, a few days ago, I learned that the surviving twin (his brother committed suicide in 2005) has an unknown fluid on his brain and has most likely had it from birth. The probability of this being a result of agent orange, is not implausible.
One of my Army buddies that lives here in Tampa, Fl., and another one in Maine, both have daughters who have been diagnosed with Learning disabilities and one daughter diagnosed as mentally retarded. The buddy in Maine, has two daughters and he has been diagnosed with exposure to Agent Orange approx. eight times, I know this to be true, as I have seen his medical records.
Many of my other buddies that have died or are ill with symptoms of Agent Orange, have never been to Vietnam, and the one here in Tampa, has been to Korea, in an area that has been exposed with Agent Orange, as found in the VA website and documented by records from the DOD.
When you get evidence of being exposed to agent orange, get ahold of your congressman or senator with copies of this evidence and documents showing that you were indeed in Panama Canal, and file Congressional, that is the only way you are going to beat the VA, trust me, I know. I am 100% service connected for a host of "other" disabilities, including several "disease's".
Good Luck and keep me informed as to how the battle is going. If any Veterans need help in fighting the VA, let me know. I can help, as one Vet to Another.
Hi RR : id like your email address mines [email protected] Im currently talking to a lawyer about a prostate cancer clain & the death of my daughter when she was 8 years old (she weighed 28lbs - still in diperrs - she had growth problems - mentally retarded - epilepsy - Halerman Strife Syndrom +++ She was born full term @ 3#3oz : I was in 8th SF gp Ft Gulick - we ran the JOTC out of FT Sherman (that base was abandoned except for us SF guys running JOTC) 1970 -1971 (We always wondered why it was abandoned) I know i was contaminated with AO ++++ possibly infected with VEE by mosquetos (we operated in Mosqueto test areas constantly) Aparently we were test subjects for our good old uncle sam ! I need as much info as I can while I put my case together any info would be apreciated! De Oppresso Libre thanks Lar

Radford, VA

#45 Dec 28, 2009
My husband has filed with the VA for AO exposure in Panama. He has Diabetes II among other problems and now we have to send info to them in reference to exposure. Where are some websites that show where it was sprayed, buried, etc.? Also, are there any claims that were approved for Panama vets exposed to AO? Thanks for your help.

United States

#46 Jan 1, 2010
I have filed a claim for AO exposure in Panama also. Do you have the website where the barrels are shown to be buried or any other proof of AO in Panama?
Robert Hartynyk

Ocean View, HI

#47 Mar 8, 2010
I developed Diabeties 11, periphial neuropathy, kidney dysfunction, High blood pressure, Erectile dysfunction, ect... at age 39. I was not stationed in Vietnam, but at a tenant station called U.S.Coast Guard Port Safety Station Concord, a Tenant Station of Naval Weapons Station Concord California in Concord Ca. This was the largest Munitions station on the West Coast. It was just after President Ford Signed the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty, and he also signed the Geneva Protical. This meant that all the chemical weapons from WW1 including musterd gasses ect, VX GA GB Sarin Ricin and Nerve gases From WW11, and some of the 15 Rainbow Agents, were loaded on civilian contract ships and shipped to Johnston Atoll For destrucktion. We as U.S Coast Guard Explosive Loading Supervisors did this loading without any HazMat suits, no Airpacs or anything else to protect us from harm from any of these Chemicals. The 1st time I filed the Va told me I was Denied as they said I did not do the job. So I really worked hard and found my Xo/Co and he wrote a buddy statement that said that the AO was loaded on the ships I worked on and that I did the loading of all of these Weapons. The VA denied me again because my XO did not see me be exposed. WOW how far will they go. I have a BVA Hearing on Mar. 22 2010. Any thoughts Please email me at [email protected] m
emily ford


#48 May 4, 2010
to find the map try panama 1977 web V A of the UnS .com. my husben was in panama too 2004 got cancer called T CELL he was in the army Thank you good luck emily
Help Me Understand

Beckley, WV

#49 Jul 26, 2010
All you folks need to look and try to find the Veterans Court of Appeals file which is VETAPP98 which confirms Agent Orange was in Panama. The VA will not put this file on their web page. If anyone finds exactly how it reads let everyone know. The VA cried foul as a military member confirmed its prescence in Panama. They stated it was a violation of the freedom of information act. It may have been at the time but it has been made public after that and shows proof the herbicides presence that can be used to establish its prescence. Good Luck and let's keep sharing all the info we can. If anyone has gotten their claim approved for service in Panama please share. Thanks.
[email protected]

Channing, MI

#50 Jul 29, 2010
David Sorrell wrote:
I will be going to a VA disability claims office Monday to register my belief that I am suffering from AO contact in the PCZ. I know, good luck with that but, if we don't all suffering register, the gov has won getting out of yet another contractually bound promise. I am in sympathy with all the rest us who KNOW the truth but, even with undeniable evidence, the government seems to fabricate loopholes. I apologize, I've been very sick for 5 years now and I know the truth.
Dave: your probably fighting a lost battle but I wish U the best - I was in SF 70-72 Frt Gulick/Ft Sherman - A handful of SF guys were the ONLY people operating out of Ft Sherman (running JOTC : Jungle Training) Why was Sherman Abandoned during the busiest time in the Nam Conflict (My guess it was contaminated - they new it but we lived in it - SF lab rats !!!!!!) They also used the CZ for insect test areas for different kinds of infectious diseases (there were huge signs around the Gatune lake Area that we operated in that stated :~~~~ INSECT TEST AREA ~~~~~ I had a picture of 1 of those signs but lost it if anyone out there has 1 please email: [email protected]! My daughter was born 3#3oz full term / died @ 8 years old still in diapers @ 28# with Hellermann-Streiff syndrome / groth problems / epilepsy etc etc - we figured the cause had to be from Panama CZ! They used AO on all our drop zones we jumped in - except 1 the grass was like 7ft tall! What happened to the SF guys in 1970 (just before I got there)@ Ft Sherman ?(Noone seems to know - but were contaminated with something) Good luck with your quest! Lar


#51 Oct 26, 2010
I was stationed in Panama Canal zone in 1963. In 1961 to 1962 I was station in korea on the D.M.Z.
My son also at 3 months came down with Spinal Meningitis, we almost
lost him.
In Panama I was stationed at Fort Sherman and, Fort Clayton.

I know Agent Orange was in both places but the V.A. have denied claims, some or in appeal and some with DRO officers.
I have diseases that is on the presumptiomn list but V.A. says no Agent Orange.
Because of the age of my son now, he could not be compensated if I could prove Agent Orange.

I would appreciate any information someone has to give.
E-mail [email protected]

Plant City, FL

#52 Nov 7, 2010
My husband is trying to locate anyone who was in Panama at the same time that he was.His symptoms sound much like yours, Ranger Rupe. He has had progressive and rapid onset of Diabetes type 2,cardiac surgery following hypertension and a heart attack, peripheral neuropathy,renal failure soon to require dialysis, and this year, colon cancer.He is not yet 60 years of age. He was in Panama from 9/1971-2/1973 with the
US ARmy Military Police Unit 534 a Sp4 MP.He patrolled Ft.Clayton, Ft. Amador, Ft. Howard the surrounding jungles, the "flats", and reports being exposed to spraying of chemical agents daily.
If anyone cares to respond, please e-mail [email protected] (Plant City, Florida)
Bigfootedalien Lar

Channing, MI

#55 Nov 17, 2010
Attn Barb: your email address isnt working : [email protected] email me direct [email protected] Thanks l;ar

San Pedro, CA

#56 Dec 24, 2010
Barb wrote:
My husband is trying to locate anyone who was in Panama at the same time that he was.His symptoms sound much like yours, Ranger Rupe. He has had progressive and rapid onset of Diabetes type 2,cardiac surgery following hypertension and a heart attack, peripheral neuropathy,renal failure soon to require dialysis, and this year, colon cancer.He is not yet 60 years of age. He was in Panama from 9/1971-2/1973 with the
US ARmy Military Police Unit 534 a Sp4 MP.He patrolled Ft.Clayton, Ft. Amador, Ft. Howard the surrounding jungles, the "flats", and reports being exposed to spraying of chemical agents daily.
If anyone cares to respond, please e-mail [email protected] (Plant City, Florida)
Hi Barb,
I was stationed in the PCZ from 1968-71 and lived with my wife on Howard AFB from 69-71. I came down with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 1991 (stage 1 and have been cured) but my wife just came down with peripheral neuropathy. I've found evidence the that the components of AO were used (2,4-D and 2,4,f-T ~ the bad one with dioxine) in the PCZ. The 1991 AO law only requires exposure to the components of AO. The VA uses a statement in "The History of the US DOD Programs for Testing, Evaluation, And Storage of Tactical Herbs, December 2006 by Alvin I. Young, Ph.D. from 2006 to distinguish between AO (which Young defines as a "tactical" herb) and the commonly available components 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T (which Young defines as a "commercial" herb). While it appears that some have been denied because AO use in the PCZ isn't proved, the 1970 DOD Herbicide Manual for Noncropland Weeds (Army, TM 5-629, Navy, NavFAC MO314, and Air Force AFM 81-19) requires that 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T be used in Region 4 (areas like the PCZ). This 1970 manual can be obtained through interlibrary loan as it is not posted on the web (only the 1989 version with 2,4,5-T removed is on the web) Further, there was a US Army study (PESTICIDE MONITORING SPECIAL STUDY NO. 44-0102-77 ENVIRONMENTAL SAMPLING IN THE PANAMA CANAL ZONE, 1 DECEMBER 1976) that you can order from NTIS online and download that shows pesticide residues including 2,4,5-T along with DDD (residue of DDT) and chlordane still present in 1974 and 75. They found these toxic pesticide residues in over 90% of the samples taken. Further, the amounts reported are 20X those deemed safe by the EPA. Thus, the evidence shows that the 1970 DOD Herbicide Manual for Noncropland Weeds ordered that the components of AO use (2,4-D and 2,4,5-T) on all US military bases worldwide and that the US Army's 1976 study found residues in over 90% of the samples taken in 1974-75 that were 20X the EPA's safe limits.

Hope this helps!
william harris

Antioch, CA

#57 Jan 18, 2011
yes i to was station at concord naval wepon base(port chicargo) in the uscg sept 1975 i went to explosive loading school and we did load munntion for civilian ship its sad the va treat you like a theif although we handel all type of chemical weapon i file a claim for nom combat ptsd for fear of my life war protester at the gate terriost threat back then it was not call that the marin guarded the gate leading up to the pier uscg patrol boat at night there was a real dangor when i explain to the va what happen in 1944 exploision killing all the sailor over 200 black men and how the navy charge 50 black men for treason for not wanting to return to these unsafe work condision it effected me the va response was what did the explosion in 1944 have to do with me claim denied well if you did the type of work we did working with civilian you know it was very unsafe come on now at lunch time all the civilian worker and navy and coast guard would go to the bar and get buzz and the return to work fork lift drope down in the ship cell all type of hazard material crowling around ck the blocking and bracing it was dangrous work to say the least and for the va to denied your claim was just wrong that is why i wanted to share my story with you
william harris

Antioch, CA

#58 Jan 18, 2011
my comment was for robert hartynyk when were you station at port chicargo
wayne harper

Tracy, CA

#59 Feb 18, 2011
fort sherman , fort davis 1975-1976, 4th bn, 10th inf. 193 inf brigade. HHC
sparing every night into the barracks that had no windows only screens was what got me i think, i was also at fort sherman jotc as i was an infantryman and did training with units that would come for jungle servival traing. I have a claim in for appeal and was told there were no "tactical weapons used in panama"
my claim was only for exposure so i guess thats there way out. contact me at [email protected]

Since: Mar 11

Jefferson City, MO

#60 Mar 7, 2011

I am Terry Kaas, I was stationed in Panama (5/87th INF) from 1989 - 1992. I have started a new Facebook page titled 'Agent Orange in Panama'. I will hope that you join this group and add me as a friend also.

There is some work for us to do, but the only way we can make progress is if we band together and pull our stories into a larger picture. I almost lost a good friend to cancer who was with me in Panama. I am starting to have health issues too and if we do not act now, we might all die off before any cares.

Look for me there or e-mail me directly.

Terry Kaas
wayne harper capt usmm

United States

#61 Mar 18, 2011
I hear that if you want to get a claim to go, then dont say agent orange, say chemical exposure, that way they dont have to admit it was used there in pcz.
i have found a copy of GAO report to congress that says the VA and the ARMY must come clean and tell the truth about ao in [email protected] t

United States

#62 May 17, 2011
lloyd wrote:
I was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma cancer of the brain. I am certain it is from agent orange and I have filed a claim form for agent orange to be summited soon any suggestions?
Lloyd - when my husband was first diagnosed with glioblastoma, he too said he knew exactly where he got it - he was a medic in Nam and he said they sprayed it around him, he drank it in his water, he inhaled it, etc -- he knew exactly where he got it from - he had also gotten prostate cancer 2 years prior to getting the glioblastoma. The VA has denied a claim for him -- when I spoke to my psychiatrist about this, I needed a psychiatrist to help me thru this with my husband, the doctor said he did his residency at the VA Hosp in Long Beach and saw a whole ward full of brain tumors as a direct result of Agent Orange. Where are u in the filing process? I am going to file again -- u may write to me if u would like to - [email protected]

San Pedro, CA

#63 Jun 7, 2011
Mags Otoole wrote:
My husband recently died of pancreatic cancer. he was a Vietnam Vet and served from 67-69 in the Army, 5th infantry. I going to file a claim that the cancer was a result of exposure to Agent Orange. He had filed his own claim and also a claim for disabiltiy but never heard anything.
My step father also is a Vietnam vet and he has pancreatic cancer stage 4 just got diagnosed 2 weeks ago and he too was exposed to agent orange. Doctors give him weeks to live if he's lucky.
Mary Mattison


#64 Jun 8, 2011
my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three years ago ...thank God he is still here with me! It has been a struggle and at constant rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, He has had 2 usrgeries, IV chemo, radiation, oral chemo, lots of scans and labs. He was in Nam 68-69 at Bein Hoa airbase. The parimeter of the base was sprayed with agent orange frequently and the cloud covered that area where he worked outdoors. I do not understand why diabetes is a presumed disabilty...(even though it is also hereidtary)... we are talking the same gland here, the pancreas that is the cause of diabetes and also the location of a very serious cancer. I see it being mentioned here frequentlky not being reported enough to the VA? Do they not now of the number of vets who have suffer ...& many died, with this diagnosis???????

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