The FBI Agent Bush/Ivie "friendly fir...

The FBI Agent Bush/Ivie "friendly fire" deaths

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Jan 23, 2013
First you need to know this an FBI "friendly fire" death is an extremely rare way for and Agent to die and these two are linked unknown to many except the ROGUES behind it all by the following FACTS.

Second you will also need to know that the reason behind it all was a MOVIE plan -yes HOLLYWOOD for later"gain" of it all by those assisted in it and here is the story line they will use ..The names and dates may change BUT the story line are the real life FACTS behind it all. All linked to the ROGUES in NYS and the Oswego County behind it all.

On 4-5-07 my father Charles BIRTHDAY Federal Agent Bush was shot dead in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Tis is how an overkill of "encryptions" in his death links to past present and future ongoing activity known as "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" here. I title I gave it from shouts at me from the scumbag recruits behind it all.

Agent Barry Lee Bush name "decipher" as the "Bury the lying bush" plans in it all that have a few directions of which two have now been completed..A Fulton, N.Y. woman Wendy Dumez linked to my sister Chris Bower and me in all of this committed "suicide" on 4-5-11 my father's birthday.

Now so far any member of law enforcement can verify these FACTS and the others I will post here also.

The location of Hunterdon is link to a former Oswego Chief of Police GEORGE LUNDY who was fired from his 31 year career in police work while in the Police chiefs position he held for only a month after pushing his way into it. Lundy is a member of the upstate N.Y military brigade ORION the Gigantic Hunter. In 2003 related to other issues then that I now know are linked to all of this LUNDY himslf gave me this warning.."you will be another one that mysteriously died in police custody" as he spoke of an Oswego County Sheriff "Bill Cromie" who had seriously violated my civil rights in 1996 whom I believed was the one causing the issues I had been going through for a long time. It was unknonw ti me then that Sheriff Cromie had died at what is now a very suspicous time frame in all of this in 1999..Now as clues will contiue to be reused in all of this my uncle GEORGE would die on 6-27-2010 the same day Cromie died in 1999. there is a very suspicous "teacher" issue behind all of that linked to the Onondaga Nation and the conviction of a teahcer there in 2008 who was also linked to me years ago in Fulton, N.Y.

There is an overkill of clues in the FACTS of Agent Bush's and Agent Ivies deaths just like these. Such as the 0225 badge number of Agent Ivie is the "encrypted" link to my sons 2-25 birthday and a threat they clue to me in plans to kill now.

These were not the only emebers of law enforcement to die in all of this. There are now 7 of them and there are stong clues the total will be 9. Right now the 7 dead officers are known as "THE 7 STARS OF ORION" one for each star on the ORION emblem. The 9 is later continuation of the baseball clues of how it "all adds up like a score" in the end.

On 4-12-07 5 days after Agent Bush a Utica, N.Y. officer Thomas Lindsey was shot dead in the line of duty by a "trick" set up. His name "decipher" from the MOVIE clue HALLOWEEN off the names of the two children Tommy and Lindsey. His 4963 badge number was also used as a clue in all of this many times..Like that of Agent Ivie's and the others I will post about.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Jan 23, 2013
The 4963 badge number of Officer Lindsey "decipher" like this. The 49 is a date clue to 4-9-11 the funeral of Wendy Dumez who many claim was trying to assist her relative in securing a Police Chiefs position in Fulton off his boss Orlo Green. The 62 is the year I was born and is now link to a NEWTOWN address clue here in Osawego where I moved the day before "line up" with the SANDYHOOK shootings by the forced pressure on my by a military scumbag recruit Aftin Devney who's home in Oswego on Oneida st. is full of "encrypted" clue links to all of this also.

There is a large reelect president BUSH sign outback of my rented home now on a barn that is all clue to how I arrived here..of another scumbag recruit named "JUDITH DEVENEY" who was in motion to set her own husband up my current boyfriend off the assistance of a NYS ROGUE Officer named JESSE.

On 4-25-07 13 days after the Utica officer shooting a NYS Trooper would also be shot dead by "friendly fire" His name "decipher" David Brinker "Pay her off in Pig Latin" off- Brinkerhoff. His 4531 badge number was also used inthis many times. He died in Margaretville, N.Y, in GREENE County. That location name was redone as a "reverse" clue "scene" on me at scumbag recruit Aftin Deveneys MOTHER Peggy's Margaetville in Oswego home. that became a set up on me to link to the SANDYHOOK shootings and the overkill of clues to all of this here in it.

Now understand as you read these FACTS. The ROGUES behind it lal have already told the press and others how "crazy" I am as they use scumbags to force me into writing the FACTS this desperate way for their later "gain" off it.

The NATINAL GRID on 7-7-09 was a threat ROGUES made on me called THE BILL FACTOR if I did nto comply with the following FACTS in their plan as other have.

On 7-7-09 the ROGUE influenced NYS LOTTERY ran Officer Lindseys 4964 badge number as the WIN 4 #. I was to buy tickets and pay my NATIONAL GRID bill off..and not tell a soul how. There were other money offers on my horizon also and in 2004 they were clued to me in ways I did not understand then.

On 4-8-04 a scumbag recruit named CHARLES(same as my fathers first name) RUNGE a later cell phone clue name..Charles Runge would pull into his oncoming lane and drive up it causing a collision with me after he waited me out at the intersection of Ver Plank and Morgan Rd(a deadly "encrypted" clue also) on his "right of way" by law and how ROGUES use the law in manipualtion like this through scumbags to "encrypt" the plan. That NYS MV104A report was taken by ROGUE NYS Police Officer MD Beiderman #4619 ("Beat her man (me) until she needs an MD" scumbags taunted) Officer beiderman completely embellished that report right down to the diagram. Runges vehicle which was declared by ALLSTATE as a totoal loss was driven away from the oncoming shoulder of Runges oncoming lane where he remained when Officer Beiderman arrived..

The address of the ALLSTATE insurance office linked to all of this through me was 4531 the same as Trooper Broinkerhoffs badge number..and on 4-5-12 again my fathers birthday the ROGUE influenced NYS LOTTERY (Payoff scam) would use it again in "reverse" this time clue as 1354 link to how and why margaretville in Oswego was set up onme and my boyfriend for the theft of certain items from me by Aftin Deveney at the 143 Oneida st home..all to protect the TS Casino's involvement in this with the ROGUES behind it all.

The NATIONAL GRID(national steel bars) clue used to set all this up on me and others is called a BILL (FACTOR) JETTY NOVEL IS in "reverse" plan called incest..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Jan 23, 2013
An "OFF NEXICO" NACO FBI "freidnly fire" location RHYMES with WACO...and a gun control manipulation plan..

Called SANDYHOOK that took place the day before I moved to my NEWTOWN...where th name LANZA also all the other overkill of clues do..

In 2008 on 4-15 TAX DAY..I was in the offices of the Syracuse FBI and I spoke with a woman named "NANCY" Its a MOTHER clue name like Margaretville is to the name of GEORGE LUNDYS mother..

The "NANCY" "sceretary" "scene" at the FBI and the ROGUES there who were manipulating their BILL FACTOR "prrof" on me tha day ..had already worked the "NANCY" "secretary" "scene" and those words are all linekd to CHRIS sister who hit my parked Jeep so ALLSTATE adjustor BILL(FACTOR) JETTY culd "encrypt" the clues to Thomas Lindseys death and her 9-29 BIRTHDAY "in the middle" where CHRIS always like to be of the damage total ...setting her up to pave the road for the BILL (FACTOR) FACTOR NOVEL IS back up plan..

CHRIS BOWER introduced me to the 4531 ALLSTATE insurance Agent Penny(how I will live if I do not comply) Levo's in on St Rt 31 in Clay, N.Y, "where the story was molded" by Charles Runge on the deadly Erin Maxwell clue intersection...

CHRIS BOWERS address works like this ..You take the 13 days "in the middle" of the 4-12-07 and 4-25-07 Law enforcement shootinf deaths and you "reverse" the 13 behind the date fo the 25 and you have her 2513 Phoenix, N.Y, address..

This is ONLY part of the FACTS of a TRUE story ..there is an overkill of them in each and every "scene"

Bill Vickery the 8-11 deadly birthday clue in North Syracuse is their BILL FACTOR protection plan and he knew it all along too....

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