Relaxing Incense of Pot Clone: The De...

Relaxing Incense of Pot Clone: The Debate Over K2

There are 23 comments on the Fox2Now story from Feb 9, 2010, titled Relaxing Incense of Pot Clone: The Debate Over K2. In it, Fox2Now reports that:

Is it a relaxing incense or a synthesized marijuana? That's the debate in the public and soon to be in the Missouri legislature about something commonly called K-2. And people are buying it as a legal replacement for marijuana.

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United States

#1 Feb 9, 2010
If the missouri legislature wants to ban k-2,then maybe they should look at banning alcohol and beer! But we all know that is not going to happen, because they will lose out on tax revenue.Are maybe they should just go ahead and legalize marijuana and get more tax revenue to help stimulate the economy.It could start a new stock for the stock market,start a new industry, create new jobs,could help out the farmers,and possibly help get rid of some the national deficit.One thing for shur people dont die from marijauna,how many people have DIED from beer and alcohol?

United States

#2 Feb 9, 2010
If people are picking up something LEGAL to replace something that is ILLEGAL...where is the problem? I see energy drinks everywhere I go. There is even a drink called Drank that is supposed to be the opposite of an energy drink that relaxes you. I do not see how this is any different. The key word in this whole debate is LEGAL. What I think is the most ironic part of the whole deal is that you put something that is not very well known all over the news. WOW! Free advertising for smoke shops all over. The only way it should be brought up as a news story is if they actually find something wrong with the product...if it is killing people or impairs driving...ect. But nothing is proven yet so basically you just told anyone watching the news that there is nothing wrong with it, it is a legal version of pot, and gave even people who are curious more of a reason to try it. I think the inventor is genious and the law should leave it alone unless they find substantial evidince proving it harmful in any way. Even though I doubt that will happen because I haven't seen much evidence supporting the reasoning for pot to be illegal.
Respectedwinespe cialist

Burlington, IA

#3 Feb 9, 2010
"A 10-year-old can buy potpourri the problem is that's not what its being used for," says Rep. Ward Franz from West Plains,"I worry about the effect one our children."
10 year olds can get alcohol also, and have much more damaging effects on "Our Children," this is where the role of "Parenting" kicks in.
I am a well known, and respected wine specialist, and I must say, the effects from consuming alcohol are far more intoxicating and dangerous to the person and other people around you. Sure wine is a great thing and is good for you, in moderation, but consume too much and its just as bad as taking shots of vodka. Right now all the government knows is that someone has figured out a loop hole and created a product somewhat similar to marijuana so they are fast to try to outlaw it. If they were smart, they would put a tax on it, and start taking in money that would originally be going to the black market, to Mexico ect.. This would create little demand for the harmless, natural, illegal drug, because nobody wants to get criminal charges. The Gov. could also have control over this product because its not like you can grow it in your closet where there would be lost revenue in Gov. tax. I'm sure the pharmaceutical companies do not care for this product either with its ability to help aid in the relief of a broad spectrum of minor to severe health issues, from minor to severe headaches all the way to cancer patients, or as simple as an instant de-stressor from a hard day at work. The key here is that the people in charge of our Government are from an aged generation where getting "High" or what I like to call it, getting "relaxed and stress free" is unacceptable, and men will grow boobs if you smoke it. I'm sure most of them buy nice bottles of wine too, because its accepted, ignoring the simple fact that alcohol will always be one of the most damaging, life ruining drugs. I've known hundreds of people who smoke MJ on a regular basis, even some of the most well known, respected people in your area. In all honesty, some of the most successful people I've ever known are avid Wine, and Marijuana Connoisseurs, and MJ has never held them back from anything. No one knows the effects of K2 on the human body, there is no research, from a Doctors referral, rather than take addictive prescription drugs for stress, or a better word, "Medicine". I have tried this legal alternative, because its legal and I must say it is almost exactly the same minus flavor, the only side effects I have noticed are pure relaxation after a hard days work, and stress relief in these hard economic times. If that sounds damaging to society, revisit something called "Methamphetamine."
Congrats Missouri for being the #1 Meth Capital in the U.S. for the 9th year straight. Dear Missouri Government, try to stay focused on real issues.
Phillip R

Ballwin, MO

#4 Feb 9, 2010
I use k2 there was not one user interviewed on that just a stupid f@#$%N cop that thinks he knows everything k2 doesnt even get you high like weed does! ANd there reason for banning it because they dont kno the long term affects hello what about rx pills! ya some have been studied but what about the ones that have recently been out for one two years only whats those LONG TERM affects we dont kno but yet those are legall! F#@$n cops need to worry about more important things then this stupid shit! COncern citzen for there rights as an american! thank you for your time

High Ridge, MO

#5 Feb 10, 2010
Make marijuana legal and tax the hell out of it.

De Soto, KS

#6 Feb 10, 2010
Here comes the government to save us all from K-2. Yay.

De Soto, KS

#7 Feb 10, 2010
Venezuela, anyone??

Blue Springs, MO

#8 Feb 10, 2010
this stuff do anything! i smoked an entire package by myself and felt NO DIFFERENT. no drowsiness, no anything!I have yet to see it anywhere but places you have to be 18 to go into in the first place.maybe people have been pulled over high on 'something' and had k-2 on them because k-2 is mainly used by people who already smoke marijuana,hmmm maybe they smoked pot and then drove around with k-2?by the way what were they pulled over for?driving 40 in a 60? have you ever seen how people drive when high on marijuana?this is typical political fearmongering.'we dont know enough about this thing!' well why not do a study and find out instead of freaking out like chicken little?meanwhile tobacco and alchohol, which we KNOW kill thousands every year, continue to be sold legally and fund politicians.

Blue Springs, MO

#9 Feb 10, 2010
i meant to say this stuff doesnt do anything. i have gotten more relaxed from ginsing or chamomile. why not freak out and ban those too?
Let them eat cake

Plano, TX

#10 Feb 10, 2010
I just find it funny that some people will try ANYTHING to get high.

Columbia, MO

#11 Feb 10, 2010
Go to Tha Grind on Lemay Ferry and Lindbergh. Get the stuff called "chill mill" its the same idea as K-2 but chill mill works and K-2 sucks! Its 3 grams for $30
Just My Opinion

Ballwin, MO

#12 Feb 10, 2010
Legalize pot.
loving it

Collinsville, IL

#13 Feb 10, 2010
yes. im getting high tonight!

O Fallon, MO

#14 Feb 10, 2010
Synthesized marijuana without the THC? Why bother?
Let them eat cake

Plano, TX

#15 Feb 10, 2010
I bet this goes good with an ice cold O'douls

Republic, MO

#17 Feb 10, 2010
True or False?

Sure that I'm not the only one with this opinion, I think the only reason their gonna take it off the shelf is besause they didn't come up with it and they can't have full control. I think they should have a meetiong with the manufacturer, get some kind of partnership going and let people buy dried up plants and flowers to smoke them. They won't keep it on the shelves if they can't have a hand in it. That's how they are and probably always will be.
Tha Grind

United States

#18 Feb 11, 2010
Tim wrote:
True or False?
Sure that I'm not the only one with this opinion, I think the only reason their gonna take it off the shelf is besause they didn't come up with it and they can't have full control. I think they should have a meetiong with the manufacturer, get some kind of partnership going and let people buy dried up plants and flowers to smoke them. They won't keep it on the shelves if they can't have a hand in it. That's how they are and probably always will be.
WherecanIbuycatn ip

Glen Carbon, IL

#20 Feb 13, 2010
I am wondering how many of my spices in my kitchen could be smoked. Hmm, I tried parsley in High School,, not by choice and got really messed up. Lets go for the Italian spice, ooo wait, how about some Rosemary and Thyme! Wait, then they would outlaw my cooking stuff if it catches on. Seriously, you cant make people who make a choice, stop trying stupid stuff. We can still buy spray paint and gasoline. People huff that, and there is no age requirement there. Lets worry about the real issues and try to figure out a way to balance some budgets or something.
country gurl88

Saint Louis, MO

#21 Feb 22, 2010
i think that the real marijuana should be legalized . come on how many times have u heard on the news that a pot head caused a crash or ODed it dont happen .. so if they finally found a loop hole leave it alone one said u had to do it but if someone did i shouldn't concern you.

Saint Louis, MO

#23 Mar 4, 2010
K2, Schmay-2 who cares?....Here's my prediction: Marijuana (for adult consumtion, like alcohol) will be legalized, regulated and taxed in a majority of states within the forseeable future. Marijuana...Legalize it, Regulate it, and Tax it.

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