Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision

Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision

There are 310174 comments on the Newsday story from Jan 22, 2008, titled Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision. In it, Newsday reports that:

Thousands of abortion opponents marched from the National Mall to the Supreme Court on Tuesday in their annual remembrance of the court's Roe v. Wade decision.

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Englewood, FL

#282267 Feb 5, 2013
LiIrabbitfoofoo wrote:
<quoted text>
No you can't.
<quoted text>
No you can't.
BTW Asshole, describe a "gay lifestyle" to us. Tell us in detail, exactly and very SPECIFICALLY what is is you perceive gays do differently in life than you do.
Lets see, we wake up every morning, get dressed, have our coffee or tea - make breakfast (or run to catch some before work) kiss our loved one, go off to work.
We pay our taxes, rent a movie, cook, clean, send our kids to school, kiss boo boo's, welcome their friends into our homes and lives, we love, hurt, bleed red, shop, attend religious services if we're so inclined..... EXACTLY how is this lifestyle different than yours?
Your kind are so ridiculous AND stupid. FOr the most part, you're simply ignorant.
Gay Lifestyle? Sex 22/7. You shouldn't have kids if you are going to be in the bedroom most of the time.

Since: Oct 08

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#282268 Feb 5, 2013
Long Night Moon 13 wrote:
<quoted text>
No, they are not.
Prove me wrong! Name the one individual who has had the biggest impact on history of the world. Give a shot!

United States

#282269 Feb 5, 2013
LiIrabbitfoofoo wrote:
<quoted text>
You're LYING again. I've answered VERY specifically three times now.
<quoted text>
Actually I do, and I've stated it. You IGNORE the answer, because you dont LIKE it, it dosen't fit in your religous bullshit box.
<quoted text>
No they are not. That's complete bullshit.
People LEARN "sinning" from those who raise them.
And to cut off your circular bullshit at the pass, AND to cover your religous garbage, in YOUR world and by YOUR logic, it would go back to Adam and Eve, the first sinners who were NOT "born", but they certainly TAUGHT their kin to sin.
<quoted text>
You may have asked yourself that, but I honestly have never had occasion to ask myself that, except for ONCE in my life - and I answered it by entering rehab over 20 years ago, and educating myself.
Your jebus bullshit is YOURS and you're welcome to it, but you're NOT welcome to ascribe it to others who reject your version of faith.
And your version of faith is rejected in large part BECAUSE of extremist idiots like yourself. Just sayin`.
You keep saying you've answered my question, but you still haven't.

I say people are born with a sin nature.
You say they are not.

You say they are taught by the ones who raise them.

Ok, where did those who are doing the raising learn it?
Since they were never born with it.

There is No way around this question.

People are born with a sinful nature.

I realize gay people play house. They adopt kids and try to feel normal, but it is just roomates raising kids.
When two people of the same gender are having sex, it is against nature itself.

No, gay people today are not like those at sodom, but still gay.

They are not born gay.
They do not reproduce, they recruit.

Many were molested as children, but many were not. Many may have a born with tendency to be gay, just like some are born more apt to drink.

I geuss you could use the argument that we were all born sinners and so people are born gay, but that is all.

Jackson, NJ

#282270 Feb 5, 2013
Pages and pages of rants and meltdowns from honeyfoofoo.

Holy Canoli.

Obssessed much?

Lily doesn't want you.

Get over it. Get a life. Stop harassing her for crying out loud. She OWNS you.

Here me? SHE OWNS YOU!


You're exposed for being a fraud. Many people have busted you.

Have a great night now! Oh, and don't forget to say thank you.

For what you ask?

For me giving you the opportunity to stay on here and post for yet another 10 hours straight. I want you to feel useful.


Since: Sep 08

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#282271 Feb 5, 2013
Katie wrote:
<quoted text>
Re: the past conversations of "mutual abuse" in relation to Lynne/Persever's posts, those posts are all that's needed to show good cause of "mutual abuse". It lends credibility to the theory that Lynne mouthed off to a drunk who in turn punched her in the stomach which, according to Lynne, caused a miscarriage. Now, you claim NOT to be Lynne/Persevere, you claim NOT to've posted with her, so you have absolutely nothing to show for or against any claims of "mutual abuse".
But you keep on keeping on. It is interestingly humorous.
Hell Katie, her PRESENT posts are all that's needed to prove her STILL being into mutual abuse.

She can make all the claims she wants but as Perverse said:
Persevere wrote:
I like this username better. I'll stick with it since my real name isn't "Lynne" anymore than it's "Persevere".
Then she wonders why she has ZERO credibility here.
Persevere wrote:
I'm leaving and won't be coming back.

I hate what enters my spirit being around you pro-choice freaks,... That negativity only exists in me when here.
Lynne has chosen not only to EMBRACE that negativity and the blackness of her "spirit", but to continue to lie.

Strikes me she never has been WITHOUT that negativity in her spirit. Poor pathetic thing that she is...

Since: Sep 08

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#282272 Feb 5, 2013
lil Lily wrote:
<quoted text>
YOUR link proved YOU wrong.
Your link stated "never married", and that's a far cry from "not married" as you claimed, you lying fool.
Yet BOTH of your word games are irrelevant to the POINT she made, which was factual.

**sings** Come on Lynnie! Lets do the twist! Cummon LYNNNIEKINS lets do the twist! Pick a word from a sentence, and twist it like this.........

That's ALL you're good at dear! LOLOL!

Englewood, FL

#282273 Feb 5, 2013
Duke it out.

Since: Sep 08

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#282274 Feb 5, 2013
lil Lily wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL, you're both ignorant buffoons. I proved you both wrong in one fell swoop.
ROFLAMO! You wish dear!

Since: Sep 08

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#282275 Feb 5, 2013
elise in burque wrote:
<quoted text>I know you desperately want for your personal opinion to be fact. It's not, honey. Just be honest and admit that you think women should feel guilty about having abortions. Most do not. I volunteered at a women's clinic that provided abortion services. I, as a student, trained alongside a clinical social worker, doing followup interviews with post-abortion clients. What experience do you have specific to abortion clients?
Yup, I have to agree, in 20 years, I've RARELY met anyone that regretted their decision. They were more sorry they had to make it to begin with, but weren't sorry they did it.

Perhaps that has to do with something these idiots can't stand: the women that AREN'T sorry are usually those that are best educated about their choices.

That's why so many like the Skank for example, who dont WANT women to be educated on ALL aspects of BC and gestational choices.

Educated women will be MORE likely to make choices that their kind dont want them to make. Its easier to manipulate the stupid.

Since: Sep 08

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#282276 Feb 5, 2013
lil Lily wrote:
<quoted text>
You're proof that enablers are still alive and well and posting here at Topix.
No amount of "mouthing off" justifies ANYONE striking another, and you don't have proof there was any "mouthing off" going on. You were there when she was punched, were you?
Foo mouths off here, would that justify someone punching her, and while pregnant no less? NO. NEVER. NORMAL people walk away,
YOU didn't "walk away". But then, nobody's accused you of being normal.

According to you, and what YOU TOLD ME (hence the emails) he was drunk, you've admitted you KNEW he was verbally abusive, you weren't going to let him push you around, and you refused to "walk away". In FACT, you PUSHED the issue, and he lost it.

Doesn't justify the violence, but it DOES make it understandable.

In fact - IF your doctor - you know the one you supposedly took the Potty twins to had bothered to report the abuse to the police (as he was required by law to do), or if your PARENTS had done that, he would have been arrested. He would have gone to court.

And if you tried to pull together a jury from this forum, his punch would have likely been pled down to a misdemeanor due to extenuating circumstances - the circumstances of being around an immature harridan with delusions of granduer.

they don't resort to violence. So your theroy of what constitutes "mutual abuse" is irrational.
Actually, NORMAL people resort to violence all the time - our courts are full of perfectly NORMAL people that resorted to violence Often just once, when something tipped them over the edge. For MOST its an aberration.

A good example of this was my dad going after the mugger that stole my mom's purse. She wasn't hurt, it wasn't self defense, he'd never hit anyone in his life, but he lost it and chased the guy down and punched him in the mouth. The guy deserved it. Period.

You for another example, could USE a good, solid bitch slap - the PROBLEM is you'd LIKE it, so the ONLY purpose it would serve would be to justify your narcissism and masochistic tendencies.
You people are mind bogglingly ignorant and have a scary ass screwed up way of looking at things.
Lynnie, nobody's trying to "justify" ANYTHING here. The FACTS are what they are, and SOME people FACTUALLY are in mutually abusive relationships. YOU were one of them. MOST get out of that at some point and learn something from it. You didn't. You've spent the rest of your life trying to justify how EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG and YOU are right.

Nobody could blame you really, you grew up in an abusive home, and that's all you knew. At some point sadly, you grew to crave it however, and you SILL are into it today, as EVERY post you make here shows.

You ARE the poster child for masochism here.

Since: Sep 08

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#282277 Feb 5, 2013
lil Lily wrote:
People verbally standing up for themselves is NOT considered "abuse" by anyone with any intelligence and sense.
Funny - didn't you JUST say:
lil Lily wrote:
<quoted text>
NORMAL people walk away, they don't resort to violence.
YOU resort to verbal violence every day. But its not abuse when YOU do it right? Because you're just "verbally standing up for yourself". Pssssssssst.......this is EXACTLY what mutually abusive relationships are you moron.


Your "verbally standing up for" yourself got you dead twins in a toilet.


Was it worth it Lynne?

I'll quote my own avatar:
Of course you will. That's what narcissist's do.

Since: Sep 08

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#282278 Feb 5, 2013
lil Lily wrote:
<quoted text>
A child is a child no matter how big or small.
No its not you moron. Biologically, medically, a Zygote is a single cell, its NOT a child. NEVER has been considered so, never will be.

Biologically, medically, an EMBRYO is not considered a child at ANY stage of gestation.

People can and DO call it "their child" when it suits them, and that's okay - but it doesn't make it right.

This isn't Dr Seuss you idiot. A child is a child when a fetus reaches viability and is born. Your cherry picked definition notwithstanding.

Since: Sep 08

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#282279 Feb 5, 2013
elise in burque wrote:
LILY just beat herself at her own game. She cannot prove that abortion is morally wrong. No one can. She will spend all day rationalizing, explaining, defending. Lily, an opinion is an opinion. There's nothing wrong with you having an opinion based on your personal moral philosophy. You don't have facts to back up your moral philosophy. That's okay.
How many pages of ridiculously long, redundant diatribes will that woman frantically type before she collapses in emotional exhaustion? So sad:-\
SHe's been doing it since 2006 Elise. Until she strokes out, she's not likely to stop anytime soon. SHe likes it too much.

Englewood, FL

#282280 Feb 5, 2013
Niether of the Above wrote:
<quoted text>Prove me wrong! Name the one individual who has had the biggest impact on history of the world. Give a shot!
PeeWee Herman.

Since: Sep 08

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#282281 Feb 5, 2013
lil Lily wrote:
<quoted text>
Giving people what they dish out is not "abusive", and what you get from me is far less than what you've dished out to others here, same with Foo. You people were the aggressors here, I didn't come into this forum that way.
ROFLAMO Of COURSE you came there that way. You LEFT it that way as Perverse, and you came back a month or so later ready to start up again. And you started within a day of people calling you OUT just like we did when you were Perverse.

You seem to think that your name means nothing, that it doesn't count - that the new name means a new chance. That only works if you dont act the same way as the previous name did, including the lies and manipulations - which you haven't been good at no matter WHAT name you're posting under.

The FACT that EVERYONE knows you're lying, that you're the biggest hypocrite here certainly DOES mean something, and its shot you down from day one. The WORST thing you ever did was run away as Lynne, then come back not once, but TWICE.

Hell, THEN You had the audacity to apologize for trying to deceve ONLY your "fellow pl'ers", and tried to justify your lies to everyone else - WHEN IN FACT NOBODY - PL OR PC WAS FOOLED TO BEGIN WITH - was just icing on your narcissistic cake.

You seem to think that because you dont confirm OR deny you're being the OP known also as Lynne D makes it okay, when in actuality, the longer you try to pull that crap, the worse it is for you.

The HELL you didn't come in here this way, you certainly did, only MORE pissed off, because you couldn't carry off the "this time I'm not coming back under ANY sn" bullshit. And you get INCREASINGLY pissed when people wont let your lies go. Tough shit Lynne. YOU made this bed for yourself.

Dont like it? LEAVE. Go find a forum where SOMEONE might give a shit what you have to say OTHER than your one skanky buddy here.

Seriously? Do you realise that there LITERALLY isn't a single person here, OTHER than Skanky, that you HAVENT turned on or pissed off since 2006? Not one.

Yeah, THERES something to be proud of.

Since: Sep 08

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#282282 Feb 5, 2013
lil Lily wrote:
<quoted text>
Bitner, the more you post, the more unreasonable you become.
Classic Lynne D projection.

Since: Sep 08

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#282283 Feb 5, 2013
lil Lily wrote:
<quoted text>
If someone says something verbally and another strikes them physically, the abuse is NOT "mutual".
Mutual: "reciprocal"
You're not only wrong again, you're a moron.

1) Given, felt, or done in return: "a reciprocal action, comment or gesture".

1.(of a feeling or action) Experienced or done by each of two or more parties toward the other or others.

If someone says something verbally and another strikes them physically, the abuse is ESCALATING.

If this happens only once, its not necessarily mutually abusive.

If it happens CONSTANTLY, it IS mutually abusive.

You've admitted you had a long term mutually abusive VERBAL relationship with the man that supposedly hit you - and it ESCALATED to physical violence when you didn't do what NORMAL PEOPLE DO - AND WALK AWAY.

You 'stood up for yourself verbally'- fueling the abuse, and he did NOT reciprocate it, he ESCALATED it.

Since: Sep 08

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#282284 Feb 5, 2013
Katie wrote:
<quoted text>
You're not being fair or correct. Elise and I have poked fun at my own run-on sentences.
You've got to reach for something, anything, to feel you're in the right, dontcha? Why?
Because she's mentally unbalanced.

“Reality is better than truth.”

Since: Nov 09


#282285 Feb 5, 2013
It's cute, but wrong. Jews, greeks, and romans all considered life to begin at the first breath.

When a woman is pregnant, she is pregnant. Sometimes a fetus moves or kicks in a manner the woman feels. Where the hell would a fetus "leap" to, anyway?

Your god, OT or NT, has little regard for born children, much less fetuses. Remember when he allowed herod to kill many children in order to find jesus? The coward allowed them to suffer so long as his kid ws okay. That's contemptable. Fortunately, it's all fiction.

Abortion was legal until after the civil war; eve then, it wasn't illegal in all states. Those judges you dismiss did their job--adjudicating the constitutionality of extant law.
Gtown71 wrote:
<quoted text>
The first man and woman was not born, so your theory about life at birth is wrong.
When a woman is pregnant, then she is with child. She talks often of her baby.
God considers the unborn as a child or baby or life.
John the baptist "leaped " IN HIS MOTHERS WOMB, and was to be named John, before His birth.
The bible speaks as the unborn child as an infant.
It also calls the unborn child in the womb a babe
It speaks about how children are a heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb as a reward.
God formed Jeremiah, and BEFORE he came from his mothers womb -God sanctified him and ordained him as a prophet unto the nations.
God is No respector of persons.
When someone chooses to abort a child, they choose to play God.
not that abortion is an unforgivable sin, since waaay before a person reaches the point of abortion they have done enough to warrent Hell, but I don't think a country should simply legalize things, just becouse others want to do it.
If they do legalize things as important as this, there should be alittle more involved then a handful of judges the are pro death.

Since: Sep 08

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#282286 Feb 5, 2013
lil Lily wrote:
<quoted text>
Your excuses for Foo's attacks on a teen being a victim of domestic violence, struck once and left him afterwards, is nothing short of irrational.
Since when are you a "teen" Lynne? I'm not attacking any teens' here, I'm calling you out for the lying sack of crap you are.

You act like all you put forth is that you were with a guy that was all peaches and cream until he hit you one day, COMPLETELY unprovoked, and you left him.

The FACT is that I know different, both from your postings here AND your personal emails to me.

We know you were with a guy for a fairly long time (long enough to get pregnant TWICE and lose ALL the pregnancies by him) who was abusive. You KNEW he was abusive.

On the one hand you spend MONTHS here trying to claim how mature you were to have a relationship with this guy that was so much older than you, yet when it comes out that he was pretty much always abusive toward you - you were too IMMATURE to "walk away like NORMAL people" - because it was "ONLY verbal abuse" -- so THAT somehow made it okay.@@

You want to play both the victim AND the martyr here, and it dont wash Lynne.

You're STILL the same immature brat you were back then, only NOW YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

Am I aggressive, nasty, condescending, ignorant, cold-hearted toward you? Damn Skippy I am, you're a hypocritical bitch who thinks her shit dont stink, and I ALWAYS promised I'd give you back THREE-FOLD what you dish out.

And I always keep my promices.

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