Obama to talk jobs in struggling Illi...

Obama to talk jobs in struggling Illinois town

There are 153 comments on the Reuters story from Jul 21, 2013, titled Obama to talk jobs in struggling Illinois town. In it, Reuters reports that:

President Barack Obama returns on Wednesday to an Illinois town that has been a touchstone for his plan to rebuild America's manufacturing sector, giving the first in a series of speeches that will set the tone for his fiscal battles with Congress in the fall.

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YouSureDidntBuil dThat

Duarte, CA

#1 Jul 21, 2013
Obama had 4 years to change the country for the better.

Seriously, can anyone name one good thing this guy's done for America?

I need not explain how he and his corrupt guttertrash Chicago mafia handlers have made everything worse. Simply look around with your own lying eyes for proof.

In some aspects Obama is right when he says ((("you didn't build/create that, government did.")))

Let's look at what this administration has created in 4 short years:

-Socialist eugenics based health care (((Obamacare)))

-NDAA (((National Defense Authorization Act))) where Americans can be disappeared without a jury

-Out of control (((Crony Capitalism)))-government picks winners and losers based on payouts -not free market eg. Solyndra, GM, GE, MF Global, Numerous Bank Bailouts, Cancelling Keystone Pipleline, No Prosecution of criminal Banksters

-(((Skyrocketing Unemployment and Outsourcing)))-The idea that welfare checks/EBT cards are paychecks

-(((Fast and Furious))) and other suspected domestic false flags like Aurora CO to argue for abolishing the 2nd ammendmant

-Massive (((TSA expansion))) onto America's streets and armed (((survellance drones/now blimps))) operating over US territory.

-(((UN control of U.S. military troops to invade))) Egypt, Syria, parts of Africa, etc. for offshore bankers aka Nazism

-(((Trickle Down Government))) The idea that nothing can be built without (((more government bureaucrats and global warming regulations/taxes))) getting in the way

-(((Throwing Israel -an important ally- under the bus))) by destabalizing all the county's around it but not offering them any assurances of protection

-A(((continuation of Bush's failed policies))), like not getting out of Iraq, Afghanastan, and no closing of Guantanamo torture camps

-(((Polaraized race relations))) eg. Disrespectful hadling of the Treyvon Martin family after his murder -opportunistic my son would have looked like Treyvon soundbite- and media staged racial infighting between Americans

-(((No Proof Obama supposedly got Osama)))) America was never really allowed to see the body/proof ; -)

-(((Defunding of NASA))) No exploration of the stars for the U.S., leave that to countries that are exceptional

-(((No Plan/ or Budget to Fix Anything if he is re-elected )))-always says what you want to hear, then does the exact opposite hoping you''ll forget by the next speech -(((Sociopathic Liar)))

-(((Obamaphone)))-Massive expansion of this program for his dependant voting base

-(((Unlimited QE3 leading to hyperinflation/ monopoly money))) Dollar is rapidly losing purchasing power resulting in skyrocketing food and GAS PRICES (especially for "green gas" in CA)

-(((Needed a tainted Creepy Crawley moderator to hold his hand during the 2nd debate))) weak affirmative action President

- My favorite (((Legalizing the illegals))) temporarily until the election is over but not offering true immigration reform

Obama's 2nd Term

(((BenghaziGate))) Obama lied, our troops died -bigger than Watergate, this is outright treason -funny how Obama threw Clinton under the bus

(((IRS Gate))) Uses IRS storm troopers to go after political enemies by targeting foes for audits and leaking classified tax information -both felonies

(((Mediagate-Boston CIA Gate))) Trying to chill journalists by tapping their phone conversations -even spying on Associated Press and other old liberal allies

(((NSA/PRISM Spy Gate))) Persecuting whistleblowers like Snowden and now bumping off journalists who expose illegal phone/net wiretapping on public

(((Holdergate))) Is Holder is supposed to supervise all these hearings? He should be in jail over Oklahoma city, Fast and Furious, and Wall Street corruption. Laws without enforcement are useless.

What the hell does it take to get impeached or is Obama now a bonafide dictator?


The Economy Is A Racist

Duarte, CA

#2 Jul 21, 2013

You don't mind domestic spying yet? Wait till the government starts using your stollen private info to blackmail YOU into comitting crimes on their behalf. Welcome to modern day tyranny -high tech style.

Merger of state and corporation always = fascism/tyranny. Remember, we Americans will only recieve what we are willing put up with. They are testing us righ now. Let's push back.

Mainstream media leaves you depressed, dumbed down, empty and hopeless. What kind of crap will they focus on next to distract us from what's really important?

Truth based media gives you a heads up and broadens your horizons. It protects your family, health, and life savings. It's your decision...


Once you have a taste of truthful reporting you never go back to mainstream contrived corporate media.

These hosts bash Republicans and Democrats equally because they know both sides are illuminati bought puppets out to screw us.

Give alternative news sources a chance before you knock them. Download these shows to your MP3 players and listen on your way to work or whatever. All you need from mainstream media is breaking news and traffic/weather. You can listen to all these shows on your smart phone as well.

Exposes US Gov Corruption and Global Wide Illuminati Plots


(Skip around, you'll learn something useful)

Exposes Wallstreet and absolutely teaches you how to protect your money from the crooked banksters


Exposes Secret/Ancient Knowledge Suppressed In Modern History Books and suppressed medical cures/prevention for diseases like cancer, etc. This guy is a medical doctor.


Often Exposes NASA Disinformation and Possible Offworld Intelligence -Search "Coast to Coast 2012 Shows" on Youtube and listen or use downloader -This is one way /Or get a CC Witness radio and record AM from your local affiliate. There is CIA disinfo injected from some of the guests but you learn how to identify it after a while by researching the guests' backgrounds. The hosts are simply great.


Connects Bible Predictions/Prophecy to Modern Day Events -How Illuminati uses bible prophecy to plan false flag disasters eg. earthquakes, etc. There could also be some CIA brainwashing here as well from some of the guest lecturers but they give a heads up of what to look out for/predict down the road. The host does a good job of teaching about the bible and does not fear political correctness.


These radio hosts should do a show together or at least make guest appearences on each others shows. They all value truth and liberty in their own way.

Here's my take on it. Don't be afraid to speak out as we are all on some type of list by now:


You have to understand that free speech on the net is about to be clamped down on in America.-mainland China style.

“Proud To Be An American”

Since: Apr 07

Location hidden

#3 Jul 21, 2013
Talk about wishful thinking...What so-called "touchstone" manufacturing experience does that self-serving jackazz b.utt h.ole obama have? ZERO. Thanks to stinking incompetent democRats illinois will fall like detroit. As for the rest of America the economic sucking sound of obamacare is getting louder and louder.
Yepper market gains are supposed to be based on the private sector. As soon as the Fed cuts funding the market it will collapse and take along the dumbfuks too stupid to get out when the getting out was good.
Osama Obama

Shippensburg, PA

#4 Jul 21, 2013
I doubt he can spell j o b.

“Make America Great Again”

Since: Jun 07

Bring Obama Back!

#6 Jul 21, 2013
The tea-baggers are still crying about the Election... LOL, I love it... Obama is possibly our greatest President and all the tea-baggers can do is cry.

Keep crying losers; i get so much joy from your suffering.
trash bagger

Jersey City, NJ

#7 Jul 21, 2013
Marine Corp Pat wrote:
The tea-baggers are still crying about the Election... LOL, I love it... Obama is possibly our greatest President and all the tea-baggers can do is cry.
Keep crying losers; i get so much joy from your suffering.

Smell my finger, thats about as much sence as you make.......so he is a black man, deliver on your promises.

Since: Mar 09

The Left Coast

#8 Jul 22, 2013
Jobs and bringing the country together are Obama's top priorities. And it shows.

“Hillary, thirty years of lying”

Since: Nov 08


#10 Jul 22, 2013
Marine Corp Pat wrote:
The tea-baggers are still crying about the Election... LOL, I love it... Obama is possibly our greatest President and all the tea-baggers can do is cry.
Keep crying losers; i get so much joy from your suffering.
Obama to talk jobs in Illinois in first in series of economic addresses

The address Wednesday at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., will be the first in a new series of economic speeches that White House aides say Obama intends to deliver over the next several weeks...

CODE: Obama still flying in circles giving the low information voters speeches while he does the opposite under their very noses.

“Hillary, thirty years of lying”

Since: Nov 08


#12 Jul 22, 2013
Eighthman wrote:
Obama sure talks a lot.
I am Chris Stevens
It is all he does. The man of little action.........except when it's vacations.

“Hillary, thirty years of lying”

Since: Nov 08


#13 Jul 22, 2013
RustyS wrote:
Jobs and bringing the country together are Obama's top priorities. And it shows.
He will pivot just any year now.

Clarksburg, WV

#14 Jul 22, 2013
To all of YOU who still thing HE is a great Pres.,
Please go see a doctor for you must know you have
just went nuts. If I had any pity left for these
people, which I don't, I would feel sorry for all
the idiots that want to decide when, not if this
world is ready to die.. Right now, we are the walking dead, just waiting for the last leg to be
knocked out from under us....This is HOW other
nations died, you are showing US how history repeats itself. In just a short time, we have witnessed the minds rot and those walking around
destroying everything in their way. No Pride or
love left for a country that was the envy of the world. Who had to wait for the uneducated and
mindless to take over...It happened just 5 short years ago.......200 yrs is a pretty good run,
but sad to say, you who care for nothing have now
brought it to its knees. NO backbones left, you
have broke them, what a life history will be said
about how easy it was to turn brains to mush...
When you can be bought, there will always someone
to ruin the world...you are not the first..

Boynton Beach, FL

#15 Jul 22, 2013
NO TALK about the HIGH cost of FOOD

NO TALK about the HIGH cost of GAS

NO TALK about excess FOREIGN AID

NO TALK about the FAILED OBAMA's ARab SPring Summer Fall Winter Spring Summer Fall Winter Spring Summer and on and on

Obama only GINNING up for 2014 political races in which he won't be on the ballot

Trying to wrest control of the REmaining BIG ELECTORAL STATES from Republicans with the following issues:

FLORIDA = Stand Your Ground and Education issues

TEXAS = Abortion

and BOTH are big Immigrant states

Vernon Hills, IL

#16 Jul 22, 2013
Jobs for Illinois?

Blame the GOVERNOR and his increased TAX CODE.

Taxes are DRIVING business OUT of Illinois.

Even Rick Perry (Texas) has advertized on the radio in the Chicago area for businesses to re-locate to 'business-friendly' Texas.

<Illinois worker PAY 5% state income tax AND the politicians still can't seem to stop the state from GOING BROKE - because of unfunded pension LIABILITIES>

Obama sure came to the right state to 'just talk' <and accomplish nothing>.
bellowing niceties

Greeley, CO

#17 Jul 22, 2013
Citizens of Galesburg, Illinois: Run like HELL away from him while you still can! He may try to "save" you like he "saved" Detroit!

“Open your eyes”

Since: Sep 09

Central Florida

#18 Jul 22, 2013
*I can see the motiviational immigration video now*

Yes, there is a job for you in the Unites Fascist States of America.

If you want a job wiping some's ass, then there is a job for you.

If you want a job carrying someone's bags because they believe they are better than you, there is a job for you.

If you want to wait on tables for the rest of your life or flip burgers at McDonald's, then there is a job for you.

If you want to greet people at Walmart as they walk in wearing their PJ's and stomachs hanging out from under their shirts, then there is a job for you.

A land of service opportunity. A serf to the nations upper upper class. A land where "you" can wait hand and foot on another human being as they treat you like shit. Welcome. Welcome to the United Fascist States of America.

*While all the "selected" politicians refuse to talk about monetary policy*

“Open your eyes”

Since: Sep 09

Central Florida

#19 Jul 22, 2013
A question that the media will not ask of Obama:

"Mr President, understanding that money is the foundation to any economical plans for recovery, what is the direction your administration plans on taking to re-establish the dollar and re-balance monetary policy?"

*At this point, I will bet money, the person who asked the question would get the deer in headlights look. Or, will get the 15 min Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh, answer followed by deflection.

There has to be someone within the media with the balls to do it. But, since majority of the media is nothing more that teleprompter readers, it will never happen.

Since: Oct 08

Alpharetta, GA

#20 Jul 22, 2013
the mans a menace

“Yeah, but...”

Since: Sep 11


#21 Jul 22, 2013
Obama to talk about economy. He'll stress the second syllable.

Choctaw, OK

#23 Jul 22, 2013
Hello "Obama to talk about JOBS" we all know by now that he can talk about a lot of things but you got to have kahunas to make things happen. He don't have any... He makes girls.
See the Light

El Paso, TX

#24 Jul 22, 2013
Like Obama has created a job !Chicago is next to go bankrupt and then one by one the rest of U.S.. The Black Democrats and White Obama lovers can say "thankyou Mr.President for destroying the country., you've done what we wanted".

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