Airliner crashes at San Francisco air...

Airliner crashes at San Francisco airport, forcing passengers to jump from escape slides

There are 141 comments on the Nanaimo Daily News story from Jul 6, 2013, titled Airliner crashes at San Francisco airport, forcing passengers to jump from escape slides. In it, Nanaimo Daily News reports that:

An Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul, South Korea, crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, forcing passengers to jump down the emergency inflatable slides to safety.

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Manassas, VA

#68 Nov 23, 2013
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Indianapolis, IN

#69 Nov 24, 2013
Maden wrote:
I would think having a chief pilot with previous violations --- and conducting himself with this many known violations --- would be a monumental liability by the company.
They must have good insurance!
Constant violations a huge liabilty fo kimball internationall stock holders or share holders.
The Little Man

Paris, TN

#70 Nov 26, 2013
Burned By wrote:
<quoted text>
The controller came back "American XYZ your path just got blocked I need to send you via......". He never had a clue what he had done.
But his favorite phrase with me was "I am a GOD DA*& Falcon pilot and I don't need you to tell me...". I soon learned not to say anything unless it was life or death. This was typical. There was no room for me to have any personal issues with him, heck I couldn't say a word.
Just like when we had a bleed air leak leaving Midway empty. I mentioned we had a little smoke coming form the environmental vents. I asked If I should close a bleed, turn off the APU and run the checklist. "I am a GOD....." you get the idea. He declared an emergency while made a 180 heading back to Midway dropping to a fairly unsafe altitude with inclement weather in the area creating a situation 1000x worse then the problem. On short final he told me to close the APU and the smoke seemed to quit. Hard to tell because of the reduced power setting.
I got rid of a couple hundred emergency personnel, he called his boss never leaving his seat. I said you want to get it checked out he said, no I think it was the APU, lets head home. I couldn't believe it. He was too embarrassed to walk in the FBO so he turned tail and ran home What is worse is with the weather we sat on the tarmac with engines running (too embarrassed to get fuel) and landed home with half our required fuel reserves.
He was simply too stupid to know better. I was on a flight down south. The pilot I was with refused to be on time. I waited 30 min in the lobby for him. He shows up 10 min late (intentionally). We make a wrong turn to the airport and lose another 10 min. When checking the oil, non showed on the dip stick on one engine. It probably has not drained back but he is too much in a hurry to pull it out and run it through the proper procedures. Instead we run the starter in the hanger for a few seconds to see if it drained back. No luck so we add oil....too much oil. When we got home the engine had 2x the oil it should have.
Next flight the engine failed with another crew at altitude. Probably had nothign to do with the oil but it gives you a bad feeling when you operate under an operation which performs this bad.
The story continues. The crew for unknown reasons did not want to declare an emergency. Trying to hold altitude at 26,000ft can be a lethal thing to do. As they requested lower and were falling through their altitude they got lower. A very dangerous thing to do not to mention they did violate their altitude trying to hold it.
Luckily for them the controller treated this as an emergency even though they did not declare one. To add insult to injury, in a meeting we began discussing this very thing. As we did the chief pilot says "Ok guys, were not going to talk about this because everyone handles things different!". The truth is the chief pilot was not smart enough to know better and was more interested in burying the topic because he didn't know what the right thing to do was.
And on and on, story after story, fact after fact. Non of this was personal at the time; just facts. Facts which are going to get someone killed one day.
Just more examples of how the Kimball Guiding principles code of ethics applies to the little guy......not the management! The management has a far different code then the one they push on everyone else!
SFO 737

Paris, TN

#71 Nov 26, 2013
I wouldn't let this chief pilot loser drive my dog to the vet!!

Paris, TN

#72 Nov 28, 2013
SFO 737 wrote:
I wouldn't let this chief pilot loser drive my dog to the vet!!
It has always been an industry standard no matter where I worked, both for a private firm and when I worked at the airlines, when pulling out on a runway you identify the runway you are on as a last check. Taking off the wrong runway can be more then embarrassing; it can be fatal.

On August 27, 2006 Comair Flight 5191 was to depart Blue Grass Airport in Fayette Ky. The traffic was light and there was a single controller in the tower. The controller cleared the aircraft to taxi to runway 22, and issued a take off clearance and was told to contact departure. This clearance given as they were still on the terminal ramp.

The controller left his station and when to use the bathroom.

The departure end of runway 22 and 26 were close together and the crew took the wrong runway and began their take off. The runway was too short and they aborted the take off running off the end killing all 47 aboard.

Ever since, it is industry standard to teach this accident to the flight crews. I have been threw training on this accident a half dozen times. When you pull out on a runway, you ALWAYS make runway number check. The number on the runway matches the departure. It is just routine.

When I was flying with the chief pilot out of Coeur D'Alene Id, we were cleared to depart (no control tower) from a runway which shared an intersection with another runway. Our departure path-instructions around the mountains is dependant upon the runway we departed form.

As we pulled out on the runway, as I had been trained a 100 times before, as I had done thousands of times before, as I was finishing up the departure checklist, I said "Runway XY" checks.

He turned to me like he always does, "I am a GOD XY&^ FALCON PILOT! I DON'T NEED YOU TO TELL ME WHAT RUNWAY WE ARE ON!".

My jaw dropped, I never finished the checklist. He could care less.

Was it because:
He is incompetent and didn't understand
Was intimidated by me
Didn't care about the checklist, just wanted to turn the key and make her go
Didn't understand aviation or flying on a level required by what he was doing

I would say all of the above. This was typical of flying with him!

NO, I would not let this man drive my dog to the Vet!
Happy Holidays

Bloomington, IN

#73 Nov 30, 2013
Do you regret working there?

Since: Jul 13

Paris, TN

#74 Nov 30, 2013
Happy Holidays wrote:
Do you regret working there?
There were other things which violated regulations. For instance, when we flew at altitudes which required a crew member wear an oxygen mask, I would always wear it because no one else would. Other pilots would tell me "I certainly am not going to wear the mask so you don't have to either" (In direct violation of Federal Aviation Regulations).

What is even more uncomfortable is when we are at an altitude which required wearing the oxygen mask and the other pilot felt the need to leave his station go mingle with customers. This was just entirely unnecessary and silly.

But the real problem here is I was not being allowed to bring up or discuss these issues. To do so would be "Not a teem player" and would "risk my position". This was made clear to me.

One event rises above all the others. When I demonstrated how a steep approach makes a shorter landing, when the chief pilot lost his temper yelling and throwing snacks across the room and ordering me to fly below glide slope approaches (not only makes for longer landings bit is unsafe and in direct violation of Federal Aviation Regulations)........At that time I was in disbelief. I had my hand on my keys and my ID. I was about to lay them on the counter and walk off the job right then and there.....I always regretted not having the balls to do so. I kicked myself in the butt for not doing so latter.

Versailles, IN

#76 Dec 2, 2013
Another company who could careless about laws or regulations.
Big Government

Franklin, IN

#77 Dec 2, 2013
Lawless wrote:
Another company who could careless about laws or regulations.
Big government and big corporations mean someone is rewarding the FAA for looking the other way!
Corporate corruption

Holton, IN

#78 Dec 7, 2013
Were they run'n illegal charters?

Since: Jul 13

Paris, TN

#79 Dec 7, 2013
Corporate corruption wrote:
Were they run'n illegal charters?
Not that I know of, but I am not sure we would. We are just told who to pick up and drop off where and when. I doubt it though. It's not their motto.

They do things such as not writing up failed equipment if it effects the schedule. Broken equipment gets written up when there is time to take the aircraft out of service. I remember on one occasion a transponder and nav issue which was down for 2 weeks but we could not write it up. We could fly without it if properly written up but we could not fly the upper altitudes (RVSM) if we did. So certain people only flew the airplane (not everyone would do it and they wanted to keep a low profile with the down equipment). When the needed trips were done it got fixed. There was a lot of pressure form management to get the trips done.

One area they really dropped the ball on was instrument currency. The approaches were listed on the sheets but there was nothing done with them. Even when the weather was VFR an ILS was listed. If you went back on long periods of time where the weather was good and looked at logged approaches and the actual weather I think you would find times when most of the crews did not meet the instrument approach currency; it was never taken seriously.

We had voluntary duty time restrictions (not regulation) but they were always violated when needed. They never counted when people wanted to get home (and neither did the checklist). It was always justified to exceed duty times to fly home by the pilot but always interpreted differently before a trip departed; always in the pilots favor. Like I said, when in a hurry, the checklist was always optional.

At least in the summer we got to wear golf t-shirt-uniforms. Our outfits where pretty sad. Professional pilots would always ask if we were the pilots because the uniforms were not professional pilot uniforms. Perfect for golf though.

But no illegal charters that I know of.
FAA Viloations

Paris, TN

#80 Dec 10, 2013
I count more FAA violations in this thread then I have fingers!
Cit Bravo

Versailles, IN

#81 Dec 18, 2013
An old geezer chief pilot who cannot navigate a basic bleed air problem and freaks out instead has no business in modern flying. Anyone suggesting landing approaches below glide slope should be immediately removed form aviation.

There is no place in this modern world of aviation for old geezers past their prime and who apparently never got it in the first place! This person is just going to get someone or a group of people killed!
Go Colts

Columbus, IN

#82 Dec 20, 2013
Kimball international illegal violation unsafe incompetent. If your not on board your not a Team Player!
Duck Dynasty

Livingston, TX

#83 Dec 22, 2013
Sounds like the gutless pigs who hung out Phil Robertson to hang. What a failed group of self serving losers!
Country t

Paris, TN

#84 Jan 15, 2014
When we hire managers in a service industry, we actually look at where they park in the parking lot. You can tell a lot about a person by where they park. If someone we interview parks in the front of the parking lot, we don't hire them or promote them to manager. This is what we know:

Managers who park in the front of the parking lot do not have a clue. It is a very very simple concept that in a service industry parking spaces in the front are for those we service.

If someone cannot understand this simple concept on their own, we find they understand little about anything else. People like this are not in their positions because they are good at what they do. In fact they are often very bad at what they do and anything else.

As an example, these type of managers typically cannot operate a computer very's not their job. Most things are not their job because they are not about the work or the job, they are about being the person of authority. You see them change the subject when difficult situations arise and try to brush anything with bad vibes under the rug.

They ignore serious problems because...they simply do not understand them!

And if you find all the subordinates parking up front with them you find the department is a "good ol boy club". It may look like a well run group but the reality is these are some of the most costly and poorly run departments out there. Integrity one of the last priorities and narcissism is dominant.

Golf and spending more on food, taking liberties with the freebies, etc, is predominant in these groups. Being good at their jobs is not.

Morristown, IN

#85 Jan 16, 2014
I think I would try to hire peoeple who do not make repeated FAA violations!
Risk and Reward

Versailles, IN

#87 Jan 28, 2014
Burned By wrote:
The chief pilot already has a violation on his record and the management not only knows it; they gave him other duties while he served his flight suspension. In the real world charm out weighs intelligence. This is akin to a Felon running a bank! This is but one of many issues.
Having a violation on record is a huge liability for a company with or without an accident! People who get violated typically do so for a reason!!
AF One

Versailles, IN

#88 Feb 4, 2014
This thread is consistent with Kimball flight's reputation!

Indianapolis, IN

#89 Feb 5, 2014
The obama FAA is as usless as any other obama agency. Pathetic and weak. The FAA coyld care less about things like this; more interested in funding and parties them safety!


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