To the people that keep taking this off, we will keep putting this back on, no matter how many times that you try to take it off, which talks about NeuroRestorative, in Paducah Kentucky, so you are just wasting your time :-) When I write something, I write it like I want to. The only reason that some of you have noticed that certain words and phrases have been used with very poor educational skills, is because I wanted to see what educated people would post on here, over the stupid people and now I know who you people are. LOL. I have been writing these posts, not my girl and there will never be any evidence that proves otherwise. My girl came home and told me what NeuroRestorative did to her, so I took action. She did not give me any information about the place, staff or the patients. I used my political resources to find out everything myself, which I have the evidence to prove that, if I might have to ever prove anything that I am saying. And since I come from one of the most historical families in history, I can find out anything that I want to, on anybody in the entire world. You people that post stupid opinions against me have no idea who you are talking to and what you are up against, but you soon will :-)