The President has failed us

There are 20 comments on the Times News story from Jun 9, 2012, titled The President has failed us. In it, Times News reports that:

This week, I decided to list the reasons I would not vote for Barack Obama in the next election.

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“Gloria Ad Caput Venire”

Since: Jan 08

Yellowknife NT

#143595 May 26, 2013
LiberalsAreHypocrites wrote:
<quoted text>
As a minority Hispanic as Democrat and then Republican, I had found out by first hand experience that Democrat, especially Liberals, are the most racist, evil, cruel and condescending arrogant I had ever met. They are also very dumb! They are clueless about history!!!
I am glad I left the Democratic plantation and join the entrepreneurship Republicans. I am in the six figure salary while the rest of my still Democratic family still call me to borrow money from me.
Welcome to the firm. Enjoy your stay. We appreciate your stand.

“One Night”

Since: Aug 12

It Just Disappeared

#143596 May 26, 2013
Sunny wrote:
<quoted text>Thank you ICE everybody should watch this God bless Ira Hayes.
~ America's Wars ~

One ~ Apocalyptica

Boise, ID

#143597 May 26, 2013
positronium wrote:
<quoted text>Hey bonnie: Tomorrow the firm and I will be embarking on a new venture. We have designed a new and very useful tool that we will be demonstrating tomorrow to a prospective developer.
I hope it's a very powerful sling shot. For sending illegals back where they came from, air express..LOL.. Really what does it do?

Campbellsburg, KY

#143598 May 26, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Obama Administration

Six American Islamist activists who work with the Obama admin. are Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy influence over U.S. policies.

Arif Alikhan
Mohamed Elibiary
Rashad Hussain
Salam Al-marayati
Imam Mohamed Magred
Eboo Patel

Campbellsburg, KY

#143599 May 26, 2013
American Lady wrote:
With EACH passing day, I am becoming MORE frustrated and disheartened at the so called leaders IN my/OUR Country!
A crescendo of malaise is being draped OVER IT!
by the fools/TRAITORS in charge!
[just WHAT the 0 WANTED - he is 'succeeding' in THAT ONLY]
Beverly Cancels Memorial Day Parade Due To Lack Of Veterans
BEVERLY (CBS)Ė This Sunday, the streets of Beverly will look just like they always do. And thatís the problem, some veterans say. The city has cancelled its annual Memorial Day parade for whatís believed to be the first time
since the end of the Civil War. <<-<<< TRADITION!
City officials think thatís possible. If enough veterans come forward to participate, or if the city can come up with another way to have them be a part of the parade, then the city will bring it back.
They could have made them floats ... to ride on ...
Pushed them in WHEELCHAIRS ...
They didn't cancel Cinco de Mayo celebration or have you heard in the news about not allowing any latino wave their flags in America but woe if you wave an American flag in......America.

Campbellsburg, KY

#143600 May 26, 2013
Freespirit8 wrote:
<quoted text>
Well that's not true, so either you are dishonest, or you are not well.
The problems with liberals---they fear the truth.

So, I can see where you are unable to agree with anything I post.

Its natural where liberals are concerned.

Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men:
"You can't handle the truth."

Longview, WA

#143601 May 26, 2013
DJ ICE XIII wrote:
<quoted text>
~ America's Wars ~
One ~ Apocalyptica
Wish we could see some piece in this world buddy but I don't think we well.

Campbellsburg, KY

#143602 May 26, 2013
Sunny wrote:
<quoted text> Watch Documentary Farmageddon 2011.
If the people let Government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.{Thomas Jefferson}
Monsanto Seed and Insecticide Company has won in the courts and approved by the Obama admin. to sell to American farmers...seed.

Monsanto has partner with the Buffet Foundation to produce genetically grown seeds, used only once and to be purchase through this company every year. If farmers buy their seeds from anyone else, they could be penalized.
So farmers can not grow their own seeds, and it will be financially burden for them to purchase every year seeds from this company.

Remember, this company is also an insecticide company....the seeds will have chemicals in it that could be very harmful and deadly. else would they be insect-free?

Longview, WA

#143603 May 26, 2013
Bonnie wrote:
<quoted text> I hope it's a very powerful sling shot. For sending illegals back where they came from, air express..LOL.. Really what does it do?

Campbellsburg, KY

#143604 May 26, 2013
Flaming Star wrote:
<quoted text>
Custer died for your sins, immigrant.
My dad died fighting for you.
American Lady

Danville, KY

#143605 May 26, 2013
DJ ICE XIII wrote:
<quoted text>
~ America's Wars ~
One ~ Apocalyptica
The "real" ones ...
Along with History of ALL ...

VERY "informative" ... for ANYONE
wanting to LEARN ...
about The United States of America! <3

The American Constitution - A Documentary Record

Magna Carta, 1215

Mayflower Compact; November 11, 1620

Fundamental Orders of January 14, 1639

Fundamental Agreement, or Original Constitution of the Colony of New Haven, June 4, 1639

Agreement of the Settlers at Exeter in New Hampshire, 1639

The Combinations of the Inhabitants Upon the Piscataqua River for Government, October 22, 1641

The Articles of Confederation of the United Colonies of New England; May 19, 1643

Government of New Haven Colony; October 27 - November 6, 1643

The Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina : March 1, 1669

The Fundamental Constitutions for the Province of East New Jersey in America, Anno Domini 1683

English Bill of Rights, 1689

Penn's Charter of Libertie - April 25, 1682

Frame of Government of Pennsylvania - May 5, 1682

Frame of Government of Pennsylvania - February 2, 1683

Frame of Government of Pennsylvania - 1696

Campbellsburg, KY

#143606 May 26, 2013
Sunny wrote:
<quoted text>Oh god here we go Reality.
No matter what you say, they keep popping up like "jack in the box."

Los Angeles, CA

#143607 May 26, 2013
Sunny wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh god here we go Reality.
That's exactly what the Native Americans said!
Over 500 treaties made and broken.

“Gloria Ad Caput Venire”

Since: Jan 08

Yellowknife NT

#143608 May 26, 2013
Reality wrote:
<quoted text>
Today. I can only say the libs are total nut cases.
Any day at all I can agree with you that History proves this.


Since: May 08

Ocala, FL

#143609 May 26, 2013
higgans wrote:
<quoted text>
to the best of my knowledge, cell phones ARE banned in the class rooms... for SURE in MY school system.
do you think the kids have them or not?
if you WANT a parent-kid/teacher-school fiasco, TRY and take them away!
one of my classes is AUTO BODY REPAIR.... the teacher was told LAST year if one of his students couldn't do te MATH to figure an estimate, TEACH HIM.
these are ELECTIVE classes and 10th-12th grade kids. they don't HAVE to be there, so, the standards should be HIGHER.
they have BEEN passed K-9th grades and SOME CAN'T do the MATH required to figure the COST OF HOURS TIMES RATE????
I'd say that's a little late to RE-teach them WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE NEVER GOT OUT OF ELEMENTARY school withour knowing.
posters like sista have NO idea what goes on in the AVERAGE Middle American schools.
think of the WORST 'Black Board Jungle'(1950's movie!) scenes ad transpose them to today's average (sch corps for cities of 30-50K pop) and you would have a START.
now, every county sch corp here has the SAME problems, only on a smaller (but GROWING) scale.... many kids are trasfers FROM the bog corp.... in an attempt to GET AN EDUCATION.
trouble is, the 'entitlement' folks' kids have go there before them!
'big, bad, ghetto' sch problems are present in EVERY sch system in every State and every county and every city/town/village... EXCEPT PRIVATE SCHOOLS.
here's how the virus is spread: as little as 5-10 years ago, conserned parents/care-givers in MY sch corp started LYING about where the kids lived to register them in county schools.
the county schools KNEW but relished the EXTRA HEAD COUNT, for additional funds, OF COURSE.
about 3-5 years ago, the QUALITY of these transfers started affecting the county schools' STANDARDIZED MANDATED PERFORMANCE test scoes, so they statrted setting ACADEMIC and BEHAVIOUR standards.
LAST YEAR (or the year before?), the State made it LEGAL for any, ANY student in Indiana to go to ANY SCHOOL, NO STANDARDS NEED APPLY, no residency requirements.
seems the 'problem' kids were being turned away and the OUTCOME needed to be MANAGED in the name of FAIRNESS.
what about the kids/parents/TAX PAYERS that ORIGINALLY picked THEIR locations precisely (maybe PRIMARILY?) because of the QUALITY of the Local schools?
FAIRNESS equals F&%k'em, don't it?
yeah, but F&%K WHO????
They still have shop up north?? Last I heard they pretty much ended it in Orlando not long after I left school in 81.. But I agree with you those kids should never have gotten that far without learning basic math.. Grant it I came from a poor family and calculator's was just coming out and expensive.. When my step daughter was in school they allowed them.. Now I talk to my grandkids and its even more electronic crap.. Hey here's something to ponder..

Classroom 2.0: Why Florida Schools Are Going Digital


Campbellsburg, KY

#143610 May 26, 2013
Sunny wrote:
<quoted text>I know what ya talking about seen it with my own eye's the last place I worded at before retiring.
It's all this Hollywood an libtard college's chit making all this jerks for sure.
I totally agree. They were polling college students the other day and they were asked about Benghazi.

90% of the ones they polled didn't know what Benghazi was because the liberal professors keep their minds focused on the cruel and corrupt America and what freebies they are entitled to.

It is unthinkable that college students do not know about Benghazi---this is in a higher institute of learning.
Flaming Star

Los Angeles, CA

#143611 May 26, 2013
Reality wrote:
<quoted text>
My dad died fighting for you.
That doesn't even begin to make it even stephen! Your grandaddy probably raped and killed alot more.

"The only good Indian, is a dead Indian."
Gen. Philip Sheridan


Since: May 08

Ocala, FL

#143612 May 26, 2013
EasyEed wrote:
"wild irush hoe"
When I posted that "NTR" and "Sista" were both stoopid and clueless. Inadvertently I did not include you in the post.


Longview, WA

#143613 May 26, 2013
Reality wrote:
<quoted text>
No matter what you say, they keep popping up like "jack in the box."
They are just to funny.
It well be funny to hear what they have to say about "jack in the box"

Los Angeles, CA

#143614 May 26, 2013
Sunny wrote:
<quoted text>
Wish we could see some piece in this world buddy but I don't think we well.
That's PEACE, not piece of azz....Sunny, did someone pick you up by the head and push thier thumb on the soft spot in your skull when you were a tot?

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