Obama American manufacturing jobs and...

Obama American manufacturing jobs and foreign shipping

American manufacturing

Holley, NY

#1 Jul 24, 2012
The best thing that could be done to promote jobs in America would be to protect ports receiving foreign made goods on foreign ships from pollution such as ballast water filled with harmful pathogens.
Senator Boxer killed legislation that would have helped American manufacturing be more competitive over state rights and did not try to offer a realistic standard for compromise in 2008. Strong legislation Ballast water h.r.2830 passed 395-7 in the House,(a bill that had a goal of zero), all while Senators Obama, Clinton , and Biden were involved in the presidential election. H.R.2830 would have raised the price of foreign manufactured goods brought into our country. The legislation invoke a timeline to protect America's health and environment more than the economic cost to a mostly foreign shipping industry polluting American waters. Unfortunately under the Obama administration we now only have a non transparent military plan, that by invoking the needed homeland security issues, is closing the discussion of a stronger standard. This weak international plan, lasting decades to appease a foreign shipping industry will continue an America dependent on cheap foreign made goods to fill the big box stores of foreign made goods that our political leaders have created as our largest employers under the guise that all economic globalization is great.
Ballast water and how it is handled could help create an American competitive stature for manufacturing as the cost to foreign imports would rise according to the following excerpt from a report prepared for congress in 2009.
“Although estimates of the costs of ballast treatment may be imprecise and vary from vessel to vessel, there is some general agreement on average costs.14 For example, it may cost an estimated $400,000 per vessel for modification of container/bulk vessels to use onshore ballast water treatment facilities at California ports. More generally, the cost of retrofitting vessels to treat ballast water has been estimated at between $200,000 and $310,000 per vessel for mechanical treatment and around $300,000 for chemical treatment.15 MOST OF THIS EXPENSE WILL BE BORNE BY FOREIGN SHIPPING COMPANIES, as the U.S. flag fleet is a small percentage of the global fleet,16 AND LIKELY PASSED along to consumers of PRODUCTS IMPORTED ON THESE SHIPS." A good ballast water bill should have a goal with mandatory review every couple of years mandating a new standard to coincide with any technological developments approved in ballast water equipment that provides better protection. Mandatory reviews to continually update the standard would provide the economic incentive for research and development. A good bill would also understand that as science evolves, change may be needed to address any new dangers discovered and should never subject any US water to international treaties and agreements that require international bureaucracy, infringing on our countries autonomy to act quickly to protect its environment.
American manufacturing
#2 Aug 17, 2012
As most of the ships in US waters fly a foreign flags and pay foreign tax while delivering foreign made goods, produced with slave labor in countries such as china,(a country that controls the number of have and have nots) it should be noted that states rights were used by Senator Boxer to defeat h.r.2830 which passed the House 395-7 in 2008, and it was a much stronger bill than anything presented during this administration or the current commander and chief's military plan.
Odd, how now, and historically States rights have been used to exploit the human condition for profits using oppressed labor, completely in contrast to American core values of equality.
To say that increasing the cost of foreign shipping would cause foreign shipping to quit dealing in America and hurt American jobs can not be substantiated as they still will need our market. The IMO is made up of diverse foreign governments and economic interests, of which our country has little say other than trying to control the damage done while their ships are in our waters. The problems of the Great Lakes and the already evident destruction, that will continue to be spread without the needed equipment installation shows either ignorance to the dangers or just a depraved indifference to Americans health and environment by those who wish to allow ships locked in the Great Lakes to avoid adding ballast water equipment in order to save money. Allowing ballast system to continue spreading bacteria and virus's are rarely brought up by those who represent only shipping's economic interest, they talk only in general terms about invasive s. The adjusting of foreign shipping cost to protect our countries health from bacteria, virus, and invasive s destroying our resources forever, may make America a more cost competitive manufacturer as goods are manufactured where cost to produce and deliver to market are the cheapest.
The more a country is self sufficient producing its own consumer goods, the more prosperous the lower and middle classes will be, creating stronger autonomy and ensuring freedom from economic domination. The world is not like a village where America can be only a consumer nation of professionals supplying only service jobs to the poor.
Environmentalist that believe in Global warming ought to take note of this administrations failure to negotiate any emission controls on a Global level, and that continued production of the majority of our consumer goods in other parts of the world using little control will only add to the problem. The way in which our politicians have and continue to help international business set up these trade conditions is not about helping developing nations become prosperous trade partners through economic globalization, but it is about international business profits and power hungry politicians wishing to run the world like some kind of village.

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