Victory for Suit Against Pedophile Pr...

Victory for Suit Against Pedophile Priests

There are 547 comments on the story from Apr 9, 2009, titled Victory for Suit Against Pedophile Priests. In it, reports that:

Tim Hale, the attorney representing 25 victims of child abuse at the hands of Franciscan friars, won a key procedural victory last week that mandated the release of confidential files of five past and present priests acknowledged to be pedophiles.

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Since: Oct 08

Rantoul, IL

#27 Apr 9, 2009
I agree, its disgusting!

But concerning the paragraph/statement:

"In addition, they argued that if confidential records between priests and their therapists are made public, fewer problem priests will seek the treatment they need."

There is point. At which point does "confidential", not "confidential"?

What about lawyers, therapists, how about confessions to priest, etc. They could do the same thing, and decide to release information too. Using in the best interest of the public.

To some extent, what will happen is a loss in confidence on any agency, identity, or individuals when trying to seek help.

Bad situation, but the public may pay a higher price from the lack of confidence.

just saying

Witt, IL

#28 Apr 9, 2009
Its an awful thing for a man to use God in this way! These priest, these people using a church in this way, they will be judged!

“The sheep need protection.”

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#29 Apr 10, 2009
fedupwiththemess wrote:
priest are like gods...its no way that they do nasty things to children. catholics don't do that.

Boronia, Australia

#30 Apr 10, 2009
I Have A Dream. I Dream That One Day I Will Be Able To Place My 9 1/2 Inch Cock Inside The Pope Ass That Is Living In The Vatican. I want to be on the Guiness Book of Records.

“Futue te et ipsum caballum!”

Since: Nov 07

Huntsville, Arkansas

#31 Apr 10, 2009
St. Francis is probably turning over in his grave. The Church has been covering up this type of thing for years.

Boronia, Australia

#32 Apr 10, 2009
just saying wrote:
Its an awful thing for a man to use God in this way! These priest, these people using a church in this way, they will be judged!

You are right. The Pope will receive a "Warrant of Arrest" and he will b taken to the Hague to face the Judges for using without a Permit the name of Jesus to abuse and kill man, women, and chirlden. In the country of Spain there is a former Catholic Church where the Catholics killed 70,000 man, women and children for refusing to become Catholics in 1932.
The Catholics have commited too many crimes in the last 1700 years, so the Judges of the Hague will probably charge the Pope and the Catholics for commiting crimes against children. Then the Vatican will be destroyed and the 1.5km land will become a Memorial for all those people who have suffered and were kill by the Catholics around the Earth. The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church will be no more and will neer rise again. The Roman Catholic Church is Doom Doom for using the name of Jesus to commit crimes when Jesus himself never gave a Permit to no one to commit crimes in his name. To everything there is a End.

“"Who Dat"”

Since: Oct 08

Naples, Fl.

#33 Apr 10, 2009
It took an abused victim of priest sex abuse and her story, to open the murder case of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl. This was a cold case in Toledo Ohio. G-d bless you Tim Hale and congratulations on your victory.

Nashville, TN

#34 Apr 10, 2009
Cut Their nuts if other religions clean up their act,in public,we will make progress!. The next bunch to be sought out are these dam SEX fiend School teachers! But the powerful lefty Teacher school unions object to any pressure!...What to do with child molesters?..Yes its liberal judges who make them walk!Vermont is notorous...Leahy..God Dam Hypocrate!..Mum on this! Truly not funny!!
This is a good site...Check it out...hope your name is not on it,but your neighbor may be??
DAYUM! Almost everyone in nastyville,TN should be on that list. I have only been here for a week and I have never seen so many perverts and pedophiles in my life. It is so sick, this is the pervert and pedophiles capital of the world!

Miami, FL

#35 Apr 10, 2009
Don't be fooled,there are plenty of Rabbi's who molest children,they are just better at keeping their misdeeds under cover.
This is done to discredit Christianity(Jews hate it).

Nashville, TN

#36 Apr 10, 2009
No Name wrote:
It's high time that priest also be held accountable by the laws of this country. I am appalled that they are allowed to be shielded by the church Flag.
Well women have VAWA,so?

Nashville, TN

#37 Apr 10, 2009
Pando wrote:
Sorry---I sent the wrong website. Here is the free one:
This website gives free information for any address.
You can also type in an offenders name and get the information.
The problem is, like here in Tennessee, the only sex offenders they show here are the ones they caught! There are too many for the police to catch here!

Oshkosh, WI

#38 Apr 10, 2009
Maybe Tim Hale can do something now about all the school teachers seually abusing children.
Starter list
teachers have been accused, or convicted, of assaulting students:
Abbie Jane Swogger, 34: Harrison, Pa.,
Adrianne Hockett: Houston
Adrienne Laflamme, 60: Cocoa, Fla.,
Alison Mosbeck, 33: Spring, Texas,
Allenna Ward, 24: Laurens County, S.C.,
Amanda Louise Thompson, 28: Australian high school teacher
Amanda Athey, 27: Huntersville, N.C.
Amber Jennings, 31: Sturbridge, Mass.,
Amber Marshall, 23: Northwest Indiana
Amira Sa'Di, 30: Clayton County, Ga.,
Amy Bramhall, 33:Warren, Maine,
Amy Elder, 28: Memphis, Tenn.,
Amy Gail Lilley, 36: Inverness, Fla.,
Amy McElhenney, 25 Hebron High School
Amy Northcutt, 26: Turlock, Calif.
Andrea Fox, 33: Palmer Township, Pa.,
Angela Christine Coffey, 34: Norcross, Ga.,
Angela Comer, 26: Tompkinsville, Ky.,
Angela Palmer, 20: Riverside County, Calif.,
Angela Stellwag, 24: Delran, N.J.,
Anne Knopf, 39: Prescott Middle School in Wisconsin
Ashley Flores, 26: Ponca City, Okla.,
Autumn Leathers, 24: Alleghany County, Md.,
Becci Hill, 31: Martinsville, Ind.,
Beth Ann Chester, 27: Pittsburgh
Beth Raymond, 31: Pownal, Maine,
Bethany Sherrill, 24:
Brandy Lynn Gonzales, 27: The Houston-
Brenda Baillargeon, 39:Polk County, Wis.,

Saint Louis, MO

#39 Apr 10, 2009
It's about time!

Oshkosh, WI

#40 Apr 10, 2009
Cameo Patch, 29: Tooele High School in Tooele, Utah,
Carol Flannigan, 50: Boca Raton, Fla.,
Carrie McCandless, 29 The former Colorado social-studies teacher,
Carrie O'Conner, 33: Mount Vernon, Ga.,
Cathy Heminghaus, 46: Ferguson, Mo.,
Celeste Emerick, 32: Huber Heights, Ohio,
Cris Morris, 30: St. George, Utah,
Crissy Hisey, 28: Murrieta, Calif.,
Christel C. Gravlin, 33: St. Lawrence County, N.Y.,
Christina Gallagher, 26: Jersey City, N.J.,
Christine Duda, 39: St. Louis County, Mo.
Christine Scarlett, 36: Ohio
Christine Brown Jouini, 38: Coral Springs, Fla.,
Christine Spaich, 28: Roseville, Calif.,
Christy Anne Brown, 33: Magna, Utah,
Claire Richards, 35: Columbus, Ga.,
Crystal Wells, northeastern Kentucky
Cynthia Horvath, 45: South Daytona Beach, Fla..
Danielle Jones, 32:Auburndale, Fla.,
Darcie Esson, 32: Parker, Colo.,
Dawn Welter, 38: Sumner, Wash.,
Deanna Bobo, 37: Greenwood, Ark.,
Deborah Reeder, 45: Coral Springs, Fla.,
Debra LaFave, 25: Tampa, Fla.,
Diane DeMartini-Scully, 45: Mattituck, N.Y.
Elizabeth Livesay, 26Mesa, Ariz.,
Elizabeth Miklosovic, 36:Grand Rapids, Mich.,
Elizabeth Munn, 32: Gloversville, N.Y.
Elizabeth Stow, 26: Fresno, Calif.,
Ellen Garfield, 43: Newton, Mass.,
Emily Morris, 28:St. Clair County, Ala.,
Erica Baker, 23: Erie County, Pa.,
Erica Rutters, 29: New Oxford, Pa.,
Erica Umosella, 28: This southern New Jersey high school
Erin McLean, 30: Knoxville, Tenn.,
Franca and Antonia Munoz-Juvera, 26: Southern California
Gay Lyn Turley, 42: Mesa High School teacher
Georgianne Harrell, 24: Sylvester, Ga.,
Gwen Cardozo, 33: Colorado Springs, Colo.,
Heather Lea Burroughs, 23: Pahokee, Fla.,
Heather Ingram, 30: Mathematics, British Columbia,
Heather Kennedy, Long Island, N.Y,
Heather Thorsby, 34: Franklin, Tenn.,
Hope Jacoby, 23: Orange County, Calif.,
Jacquelyn Faith Garrison, 19: Winterville, N.C.,
Jamie Armstrong, 25: East Baton Rouge, La.,
Janelle Batkins, 42: Roseville, Mich.,
Janelle Marie Bird, 24: Pensacola, Fla.
Janet Hughes, 32: Viera, Fla.,Titusville, Fla.,.
Janet Parker, 26:This East Texas teacher
Jaymee Wallace, Tampa, Fla.,
Jennifer Cisco, 30: Green Forest, Ark.,
Jennifer Dempsey, 28: Syracuse, N.Y.,
Jennifer Dorland, 42: Ingleside, Ontario,
Jennifer Mally, 26: Phoenix, Ariz.,
Jennifer Rice, 31 Tacoma, Wash.,
Jennifer Tarkenton, 34: Lake Mary, Fla.,
Joan Marie Sladky, 28: Redwood City, Calif.,
Jodi Church, 26: Peoria, Ill.,
Julia Lund, 28: Chaska High School in Minnesota,
Julie A. Denno, 27: West Hartford, Conn.,
Julie Pritchett, 34: Jefferson County, Ala.,
Kanesa Hopkins, 31: "Teacher of the Year"Goose Creek, S.C.,
Karen Patton, 41: Wytheville, Va.,
Karen Robbins: Laurens County, S.C.,
Katherine J. Harder, 31 Topeka, Kansas,
Katherine Tew, 30: Married English teacher from Greenville, N.C.,

Oshkosh, WI

#41 Apr 10, 2009
Kathy White Teacher Lumberton, Texas,
Kellie Ann Cormican, 38: Crookston, Minn.,
Kelly Lynn Dalecki, 26: St. Augustine, Fla.,
Kelsey Peterson, 25: Lexington Middle School, Neb.,
Kimberly Lynch, 37: Macedon, N.Y.,
Kirsten Kinley, 27: Howard County, Md
Kristi Dance Oakes, 32: Sevierville, Tenn.,
Lakina Stutts, 40
Laura Lynn Findlay, 30: Buena Vista Township, Mich.
Laura Pace, 38: the Lake County, Fla.,
Lauren Cosgrove, 28: Denton, Texas,
Leslie Baird, 42: Tooele, Utah,
Lisa Robyn Marinelli, 40 ;Tampa Bay,
Lynn Saunders, 38:College of Staten Island,
Margaret De Barraicua, 30: Sacramento, Calif.,
Maria Saco, 28 Passaic, N.J.,
Mary Jo Spack, 45: Freedom High School in Tampa, Fla.,
Mary Kay Letourneau, 34: Des Moines, Wash.,
Melinda Deluca, 29: West Jordan, Utah,
Melissa Bare, 35: Kitts Hill, W.V., Rock Hill Middle School in Ironton, W.V.,
Melissa Michelle Deel, 32: Bristol, Tenn., teacher at Virginia Middle School

Oshkosh, WI

#42 Apr 10, 2009
Melissa Diana Koeh, 30: West St. Paul, Minn.,
Melissa Moss, 27: Teacher Dardenne Prairie, Mo.,
Meredith Hollen, 40: Graland Country Day School in Denver
Meredith Kane, 24: Kansas' Lawrence High School
Michelle Farley, 40Boise, Idaho,
Michelle Kush, 29: Boone County High School in Florence, Ky.,
Michelle Morano, 33: Cedar Grove, N.J.,
Michelle VanMeter, 35: Fort Wayne, Ind.,
Michelle Zulkowsky, 28: North Penn High School in Lansdale, Pa.,
Natalie Fraxedas, 23:Santaluces High School in Lantana, Fla.,
Natasha Sizow, 24: Granby High School in Virginia Beach, Va.,
Nicole Andrea Barnhart, 35: Highlands Ranch, Colo.,
Nicole Long, 29: English teacher at Ayersville High School in Ohio
Nicole Pomerleau, 31: Olympic High School in Charlotte, N.C.
Pamela Balogh, 39: Somerset, N.J.
Pamela Diehl-Moore, 43: Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Clifton, N.J.,
Pamela Smart, 22: Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, N.H.,
Pamela Rogers Turner, 27: McMinnville, Tenn.
Rachel Burkhart, 25:* Teacher at Lenoir City High School in Tennesee
Rachel Holt, 34: Claymont Elementary School in Delaware
Rachelle Vantucci, 32 Geneseo, N.Y.,
Rebecca Boicelli, 33: Redwood City, Calif.
Rebecca Becker, 28, and Maria Zurita, 28:
Rebecca Bogard, 27:. Biloxi, Miss.,
Rebecca Ann Bramlett, 33: Fort Bend Independent School District of Texas
Rebecca Lee Kelley, 24: Tucson, Ariz.,
Rebekah Todd, 25: White River High School in Buckley, Wash.,
Rebecca Robertson-Shaffer, 25: Hilton Head Island High School, South Carolina,
Regina McKay, 33: Geronimo High School in Cotton County, Okla.,
Rhianna Ellis, 24: Manhattan, N.Y.,
Robin Gialanella, 26: Toms River, N.J.,
Robin Winkis, 29:York, Pa.,
Samantha Solomon, 29: Manhattan, N.Y.
Sandra Binkley, 35: The Portland, Tenn.,
Sandra Borrego, 41: Corpus Christi, Texas,
Sandra "Beth" Geisel, 42:Albany, N.Y.,
Sarah Bridges, 24: Substitute teacher in Eugene, Ore.,
Sarah Joel , 31: Osceola County, Fla.
Shannon Best, 33:Raleigh, N.C.,
Sharon Rutherford, 31: Coffeeville High School in Alabama
Shebana Rajput, 35: Jones Senior High School in Trenton, N.C.,
Shelley Allen, 35Teacher's aide from Cherokee County, Texas,
Sheila Vazquez, 36: Warren Township, Ind.,
Sherry Brians, 41: Buttonwillow, Calif.,
Sheryl A. Nawahine, 35: Fruitland High School
Stephanie Burleson: Floresville High School in Texas,
Stephanie Giambelluca, 24: Metairie, La.,
hanie Diane Harris, 27: Marble City Elementary School
Stephanie Ragusa, 28: Lutz, Fla.,
tephanie Ann Stein, 31: Canton, Mich.,
Susan Clickner, 47: Lowell, Mass.,
Tabitha Adams, 35: Dodge City, Kansas
Tamara Ryman, 37: Bellaire High School in Houston
Tawni Wimberley, 30: Flagstaff High School teacher in Arizona
Teresa Engelbach, 21: Pevely, Mo.,
Tina Mason, 31: Washington County, Maine,
Toni Allexy, 38: Paradise, Calif.,
Toni Lynn Woods, 37: Braxton County, W.Va.,
Traci Tapp, 28: Hammonton High School in New Jersey .
Wendie Schweikert, 36: Laurens, S.C.,
Yvette Starzyk, 26: Hinkley High School in Aurora, Colo.
Christine A. McCallum, 29 South Shore, Hingham
Erin Marie Rohwer, 27,West Des Moines
Matthew Wilson
Somonauk, Ill.,

Oshkosh, WI

#43 Apr 10, 2009
just saying wrote:
Its an awful thing for a man to use God in this way! These priest, these people using a church in this way, they will be judged!
Evil comes in all sexes, colors and professions!

Ramsey, NJ

#45 Apr 10, 2009
Yet the latest in a series of blows struck in the war against the catholic church.

The anti-catholic forces are like pitbulls that won't release.

I suspect there aren't many catholic lawyers involved in these proceding.

The powers that be, have deconstructed Christmas and now Easter; creating an environment in which christians are easily tempted away from the importance of these holidays and the lessons which they hold.

Now they attempt to economically bankrupt the church.

It is time for christians to come together to heal the injured and teach and heal those who have inflicted harm.

It is time for christians to defeat all those who deflect our attention from our real works and purpose in life.

Never forget who demanded the crucifixion of Jesus, and who is now demanding the crucifixion of the church, the priesthood and its members.

Never forget.
bodacious babe

Columbus, OH

#46 Apr 10, 2009
fedupwiththemess wrote:
priest are like gods...its no way that they do nasty things to children. catholics don't do that.
I hope that this is coming with a "sarcasm alert" b/c there is no such thing as an honest, moral, sexually celibant, or ethical priest. Have a nice day, "Trooper Tom"
Jesus freak

Dallas, TX

#47 Apr 10, 2009
I think these preists have got it confused. Jesus didn't mean when he said, "let the little children come to me." That the hands that they come to should unleash all of their sexually frustrated, hypocritical, homosexual, straight from hell desires.

Jesus did say if any of you harm one of these little ones it would be better for you to put a rope around your neck tie it to a a rock (very large rock) and throw it to the bottom of the ocean.

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