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Marine And Army Recruiter

Roseville, CA

#23 Sep 1, 2009
marine wife wrote:
I have been a marine wfe for 8 years i went trough 3 deployments and they where not bad at all i thought i could handle anything i hav 2 kids that i raised while he was gone and i never complained.... Now he is on recriting duty i have never been so alone my car broke down a few iles from home on the free way and my husband got bitched at and ould not come hlp me so i had to hitchhke with my 2 children back home because my husband ws told that his mind should be on work, We already don't make enogh money but recruiting is making us go negative in our bank account ever check, cause he is not allowed to come home and eat. and his ssrg always brings him to it down restraunts to eat cause (THATS THE JOB) school stats in 10 days and we don't have the money for there school uniforms or suplies but your amily comes second marines first. Your family can have very little food whie your eatig at dine in restraunts thats ok cause your pleasingthe most important people THE MARINE CORE OORRRHHH!!!!
I am a Former Marine Recruiter and now an Army Recruiter. People need to grow the hell up. Air force guy you need to get out bro, bottom line. Love it or leave it. And Marine wife you guys need some counseling big time. Ask yourself this. If he wasn’t in the Corps, then what would he be doing now that can provide the same? Also all recruiters get paid $400 am month extra per month for meals out and so on. Also all meals and expenses for business are paid back with a receipt. It also is an option for you to take some classes paid for by our beloved corps to better yourself. Try loving and not bitching at him, you may like what you see.

Fpo, AP

#24 Jan 23, 2010

In the beginning, their was darkness. And then the darkness was currupted with light, and all the bretheren fled in terror. Long they contemplated how they might return the universe to the purity which once existed. And then the darkest and most foul gave berth to a group of beings which would destroy all that which is knows as "good", and slowly, over time, return the universe to perfect darkness. Those beings are called...Recruiters. But, even their creaters underestimated the blackness which would fill their hearts, and the hunger that would drive them to consume all live, the curruption they would spit forth from sharpened jaws. Fearing what the dark creations would eventually become and do, the bretheren fled this universe for other planes beyond, leaving only one force of evil behind in our existence. And so the Recruiters press forward, with their dark plans of global domination and conquest. All the armies of heaven cannot stop them, and all the children of man are but tender morcels of flesh for them to feed upon. RUN !!!!!!!!!!
jenna jamison

Logan, OH

#25 Mar 2, 2010
SGT wrote:
I am a Marine Recruiter. Been on the streets for 2 years now and have one year left. Suck it the [email protected]$K up and take it with a grain of salt. I dont like it but i put up with it and no one has it harder then then a Marine recruiter because as im typing this taking a quick break from the phones all the other branches are off for the weekend (its saterday)
your not the only branch of service that works saturdays so stop broadcasting your complaint.
Eat it david

Stillwater, OK

#26 May 24, 2010
Man you do sound like a typical second tier recruiter or are you third tier...probably a pro sup somewhere. Here is my one point...if the job is so great...why are there recruit the recruiter teams out there telling everyone how great it is. Than if you don't like it and just can't hack it; they dont send you back to the job that obviously you did well at (otherwise you wouldnt be a recruiter), they demand your discharge entirely. Fuck Recruiting its full of hypocritical and fat headed people that after 4 years on the bag think their shit dont stink.

Since: Apr 11

Location hidden

#28 May 8, 2011
Gee, it must be a really important job because the former Deputy CG and CG of USAREC just got promoted to his third star right over there to Fort Hood - Lt Gen Donald M Campbell, Jr. I think Congress must love Recruiting Command and rewards their Generals well. Verdad?

Pacifica, CA

#30 Apr 24, 2012
As an Army Recruiter, like or dislike doesn't figure into the job. What does is the lack of honesty and morals that I have seen so prevalent amongst career recruiters. Station Commanders that encourage you to outright lie to applicants, forge signatures, forge ht/wt requirements, and many other infractions besides, all that is commonplace in the area I work in.

That and the inability to handle simple personnel issues. I watched senior NCO's make jokes to a Soldier's face when his wife left him, our company is incapable of moving personnel actions (favorable or otherwise).

There is also a stigma to deal with. My job is in combat arms. I know from experience that there is a huge stigma associated with recruiting duty. Recruiters are fat, lazy, dishonest and incompetent. I have seen few recruiters pick up their E-7 on time in my job field. My CSM warned me before I went out that recruiting could derail my career track.

I don't know about Air Force or Marine or Navy recruiting. If it's the same way, I can certainly see why people are dissatisfied. As for the Army, if USAREC wants fully motivated recruiters, they need to address the lack of leadership and integrity in their own ranks, as well as the stigmas that the fighting side of the Army has against recruiters.

I hope you can do what I did and at least come to terms and do your job day to day. Find activities outside of work to keep your morale up. Just remember, the rest of the military isn't like recruiting, just suck it up and in a few years you'll be out of there.

El Paso, TX

#31 Dec 4, 2012
Neal wrote:
<quoted text>Hello, can I have your recruiting job? I am prior service and would like to get back on Active duty.
I am on active duty and I will gladly give you the assignment because recruiting doesn't allow me to lead troops into combat.

Belt, MT

#32 May 5, 2014
Just get in trouble. Cheat on your spouse with a DEP or HS student and viola you will be out of recruting. It has been about the only sure fire way I have seen people kicked out of army recruiting beside doing drugs or using he GOV gas card to fill up thier POV.
lifer dogs

Chatsworth, CA

#33 Oct 29, 2014
shit on stupid boys with no future going into the under paying usa military.

become a cop in most states and earn more and live well and close to home ..

just like that

Richmond, VA

#35 Aug 1, 2015
Infantry wrote:
I am an Army Recruiter and unlike the idiot Marine recruiter on here I know how to spell Saturday. He must have needed a waiver just to get in.
I also hate recruiting duty but guess what - do what you either volunteered for or like me - was chosen to do. I have the least amount of time out of 135 recruiters and hate every minute of it.
The Marine and Air Force Recruiters by me are loving it and barely work while I work 16 or more hours a damn day. I would rather be in Iraq fighting because I talked with my family more then by phone, computer or whatever.
Are you kidding me right now with your bullshit?! You honestly think marine corps recruiters have it easy? Your a fucking nut job for even saying that shit. My husband is a Marine Recruiter and my daughter never sees him EVER and my son who was born 3 months ago dont even know him. He works 18 hrs plus a day EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY. He gets no leave longer than 5 days unless its an emergency and he hardly and barely gets that. He works every single weekend not only him but the other Marine recruiters. So get over yourself army recruiter. Life goes on

Sofia, Bulgaria

#36 Feb 17, 2016
Hi guys,
I know to get out of recruiting is really really hard but if you really want to do it I think that this is the right place for you:

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