Trayvon Martin Shooting Death Sparks ...

Trayvon Martin Shooting Death Sparks Outrage on Social Media

There are 66305 comments on the Wall Street Journal story from Mar 22, 2012, titled Trayvon Martin Shooting Death Sparks Outrage on Social Media. In it, Wall Street Journal reports that:

Social media has put the spotlight on the story Trayvon Martin , an unarmed African-American teenager who was shot to death last month by a neighborhood watch captain in Florida.

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Since: Apr 12

Truth's Door

#73528 Aug 29, 2013
MR CITIZEN 01 wrote:
<quoted text>
Racists have a curfew. They can only spew for so long. They run out of their hatred fuel, quickly. They are not allowed to walk around with scissors. Fkun hypocrites!
I hear you.

But I want to awaken them from their drunken stupor. I just love seeing them post things they definitely know isn't true. I love seeing them getting into a hissy-fit.

When they get really upset and words flee them, they trot out that standard refrain..."GFY".

And one of the Idiots really gets sooooo mad at me, he's fond of saying..."GFY x 3".

We should start calling them Diots. Diots are Idiots who aren't worthy of being called Idiots because they're just too damn stupid! Oh boy, I need to contact Webster so they can put that in their next edition!

Then those Fools can be properly labeled. Or should I say those Ools can be properly labeled?


Vancouver, Canada

#73531 Aug 29, 2013
Obama talks about getting one man bin LADEN as unproven with no real photos and videos, by MAKING ENSEMBLE MESSES FOR LOTS OF MEN--many LIVES AND IN AFGHANISTAN, WITH making CRAZY SPREE THERE, besides doing torture.

Because Obama talked about opposing Iraq, yet he has been supporting the current messes of constant violence there by appearing to say that is "mission accomplished"--which is equal to the existing violences there for too long.

As Not only Obama does that to beat his MOUTH saying AS HE SAID OPPOSING Iraq BEFORE, HE WANTS TO Create Another IRAQ as SYRIA. He wants to make lots of more innocent lives in jeopardy by calling red line in Syria. He wants to do the ridiculous abnormal things, for that is not the way to do things right, in modern times about Syria, as these are public issues and affairs, that Obama is beyond doing wrongly in saying Gay matter about Sochi Olympics.

Obama talks about getting one man bin LADEN as unproven, with no real story that is trustworthy, in addition to doing BADLY in AFGHANISTAN and Iraq, coupled with the unrealistic failure of same old mold Bush things on North Korea, Patriot Act and snooping and hacking on public, WITH CRAZY SPREE of awful acts with no basic thinking that makes any meaning and serves any purpose.

Since: Apr 12

Truth's Door

#73538 Aug 29, 2013
Jit wrote:
<quoted text>
What's the matter?...Not enough spooks for ya in Spokane?
I got an idea!...Why not move your disgusting fatbody over to the south side of Chicago! Go to Chicago and throw rocks if you want to see more bootlips!....You'll see some alright!
But it sounds like Spokane is a great place to visit in spite of your sorry ass. I just might make Spokane a party destination in the near future. Thanks for the info Citizen.
But tell me, why do you enwords stay in a place like that when you are free to move to any city that the porch monkeys have already destroyed?
Nobody is keeping you down, Citizen,.... nobody except yourself.
So,....they caught those filthy enwords yet?
The police still looking for your stupid ass?
Ahhhhhhh, my most perfect foil.

You're the true ool of a diot. Whom do you seek to deceive and destroy this morning, you nasty creature? Why do you constantly crawl from your filthy hole to parade your awful butt upon this thread? Have you no shame?

Your daily declarations of racism, bigotry, hatred and evil are stale, yet will not go unpunished. You are a predictable Fool, yet a shocking sight nonetheless!

You are an icon of the past. Your time is slowly slipping away. Your daily and hourly racist and evil protestations are only whimpers of your dark soul decaying. We tolerate you only because your filthy butt is slowly but surely being silenced by Truth and Sanity and Logic and Hope and Goodness and Compassion and Honesty.

You wallow in blaming others for your pitiful lot in life. You are what you accuse others of. YOU are the 300 pound glutton of a Fool. For someone so concerned with the weight and color of others, you need to tend to your filthy butt as you collect your government check.

I enjoy torturing you with Truth. Are your beady eyes bulging just yet? Are you foaming at the mouth? Are your veins trying to rip away from you?

If your answer is "yes," you hang on in there. Hold yourself up a little while longer. Don't disintegrate just yet. I want to torture your profane so-called mind a little while longer. I'll keep your filthy and dark soul alive just to keep knocking Truth into You.

Once Truth has had her say with you, she'll pass you along to Consequences. They say he doesn't suffer Fools easily. So keep your damn mouth shut and accept your deserved punishment when he comes your way. And, SURELY, he'll be coming your way!

You disgusting racist Fool.

That's right, Grandpa, I called him what he truly is!

If you got a beef with that, take it up with Truth!

If you dare!


Since: Apr 12

Truth's Door

#73539 Aug 29, 2013
Jit wrote:
<quoted text>
He will certainly go down as the worst president in American history.
History has already given that prize to Shrub II.

Next time, read the memo!

Since: Apr 12

Truth's Door

#73540 Aug 29, 2013
Jit wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes indeed!....very bowel moving.
Too bad you weren't there, and too bad you momma didn't have your stupid ass aborted. It would have saved the taxpayers some money.
There'd be one less recipient numbnut who stays up all night drinking and posting racial hatred about a man who defended himself against a vicious brutal attack by a would be murderer.
You people are like vampires, you know that? You all come out at night when everybody else has gone to bed. You all come out looking for that ounce of blood and that pound of flesh.
Bon appetite!
It's way too bad that you come out at all.

Since: Apr 12

Truth's Door

#73551 Aug 29, 2013
American Lady wrote:
<quoted text>
You 'banged the Gong'
*Get it ON*
That moment has come and gone.

Next time I bang the Gong, don't take to long to answer it.

There are some working people up on here, you know. My time is valuable and I choose to use it how I want to.

Don't you and your racist cohorts keep me waiting next time I call you out. But I do give you a C- for effort.

Later, my fair Un-lady!

Since: Apr 12

Truth's Door

#73552 Aug 29, 2013
Patriot wrote:
<quoted text> Seeing that recluster of racist fuckwads is probably what prompted George to go get the shotgun! Hahaha. Every law abiding White citizen should do the same if they don't already have half a dozen or so in the house!
Whats big shebang over nothing in Washington. Too bad Assad didn't send them a celebration package!
Do tell what's patriotic about wishing harm to come to fellow Americans from an enemy of this nation?

UNpatriotic Fool, you have sealed your fate. Your ugly and racist posts today clearly show you for what you really are. Of course, I already know what you are.

You are a shame and disgrace to the human race!

In the annals of History, you will not be remembered. No one remembers trash.

Lander, WY

#73554 Aug 29, 2013
Helpful Hints wrote:
<quoted text>Really. It is you who disgrace it. You act as if Sharpton and Jackson came after King. NO child, they were equally a part of King's message. In fact, your kind called MLK a communist while he was alive.
You just know that to attack King now, will get you labeled as a racist. Now, Obama, he is a disgrace to King's message. Angelo Mayo she embraces King's message and she says that white America is afraid to embrace blacks, because it requires them seeing blacks as humans and all humans as one. She also says that racism has not improved, whites just do a better job of covering it up.'something to think about'
My "kind" did no such thing. I have always been a MLK supporter.

Why yes, those two control freaks did "come after King". They are still alive you see. They have jumped off the MLK wagon long ago.
I care not what Mayo says, and you mentioning her makes no point of value.

New York, NY

#73555 Aug 29, 2013
good luck tray.
Grandpa Joe

Harrodsburg, KY

#73556 Aug 29, 2013
Be Truthful Be Free wrote:
<quoted text>
Grandpa, maybe Grandma hasn't enlightened you. Please allow me to do so.
When citizens'' constitutional and human rights are being overtly violated, leaders are supposed to step up to the plate and say and do something about it.
You telling us on here that citizens should allow the government to violate their constitutionsl rights on the basis of their race? You should be ashamed of yourself for even allowing that thought to cross your mind.
Many have bled and died for others to obtain and keep our freedoms and rights. Have they bled and died in vain? If it were your rights being violated, would you allow the government to continue to do so?

If you did, then it would be unpatriotic, unAmerican, immoral.
I applaud leaders in the Black, White and Hispanic communities for standing against those who would suppress the rights of law-abiding citizens on the basis of their race. It is damning for you to think they should overlook what a government is doing to its' citizens on the basis of race.
Thank God a federal court and the NY council is in agreement that the policy of violating the rights of law-abiding citizens is a very flawed one.
Wait until they violate your rights. Then come tell us how you're gonna keep your mouth shut about it and allow them to continue to do it.
You know damn well if that's what you'd do, Granda would slap your butt silly.
Get outta here with that utter nonsense!
I oppose the government violating anybody's civil rights. I believe the government has come miles since Dr.King's speech. Yes, we have a way go . I do believe that the door has been opened and that many have stepped through. I believe that our cities are the next great challenge and I believe that black people must be in the forefront of problem solving. I have detailed the problems that are destroying our young African Americans in our cities.

You must understand that I have never had the experience of being followed in a store or being stopped by cops because of the color of my skin. Yet, I have to propose to you this: Suppose my neighborhood was overrun with gang banging old white guys. Suppose they were killing each other every day and suppose crime was a common activity for these old white geezers. Suppose there were old white guys who were stealing stores in my neighborhood blind. Under those circumstances I might understand why I might be stopped and frisked or looked at closely by store employees. And I might be glad that old white guys are being stopped and frisked if and this is a big if...if the cops were taking guns and other weapons away from the old white guys and my neighborhood was getting safer.

The best way to stop racial profiling is to work hard on black crime in black city neighborhoods. You might not believe this, but I know black folk who are not racially profiled here. That does happen occasionally when they go to cities like Louisville.

Finally, every citizen has the right to vote. I oppose any effort to bar anyone from voting. I favor a national ID card which must be presented before a citizen votes. Baring that I favor a picture Id which could be a driver's license. Each state should issue a card similar to a driver's license card free of charge to anyone who does not drive. That is for you, me, and grandma.

Oakland, CA

#73557 Aug 29, 2013
You can thank the republicans – it is now easier in America to buy an assault weapon then it is to vote for the president!

Rome, GA

#73558 Aug 29, 2013
Be Truthful Be Free wrote:
<quoted text>If you would but broaden your definition of wealthy, you would see that Captain Zimmermurderer is very poor and will be destitute for the remainder of his natural life.
He will be fine. He will be awarded greatly. Several media outlets will be paying for starters. There will be books and movies as well. He will be wealthy and the thug will still be sleeping.

Rome, GA

#73559 Aug 29, 2013
Jesus Christ wrote:
There is no justice in this world. If you we're under that false assumption, then I'm here to burst your bubble. The "Justice" System in this country is indeed failing the innocent victims. George Zimmerman is a classic sociopathic killer. And he's likely to kill again. He was reported to have visited the gun manufacturer of the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin last week, to purchase another gun. This guy needs to be stopped!
I agree that the justice system is failing the victims. This is a perfect case for that. A man was attacked and had his slammed on the sidewalk and defended himself from serious injury or death and he was charged with a crime. Can you believe that.

Rome, GA

#73560 Aug 29, 2013
Be Truthful Be Free wrote:
<quoted text>Yes, they are. They have the gun he used to murder Trayvon. Seems to be they're looking into civil rights violations.

Should the Feds pass on prosecuting him for the many crimes he committed on that evening, the Captain shouldn't rest easy.

He's yet to cross paths with Real Justice.
The Feds already cleared Zimmerman of any racism. That element is needed for a civil rights case. There will be no charges. Justice has already been served in the case.

Rome, GA

#73561 Aug 29, 2013
MR CITIZEN 01 wrote:
<quoted text>Ok, good. But are you implying that the last remedy may be a Civil Suit? Are the Feds likely to prosecute criminally?Personally, that is not good enough for me.
There will be a civil suit but Zimmerman will be the one collecting. The parents of Martin might even be paying since parents can be held responsible for the children.
Grandpa Joe

Harrodsburg, KY

#73562 Aug 29, 2013
Truth wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree that the justice system is failing the victims. This is a perfect case for that. A man was attacked and had his slammed on the sidewalk and defended himself from serious injury or death and he was charged with a crime. Can you believe that.
The bloody head indicates that you are right about Zimmerman having his head slammed against the pavement. It is true that if Martin had gone home he would still be alive. It is also true that if Zimmerman had not followed him, Martin would still be alive. Before I can conclude fault here I must realize that I really do not know about the events that led up to the fight. Did Zimmerman threaten Martin and cause him to attack Zimmerman out of fear? Did Martin have a chip on his shoulder which caused him to jump Zimmerman simply because of anger? Not knowing that I must assume nothing. I do know that a young man is dead and another man is marked for life.

Martin's background was not good. Was he a member of the thug culture? If he was, did he really have a chance? There are many thousands of young black members of the thug culture. Saving them and future young blacks should be the civil right's establishment's greatest goal.


Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#73563 Aug 29, 2013
The Florida investigative journalist who is the first reporter to sit down with George Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, said that during their “stunning” hourlong interview, the acquitted killer’s wife said that her husband has “beaten down her self-esteem,” but she is “looking forward to getting her life back.”

Christi O’Connor spoke with today about her experience locking down an interview with Shellie Zimmerman as the media focused its attention on her husband, who was acquitted of second-degree murder charges in the death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old, in Sanford, Fla., in February 2012.

“When I asked her why she was doing [the interview], Shellie said,‘I want to start my life back.’ George Zimmerman has beaten down her self-esteem,” O’Connor told , adding that Shellie is using this opportunity for a new start.“She has a moment in the spotlight. She wants everyone to know that she changed her life.”

Shellie also told O’Connor that the aftermath of the shooting and months until the trial put a major strain on the couple’s relationship.

“It put great stress on their marriage,” she said.“Constantly having to move. She got threats. A lot of threats. She doesn’t want to reveal from who…. They are constantly living under fear of being attacked.”

O’Connor, who is working on a book about the George Zimmerman trial, also hinted that there was evidence that was mishandled, saying that during the sensational trial,“there were so many untruths told.”

“What the jury never heard could have led to a different verdict,” she said.

Oaxaca, Mexico

#73568 Aug 29, 2013
Jit wrote:
<quoted text>
Subrina's gonna have to loosen up those purse strings that she has so greedily been clutching onto and share the wealth.
I bet they've already started to hide all their ill-gotten gains when they realized that they might well indeed be held liable for the piss poor way they raised their thug.
I bet Subrina threw a conniption fit when she was told that she most likely is gonna have to pony up!
Bwahahahahaha.....gotta love it!
Gotta hit that ho where she feels it. In her purse!


Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#73569 Aug 29, 2013
Just ignorant trash wrote:
The racists stay up late and squawk all night long.
Oh they moan and they groan about that monster George Zimmerman... lol!... Oh how they were hoping that Shellie was gonna do some time!
They wanted to be able to post every night about her being molested by enword dykes and guards and what have you.
Bwahahahahaha.....To bad zazz!...I bet you're really butt hurt over this, ain't ya?
But I can't help but wonder how many whites will be murdered because she only got probation?
You think by calling non haters racists you can pretend you're not. You fool no one, but you are a fool.

There was never a chance Shellie would go to prison for perjury. She has no prior record and probation was appropriate.


Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#73570 Aug 29, 2013
Jit wrote:
<quoted text>
More lies and BS!
Well, if she's lying again, she was not under oath.

I believe her.

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