Figure in Bangladesh Coup Arrested in...

Figure in Bangladesh Coup Arrested in LA

There are 250 comments on the The Associated Press story from Mar 14, 2007, titled Figure in Bangladesh Coup Arrested in LA . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

A former Bangladeshi military officer convicted in absentia for his role in the 1975 assassination of his country's first prime minister has been arrested, authorities said Wednesday.

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Amzad Hossain

Franklin, NJ

#227 Jul 11, 2007

If I were you I wouldn't be worried about the Pakee, rather I would be more careful about the people who have been doing the brokerage rules in Bangladesh, at least what I saw during the crises of Bangladesh. Why our leaders have to invite foreigners in our national crisis? The answer is simple, the two leaders do not have leadership skills. How long our leaders will continue to sell our values like this? Some of them wouldn't mind, because with foreign support they could make the fortune even greater, exactly what Mir Jafar ALi Khan tried. This is not the solution for our country. Our leaders should have solved their home works first before getting such visitors in their offices or houses. Why they feel they need them? Because they do not have the ability to run the country. We hope our people will mind them and start a new beginning.
Badrul Alam

Clarksville, MD

#228 Jul 13, 2007
deleted for brevity]
He was picked up from his Chameli Bagh apartment by the Al-Badar Bahini
(Jamat-e-Islami cadres and right-hand of Pakistani murdering military)
in December 10, 1971. He never returned.
Ref. WCU 131/98
9 November 1998
Zaved Hasan Mahmood
c/o School of Law
University of Nottingham
Dear Mr. Mahmood
I refer to your letter dated 5th November 1998. I can confirm that we
have not received any request from Bangladesh authorities regarding
extradition or any other assistance.
Would you please note that Detective Inspector McDermott is no longer
with this unit, but if I can assist you further please do not hesitate
to contact me.
Yours sincerely,
Detective Constable
Organised Crime Group- War Crimes.
5 November 1998, Nottingham
D McDermott
Detective Inspector
Organised Crime Group-War Crimes
Metropolitan Police Services
Leman Street
London E1 8EU
Re: Crimes Allegation against Chowdhury MueenUddin and others
Dear Mr. D. McDermott,
With reference to your letter dated 22 October 1996, will you please
note the following:
In the letter you informed me that relevant materials regarding the
alleged crimes committed by said person were forwarded to Bangladesh
authorities to enable them to initiate their own investigation.
I was informed from Dhaka office of Ain O Salish Kendra -ASK, a human
rights NGO with UN Special Consultative Status, that a complaint case
has been lodged against Mr. MueenUddin in the Ramana Police Station
(Dhaka) in the month of August. The complaint has been formed under
the sections-120 (b), 448, 364, 302, 201, 34, and 114 of the penal
Code of Bangladesh. However a chargesheet is yet to be submitted
before the court.
Please could inform me that whether you have received any request from
Bangladesh authorities to extradite him; or any other information
regarding the complaint case against Mr. Mueen Uddin?
As a human rights organisation, we are monitoring the issue to pursue
the relevant authorities to take proper steps for brining the alleged
accused before the JUSTICE. We will be grateful if you send me the
information ASAP, as it will help us to take proper steps regarding
the issue.
Thanking you,
Zaved Hasan mahmood
Member, Ain O Salish Kendra
Research Student
School of Law
University of Nottingham.
22 October 1996
Zaved Hasan Mahmood
Ain O Salish Kendra
26/3 Purana paltan Line
Dhaka 1000
PO Box: 3252
Minhaj Khandaker

Arlington, VA

#230 Jul 14, 2007


Genocide'71 - an account of the killers and collaborators", Published in Dhaka Page 189: Segment where Ashrafuzzaman Khan (now in New York, and head of Queens branch of ICNA) is cited.

Similarly, Saudi Arabia is serving as a sanctuary for some of the leading Al-Badrs (leaders of death squads in 1971). Here we would like to give the example of Ashrafuzzaman Khan, one of the Al-Badr high command. Ashrafuzzaman Khan, was one of the chief Al-Badr executioners. It has been clearly proved that he himself shot to death 7 teachers of the Dhaka University in the killing fields at Mirpur. A certain Mofizzuddin, who drove the vehicle which took these helpless victims of Ashrafuzzaman to Mirpur, has clearly identified Ashrafuzzaman as the "chief executer" of the intellectuals.

After Liberation, Ashrafuzzaman's personal diary was recovered from 350 Nakhal Para where he resided. On two pages of the diary, the names of 19 teachers of the University have been entered, as well as their addresses in the University quarters. The name of the Dhaka University Medical Officer, Mohammad Murtaza, has also been noted down in this diary. Of these 20 persons, eight were missing on December 14: Munier Chowdhury (Bengali), Dr. Abul Khair (History), Ghiasuddin Ahmed (History), Rashidul Hasan (English), Dr. Faizul Mohi (I. E. R) Dr. Munaza (Medical Officer).

From the confession of Mofizuddin, it has been learned that Ashrafuzzaman shot these people with his own hands. As a result of Mofizuddin's confession, the decomposed bodies of these unfortunate teachers were recovered from the marshes of Rayer Bazar and the mass grave at Shiyal Bari at Mirpur. There were other names in the diary including the following: Dr. Wakil Ahmed (Bengali), Dr. Nilima Ibrahim (Bengali), Dr. Latif (I. E. R), Dr. Maniruzzaman (Geography), K. M. Saaduddin (Sociology), A. M. M. Shahidullah (Mathematics), Dr. Sirajul Islam (Islamic History), Dr. Akhtar Ahmed (Education), Zahirul Huq (Psychology), Ahsanul Huq (English), Serajul Islam Chowdbury (English), and Kabir Chowdhury.
Amzad Hossain

Franklin, NJ

#232 Jul 14, 2007
We all need to review them and be ready to defeat them ( anti-Bangladesh forces) at any cost. We cannot forget the sufferings of the Liberation war and losses that made millions homeless, helpless and sick, orphan. Why we should allow the thieves to take over the country back again.
Badrul Alam

Clarksville, MD

#233 Jul 14, 2007
I can not believe my eyes! War criminals and murderers of other countries find a safe haven in America! Mohiuddin was kicked out. It is time the US law enforcement authorities wake up from the slumber and kick war criminals of Bangladesh origin also.
Badrul Alam

Chesapeake Beach, MD

#234 Jul 16, 2007
The video of Joe Kaufman's speech against the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is up on You Tube. He talks about the grave design of the Jamat-i-Islami of Pakistan as well.

Here is the link:

Badrul Alam

Baltimore, MD

#236 Jul 19, 2007
The Pakistani army's brutality is vividly documented in a book titled, "Tormenting seventy one: an account of Pakistan army's atrocities during Bangladesh liberation war of 1971" :
Sakib Ali

Suitland, MD

#237 Jul 20, 2007
The Freedom Party is aligned with the Bangladesh Jamaat. Also, the Freedom Party's strategic relation with Pak ISI is an open secret. Does Mohiuddin, sorry Mr. Din had secret liaison with those agencies/group?
Sakib Ali

Suitland, MD

#238 Jul 23, 2007
"Goru Mere Juta Daan" - Bangabandhu , 1971 and Bangladesh Military

This is the Bangladesh Army who killed Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman , now they they want to recognize him as Father of the Naton. We haven't seen they've taken any responsibiltiy for this gruesome killing, nor they put those military killers in justice. Interestingly, "Army Chief General Moeen U Ahmed yesterday called for a national unity to build Bangladesh as a prosperous nation."

We saw Martial Law from August 1975 to 1979 , then from 1982 to 1990. Now again in January 2007, we see the Military has come back again.

Please read news articles;

FFs united at Bangabandhu's call in '71,says Gen Moeen
Daily Star



Prothom Alo ==

Bhorer Kagoj

Ajker Kagoj

Munawar Islam

United States

#239 Aug 3, 2007
Ashrafuzzaman Khan in NY: ICNA president alleged death squad leader who shot to death 7 university teachers in Dhaka.

Ashrafuzzaman Khan, an accused war criminal of 1971 graced the event with his presence. This
against Ashrafuzzaman in a court of law.
One of the Jamaati executioners, M. Ashrafuzzaman Khan, now lives in the borough of Queens in New York City doing a thriving business as tour guides to Hajj performers from America.
Ashrafuzzaman Khan, a commander of the brutal Al-Badr, had just compiled a list of Bengali intellectuals for the "benefit" of the high command in the Governor's House.

It was the list of intellectuals who have been targeted for elimination. The plan was to kill them immediately so that if Bangladesh becomes an independent nation, it will have to make do without those that can contribute significantly to rebuild the infrastructure of the devastated nation. It would be Pakistan's parting kick to Bangladesh, so to speak.

Many of the Bengali intellectuals listed by Ashrafuzzaman Khan were taken out of their homes in the dead of night in that eventful week of December in 1971.
By the time the investigators arrived at the residence of Ashrafuzzaman Khan, he had fled. However, in haste, he had left behind a crucial piece of evidence. The investigators rummaging through his leftover items managed to recover that piece of the puzzle from his house.

They found Ashrafuzzaman Khan's diary. In it was that infamous list of intellectuals in his own handwriting. It was indeed a gruesome find that shocked the people. Ashrafuzzaman Khan was a wanted man. Photos of the suspect were posted in all Bangladeshi newspapers. People were urged to apprehend the criminal. But all this was too late. Ashrafuzzaman had managed to flee not just his residence, but his country as well by the time the search was on for his arrest.

Today, Ashrafuzzaman Khan leads an active life of all places in New York. He has assumed a role of leadership in the Islamic movement in the city. Ashrafuzzaman Khan is now the President of the Islamic Circle of North America.
Bismillah Khan


#240 Aug 16, 2007
I am surprised to learn that this assassin of the Founding Father of Bangladesh had lived in the US for such a long time without the knowledge of US intelligence officials? It is mysterious indeed!
Another killer Major Shariful Haque Dalim who had been to the US on many occasions is now residing in Hong Kong, China. I am sure this butcher too will soon be sent to his death cell in Dhaka Central Jail by the Chinese. It is the same prison where these butchers had again killed many top politicians on 3rd of November, 1975 before the blood spilled on August 15 had dried.
I wish we get video clips of he assassins being hanged at Dhaka Central Jail. It is now just a matter of time. Not even the US, Libya or Saudis can save these monsters this time!

(Bismillah Khan the Jallad :I am waiting at the Central Jail for the blood dripping assassins of the 1975 putsch to put the noose around the black-hooded murderers!!)
Amzad Hossain

Franklin, NJ

#241 Aug 16, 2007
Just right about your comments on the cold blooded killers. Late Zia harbored them and even promoted some of them to the level what they cannot think of.These kind of leaders spoiled the country's image and promoted a society tied with corruption, misrule and eventually killing of democracy at birth and forming a gang stars who used to threat every member of the civil society.We hope our people will find a space for rethinking and building a new nation.
Rezwan Syed

Santa Clara, CA

#242 Dec 6, 2009
These terrorist murderers deserved to be at the gallows 30yrs ago. We should not waste time arguing and justifying their punishment. At the end of the day these killers are they gainers coz, they already lived 30yrs more than they deserve to. Their death is very long overdue. We the people of Bangladesh let the killers of the father of our nation for so long. Its our failure that we didnt kill them by mosad-style execution for so long. They dont deserve the privilage to defend themselves at a court of law. I feel the court of law to be insulted if they are even allowed to enter one. They should've been straight to the gallows immediately after they were captured. These abomination of human race should be hanged in such a way that they dont die instantly by breaking their neck but rather die a slow death suffocating. Still I dont think the Bengali nation's wounds will heal. Let all Bengali/Bangladeshi/Human being pray, May Allahsubhanat'ala condemn these beasts to the fire of habia jahannam for eternity..Amen..
Quazi USA

Suwanee, GA

#243 Jan 31, 2010
May Allah forgive all his sins and award him Jannah. Mr. Rouben I do feel your pain of loosing your father. But remember one thing he was a hero in the eyes of many Bangladeshi (who are now over 40+ or know the history of 72-75).
Salam Bangladesh

Laval, Canada

#245 Feb 10, 2010
Major Dalim's Story below Why they attacked Mujib in 1975:
Major Dalim says: "My self and my wife were kidnapped by Gazi Golam Mustafa (taken to Mujib's house)"
Check the following link:
Link: .
Salam Bangladesh

Laval, Canada

#246 Feb 10, 2010
DR. Abid Bahar's Interesting book:
It demonstrates about Mujib, the father of violence in politics (student politics)
Links: ... ... ;
what happened ladies club

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#248 Feb 14, 2010
what scandal happened in baily rd ladies club in early 1970's ???
what happened ladies club

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#249 Feb 14, 2010
ladies club sentence in last part of third paragraph of the story written by abed khan.
what really happened ?

Fort Worth, TX

#251 Apr 14, 2010
Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman is NOT the Father of the Nation, you morons!Period.

Mohiuddin along with other valiant freedom fighters saved Bangladesh from the grotesque and poisonous clutches of totalitarian and murderer Sheikh Mujib and BAKSAL. Only Mujib should be blamed for what happened on that day in 1975 and it had to be done to save the country from the brink of total and absolute devastation. You ignorant morons are just ungrateful and have shamelessly established yourselves as being BLIND supporters and appeasers of a heinous and despotic criminal. I wonder why don't you talk about the lives of 40,000 patriotic Bangladeshi people who were murdered by Mujib's RAKKHI BAHINI.

We salute our patriotic leaders for the August Revolution; their selfless sacrifices WILL never be forgotten and will be remembered in the minds of the true patriotic Bangladeshi people.

Fort Worth, TX

#252 Apr 14, 2010
Does BAKSAL means anything to you all Mujib CHAMCHAS?????Read Read Read! "A mind is a terrible thing to waste". Shame on you all.

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