Director,Mary Starrett:

When Did You Say "I've Had Enough"?

The Constitution Party wants YOU to share your story! Send us a
YouTube video, podcast,blog entry, Letter to the Editor, article or
email that briefly explains when or why you left your former
political party and what finally convinced you it was time to move on.

Was it a long, slow process after being disappointed time and again by candidates from one party or another? Did one event lead to your
exodus from a life-long political affiliation? Did someone who'd
'been-there, done-that' have an impact on your decision?

Also, we encourage you to share your hopes for the political future of
our country.

Send your stories, videos, audiofiles or an email to us and we'll post them on our website so others can see why the Constitution Party is the fastest-growing party today!

Please send your story to: m.

Mary Starrett