Cherokee, Lumbee argue over recognition bill

American Indians from either side of North Carolina traveled to Washington on Wednesday to argue about whether one tribe's quest for legitimacy would harm another's proud heritage. Full Story
johnson B

Cibolo, TX

#913 Apr 5, 2013
I cant understand a thing this guy wrote above ,is that Lumbee ebonics?
johnson B

Anonymous Proxy

#914 Apr 5, 2013
i cant understand his ramblings either he is just like the Lumbee full of non-sense and invented tales of an indian origin!

Madison, WI

#915 Apr 6, 2013
johnson B wrote:
i cant understand his ramblings either he is just like the Lumbee full of non-sense and invented tales of an indian origin!
WHERE was their DNA found? That proves where they lived. a Feces sample and Blood test proves where in Internatioanl research found abundence of compost from their PEOPLE living their (FAMILY)

They stray form their reservations as a result nobody wants to live on a burial site, BUt they don't Gopvernemtn put them around their ancestrial lines, they PUT THEM instead on their own SEPTIC tanks. HAHAHAHHAHA BUT they put them on the dung hole of their own kin folks POOPY
Bill Starns

Anonymous Proxy

#916 Apr 6, 2013
Yep, I agree rambling non sense above but them lumbees mulungeon croatans were made by people trying to hide their African American ancestry most had allot or distant African free black roots like the Chavis and Goins mulattos passing as it was called then and got a senator to help them for political reason or votes around 1900,the clan was lynching negro people back then so best to not be black then and they fought the clan later claiming to be lost indian tribe of croatan... the farce it worked for allot of those lumbee ancestors but distorted their true roots as blacks changed to Indians of some unknown origins but with census and other records online we easily uncovered the truth lumbee are not any indian tribe or Indians at all but mulattos nowadays we call them black.but lumbees don't have any pride in their real heritage so they exigerate and overstate the indian and white and ignore the black down playing that.

Winston Salem, NC

#917 Apr 12, 2013
I live around these people and my grandmother was born to one of these families. Her mother told her that brothers and sisters estranged from one another because some looked black. They were exclusive about who they let in whether kin or not based on appearance. It caused some riffs in her family and for that reason she had absolutely nothing to do with them. One of her favorite beloved aunts was one of their victims. A handful of them look native somewhat, but you can see the White dominated mulatto written all over them. No Indian at all pretty much. They do look like Hispanics, but not Mexican. More like the Puerto Rican and Dominican variety which is surely mixed with Africans
Kelvin Ray

Doha, Qatar

#918 Apr 13, 2013
Samual wrote:
another DNA site
the Lost Colony
DNA results for Lumbees Clip from site:
The Lumbee have long claimed descent from the Lost Colony via their oral histories. The Lumbee DNA Project shows significantly less Native American ancestry than would be expected with 96% European or African Y chromosomal DNA. The Melungeons, long held to be mixed European, African and Native show only one ancestral family with Native DNA. Clearly more testing would be advantageous in all of these projects.
WOW not much of an Indian tribe 96% European or African found!!! That is not Indigenous at all !! okay explain this Deric!!
! Yall are actually Europeans, Im sure you will ignore this your real Lumbee heritage lies in Europe and Africa!!! LUCY !! You got some splaining to do!! All the DNA projects cant be wrong!!!!
The genealogical research projects was later deemed as "INVALID" and not an accurate way of determining "Indianess"
Will wagret

Pioneer, CA

#919 Apr 16, 2013
The Department of Justice will continue to prosecute tribal members and nonmembers alike for:

that includes lumbees a non-recognized tribe federally for wearing them at the spring powwow this may

•Buying or selling the feathers or other parts of eagles or other migratory birds or trading them for goods or services (or attempting to do so).
•Killing federally protected birds without a permit. Tribal members can apply to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for permits to take (including kill) eagles for religious purposes.
•Members of federally recognized tribes do not need permits to possess the feathers or other parts of eagles or other migratory birds or to engage in the other activities listed above
1-32nd Swamp Injun

Weaverville, NC

#921 Apr 17, 2013
DNA should settle the matter...Thought I was full German,but one of my great grandmothers was part Injun--
Wallus Rahd

Anonymous Proxy

#922 Apr 18, 2013
Its not about Dna as much but that helps allot but any claim its also about historic proof you are who you claim to be as a Indian Nation before colonist arrived and all the Lumbee ancestors we listed as colonist and migrated with and lived as colonist in Virginia moving to NC not as any Indian nation,just a "individuals" citizens of the british,american colonys same as any other colonist no different paying taxes as white,black or mulatto ,and of the USA never claiming to be some kinda Lumbee Indians tribe until recently after switching from being mulatto,so that negates any tribal sovereignty claims.of course there are always individual fractionally mixed people but that doesn't make you a nation worthy of sovereignty or federal recognition having no clams to damage or proof.
Wallus Rahd

Anonymous Proxy

#923 Apr 18, 2013
The Lumbees are great at imtimidating those who doubt their authenticity like the radio announcer but that goes to show they can not back up the claim they are indians so they use intimidation tactics which shows they are fake.
1-32nd Swamp Injun

Niota, TN

#924 Apr 18, 2013
If the Lumbees aren't anymore "Native American" than I am, then why do they insist acting like Injuns? Why not act like Englishmen or Irish, or like black folks?
1-32nd Swamp Injun

Niota, TN

#925 Apr 18, 2013
The Lumbees weren't Lumbees back in the 1950's, they were going to white schools in segregated South Carolina....Said they were part Cherokee--Didn't know what a Lumbee was until they kicked the local KKK's ass up in Lumberton...The ones I knew were good, down to earth people---But according to DNA, I am more Injun than they are--Go figure
John Stills

Anonymous Proxy

#926 Apr 26, 2013
Yeah for that Casino or benefits they invented a new identity not as negro but as some lost indian tribe...

These lumbee had to downplay their African or mixed heritage and exigerate and overstate their "Native American" identity because of the intense racism in the past.
They have been identified as mixed black/white ancestry from the 1700s and were speaking ENGLISH even in the earliest historical references.

A considerable amount of genealogical research shows the majority of the founding "Lumbee" families descend from free black males and white females that came down from early Virginia settlements.They participated in colonial life as "individuals" not as any recognized tribe. Paying taxes, buying property, mustering in colonial and American militias same as all other colonials.Early colonial records list Lumbee ancestors "as is all "free negors "and mulattos" on kings land and that "no Indians "live in Robeson County area.

They were "never identified as an intact tribe that entered into a treaty with the US.They have never been a sovereign nation or had reservation lands.typically the Lumbee lived as "Individuals or free colonist on farms.They initially put forward an origin story that they were the descendants of the "Lost Colony."in other words descended from Europeans.
John Stills

Anonymous Proxy

#927 Apr 26, 2013
Not Indians at all these Lumbees

New york Herald 1872,



not as indian but as regular blaks and mixed black whites referred to as Muatto
1-32nd Swamp Injun

United States

#928 Apr 28, 2013
Obama is gonna put everybody on a resevation and then we can all have a casino---I wish my ancestral homeland (Germany)would re arm and try taking oer the world again, and this time invite Israel as allies and take out the Muslems

Madison, WI

#929 Apr 29, 2013
1-32nd Swamp Injun wrote:
Obama is gonna put everybody on a resevation and then we can all have a casino---I wish my ancestral homeland (Germany)would re arm and try taking oer the world again, and this time invite Israel as allies and take out the Muslems
That is alot of rage and should have been reevaluted before statment alothough we are all guilty of such woridng in our feelings, But regardless some is a crime, Word it right.

To desire a war for what, to MAKE THE MILITARY force you into a stable housing that local secters can not remove you from? TO Make Military fine the building developers and contractors for faultered home design when the original contract indicates GUARNTEED 250 year life longivity of building development?

To make th elocal bar salute you and want to pet you and only you when you walk in, play your music and you get first pick of what is available?

To point your finger and make some rape or kill or beat someone for your viewing pleasure?

I think you need a isolation booth to bar you access to society until you can find what developments in society has to offer to YOU not a race or a family, TO YOU AND YOU ALONE< try visiting the bullitant board at local CITY HALL, State OFFICE BUILDING How are you finding time for rage when you are a victim of BILLING And MEDICAL and unlawful taxing and interest on your personal affiars YORU RICH DUDE nobody can give that to you until your in the office and "sign"

For $250 the BAnk will assist in yoru LIFE SUIT then they take about 13% or something of the settlemtn payoff. STILL RICH and faster that way. INQUIRE! "INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW of persoanl affairs and accessment" They may articulate it differntly in yor local facinity or out of ignorence to referal they are obligated to and appear to play DUMB NO they really are, you have to ask the right clerk for the referal keep trying.
1-32nd Swamp Injun

Knoxville, TN

#930 Apr 30, 2013
What in the rain an hail has Jaimie been smoking? or snorting?

Clemmons, NC

#931 May 7, 2013
Kelvin Ray wrote:
<quoted text>
The genealogical research projects was later deemed as "INVALID" and not an accurate way of determining "Indianess"
Whatever. Truth is the truth. They are NOT Native Americans. Black Americans in NC and Va. have more Native blood than Lumbee do

Madison, WI

#932 May 7, 2013
1-32nd Swamp Injun wrote:
What in the rain an hail has Jaimie been smoking? or snorting?
Well my father smoked SEA WEED from a island out of Swisserland. Werewolf heritage form the little beetle in the stem of barley, so we cant go to beer drinkers bars if we drink Scotch. Injected daily to open several brian chambers to travel speed of sound barriers on the sea in US NAVY and has capabilites of seeing several disruptive systems to report to hybrid ops.

Yes I bet you would prersume drug baby, and I was but they could not register in FDA what drug to place it under.

DEAR JOHN BRUNO, the rocks with symbols and words have been found, around wingra creek NOT ALL, Aztec, and other, some maybe cherakee but most important under ground CLONE OPS with blue suits and gold medals, The sexiest, prettiest men with ultimate physique and skill in olden days warrior hood of all indian nations, clone project "under" the arboretum, some came from a stone parrelel universe little people that are in another world, rock and get big when they follow prism out. They can not stray far from that location they will meditate where they portal out and camp until they can get back in the stone. But clone ops is under part of the water INSIDE the middle of the arboretum. They are friendl;ies and gorgeous as they promised NO SCARS the best looking indian men ever seen. I met them personally. They traveled to side of LAKE WINGRA creek to get away from families minds that was aggitating to not break their necks either.... If yoru mind and soul quest similar isolation for thought and peace travel there and maybe you to will meet. I got a blow up raft to get inside on the water we can camp there and a fishing license to permit Fish are grandaddies trapped as water does not ride that high over land rift. BOGMAN encounters, and back in 1950s a whoel witch coven perchased a home in arboretum neighborhood, they opened a portal and beckoned a fallen god, regardless a big massive thing came thru as well, and they could not put IT back in the portal prior to close it still roams. SIck defective veteran of war was homesteading in there he kidnapped children to protect them since their parents could not see the thing that made the trees bend as it manuvuered, to KILL The kids and any other stranglers, He hoare4d them to protect and if THIER parents came for them he would release, in the end the thing killed him, but he killed the kids so the story goes.

I personally seen the termites and they manifest to look like a alien humanoid to coheorse the mind to the big ant hills for lunch of the colony so I was not impressed to see it, and did nto know what to tell the kids, never after dark, 10am to 2pm adventures dont go off the trail>>>>>
Rans Johnson

Anonymous Proxy

#934 Jun 12, 2013
The Lumbee Bill is a waste of time and Tax dollars,they never been a tribe and trying to invent one now at a cost of over $800 million tax dollars every 4 years, they never had no indian language or culture just black white people mixing in Robeson county we used to call them Mulattos.

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