White House laughs at GOP idea to cal...

White House laughs at GOP idea to call Democrats a oeSocialistsa

There are 72 comments on the features.csmonitor.com story from May 15, 2009, titled White House laughs at GOP idea to call Democrats a oeSocialistsa. In it, features.csmonitor.com reports that:

Well, add one more person to the list of people laughing at an effort in the Republican Party to rename their opposition the "Democrat Socialist Party." White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about the rebranding effort today in his press briefing.

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Richmond, KY

#1 May 15, 2009
Of course Obama's laughing, that's where he's taking us after all. Ever heard of "laugh all the way to the bank?"

Since: Jan 07

St. Augustine, Florida

#3 May 15, 2009
The democrats are now the communist party!

Burlington, VT

#4 May 15, 2009
Go ahead- poke fun at the janitor...difficult decisions need to be made -the decider left a big fat mess. Its alarming how few people are even remotely aware of what socialism actually is and how far from the mark this administration is from socialism. It seems that gullible people are just parroting what they are hearing at the Fox Party headquarters.

“Gray Wolf Club”

Since: Dec 07

Hog Thief Valley, Arkansas

#5 May 15, 2009
retroretread wrote:
The democrats are now the communist party!

“The Penguin Cometh.”

Since: Dec 06


#6 May 16, 2009
Kermit wrote:
It seems that gullible people are just parroting what they are hearing at the Fox Party headquarters.
After the last eight years...

...are you actually surprised?

Since: Nov 07

Location hidden

#8 May 16, 2009
No problem, Call them the Democratic Socialists.
And we'll start calling them other guys the National Socialists.
Memhorrible Moments

Pulaski, TN

#10 May 16, 2009
Look at it this way, the money is flying out the window by the billions and trillions right?

Yeah, so since the tap is stuck in the on position, which is better:

Putting the money into medical care for the uninsured or giving it to private military combat contractors to fight wars started on false pretense?

Putting the money into stimulus checks to the people or putting it into no bid contracts, free cash awards that don't even state on the contract what is to be bought or when or when it's to be delivered and is for "future use" then that contractor moves headquarters to another country?

The difference between the Republicans and the Democrats isn't Socialism, it is where the money goes.

It goes to the people or it goes to political cronies in the private and corporate sector.

It is still Socialism under the Republicans except they make sure that the money is not spread around but lines the pockets of a few insiders as the recipients of the Socialism.

So that's the difference between Republicans and a Democracy and the Democrats and Socialism.

It can ALL be labeled "Socialism."

Whether or not it is "Socialism" is who gets the money and the NeoCons are pumping this for all its worth because its billions and trillions their cronies in the private and corporate sector are not getting.

It's Republican jealousy, not Socialism.

I'll take Socialism under the Democrats any day.
Memhorrible Moments

Pulaski, TN

#11 May 16, 2009
If all the money under the Republicans goes to the corporate sector it isn't Socialism, is good for our country but if even a fraction of that same amount of money goes to the people under the Democrats it is labeled as Socialism.

It's a witch hunt for the Democrats.

Don't even get started about how many billions of unaccounted for cash vanished into thin air under the Bushite leadership.

They are hoping that investigation will vanish too since most people have forgotten about that already.
Memhorrible Moments

Pulaski, TN

#12 May 16, 2009
The self preserving trick with the NeoCons is that they make sure that their corruption is spread so far and so wide and so deep and with so many counts of it that they will be long dead before any investigative body can come to a legal conclusion.

It's simply to broad to accomplish within any reasonable amount of time and that is what secures freedom from accountability.

Sunnyvale, CA

#13 May 16, 2009
Be assured it is a nervous laugh...

Democrats always ridicule straight talk.

The Dems have moved so far left, they embrace positions and policies widely referred to as Socialist - and Communist - in the 1960's & 70's.

The Republicans, today, are more like the Democrats of 50 years ago.

Hegel's dialectic: Thesis, Anti-thesis, Synthesis. It's the weapon they use to keep the center moving leftward.

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened." - Norman Thomas, American Socialist, 1946

Baltimore, MD

#14 May 16, 2009
I think we definitely have a solution in the working. A better way to define our current political landscape in terms everyone can understand.

The Democratic Socialist Party and the Republican Fascist Union, get's it all right out in the open.

Sheridan, AR

#15 May 16, 2009
Memhorrible Moments wrote:
The self preserving trick with the NeoCons...
The word "neocon" was coined by Socialist Michael Harrington, to describe fellow Socialists who left the Democrat party over issues like Israel and Palestine.

The Democrats started favoring Palestine, so the Trotskyites who supported Israel jumped to the Republicans during the Reagan years.

So, when you complain about neocons, you are NOT talking about Conservatives or Libertarians. You are complaining about a faction of the Left that is hi-jacking the Republican Party.

Libertarians call them "right wing socialists".

Darby, PA

#16 May 16, 2009
Again democrats. Are you guys and obama really that different from bush and the conservatives?
The list gets longer and longer.
NO - it is becoming obvious to all - even to ED SCHULTZ that you are not.
So lets see folks first obama says he will release the photos and now he says no and sounds EXACTLY like bush (same stupid reasoning)!
Pelosi you control the house. Get an investigation going already about the torture. WHY ARE YOU WAITING!
Now obama says that the big 3 have to fire ceos and they have timelines and they have to merge. But with AIG - no restrictions PLUS they . So while plants close and more common folks lose their jobs with the big 3 - AIG IS GOING TO BE GIVEN MORE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS!
Also AIG has done exactly ZERO to take care of pensions and such after getting over $100 billion from us. So really DEMOCRATS - what your excuse?
And now another $97 billion for 4 months of war. Only 60 dems voted against it.
Blackwater is still on the payroll.
The military tribunals and a still open gitmo have been reinstated AFTER OBAMA said he would eliminate them.
What a joke people.
When you obama lovers figure finally figure out that obama is not that far from bush - GO GREEN PARTY!!!!!!!
If your people had real solutions that didn't infringe on others rights you might have a better following. And your tactics are terroistic.

“Retired Master Gunny USMC”

Since: Jul 08

Las Vegas

#19 May 16, 2009
Whats new, both parties suck.

The so called right are the socialist the so called left are truly marxist, with fascist dreams of control.

Roxboro, NC

#20 May 16, 2009
Guess we need to call the GOP the nazi party then.

United States

#21 May 16, 2009
Call the parties what you want, bottom line, B.O. sucks.

“It's about the American People”

Since: Jun 07

Flushing, NY

#22 May 16, 2009
America economy is now 45% under the reckless African Islamic dictator rule who control the American banks, insurance, healthcare, energy and education with organized crime labor unions who make no profits and only suck more and more of the American people money.
It means that American people are slaves of the 45% government employees and pay their salaries and outrages benefits of $100,000 or more of the parasite union members who do not contribute anything to America economy.
The liberal Democrat Congressmen under the delusional and clueless CIA hating and the famous immoral liar Nancy Pelosi continued their rush to pour more money in the drain and push the American people to bankruptcy with unsustainable debt economy as confessed by Obama yesterday in NM. The liberal Democrats are spending the loans from China of 'green lies' and deceit of the American people claiming that they are "saving the planet" with their reckless pouring of money down the drain and then rushing to raise taxes on the hard-working Americans. Obama’s policy of reckless spending on his Acorn street gangsters and on the parasites of the union organized crime labor mafia including UAW and the teachers Unions is leading to the American people to lose their savings in 401K, to lose their social security checks and losing their Medicare healthcare as Obama confessed. Obama told the American people yesterday that China is cutting its "buying the debts of America", leading to major two-digit inflation, two-digit interest rate and devaluation of the dollar. It was Obama who claimed yesterday the failure of his ‘magic economy saving’ fraudulent acts as he said it loud and clear to every American who wants to know the truth about the drunken sailor Democrats and about the African Muslim dictator Obama.

Rochester, NY

#23 May 16, 2009
Well you'd both be right!

The Dems have been calling The Republican Extremes Right Wing when in Fact the Republicans have Spent/overspent just under what the Democrats do.

The real problem and dishonesty with the whole dialogue now is, The Democrats and their supporters have been yelling about Bush and the Spending and it was too high, and now they say More Spending and Even Bigger amounts of it which will make Bush actually look Conservative when they get done and the dishonesty is complaing about something then doing more of the same. Facts are facts and Both Parties should come back from Being Left of Center! The Democrats sure are not the Party of JFK and The Republicans sure are not the Party of reagan anymore! Except with Very Few Exceptions!
J Barrett Wolf wrote:
No problem, Call them the Democratic Socialists.
And we'll start calling them other guys the National Socialists.

Montgomery, AL

#24 May 16, 2009
outTolunch wrote:
<quoted text> If your people had real solutions that didn't infringe on others rights you might have a better following. And your tactics are terroistic.
your right vote libertarian.

Montgomery, AL

#25 May 16, 2009
repukesAREstupid wrote:
Guess we need to call the GOP the nazi party then.

republicans: nazi

demcrats: communist

that works.

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