They are all nothing more than a bunch of lying zionist puppets that'll sell your soul for a vote and a sheckel in a day.
Our mistake to involve this nation with "God's chosen people" for a land in some far off desert was hatched on December 23, 1913 with the unconstitutional opening of the federal reserve bank followed by the 'crafting' of The Balfour declaration that led to Britain stealing Palestine at the request of the zionists. All this, during a time and period in which they got America involved in WWI and ultimately slapping Germany with harsh reparations. Not to mention all the while during "Bolshevik Russia" where tens of millions of Christains met their fate, in a nation financed and heavely influenced by jews. These same people held many banking and administrative positions in Germany after WWI long before Hitler came to power, and some might suggest that over time, and when Hitler came to power after the great depression here and economic turmoil abroad, Hitler seen the writing on the wall and feared greatly that communism was thriving in Germany leading Hitler wishing to expel the Jews from Germany.
WWI or II never really never ended people for it landed in Palestine and that we have been bled for most of the conflict in so many ways with all the war since then. Who prints your money? Who finances many polititians? Who runs most of the media? Who runs gaydays@disney? Who runs Cali & NY? Most delegates etc.
It goes on and on and on and guess what? We're broke fnancially, physically, spiritually, and morally.

Goodbye Rome